InLe Data is a next-gen delta lake solution for enterprises from any industry who are dealing with a lot of data or who are looking to draw actionable insights from large datasets in order to power up business decisions. 


The highly intuitive and intelligent platform can boost any company’s data & analytics strategies by effortlessly connecting unstructured data from multiple sources and transform them into various analytics & AI/ML implementations without any hassle.


InLe Data helps enterprises bring data from multiple sources to gain a holistic view of their business ecosystem.


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Benefits & Features

Inle Data is adaptive enough to ingest, store, find, process, and analyze both structured and unstructured data from a multitude of data sources.

Any type of analytics & AI/ML implementations can be used with InLe Data.

The solution is cloud-agnostic. So it can be easily deployed in private and public cloud platforms across the market.

InLe Data is a highly secured solution as we don’t hold any of your data.

Comparative to other similar solutions in the market, InLe Data is far seamless to set-up, use & customizable. The solution is also cost-effective.

Adoption of the Spark framework makes the entire product very fast, while extremely resilient.