• Salesforce File Storage

    Anything that can make managing data easy is something you should be considering; Salesforce File Storageis something that you should be looking at. Managing data is a challenge today because there is a huge amount of data that is collected in the regular course of the business day. Storing information, files, and historical data are likely one of the biggest challenges when it comes to managing your data.
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  • Salesforce Data Encryption

    There are many reasons why salesforce data encryption is necessary but the 3 most important reasons may surprise you. Most people have at least a sense of why encryption is an important tenet in any data situation. Read More…

  • How is your salesforce integration going? Salesforce consulting services may be able to help you get more out of your integration and data management. The right consulting firm becomes more than just someone to receive advice and direction from. The right firm becomes your partner so that you can grow your business. You should be looking for a team that is as committed to the success of your business as you are.
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  • Something interesting striked us and when we revisited the entire encryption, decryption of data and when we were doing more research and analysis on how customers keep and use data, what we understood is the way business thinks is slightly different. For business its pretty simple to visualize and state that there are few data that they use in their day to day transactions that are transacted outside of their network which they can term as critical/confidential/private which should have limited access. By protecting these information they can very well ensure their data is totally secured.
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  • The native encryption is also available for Professional Edition customers as well. There are customers who work with different apps in PE edition of salesforce and in some cases the data is synced to salesforce from these external apps and how does Encryptik works for such PE customers was the challenge we had faced.

    We could successfully demonstrate how Encryptik works to a customer who were using PE and have a custom app from which data syncs back to salesforce.

    Encryptik is for any salesforce customers who are interested in securing the data at rest in salesforce. With Encryptik customers can keep critical data in cloud encrypted without affecting their day-to-day activities. Its a robust solution available for customers who can implement it easily and faster.

    Stay protected.

  • There are things that you don’t do in your normal life like keeping any valuable outside without proper security like in a locker or in a suitcase with a key or with a safe lock. So as a general tendency if you know that any valuable thing outside of your house needs to be kept protected, then why not with data.

    When data is kept in cloud, it means its outside and it needs to be protected. Salesforce is a cloud service and any data that is stored in it needs to be protected. Though the cloud data is not generic available and there is security provided by the cloud vendors, but its advisable that owners of the data take more care to secure the data.

    Encryption is the best tool available in the market to secure your data and keeping it encrypted makes it difficult to be available for cyber attacks and hackers.

    Cyber attacks and Hackers get direct access to the database and its always better that data at rest is encrypted in addition to data in motion to ensure that not only during transition the data is secured but also at rest.

    The data at rest if kept encrypted will give business peace of mind in terms of data security and also help them adhere to compliance and regulatory requirements.

    Encryptik is a niche product for salesforce customers who can set data encryption at rest for salesforce in few clicks.

  • Data and Files are the 2 important aspect in cloud and having products to ensure complete data security and efficient file management make a perfect products for salesforce customers

    Salesforce customers adoption to cloud have increased and so does the data and files that are residing in the cloud. There are millions of data that is kept in salesforce which involves critical information of your customers and in addition there are millions of files that are uploaded specific to business that includes proposals, KYC forms, government forms, business plans, financial data etc that are also critical in nature.

    With files, there are thousands of files that are duplicate files that are attached to different accounts, contacts, opportunities etc. These not only eats up all the file storage space but also make a case of  improper file management.

    With XfilesPro, file management become a piece of cake wherein the files can be managed in a central location and not adding duplication as well.

    Encryptik is a native app which can help you protect your data with the industry grade encryption with simple easy steps. Its a cost effective solution that can be adopted by small businesses as well.

    Having both the products would eliminate the storage and data protection problems of salesforce customers thereby enabling them to concentrate on their business growth.

  • With Encryptik, making way for being one of the much sorted application needed for compliance and security, here are top 5 features that makes it a kill for the salesforce customers.

    A) Purely Native

    With purely native means, there is just no other complex configuration required. It works purely native to salesforce. Customers needs jut to install the application, setup the objects and it works so seamlessly like any salesforce provided standard feature.

    B) No data migration

    Can you imagine a encryption solution with our any data migration or changes to be handled manually. Amazing as it sounds, its true. When it comes to encryption of existing data, Encryptik takes care of it without any ETL tools or migration activity.

    C) Easy deployment

    This one is the best feature that Encryptik provides. More often customers perform testing in the sandbox which includes configuration changes, updates and finally when its all tested they would like to deploy the same configuration to UAT and finally to PRODUCTION. In most of the traditional apps, customers has to do this effort of manually conferring again in the UAT/PROD which sometimes would not be the same as they did in DEV sandbox and finally ending up in errors in UAT and PROD. Encryptik give a one click deployment option wherein the configuration can be deployed within seconds leaving no room for errors.

    Don’t you think this is great !!!

    D) Backup

    With all data encrypted and kept in salesforce, business would like to backup the entire encrypted data into a clear text format and keep it in their secured internal storage as data backup. Encryptik provides a handy tool to do the same and the best part, admin can even schedule the same.

    E) Easy integration

    With enterprise having tons of applications and custom developments done on the salesforce organization, Encryptik just complements it with providing integration services which can be used to ensure the business continuity and existing application does not get affected.

    With the above great features, do you think you would wait to download and see it for real.

    Try Encryptik today !!!!

  • Data breach when it happens to the top enterprise companies just shocks us as they invest huge on security and even then such breaches happens. This make one wonder if companies after putting millions to security still face such attacks what is the best security practices then?   Is the current best practises not enough or there are loop holes in the security practice that banks follow?
    Other industries still don’t prioritise on the security as much as banks does and if data breaches happen to that extent the question remains how well we are all secured.
    The answer though it seems complicated but can be within itself. There is no doubt bank have the best security systems in the world and they definitely ensure to protect their systems from the external world, but internal data security has never been properly practiced .
    When i say internal security it means access restrictions within an organization employees.
    Various reasons for such vulnerability would be :-
    1) Technical Support team data access
        When I say technical support team it means the Level2 and Level3 support team data access. The internal teams does not physically sit at one place and support a huge organization. They are scattered across geographical regions and the team supporting them would be totally in a different location. But they all access to the internal systems of the organization from where they are providing there services.
    A production support team technically need not access data but need to ensure that the servers and the application are running smoothly and have to ensure and troubleshoot issues only on the support level. The application support team only needs to ensure that applicaition is running smooth and they should not have access to the real data processed by these applications.
    Does your production application support team have access to view production data ?

    Does your production infrastructure team have access to view production data ?

    Does your database support team have access to view production data ?

    2) UAT and DEV environment data access

    The UAT and DEV environment is refreshed from the production environment either partially or fully but mostly partial refresh of data happens.

    Is there proper measure kept to see the real data is not pushed to the UAT environment ?

    Is the UAT environment data is as masked version of the production ?

    3)  Role based data access

    Is there role based access mechanism in place for the team dealing with the live production system ?
    Is the access restricted to field level to certain users and roles ?

    4) Consultants data access

    Does consultants working in the company have production data access?

    5) Testing team data access

    Does your testing team have access to production data?

    6) Administration team data access
    Does the administration team have access to production data ?

    7) Customer support team data access

    Does the customer support team access totally controlled ?

    Most of the time if you see there would be maximum answer as yes and some as don’t know.

    This is the biggest threat than the threat poised from the external entity. The external entities vulnerabilities can be ascertained and taken care but the internal vulnerabilities lead to breaches where they bypass all these imposed securities as they come in as your own which is  the deadliest problem.

    Having a strong internal security systems is the answer and encryption is the answer to the internal security as well.

    Keep all your data encrypted within your internal systems as well. This will answer 90% of the question that I pointed above.

    If the data is kept encrypted no support team can see the real data unless they are authorised to view it.

    Encryptik is the answer for all salesforce customers who would wish to secure their data and restrict access to data view to internal users as well.

  • The latest version of Encryptik supports file encryption. The files that would be stored in an encrypted format within salesforce. Any unauthorised users would see the file as corrupted. This is the next level of encryption where we are extending the encryption from database level to file level. Some files are also critical and very sensitive as it would contain critical and sensitive information about the company or customer or their financial report details etc.

    Having the file encryption ensures that these files are also secured. Encryptik solution with its native solution is the fastest encryption implementation that any salesforce customers can use and integrate easily within their salesforce organization.

    Data and file security threats are getting fatal these days with data breach happening with the Fortune 500 companies level where they spend millions yearly on security and till data hacks are happening.

    The hackers tend to attack the internal employees systems to get into the servers. Encryptik is not for securing the data from external threats but mostly internal.

    Internal data exposure needs to be properly controlled to the user roles and accesses. There are various teams across the globe that are supporting business and its very difficult to track the vulnerability of data.

    Limiting the access to the data is the first step to control data breach.