Manage your documents and content externally. Save out and you save in. Save by saving all your salesforce documents externally. Easy way of managing files externally Save your documents and content externally and still use it in salesforce More »

Salesforce Integration

Integrate Amazon web services with salesforce.com. Amazon have various service offerings that includes ( EC2 and S3). Integrate any application running in EC2 with salesforce. Integrate the cheapest storage service ( S3) with salesforce.com More »

Encryptik - Salesforce encryption redefined

Encryption solution for salesforce. Encrypt your salesforce critical data using Encrpytik. A native robust solution with no gateway or complex implementation. Easy and secure. More »

Salesforce Customization

CRM need to be tailored for better utilization and ROI and we can be the enablers. Our profound knowledge on CRM can help you redefine your CRM as per your user experience. Customize and leverage the power of Salesforce CRM. Customize CRM outlining your strategy. 360 degree customization to get the best of your salesforce implementation. Maximize visibility, efficiency and value with CRM customization More »