Resource Augmentation

What is Resource Augmentation? A New Way to Extend Your Team

In the 21st century, it is indispensable for businesses to work by their customers’ high tech needs. 


To be at a competitive edge, you need to go in hand with technological advancement.


For this, you need to strengthen your tech army.


The right IT resources leg up you to provide the customers with a matchless user experience and elevate customer satisfaction.


The presence of expert development staff in your team helps you to cope up with growing online competitiveness. Their expertise enables you to beat the hardships that arise due to changing market trends.


So, how can you always have the highly skilled techies in your development team to address the everyday challenges if hiring new resources is a costly, lengthy, and cumbersome process?


A solution is here, named Resource Augmentation.



What Really is Resource Augmentation?


Resource Augmentation is a flexible, cost-effective outsourcing strategy. 


The Resource Augmentation model is companies hiring tech talent globally from a third party on a contractual basis for a concrete project or projects.


Resource Augmentation provides the most adequate resources at the right moment for immediate working with start-ups, mid-tier, and large enterprises and meeting all your project objectives.


The internal staff and the augmented resources work together for the entire duration of the project. The new employees can also work from home or their workplace.

Resource augmentation presents organizations with a scope of getting qualified employees on time without any hassle of engaging in a long, cumbersome recruitment process, thus saving a lot of time and money.


The organizations are also rewarded with the flexibility to grow or cut down the augmented team as and when required.


Hiring as well as retaining skilled IT talent has always been a challenge for companies. 


While there could be a competent in-house team handling ongoing client projects, but at the same time, multiple projects will be coming making it necessary for the presence of an additional workforce with you on a short or long-term basis to handle them.


Presently, companies are seeing industry specialists hiring resource augmentation services to meet their aggressive project needs and deadlines.


When Do You Need Resource Augmentation?


  • A team is already working on the project, but you want to extend the team with professionals to be your steering wheel for another part.


  • The organization is working on a tech product / a new project and requires new engineers to the team, with skill sets out of the country’s standard and thus wants to hire from other locations.


Resource Augmentation Framework


  1. Ascertain your requirements


Determine the number of hires. Discuss with your management and come to a precise number. 


Also, define the ideal candidate specifications, including expertise, qualifications, years of experience, and many more.



  1. Assess and Select


Initiate the search process after clearly reviewing the requirements. 


Find and assess all the candidates that are eligible as per your requirements through interviews and tests.


  1. Assimilation of New Team Members


It’s not only about hiring. You need to make sure you are comfortable and easily integrated into the company culture. 


Make sure all the new employees are aware of your company’s procedures, rules, and values.


  1. Continuous Support and Nurture


Continue with the ongoing support for the new staff, even after the end of the integration phase. 


To establish strong relationships with them, ask for their feedback.


 How does Resource Augmentation economize 80% of your cost?


Because in Resource Augmentation, there’s no-


  • Payroll Costs
  • Infrastructure expenditure
  • Legal & Administration Costs
  • Software Licensing Costs


What are the Benefits I Get in IT Resource Augmentation?


You don’t have to provide your hires:


  1. An employment visa (as they are your virtual team)
  2. Relocation allowances 
  3. Accommodation allowances
  4. Taxes
  5. Medical benefits 
  6. End of service benefits.


Advantages of Resource Augmentation


  1. Uplift the Enlistment Process


Recruitment could be monotonous, which can occupy months, mainly when looking for candidates with upper-level and unconventional abilities.

However, with resource augmentation organizations, you can shorten the enlistment time from months -> weeks ->even days. 

Augmentation specialists have renewed databases consisting of a pool of highly skilled tech talents to choose from.

This increases the probability of fast hiring of the appropriate candidate by the augmentation organization. 

This will save you a lot of your precious time.


The dedicated team provider will do the following for you:



Background checks



All these make it a perfect solution for a tech-shortage that will not end shortly.


Slashed Development Cost

In all likelihood, the biggest and the most apparent benefit of hiring a remote team is cost savings. 

Recruiting augmented teams from the countries with less cost of living will save big-time money as they demand fewer salaries.

Also, you know very well that hiring in-house employees will cost you big as it includes employee benefits, extra costs of taxes, and many more.

Even the additional costs like infrastructure, equipment, and taxes are lower.


Barely Legal Hassles

Hiring in-house people requires a lot of paperwork and legal responsibilities. 

However, in the Resource Augmentation model, the outsourcing company takes on the employer and takes care of regular duties, including payroll, employee benefits, taxes, and many more.


Conquer Geological Limitations

Many tech-startups are encountering the problem of extracting the right resources locally at the right price. 

Resource augmentation is a helping hand to this problem that enables you to recruit needed specialists in different regions without actually probing for them yourself.


High Flexibility

For IT organizations or start-ups, resource augmentation brings flexibility as they can add more resources in just a matter of a few days if any unexpected workload is looming ahead. 

Also, they are not tied to those employees who won’t be needed for months and can scale up and down whenever they want.


Steady Authority

With Resource Augmentation, the businesses can still keep control over their management. In the case of project outsourcing, all the project handling is done by an external unit. 

However, with resource augmentation in place, the businesses are still in charge of execution and management and have the power to take the final call.


Expansion and Reshaping

Companies often aspire to expand their businesses, but the risk of failure associated with it usually discourages them from taking such steps. 

Staff augmentation brings in support for such companies.

Now businesses can anchor the flexible hiring model to scale their business on a try-out basis without making significant investments in the full-scale workforce.

Thus, encouraging the business to test their efficacy in various industries.


Bring in New Ideas

A successful and evolving enterprise requires a constant supply of innovative ideas to sustain its success.

Resource augmentation stimulates the enterprises to work with a diverse set of experts with new brewing ideas. 

With project-specific hiring, companies can welcome new ideas and concepts to enhance their business operations.


Final Words

Resource Augmentation can be the ultimate option for any scale company and guarantees a great deal of cost-efficiency and flexibility. CEPTES holds a decade of experience in Salesforce Staffing and Outsourcing. We give expert guidance with competent assistance to fill your company staffing gaps. Contact us to know how we can help. Request a Resource Augmentation contract sample to see how we can work and get your dream development team.

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InleData Webinar– The Next Gen Delta Lake Platform to Accelerate Your Business

Data has been in the light of ever-increasing profitability for any organization or business. It can be easily said that any business having a fast and easy data analysis process will have the upper hand in making a profit for the company at a flash speed. 


Without the manipulation of data, it becomes next to impossible to implement a sound business strategy. However, when one has sufficient data, unprocessed and unorganized data leads to nowhere. This is why Data management is a prerequisite for overall business growth.


The genuine concern is that do you have sufficient knowledge before choosing a data management tool?


This Webinar strives to help you comprehend all the needed factors before getting started with data analytics.


It will also teach you some of the salient features present in InleData, which will help you manage your business effectively.


Get to know how InleData can ingest data from multiple sources to gain a holistic view of their business ecosystem. 


As your data continues to grow, you’re left to figure out how to have a unified system to store data for several types of usage scenarios, including analytical products or machine learning workloads. 


Through this Webinar, you’ll also understand the critical differences between Delta Lake, Data Lake, and Datawarehouse and how a Delta Lake solution simplifies your data analytics and architecture. 


You will understand duplicate data and how InleData DEDUP helps manage such data without losing the original.


Our experts will also give you an insight into the security issues a data management tool incurs and how InleData state of the art security systems handle them.


Join us on Feb 24, 2021, at 11 AM EST to explore the understanding of data management and why it is so valuable and unravel how to integrate it with your workforce and business.




InleData Webinar Key Takeaways:


  • Data Management: Opportunities, Challenges, and Strategies
  • How a Delta Lake Solution can transform your business
  • Critical Differences: Delta Lake vs. Data Lake vs. Data Warehouse
  • How to Choose the Right Solution for Your Stack
  • Introduction and Demo of InleData


Webinar Details: 

Title: InleData – The Next Gen Delta Lake platform to accelerate your business

Date: Feb 24, 2021

Time: 11 AM EST | 09:30 PM IST

Duration: 30 Minutes 


Get yourself ready to dive into the ocean of possibilities of making your business grow, prosper, and profitable. 

Please register here

Lightning Web Components : Best Practices to Enhance Performance
Lightning Platform, Salesforce

Lightning Web Components: Best Practices to Enhance Performance

There are many ways to improve lightning web component performance. Here, we are discussing some of the essential practices.

  • Data Caching

Application composition is a meaningful way used to build apps by assembling different components. But here is another problem, the independent nature of components leads them to make their own decisions that affect their overall performance. 

Suppose there are many components in the ecosystem that make their call to the server. The server is flooded with calls, creating massive traffic of incoming calls. The server should get a single call rather than many calls from the components.

Data caching improves performance by distributing the data among different components, which reduces the server load and response time.

The Lightning web component has in-built features for client-side caching.

  • Lightning Data Service

Salesforce uses Lightning data service to improve data flow between the components. 

It is responsible for managing records, fetching records from the server when requested. It also shares the records between the components when requested and stores the documents in a highly efficient client cache.

Lightning data service helps in executing these operations quickly:

  • Loading a record
  • Saving a record
  • Creating a record
  • Deleting a record
  • Record changes
  • Reported errors

  • Use Performance Tools for Improvement

Tools like “Chrome timeline inspector” and “Salesforce Lightning inspector” are for understanding performance issues.

Chrome timeline inspector:

The Chrome timeline inspector tool enables you to inspect the component attributes, profile performance of the components and navigates the component tree.

The extension helps to:

  • Identify bottlenecks in the performance.
  • Simulates error conditions or dropped action responses
  • Navigate the component roadmap in your app
  • Track the handling for one or more actions

Salesforce Lightning Inspector:

The Salesforce Lightning Inspector improves the Lightning Component development, giving access to data about the components and application.  

With the Salesforce Lightning Inspector :

– Easily navigate and inspect the structure of the components

– Identify performance bottlenecks 

– Faster debugging of server interactions by monitoring

– Inspect components and associated DOM elements

– Handling sequences and track firing of events

  • Data Retrieval

There are various available options for data retrieval from the server using lightning web components.

These things have to be kept in mind while optimizing server round trips.

  • Make sure there is no other option to get the data before making a server call.
  • Use the cache data or lightning data service wherever possible.
  • Use Javascript arrays that have built-in functions for sorting, filtering & finding values.
  • Don’t preload data that the user may never need for their use.

  • Component Instantiation

Showing every piece of tool and data on the screen is not considered a great practice. 

It impacts the performance of the application. 

Lightning Components are added to a page layout, which instantiates when the page is loaded.

The interaction design guidelines favor progressive disclosure.

As per Wikipedia

“Progressive disclosure is defined as an interaction design technique often used in human-computer interaction to help maintain the focus of a user’s attention by reducing clutter, confusion, and cognitive workload.

It improves usability by presenting only the minimum data required for the task at hand.”

These practices bring out the best performance from Lightning web components. We hope all the Salesforce Developers will enjoy reading and implementing them. 

CEPTES is a Salesforce Silver consulting partner that can guide you as your strategic partner to speed up the business value of your investment through consultation, digitization, and innovation. If you are thinking of growing your business using the Salesforce platform, then get in touch; we are happy to help you.


Salesforce Data Management Tips to Manage & Visualize CRM Data
Data Management, Salesforce

Salesforce Data Management Tips to Manage & Visualize your CRM Data

As we know, it is not easy to imagine a business without data. Data is the central universe of any business. 

Day by day, business is heavily dependent on data tracking & analysis.

Data use for different prioritized tasks:

  1. Tracking marketing campaign performance 
  2. Checking customer response after pitching a product
  3. Building reports for tracking KRAs that drive business
  4. Rework on sales target where reported sales are low
  5. Check competition & improve future product offerings. 
  6. Maintain sales lead & capture customer journey progress

Any company maintains unique customer records for every customer. 

Customer data must be unique, as duplicate data can cause a lot of problems. 

We face a common question from customers on “How to develop an effective data management strategy.”

Salesforce offers several features that provide the best in class user experience and inherent experience across all channels. Especially for companies that work on larger volumes of data.

Salesforce CRM data management strategy relies a lot on user behavior, understanding business processes & succeeds when combined with planned execution.

Five steps to build Salesforce Data Management Strategy

Five steps to build Salesforce Data Management Strategy


There are five steps to effective Data management:

  1. Take the data that you need.
  2. Optimize for large data volumes
  3. Use data where it lives
  4. Travel light
  5. Govern with discipline
  • Take the data that you need

Here are the suggested questions, answers, and results for CRM relevant data.


Can we call Salesforce the “System of record” for this data? Yes Take it
Do key Business processes on Salesforce need this data? Yes Take it
Are there automation use cases in Salesforce based on changes to this data? Yes Take it
Are there any Salesforce specific KRAs, reports & dashboard that use this data? Yes Take it
  No Questions

Don’t Take it

  • Optimize for large data volumes
Optimize for large data volumes


We identify and optimize the CRM for objects with millions of records referred to as large data volumes.

It helps to improve the user experience and the internal performance of CRM.

Large Data Volume(LDV) techniques:

  • Query Plan: The Query Plan tool speeds up SOQL queries done over large volumes.  Query Plan tool optimizes and speeds up queries.
  • Database Statistics: The Salesforce platform statistical information helps the database understand the best way to access data. When large data volumes are created, updated, or deleted, the database gathers statistics before the application efficiently accesses data.  
  • Skinny tables:  Salesforce creates thin skinny tables to contain frequently used fields and avoid joins. It improves the performance of certain read-only operations.
  • Custom Indexes: They are used to speed up queries
LDV Performance


Salesforce uses the above techniques for optimizing Large Data Volume(LDV) performances.

  • Use data where it lives
Use Data Where It Lives


Tools like Salesforce Connect, Heroku Connect, Web services & Einstein Analytics use are an option for federation or integration. 

Salesforce Connect: This tool empowers users to manage & access data in external apps.

Heroku Connect: It helps build apps quickly on the Heroku platform.

Web Services/mashup: It helps provide quick integration of two applications.

Einstein Analytics: This helps visualize the activities occurring in the salesforce environment.

  1. Travel Light

Several useful tools archive unused data that is not involved in driving business action.

Data Extract: File transfer activity places extracted data in a file location.

Data Extract via bulk API: This tool loads & deletes large sets of data.

Big Objects: This tool helps store and manage a massive amount of data on the Salesforce platform.

Heroku based solution: It is a cloud-based platform for building, running & managing apps.

Relevant Data


  • Govern with discipline

We ensure the following to govern with discipline:

Centre of Excellence: Ensure CRM changes support business goals and follow IT processes and best practices.

Release Management:  Design & document a complete release management process.

Design Standards: Follow essential design standards of coding, testing, integration, large data volumes, and other areas that affect services.

Quality Control:  Create a regular cadence of code reviews, data quality inspections, and code improvement analysis.  

Let’s Conclude:

Salesforce data management makes it easy to track, analyze, and manage the data. Managing data is not a pain anymore!

CEPTES is a Salesforce Silver consulting partner that can guide you as your strategic partner to speed up the business value of your investment through consultation, digitization, and innovation. If you are thinking of growing your business using the Salesforce platform, then get in touch; we are happy to help you.

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Introducing InleData: The New Pioneer in Data Analytics

Introducing InleData: The New Pioneer in Data Analytics 

After a hectic year that 2020 brought to us, we are all waiting for a pleasant and warm 2021. CEPTES will be one of the first to open up the much-awaited news, happy news. With the beginning of 2021, CEPTES begins InleData Solutions. InleData is basically a very advanced data analytical service that gathers raw data without any transitional loss to provide a holistic report. The process, however, may on a first glance, looks a little complicated, but in reality, it is effortless and user friendly.


Wherefore InleData?

InleData is powered by some of the industry benchmarking AIs and MLS. Artificial intelligence is the future cause it is much more precise with less amount to no errors. This advanced technology also helps in categorizing types of data across a diverse list. It has always been a burden for many to classify data and manage them to determine whether it is essential or not. But with InleData, this headache is omitted.


Features of InleData 

Moreover, it can be effortless for InleData to derive useful information from data that was once thought to be useless by many. Simplicity, cloud compatibility, adaptability, speed, and affordability are among the principal factors on which InleData has been designed. It gives the provision for you to observe reports at any time and while processing in another term, “ Live Reports. “ InleData also takes care of the front of security. Data is a beneficial and a high-risk possession for most companies and industries. InleData thus keeps privacy and security at the most initial concern. No Data will be either lost or held by InleData. The real-time monitoring and visualization system supported through multiple storages, and API endpoints shall transform the delta data load without a full scan.


How It Will Help You?

The main motive for CEPTES to bring up the InleData solution is providing an advanced approach towards bringing a holistic intelligence rooted in unstandardized data. This lets companies engulf into a robust Mechanism with the support for streaming, batch unification, recovery, unique DEDUP, and compaction. Icing the tip of such a wonderful cake comes to a solution that effectively solves the need for legacy systems, outdated operability, and expensive EDWs. 

To sum up, in short, InleData will make your work easy by being,

  • Very Adaptive
  • Use of AI/ML
  • Can be easily implemented on various private and public cloud platforms
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Cost-Effective
  • Use of advanced frameworks such as Spark
  • It can be used by any enterprise that supports multi-cloud.


CEPTES has long been a significant source in providing some class-leading and well-regarded solutions for multiple Fortune 500 companies divided across diverse industries. It puts the notion of making some of the most complicated tasks simple to rest assured and take care of other business sectors. As a 10-year-old Salesforce partner company with 3 global offices and has more than 200 customers divided across 5 continents. CEPTES has long been providing data and files management solutions like DataArchiva, DataConnectiva, XfilesPro, and Databakup to the business of any size and type, which has granted a peaceful place among customers badging it an honorary status-quo. 

Salesforce Spring '21 Release Top 7 Picks
Salesforce, Spring 21

Salesforce Spring ’21 Release: Top 7 Picks

Salesforce Spring ’21 Release: Top 7 Picks

Salesforce Spring ’21 Release Notes are here. These notes encompass the latest innovations that would help you in maximizing your ROI from Salesforce.

The Purpose of Release Notes

The release notes provide short, distinguished descriptions of new features and enhancements. 

These include setup information, suggestions to help you begin with, and best methods for enduring success. 

Reading the release notes will help you and your organization ready for the release. 

Note: Throughout the release, more resources (when they become available) will be added to the notes, so check back often.

When Be These Features Will available?

Some features of Spring ’21 will be available immediately after the release goes live. Other features require first- hand action by an administrator ahead of their usage. 

Here are our top 7 picks from the Salesforce Spring ’21 Release.


Strengthen your employees, services, and this whole business setup. Through the apps and services in, respond to significant events like the present COVID-19 crisis.

Know more. 

#2: Service

Get stirred up for a smarter Service Cloud. Start with your Einstein Article Suggestion model in a fresh scorecard. 

Focus more on your customers with new setup enhancements and new productivity tools in Service Cloud Voice, Service Setup Assistant, and Knowledge. 

Know more.

 #3: Sales 

Salesforce Meetings aids sales teams in preparing for meetings and engross attendees. 

If you are a high-Velocity Sales user, use Call Coaching with video calls to track the opportunities and revenue resulting from sales cadences and retiring sales cadences without losing any data. 

Keep track of temporary email deliverability, and also test and share email templates.

Know More.

 #4: Customer 360 Truth

Learn what’s latest with Customer 360 Truth. Personalize user interactions with more identity verification options and data unification. 

And use one single app to generate policies to supervise multiple Salesforce organizations.

Know More.

#5: Pardot

Establish Pardot faster, sustain engagement data streams using First-Party Tracking.

Email personalization, reporting, and deliverability now have enhanced functionality.

Know More.

#6: Marketing

Being the premier platform for delighting customers, Marketing Cloud enables you to create a unique single customer view. 

Provide personalized content over every channel and device at precisely the right time. 

Measure the effect of each customer interaction to improve your approach concurrently and deliver better results.

Know More.

#7: Salesforce Anywhere

Roll out the carpet for expanded Salesforce Anywhere, which now contains all the features you know & love from Quip for Customer 360. 

Know More.


Many innovations are happening with World’s #1 CRM. These will help you maximize your ROI and change your customer service. CEPTES is a global Salesforce service provider who accelerates your Salesforce investment’s business value through consultation, digitalization, and innovation. Get in touch now.

A RoundUp of Salesforce Research on impacts of 2020
COVID-19, Salesforce

A RoundUp of Salesforce Research on impacts of 2020

As this year is going to end, we would like to give you an insight into the data Salesforce Research reported. This year brought us many twists and turns, changing the way we live and work.

This year has quite impacted the relationship between the business and its customers. 

Salesforce Research, a team, committed to investigate and report the latest trends’ effects on customer and business relations, surveyed nearly 80,000 consumers, decision-makers, and business buyers across the globe to apprehend how the pandemic is restructuring customer behavior and how businesses are acknowledging it.

Here are the important data points collected from different surveys that enfold the impacts of 2020 on digital transformation, customer association, and much more.

Digital-first customer engagement: The shift was well underway before the outbreak of COVID-19, but the pandemic has accelerated this essential spin as people worldwide spent an ephemeral amount of time in stores and more in front of the screens

This summer, consumers and service buyers from around the globe    participated in an annual survey, and it was inferred 

60% of total customer interactions are now digital, with no anticipated dip in 2021 too.

Digital sales revenue: Through different surveys on global shoppers, it was found that 68% of consumers are likely to shop online, even after COVID-19.

Work from home: As the pandemic hit our lives, the work from home option went through a digital upheaval. Around 62% of full-time workers worked from home, two-third of which wanted to continue work like this in the long run.

Digitization: 60% of consumers surveyed in August said that COVID-19 had converted their relationship with technology. Moreover, 88% of consumers expect this years’ crisis to accelerate digital initiatives. 

Artificial intelligence: The share of marketers who reported that their organization utilizes AI has risen to 186%, tripling within 2 yrs. This shows that marketers are increasingly inclining towards digital transformation.

A transformative moment for Sales Representatives: Sales representatives face a particularly reframe moment as they move towards selling virtually for the predictable future. One research found that 54% of sales representatives now felt confident in working in a digital environment.

Video-based support customer support: This year, video experienced a boom among customer service channel. Digital service channels like online chat, messenger apps saw a significant rise of up to 42%

Customer data: To upraise customer service level, businesses need to use customer data in a sophisticated manner. Customers have been circumspect about this dynamic for a long time, but as examples of unethical behavior by companies over customer data come about, 61% of consumers have lost on companies over the use of their data.

All of these stats show there is still much work left for businesses to provide efficient customer service. These stats clearly say what consumers want from companies, why automation is needed, and the overall power of digitization.

Drive Better Customer Experiences and Faster Innovation 2021
Happy New Year, Salesforce

Drive Better Customer Experiences and Faster Innovation 2021

“An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. so, when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it’s going to launch you into something great.”

Success and failure are just a part of life!
Don’t let failure drop down your hope,
Don’t let success overwhelm you!
Both success and failure come hand in hand,
So, this year work over your failure.
Cherish your success &
Have a Victorious Business Year 😊

The Business Purpose

The business of business is to make the world a better place. It always goes back to wanting more for people, and the only way you’ll succeed is if the vast majority of people in your community succeed. Sometimes to lead is to break from the past by taking a stand for the future.

Trust. Secure. Reliable

The backlash against the world’s largest tech companies is a crisis of trust in the tech industry. Your business culture must be built on trust, fundamental trust with your key stakeholders, customers, employees, and partners. This is only possible when you redefine your Customer Relationship Management. It would be best if you relied on a partner who can build innovative solutions for your business. 

No to Obsolete, Yes to Innovation

Building Innovative Cloud Solutions is the front door to the new economy. It accesses the solutions that you need to transform your business. CEPTES provides the most powerful tools out there and has taken enterprises to create a huge Return on Investment. It allowed businesses to do their job at their best. 

Designing a Workable Future

An enterprise is just not an enterprise if it holds back in giving satisfaction to your customers. Gift your enterprise better Cloud Technology Solutions to make your work much easier. You also need to make sure to design a positive outcome and integrate workability in your business or enterprise. 

Customers- The Key to An Enterprise Success

Remember that an enterprise is just a ‘WORD’ without customers.

Why don’t you do something great for your customers this 2021 by moving to Cloud Solutions

Since everyone is going digital and consumers are online more than ever. You can only serve your customers better with Cloud Solutions. 

2021 is not just gonna be a New Year. It’s gonna be the year of Technology Sustainability. 

To know more, connect with us.

CEPTES wishes you a successful 2021. Peace and Success be with you!

Make 2021 a Happy Business Year
Happy New Year, Salesforce

Make 2021 a Happy Business Year

“In a few days, you’ll get a 365 blank page book. Fill those pages with your Successful Enterprise Achievements.”

Nothing’s more exciting than

Learning and enhancing innovations.

To make an Enterprise smoother and more stable,

Venture our new AI Innovations.

Leave the traits of 2020 behind!

Start a fresher and a fruitful Enterprise,

And direct towards a Happy 2021 Business Sells.

How 2021 Would be Like?

In 2020, every company’s sole aim was to sustain its business and shifted its technology to Cloud Services. Everyone relied on Digital Marketing and tried to deliver their services across multiple online platforms. 

So in 2021, enterprises will focus mainly on how well they can sustain their technology. 

But how can you do that?

It would be best if you have experts who can innovate and has a deeper understanding of Cloud Platform.

It will help only if you have experts who can seamlessly Integrate and Implement your Cloud Platforms. 

Keep Your Enterprise Running

You can miss no chances, but you’ll have to make the best out of your business to provide customer satisfaction. 

CEPTES provides you Remarkable Innovations on the Salesforce Customer 360-degree bringing a smile to their faces.

New Year. New Technology. New Customers

2021 is going to be very successful for Business Enterprises.


People will be more dependent on Online Marketing, and this will be the new Lifestyle of 2021. 

Every company- be it a small, mid-scale, large, or Fortune 100 companies, would only depend on Cloud Services.

And CEPTES provides you all those required Salesforce Services to keep your customers happy!

There will be 2X number of customers than in 2020. People are not going to take up any chances to risk their life from COVID-19.

So, it’s time you STEP UP your business and make sure to leave your customers an amazing experience for them, prompting them to make a return.



Final Thoughts

It’s not about how BIG your Enterprise is, It’s about how you keep your customers happy, converting them into loyal customers. 


Bring Technology closer to your Enterprise this 2021 and make your business easily without all the hassles. 

To Know More, Connect with us.

Are you ready to face the 2021 Business Year?

Have a Happy New Year 🙂

Christmas Fuel for Thoughts
Christmas, Salesforce

Christmas Fuel for Thoughts

As cold as winter can be,
But there ain’t no chance you can miss.
It’s cold. But don’t stay sleeping!
Come on Ring those Sells,
Like the Christmas Bells!

Contentment. Composed. Collaboration

Salesforce has always been an interesting platform wherein enterprises and consumers get together in collaboration. 

There is no Enterprise without Consumers. Consumers and enterprises are dependent on each other in every route or root.

The collaborative drive draws in data from various sources, combines massive Machine Learning capabilities, options delivering on android/ios devices smartphones, and offers perfect sharing of particular. 

End-users enjoy access to blogs, videos, and much more. Key stakeholders promote their latest products, specifications of products, and get feedback from consumers. 

In short, Enterprise and consumers go hand in hand.

There’s nothing AI can’t do

AI has always been the right hand of sales and marketing or enterprise. 

CEPTES Innovations enriches enterprise with analytical capabilities in Salesforce to deliver faster and better customer experiences.

AI technology helps to bring a smile to the face of the consumer.

It’s really amazing How AI Works!

Isn’t it awesome how:

Amazon recommends the products you’ve searched for recently?

How Alexa works perfectly?

How Siri never disappoints you?

How Spotify recommends music that you love? How Netflix recommends movies of your interest?

AI interlinks the easiest path in your enterprise and works better than anything.

CEPTES Innovations surely Enhances the Power of AI.

Bottom Line

Customers + Enterprise + AI = Success

Christmas is filled with Happiness. Make your enterprise happy by gifting your enterprise the CEPTES Innovations, which really work smart. Bring Customers and Enterprises More Closer this Christmas and Raise Your Sells!

Wishing you a Delightful Christmas with an Immense Blessing.