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Road to Becoming a Certified Salesforce Vlocity Developer

We all need a roadmap! It provides us clarity, explains where we are heading, and helps us in keeping everything on track.

So when you are on a journey of doing any certification which is important while taking the role of Salesforce Vlocity Developer, it is imperative to have a clear roadmap that can align our daily grind with the long-term career goal!

Here, we present before you a plan that can help you go easy on the road to becoming a certified Salesforce Vlocity Developer. Let’s get started:


Things to do on the road to becoming a certified Salesforce Vlocity Developer:


  • Start inculcating the Salesforce-specific skill set

Companies are aggressively looking to have a competitive advantage over others with the help of Salesforce technology. However, they are still facing the age-old hurdle of finding the right talent for their organizations that can use this technology efficiently for them.

There is already high demand in the market for the Salesforce-specific skill set where companies are rewarding the deserving candidates with various lucrative financial benefits.

Though we would get into the target areas in detail later on, however, we just want to give you an overview of the skill set which would be essential for the role of the Salesforce Vlocity Developer.

Therefore, make sure you develop your coding skills, enhance your technical knowledge, adopt a problem-solving attitude, get well versed with the know-how of the Salesforce platform, and inculcate good communication and presentation skills as you could be interacting with clients or customers of the companies.

Hence, the first step would be to adapt yourself to Salesforce working by developing these skills as it would pay you handsomely in the long run!

  • Have familiarity with the Salesforce platform

Adding on to the previous point of possessing the requisite skill set for Salesforce technology, it is important to have full knowledge of how to shape, create, and customize the programs or applications on the Salesforce Platform. 



Remember in the job of the certified Salesforce Vlocity Developer, you would be required to deal with the client’s Vlocity apps made on the Salesforce platform. Therefore, make you develop the essential prowess in working on Vlocity programs on Salesforce as it would form an essential feature of your job. 

Needless to say, if you want to have a strong command on creating and customizing programs built on the Salesforce platform, it is a must for you to have complete knowledge of using the Salesforce platform!



  • Understand the responsibilities of this role!

Once you have understood the basics of Salesforce, it is time to know the role and responsibilities of the Salesforce Vlocity Developer. This bird’s eye view of the work description would help you in knowing the areas where you are lacking so that you can later work upon them! 

Every job description for the Salesforce Vlocity Developer involves customizing the platform’s different applications by working on custom platform development like Apex and Visualforce and complex data migrations. 

For a simple understanding, Apex is like Java for Salesforce, a platform for creating SaaS applications (software as a service) on Salesforce’s CRM functionality. You may be required to work on a low-code development platform for building customized apps with premium features as per the client’s requirements. 

Further, the creation of customized interfaces and developing pages in Salesforce through Visualforce would also be part of your work requirements. Knowledge of Vlocity platform capabilities including Integration procedures, OmniScripts, Vlocity Data Model, DataRaptors, Flex cards, Calculation Matrices, and Procedures, would add to your profile as there would be frequent instances when you would be required to work on it.

You need to understand the type of technical role that is given in this job where you are required to know about Salesforce development including APEX, SOQL, Salesforce Lightning Platform, Vlocity OmniScript, other Vlocity programs, and various other tools. 

After understanding the Salesforce platform, you can start learning the coding or programming languages like APEX or Java, and then move on to other things. If you have worked earlier with the Vlocity platform or OmniScript, then it would not be very tough for you to get adjusted with the work of Salesforce Vlocity Developer.

Remember, at the outset, all these work descriptions may haunt you and stop you from choosing this field, however, it is not that tough as you consider it to be! With the next step, we will tell you how it can be done even if you have only a little experience while working on Salesforce.

  • Choosing the right material for the preparation of the Salesforce Certified OmniStudio Developer Exam

After learning the work description of this role, now it is time to aim for getting the certification so that you can start your dream job as soon as possible. The Vlocity Platform Developer test will be has been redesigned into Salesforce OmniStudio Developer after Vlocity credentials have been aligned with Salesforce Credentialing Program on Trailhead.

This exam holds significant relevance as it would serve as a testimony to your skills and knowledge of creating cloud applications using OmniStudio declarative tools.

At Trailhead, you can start preparing for this credential by getting the exam guide and materials containing the relevant preparatory material for your exam. Further, you can also participate in virtual classes available on various platforms and have an in-depth understanding of tough topics like Flex Cards, OmniScripts, Integration Procedures, Data Raptors, Calculation Procedure and Matrices, and Integrated Troubleshooting and Development.

Make sure you go through the reference material carefully before the exam so that you do not face any difficulty in getting the certification of Salesforce Vlocity Developer!

Note: Hope you found all these steps useful for embarking on the road to becoming a certified Salesforce Vlocity Developer. Given the technical requirements of this certification, ensure you have good knowledge of the required topics before the exam. Don’t worry if you do not have much knowledge about all the mentioned topics, always remember that every journey begins with a small step. So, get ready for it and start preparing yourself for this role. Thanks for reading!

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How to find the right Salesforce career path?

Taking informed decisions in our life is a process! We make some good ones and miss the ones not taken. It is always important to consider factors like the strength, weakness, and consequences of any decision while making any call.

So if you have decided to make your career in Salesforce,  it’s time to understand what are the major job titles available on Salesforce, and what are their requirements and career prospects so that one can find the right Salesforce career path while considering one’s strengths and weaknesses.

Choosing the right Salesforce career path:

Salesforce provides you with different career options suited to your skills, needs, and other requirements. Let us know more about these potential avenues to find the right Salesforce career path:

Salesforce administrators work with people and enable them to get the maximum out of Salesforce technology. They customize the platform by defining system requirements and make sure that the company’s goals are achieved with the help of the Salesforce platform.

    • Highlighting the work requirements of a Salesforce administrator:

The nature of work in this role primarily involves working with people to ensure that they do not face any difficulty in using any Salesforce platform. Apart from training users, they maintain the platform, help clients by creating reports and dashboards, and keep themselves abreast with any development or update related to their platform.

    • What is the requisite skill set for an administrator?

If you can interact easily with people from every organizational hierarchy, have good communication skills, address customers’ queries with patience, have an influential and motivating personality, and possess a solution-oriented mindset, then you should seriously consider this career option. 

Also, do not rule out this career option if you do not have any technical expertise or background knowledge of Salesforce. You can easily get any training through Trailhead or from other learning platforms without any difficulty. Once you clear the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam, you can easily kickoff this fascinating career that has the best of both worlds: interaction with people and working on the Salesforce platform!

    • Exploring the career prospects:

The requirement of Salesforce Admin is felt at every place where this CRM is used. One of the researches highlights the 400% annual growth rate for admins with an average starting salary of USD 79,000.

Similarly, many people go for promotions in their company once they get their Salesforce Administrator certificate. 

So choosing this career path will not only give you long-term growth and financial security but also provide you with an element of social interaction!

A Salesforce developer is primarily a software developer who makes app on the Salesforce platform with different codes. Considered among the most sought out job on Salesforce, Salesforce developer comes out as a lucrative career path for many coding experts.

    • Highlighting the work requirements of a Salesforce developer:

Compared with the previous job of Salesforce administrator, this work requires more technical prowess in terms of knowledge regarding programming language. The task sheet generally includes developing complex workflows, APEX developments, debugging, providing any technical solution to the team, developing solutions or applications as per the company’s requirements, reviewing various programs and other work, and doing any technical documentation, etc.

    • What is the requisite skill set for any developer?

You must have good problem-solving skills and must have familiarity with the programming language. Don’t worry if you are not a coding expert as you can have a command over the essential programming languages like Java and Apex by doing any training course from the authorized websites.

Make sure you are persistent and tenacious in your efforts as in case you get stuck in any problem or code, you have to ensure that you don’t lose out any hope on it as trial and error are the part and parcel of this job. 

    • Exploring the career prospects:

This amazing career opens the door for you to become Senior Developer, Architect, or Trainer. Since the demand for this role is getting increase day by day, you can expect an average salary of about USD 121,800-USD 166,200 for this role.

Therefore, unlock your technical potential, and go out for the promising and lucrative career of Salesforce Developer!




Do you know the meeting point of business problems and solutions provided by Salesforce? Simple, it is the Salesforce consultant. The job of a salesforce consultant requires him to assist the business in finding out the solution of business problems with the help of Salesforce.

    • Highlighting the work requirements of a Salesforce consultant:

Since most of the companies are still not well versed with the functions of Salesforce, they hire a Salesforce consultant to create and manage their business plans. 

Further, these people connect with technical staff and manage projects as per the needs of the client or business. They have to ensure the client-specific implementation of a salesforce project.

They map out business processes, manage the technical team, collect business requirements, customize salesforce programs, maintain client relationships, and engage in user testing, and training.

    • What is the requisite skill set for any consultant?

You must have good communication skills along with a problem-solving attitude for being a good Salesforce consultant. Further, your experience in any commercial or analytical role would add to your management and technical skills.

    • Exploring the career prospects: 

Being a Salesforce Consultant provides decent growth opportunities in terms of specializing in various Salesforce products. Moreover, you can get a handsome sum of money in your hands between USD 134,400 – USD 154,900.

After having some experience in this job, one can look out for the roles like Salesforce Industries Consultant, or Field Service Lightning Consultant!

  • Salesforce Business Analyst

Every company looks for a person who can dive into data, provide major insights, and formulate the roadmap to a successful business strategy from the data provided by Salesforce. This is where the job of Salesforce Business Analyst comes into the picture.

    • Highlighting the work requirements of a Salesforce business analyst:

A business analyst’s major function is to provide key insights to the business through data analysis. They design different business actions, devise business solutions, and explain them to key managerial personnel involved in the company.

    • What is the requisite skill set for any business analyst?

Apart from proficiency in using Salesforce platform data analysis, the business analyst must be well versed in business analysis, data management, and scripting languages like SQL, Python.

    • Exploring the career prospects: 

There has been a 240% growth in the demand for Salesforce Business Analyst since 2013, which is humongous in itself! In terms of financial incentives, you can expect an average salary of around USD 84,000 for this job.


Note: With so many different directions in front of you, it is natural to feel confused and anxious regarding how to find the right Salesforce career path. That is why we have given the work requirements, requisite skill set, and career prospects of major Salesforce career so that you can choose the best fit for you based on your experience and skills. Thanks for reading!

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Start your Salesforce career: 6 insights from Salesforce developers

A famous Chinese proverb goes, ‘A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step’? The nature of progression in our lives can’t be explained better. You just have to take action, as all great things, including a career in Salesforce, just start with simple beginnings!

So if you are planning to start your Salesforce career, ‘seeking advice from qualified Salesforce developers’ is the first thing that should strike your mind. Their insights will help you in knowing all the nitty-gritty involved in Salesforce, helping you make some informed decisions in your career.

Therefore, let’s get an overview of things required to start your journey in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Things you are required to know before you start your Salesforce career:

  • Deciding whether you want a career in Salesforce

This is the most important yet highly ignored piece of advice given by the Salesforce developers. You should know the answer to the question, “Why do you want to start a career in Salesforce?”

If you are clear in your head regarding this question, then almost everything is sorted in the preparatory stage of your journey. 

It is alright if you want to join Salesforce because of these reasons: it offers exciting growth opportunities for your career, increasing requirement for Salesforce developers in the market, need of skill set for this job which motivates you to explore this avenue, your existing skillset proves apt for the job, easy availability of necessary training material for the job, or any other reason.

The point being, there can be myriads of reasons behind your call, however, you have to make sure that your reason for deciding this career is strong enough to keep you motivated in the long run!

  • Try to get acquainted with the know-how of Salesforce before commencing your training

It is always useful to have some familiarity with the working of Salesforce before you begin any training. This would help you in determining the areas where you need to focus extra during your training. 

Have some tips regarding what all you can do? Here you go, you can start a career in Salesforce by learning about Salesforce through its own well-curated and guided online tutorials for all the newbies: Trailblazers. Through this platform, you can get the hands-on skills required to be an efficient Salesforce developer, Salesforce administrator, marketer, and business analyst, etc.

If you are new to the objective-orientated programming method, or java, you can easily learn them from the amazing tutorials available on YouTube for free of cost.

Do make maximum use of Trailhead by practicing your setup, earning badges and certifications, which would help you in building requisite skills for Salesforce developers!

  • Apart from improving your technical skills, also focus on nourishing your soft skills

Remember as a Salesforce developer, it is not necessary that you will always stick to your system, and never interact with the customers. As a part of your work profile, you may be required to interact with customers, understand their problems with patience and empathy, and solve their every query to secure their satisfaction.

On top of it, you may be the one who would be interacting with the potential clients of the company related to their project requirements or any other work. For all these reasons, it is highly advisable to develop your soft skills so that you can become an indispensable asset for your company.

Try to inculcate good time management skills so that you can efficiently handle different works at the same time. Have a problem-solving approach while dealing with the problems, and adopt an empathic approach while interacting with any client. Other than these, make sure you have good communicative skills, and you could work comfortably in a team!



  • Choose the right training provider for your career as a Salesforce developer

Once you have nourished your soft skills for getting a good start in your Salesforce career, it is time to find the right training provider. You can browse some of the courses from Trailhead Academy authorized training provider courses. Apart from these courses, look for other platforms like Google Digital Garage, Udemy, Salesforce Ben, and many other mediums.

Almost every platform providing any course or certification for Salesforce development gives you some sample training classes, which allow you to check whether you are able to understand the concepts clearly or not. So kick off your training after carefully deciding the right training provider as per your requirements and convenience.

  • Understanding the nature of work

It is important to understand what all activities are actually involved in the working life of a Salesforce developer. You, as a developer, code the project as per the needs and requirements of the company or clients.

Your work schedule can also involve the collection and analysis of data, making reports, and process automation. You may also be involved in different activities like work review, team meetings, data manipulation, and other related stuff depending upon the circumstances.

  • Be prepared for challenges!

Don’t venture onto the journey of Salesforce development with an assumption of it being a smooth ride. This voyage would be an adventurous one where you will be encountering challenges at regular intervals. 

For instance, though you could be associated with program development, you could have regular instances of interacting with people. At times, you could even be a part of group discussions, therefore stay there for unexpected challenges that could come your way.

If you are not accustomed to intensive reading, develop that habit as preparations for trailhead trials would require you to undergo intense reading. Moreover, if you do not have any technical knowledge, then it may take time for you to get adapted to programming and everything. However, as said earlier, you have to stay there, keep learning, and then see the results!

Note: Hope you found these insights from Salesforce developers useful for making your career choice. Make sure you learn from their experiences and develop the right skill set for starting a Salesforce career. For more such content, keep following our blog. Thanks for reading!

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How to Deploy an Effective Salesforce Market Strategy for Your Business

A go-to-market strategy is indispensable for a business to grow during tough times. With Salesforce a crucial aspect of the plan, it is essential to analyze what’s good and what’s not for your business.

What is the Idea Behind It All?

Companies that have a solid go-to-market strategy can succeed in any market downturn.

Companies that invest time and effort in solving customer problems will likely gain a competitive edge over their competition within the next ten years.

Salesforce is a great tool for distributing and implementing technology. Businesses that use Salesforce are more likely to succeed.

However, customers who don’t invest in the solutions they need may not be as successful as their counterparts.

This idea is for companies that solve critical issues and have go-to-market plans rooted in customer needs. They will be category leaders, while others find their contracts canceled and uncertain.

Salesforce Go-To-Market Plan

Those with an uncommon vision are the real product leaders. Businesses built on Salesforce see tremendous growth and success. It helps them to:

  • Reduce business risk
  • Sell into the enterprise
  • Cut down the development costs
  • Move to market faster
  • Develop credibility

A Strategic Salesforce Plan Goes A Long Way

Building on Salesforce helps a business to improve their time to the market. The platform has a humongous scope to offer growth and success to businesses from various industries. With innumerable customers across the globe, Salesforce allows its partners to reach their target audience which wouldn’t have been feasible otherwise.

Moreover, generating business from a product on the Salesforce AppExchange is way faster, if done strategically. It is essential for a business to cut through the clutter and stand out from the rest.

An effective salesforce strategy is such that helps in generating higher sales, supporting new product launches, detailing multiple products and defending against the competitors. 

While strategizing, one must focus on addressing customers’ frustrations, targeting new industries, expanding into new horizons, better customer experience, reaching people worldwide, extending service offerings and, cross-selling and upselling. The continued success of Salesforce lies in its ability to maintain and improve the brands associated with it.

Analyze Your Salesforce Plan

No matter how far you’ve come, religious evaluation of your position to Salesforce has to be a regular practice. 

Your product plays an essential role in the ecosystem. It should do better with the Salesforce functionality.

Align Your Product with the Salesforce Ecosystem 

Position your product accurately in accordance with Salesforce whilst keeping the broader market in perspective. Recognize what issues your product solves, align those with your customer personas and ultimately expand with Salesforce. Moreover, it is indispensable to understand the segment your product maps to and define your buyers just like AppExchange and produce materials that go hand in hand with Salesforce’s message.

Standing Out From the Competitors

There are innumerable businesses doing the same job, targeting the same demographics, and having a similar goal like you. These businesses are the ones that pose serious competition. From companies with enterprise apps to cloud computing app service providers and vendors of packaged business software, there are many out there. The traditional platform development companies and cloud computing development platform companies that develop products and apps for customers primarily run as hosted services or on customer’s infrastructure. A business must have a go-to-market strategy to stand out and shine brighter than the rest.

Now that we have an understanding of why your Salesforce go-to-market strategy is indispensable for your business. Let’s dive deeper into what a great go-to-market plan for your Salesforce application should look like.

Go-To-Market Strategy for Your Salesforce Application

Published Or Unpublished? – Selecting the Right Application Listing

For promotion, unpublished apps are ideal. People can only spot you on the platform with the link you provide. It’s exclusive, you can select clients instead of selling the app in an open market.

Published apps listings show you on the general search, allowing your app to get noticed. However, you are beating hundreds and thousands of apps on Salesforce. Many of them have marketing and sales teams behind them. 

Make sure you have world-class marketing images, videos, and descriptions to stand out from your competition.

Picking an application listing is step one. There are some other factors that will help you in your Salesforce Application promotion.

  • Attend conferences to build relationships 
  • Build a cordial relationship with the SI partners
  • B2C communication 

Attend Conferences to Build Relationships 

Attending local events and conferences is a great way to increase your visibility. Attend conferences strategically while keeping your target market in mind. Utilize the platform to build your network in the Salesforce space. 

Build Cordial Relationship with the SI Partners

Your partner has on-ground experience as well as a network. They can easily advocate on behalf of your solution to their client base. 

B2C Communication 

Social media, email, and websites are great communication mediums for B2C marketing. One can build a case management system to analyze their customer success and handle issues. You can even build testimonials, word-of-mouth recommendations, videos, case studies, etc.

The Final Words

A business with a Salesforce go-to-market strategy has an upper hand over its competitors. Salesforce has enormous potential, however, to leverage it fully, one needs an effective market plan. 

As a business, you should develop a strategy to grow, survive, stand out, and expand, even during hard times. 

CEPTES is a global Salesforce service provider that adds business value to your Salesforce investment. Our core pillars are digitization, consultation, and innovation. To find more informative blogs like this one, visit CEPTES blogs.

Want to build an effective Salesforce market strategy for your business? Get in touch with us today!


Preparing for Security Review: What are the Prerequisites

Salesforce AppExchange is an online marketplace for third-party developers to create apps on Salesforce. There are innumerable apps and solutions available for customers’ implementation needs on the Salesforce AppExchange platforms. 

The efficiency and ease of using Salesforce AppExchange is something to vouch for! It has been empowering larger teams, entrepreneurs as well as start-ups. 

However, an accurate setup of your application is one crucial aspect that determines your success on Salesforce.

There are five essential steps involved to get started with AppExchange:

  • Signing up to a Salesforce partner
  • Building your Salesforce app
  • AppExchange security review
  • Designing the AppExchange listing
  • Handling app license and customer service

In this blog, we will talk about the AppExchange security review. From step by step guide to prerequisites and general tips to pass the AppExchange security review, we have covered it all! Ready? Let’s get started!

AppExchange Security Review: Overview

Before the launch of any product, it strictly gets reviewed by the Salesforce security review team. This part of the process is critical for the success of your product on AppExchange. 

It is so because the ‘PASS’ stamp from Salesforce lets the users trust your product and feel assured that your solution follows all necessary security standards.

AppExchange security review consists of 4 steps:

  • Prepare
  • Test
  • Free trial 
  • Launch

You should begin by reviewing the prerequisites of the AppExchange Security Review and make sure your app meets all the security standards laid by AppExchange. Next, pass the required Security Review which is meant to evaluate your app’s security features.

There is a free trial available which can be set prior to the launch of the app. After making sure your app meets all the guidelines, you can launch it on the App Store.

Let’s Dive Deeper!

Now that we have a basic understanding of the steps involved, let’s discuss them in detail.

First of all, you need to become a Salesforce partner and build your app for the platform.

  • Begin by joining the Salesforce Partner Program and logging into the Partner Community 
  • Go through SPPA (Salesforce Partner Program Agreement) and agree to the terms and conditions
  • Create a Lightning Ready Solution
  • Make sure to spot and fix any security vulnerabilities with the help of Checkmarx scan during the development phase itself.

Collect all the needed documents.

Once you’re done with developing, assemble and organize all the necessary documents for the Security Review. Here is the list of documentation you will need:

  • Solution Architecture documents including platform features, product overview, package details, and an overview of Integration and object model.
  • Product documents such as personas acting in the system
  • Documents for data flow between mobile, composite site, or Chrome extension and the Salesforce org.
  • Demo org with seed data and managed package in it
  • Managed package
  • Burp/Chimera/ZAP scanned reports
  • Checkmarx scanned reports
  • Steps for user navigation in the Salesforce org, where the package is installed

What Else?

Finally, in order to get your business plan approved from Salesforce, you will be required to:

  • Curate a solutions listing
  • Upload your product and business information 
  • Upload compliance certifications

Voila, you can finally submit your listing for business approval now!

Security Review: Important Things To Keep In Mind

  • Include A Test Setup

    When submitting your solution for security review, ensure providing a holistic test setup and guide for using it.
    – In case your solution includes a native mobile app, add its installation link.
    – Set up an instance for hosting in case you are integrating a web external accounting service.

Note: The most effective way out when deciding what needs to be provided is to consider the Security Review team as a potential customer that wants to test your solution. 

  • Use of Scanners

    The use of scanners such as Checkmarx and chimera can help you spot vulnerabilities in your solution at an initial state.
    Checkmark is used when your solution has managed packages, Visualforce elements, or Apex code. It scans the solution that is hosted on the platform.
    On the other hand, Chimera is used when your solution has parts based on other platforms that you control. It provides the best open-source scanning.

  • Test Your Solution By Hacking It

    Scanners are quite helpful but there is nothing like manpower. After you’re done with fixing the security issues you encounter, use human intelligence for thorough testing.
    How can you do it? Attack your own solution, try stealing its data and check its security. All you need is a team of test hackers with the aim of getting unauthorized access to system or customer data.

  • A Case Of False Positives
    A scanner may find a problem that isn’t really a problem in some cases. This is known as a false positive. It may occur when the scanner fails to recognize your method of protection or code that addresses some vulnerability.
    In case you find an error like this, create a document explaining why it is a false positive and include it with your other security review documents. Make sure to be concise and specific. This will help everyone save some time!

Let’s Wrap Up!

The AppExchange security review process helps attain a safe, secure, threat-free, and more robust Salesforce platform.

Before submitting your app for security review, make sure you are well prepared. The AppExchange security review team goes deep while analyzing an app’s security features and so, you should be ready for the same!

At CEPTES, we provide top-notch services as Salesforce AppExchange product development partners. With years of experience in the industry, our team is well versed in the AppExchange security review process.

If you’re still wondering how to pass the security review, fret not. We are here to help you. Get in touch with us to discuss your concerns today!

Humanizing Conversational AI Integration with Salesforce

Humanizing Conversational AI Integration with Salesforce

CEPTES has partnered with DASHA to create human-like conversational AI for high-level engagement and clear communication to customers.


Recently, Dasha AI organized a virtual meetup: the September Dasha Community meetup, for the community to share experience, learn, and meet peers.


The attendees of the meetup witnessed a special live demo by one of our Principal Consultant, Mr. Vipul Khandelwal, where he showcased a “Use case integrating Dasha and Salesforce”.


This integration facilitates Real Estate sales teams to automate their entire workflow from property inquiries to booking site visits.

The demo revolves around our real estate industry-based solution, RealE 360, built on native Salesforce. It is an all-in-one real estate CRM solution for real estate brokers, agents, builders, investors.


Why Dasha?

Pandemic forced many industries including, Real Estate to change.

We started to think about how we can bring digital transformation and what are the tools available.

We came across Dasha, a conversational AI-as-a-service platform that digitally transforms, opens up more revenue space and ensures timely & seamless communication to the customer.

The use-case: 



We replicated a scenario where a lead is coming from the website.


  • A buyer comes on a website, checks it out, and drops their contact details.
  • In the RealE 360 CRM, Under the inquiry tab, a new lead has been created. 
  • After an inquiry is registered, a call goes to the customer, where the AI BOT verifies that it is the lead, and then converse with him/her.
  • The call wasn’t a confirmation one but was an actionizing one. Actionizing here emphasizes “Booking of a Site Visit”. 
  • Dasha bot engaged the customer, understood what the customer was looking for, found an available slot (checked the backend), and confirmed the slot. 


In the RealE 360 CRM, under the ” Activity” tab, a record automatically gets created with proper description. 

The best part is the automatic recording of the whole lead-bot interaction and it is available in the CRM for the users.





How did we execute it?

Dasha comes with a node-enabled application. 

  • We have utilized the entire application causing the express node package to convert to the API.


  •  Deployed it to the Salesforce Heroku platform.


  • Connected it to the Salesforce to make the API call as soon as the inquiry record gets connected.


Inside the Node JS, Dasha can pretty much connect to any API. We have used the JSForce Salesforce connector, which pulls the recommended property and creates a site visit in the post API call.


What’s Next? 

We’re not stopping here, as it is fascinating, and we would love to do much more such integrations.

As we are dealing with multiple industries, we thought of giving these sorts of services to our existing customers.

CEPTES is a trusted, reliable, and recognized Salesforce ISV, SI, and PDO partner. Connect with us for innovative end-to-end Salesforce solutions.

How to Choose the Right Storage Solution for Your App

How to Choose the Right Storage Solution for Your App

If you are exploring various data storage models and feel confused about which one to choose, we’ve got you covered.

In this blog, we will talk about the different data options, their advantages, when to use them, and when not.


Types of Data Storage Methods



We will discuss the following 4 types of storage methods:

  • Custom Objects
  • Custom Settings
  • Custom Metadata
  • Static Resources 

Let’s go!


Custom Objects

The most widely used storage option is custom objects. These are very powerful and come with features like Triggers, Sharing, FLS Reports, easy automation with Process builders and Flows, etc.

Despite the fact that almost everything a user does gets stored in custom objects, the data does not get hidden from view. Someone out there can easily access your data and even alter it. 

For instance, you want to save some highly private information or app secrets. Keeping it secure will be your topmost priority, isn’t it? Not only will your app fail the Security Review pass, but you will also be unable to deploy data with your app. The data in the object inside a subscriber’s app should be added there post-installation. Therefore, custom objects may not be the best-suited storage option in every situation.


Custom Settings

Custom settings were popular among the users before Custom Metadata came into play.

These can be updated with standard Apex DML and are even lightweight. The data stored in each custom field gets counted against your data storage limit. Moreover, you can store only up to 300 custom fields each.

Some advantages of Customer Settings are:

  • They are cached for fast reads
  • They don’t require SOQL for access
  • They are protectable

Some disadvantages of Custom Settings are:

  • You can not have Triggers, Flows, Validation Rules in Custom settings.
  • You can not deploy any values in Custom settings. So, these are deployed empty and you need to either add data later in a post-install script or ask the user to fill it in after installing. 
  • Less versatile as you can not create multiple records using custom settings.

Make sure to keep the advantages and shortcomings in mind before using Custom settings.


Custom Metadata

Custom Metadata is relatively new and most likely a better alternative for Custom Settings. Custom Metadata can do the job better than List Custom Settings, exactly why Salesforce recommends the former over the latter.


Unlike Custom Settings, Custom Metadata acts like an object in which you can store multiple records. These records aren’t data. They are Metadata instead. But, how is it beneficial for you?


Well, it allows you to deploy them like any other metadata and even lets you access them from the App Page configuration page or Validation Rule directly. That’s a win-win situation right there! Moreover, they read quite fast and don’t need SOQL for access. This saves you from the post-install scripts. 


A few more advantages of using Custom Metadata are:

  • You can protect a whole Custom Metadata Object or one Custom Metadata Record
  • It allows you to send URLs to private screens

One major drawback of using Custom Metadata is that you can not update it with DML, making it a bit difficult to work with. Moreover, they can not store Triggers or Flows just like Custom Settings.


Static Resources 

Static resources can be used for storage purposes once in a while. It allows you to store a significant amount of data in CSV or JSON formats, and that too at an affordable price. 

If your app must include sample data, you can leverage Static Resources to store your data. This will let you load everything on your special screen or post-install screen later. Normally, Static Resource can store anything that you have to read or write.


How To Choose The Right Storage Option For Yourself?

Now that you know the primary storage options, we have curated a special guide to further help you choose the right storage feature.

When Is ‘Custom Objects’ Best-Suited?

  • While saving subscriber-specific app secrets like integration keys
  • While saving user data
  • For user-managed complex configuration items 
  • For complex configuration items 
  • that require custom UX or needs to be handled by admin 

When Is ‘Custom Metadata’ Best-Suited?

  • For user-managed complex configuration data that can be handled by admin and don’t require a custom UX 
  • For configuration items that do not change and are controlled by the application 

When Is ‘Custom Settings’ Best-Suited?

  • User-specific configuration items like a preference 
  • Simple configuration data

When Is ‘Static Resources’ Best-Suited?

  • When saving sample data


Some Important Things To Keep In Mind

  • Custom Settings can either be public protected or public.
  • Custom Metadata Objects can be Public, Protected-Package, or Protected-Namespace.
  • Custom Metadata Records can also be protected.
  • You can make Custom Metadata or Custom Settings less restrictive via the package updates (from Protected to Public) but you cannot go the other way around (from Public to Protected). 


Let’s Wrap Up!

Selecting the right storage space for your application is extremely crucial. 

However, launching an app involves effort, skill, and time. From the basic app idea to the selection of storage options, each and every step acts as an essential building block. 

Choosing an incorrect approach can cause many troubles with keeping your app upgrades functioning and managing how your users access your app.

At CEPTES, we have 7+ solutions and products listed in AppExchange and understand exactly when things get cumbersome for you. Click here to get in touch with us today!

For more info-packed blogs like one, visit our blogs section.


Want to Build Your Career in Salesforce Development? Join CEPTES

If Salesforce development attracts you and you want to build a career in it, then the best place to begin your career journey is CEPTES – a trusted Salesforce development company and a Salesforce certified partner. 

Before I tell you why CEPTES would be the right place to build your career in Salesforce development, it is important to understand the growth potential of Salesforce as a technology and how it can catapult your career.

Whether you are a fresher, experienced Salesforce developer, or a professional at mid-level, you may want to explore why CEPTES should be your next workplace. The need for Salesforce development has increased manifold over the past few years. 

There would be no overstatement in that Salesforce today dominates the entire CRM market and it is the most preferred CRM platform today. Salesforce has over 1 million customers across the globe and the community Salesforce is growing in leaps and bounds adding more and more young, energetic, and dynamic individuals worldwide.


“The Salesforce ecosystem is expected to create 4.2 million jobs worldwide through 2024, adding $1.2 trillion in new business revenues to local economies.”


This is an amazing platform for showcasing your technical skills and innovation. And when we talk about innovation, we swear by innovation and we nurture a culture of innovation here thereby making CEPTES a perfect and ideal workplace for aspiring professionals yearning for success in Salesforce development. 

If you look at it from the technical viewpoint, Salesforce frameworks tend to be platform-independent which means you can use Salesforce solutions as a platform as a service as well.

There is an intense scope of work as well as a huge breadth of knowledge that you will need to become a successful Salesforce developer at CEPTES or just anywhere else. 

You will learn about cloud development, Salesforce platform integrations, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, trends in Salesforce, libraries, and more that eventually add to your knowledge, skills, and help you ensure success in your career.

While working here, you will not only add to your wealth of knowledge in the Salesforce domain but the experience will also be great as you earn more.


Easiest and New Age On-Boarding Process

To help our Salesforce developers and other team members understand our ecosystem, achieve efficiency, and get an upper hand in the technology, we encourage them and support them to complete various Salesforce certification courses on this leading platform. 

With the help of supporting colleagues and experienced team members coupled with your own efforts and dedication, you can earn as many certifications as you want and elevate your career opportunities at CEPTES and in the entire Salesforce world. 

Furthermore, these courses are available at no cost other than that of your dedication and hard work since there are some hands-on exercises also available in these courses to help you learn more about how to implement the knowledge for your project.

You can put up the badges that you earn on the successful completion of each of the certification courses on your profile to further boost your growth potential in this industry. 

We have a team of highly skilled Salesforce developers, Salesforce administrators, Architects, and Salesforce Consultants. 

The team members work in close coordination not just to complete the assigned projects but also with a goal to enhance learning and improve knowledge.

We strongly believe that the best way to increase and improve knowledge in any domain not just about Salesforce but just any domain you talk about is through sharing of knowledge. 

The more knowledge you share the more knowledgeable you will become eventually.  

When you share the knowledge you add the knowledge to the pre-existing knowledge of your teammates and then they share the knowledge gained through the interactive sessions, brainstorming sessions, corporate training, and discussions with other members of the team. 

In fact, if we talk about innovation, it can sprout from these regular and meaningful discussions.


Why CEPTES is the Best Platform for Your Salesforce Career:

#1: Work with a Team of Highly Competitive, Experienced, and Skilled Salesforce Professionals

When working with CEPTES, you get to work with some of the brilliant Salesforce experts who have worked on many similar projects for global clients. 

Daily interaction with the experts in the domain will help you sharpen your skills and become ready for future opportunities.

Explore the great opportunities of innovation this exciting platform offers – At CEPTES, we nurture a culture of innovation where everyone is encouraged and motivated to share ideas that make a difference to the various SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS solutions we deliver.


“Salesforce is committed to empowering people from every background with the skills they need to build careers and thrive in the digital economy.”

#2: Grow with the Fastest-Growing Consulting Partner of Salesforce

We enjoy access to some of the elite features of this platform and have a technical edge over our competition. 

When you join us, you open up countless learning opportunities that may help you climb the success ladder faster in the Salesforce realm.

Read: Full Stack Salesforce Developers- A Career That’s Just Not About Code

#3: Earn While You Learn from the Experts 

No institute or organization would ever pay you for learning. But when you join CEPTES, even at entry-level, you learn new technology, tools, and skills every day. 

The best part is that you get paid for all this learning that eventually contributes to your success as a Salesforce professional, such as a Salesforce developer, Salesforce consultant, Salesforce architect, etc.


#4: Work on Live Projects

You work on live projects here and that gives you the right exposure and an opportunity to test your learned skills in real-world and real-life scenarios. 

There is no better way to master a skill than to test it in the real world.


#5: Add Value to Your Curriculum Vitae 

Your CV becomes worthy when you join a Salesforce Certified Partner like CEPTES. Join us and make your CV the most sought-after among top Salesforce development companies across the globe.


Summing Up: 

Join CEPTES, if you want to achieve multifaceted growth in your career. We are here to help you achieve the greater success that is enviable to all those you are competing with. Send us your resume or explore career opportunities at CEPTES!


How to Choose the Right Company for my Salesforce Career

“New Research Finds the Salesforce Economy Will Create More than $1 Trillion in New Business Revenues and 4.2 Million Jobs by 2024.”


Before jumping into the real business, why don’t we take up roles in our minds? So, say you completed several Salesforce Certifications courses out the past years and you are eager to work into finding and deciding to find a new job.

So, you’ll be thinking and wondering about questions like “What kind of company should you join? A consulting firm or a large enterprise or to go with a smaller enterprise? You will surely have goals in mind, but in most cases, one doesn’t know which type of Salesforce company would nurture and suit them the most.

Well, you need not worry because ahead, we’ve tried to shed some light on the workforce environment that happens in all types of companies in the Salesforce industry. We’ll be delighted to share with you the most promising company that fulfills your specific needs and captives your imagination.


Are You Unsure of Which Company to Choose?


Yamini Jakka, a colleague of ours, talks about her career as a developer in CEPTES and how it impacted her success.


Hello everybody, my name is Yamini Jakka. I’m a Salesforce Developer working here in CEPTES.


I joined the company a few years ago, worked on various projects, and was offered my first development project to one of our clients. Their knowledge of the project was limited, and initially, I had no idea about it. 


As I began the project, I faced challenges to handle the task and couldn’t make much progress. However, my manager and co-workers supported me and sat alongside me. The support that I received from CEPTES is beyond my imagination. Without their help, I wouldn’t have completed the task. I could then finish the massive project. 


Those days, when I was a junior worker on the project, I was afraid of making mistakes because not all companies accept employees’ mistakes. However, CEPTES always supported and encouraged me. My senior managers and co-workers have been instrumental in my success. 


Trailhead is an excellent resource for learning about Salesforce. It’s free and easy to use. I am currently working with integration. CEPTES encourages new ideas, implementation and looks over the benefits.


If you consider joining Salesforce, here’s a tip: Choose a company that will encourage and support you. Do not choose a company based on salary, but one that can be seen as part of your long-term career.

These are some important things to keep in mind when building your career as a Salesforce Developer:

#1. Salesforce is all about technology 

There are always new technology updates. Choose a company that will keep you up to date with changing technology.

#2. Find a company that will guide you on the path to success

Many companies limit exposure to senior managers and junior employees. This means that the starting staff members are often not exposed to other people. You can grow your career by choosing a company that offers you plenty of opportunities to work, even if you are a beginner.

#3. Look for companies that offer demo presentations 

This allows every developer to show off the app they have created each week. This keeps you up-to-date and also improves your knowledge. CEPTES offers opportunities for beginners to learn and gain exposure, and keep track of the changing technology.



     Source: Salesforce


Check out the various kinds of companies that run under Salesforce.

Small or Startup Companies

In the world of Salesforce, a startup company can be stated as a company with 500 Salesforce users or less.


  • You’ll not only get to learn about Salesforce faster and better but also enhance skills and gain expertise
  • A startup/ Small enterprise is basically like a training space that is specialized for the experiment, such companies will accept your flaws, mistakes and cherish your victory
  • A very good thing about startup companies is that you’ll get a chance to work with most of the company’s projects.
  • Your role will be very flexible, and you’ll learn to code in no time



  • There will be only a few Salesforce experts to guide you
  • Lesser architect concepts, so for those who are not from an architect background may find it more like a pro’s
  • The working hours will be more than that of a larger company since it is like a ground for experiments and learning


So, If you are new to the world of Salesforce and longs to experiment with things, then this type of company will be best for you! We recommend smaller companies to people who are new to the industry. You’ll get to learn a lot from your mistakes and guides.



Large Companies

In the world of Salesforce, a large company can be stated as a company with 2000 Salesforce users and more.



  • You’ll get to learn how to scale a Salesforce org
  • You’ll get access to internal training
  • You’ll have strong brand names written on your resume



  • Projects can easily drag on and last for months
  • Even for the smallest mistakes, you’ll have to face ridiculous consequences
  • They focus on maintenance than innovation
  • You will have no flexibility besides your specialized role and office politics everywhere


Working at a larger organization will be best for you if you want a stable, more predictable job. You’ll be working for reasonable hours. Though it might not be as exciting compared to working in a smaller org, eventually you’ll get to learn things that the smaller organizations never encounter such as architecture concepts, general Salesforce best practices, and Apex frameworks.

Larger organizations are better for people in their mid to late careers as you’ll have less pressure and you’ll be in the best position to use the various skills you’ve enhanced and mastered throughout your career.

And lastly,

Consulting Firms

The Accentures, Deloittes, and Appirios of the world.


  • Compared to the above companies it is the quickest learning environment you’ll find in the Salesforce world
  • You’ll get to witness and experience varieties of different types of implementations and programs under Salesforce
  • You’ll not only get paid higher but also enjoy good benefits
  • You’ll get the opportunity to work with some of the most renowned companies in the world



  • Must sell your soul
  • Long working hours and travels often
  • You’ll not witness long-term project impact
  • Everyone has focused roles and you can’t explore new roles

As you can see in Consulting, you’ll have the most learning opportunities being a consultant. If your motive is to become a Certified Technical Architect in the long run then you’ll have to opt for this role.



CEPTES offers our developers an opportunity to display their efforts according to their fields of interest. We not only give employees new challenges but also support them throughout their career. We support our employees to improve every day, and we nurture them to keep their skills up-to-date even if they are new to Salesforce.

We encourage our employees to try new things and implement them so that they can produce more quality. The managers are always there to assist you in your quest to learn more. CEPTES is a great company for learning and growing. We don’t make it difficult to share your ideas, nor do we overburden you. We encourage you to be free and enthusiastic about your work.



At CEPTES, we value experience more than degrees and have built a learning-mentoring hybrid model for our employees that enables them to be learners as well as implementers. We are looking to hire high-performance-driven professionals to join our amazing team. Explore our careers page to know more about the different opportunities.

salesforce velocity

5 Great Reasons to become a Salesforce Vlocity Developer

Salesforce is the number 1 CRM (customer relationship management) platform today. It helps different departments like marketing, commerce, sales, IT, and service of a business to work together as one integrated CRM platform.

Some of the uses of Salesforce are:

  • Growing business faster
  • Building, launching, and scaling eCommerce
  • Providing great customer service
  • Engaging with customers
  • Empowering teams to work from anywhere 


There is no iota of doubt in saying that Salesforce is set to be the most in-demand skill in the future, and with Salesforce comes the opportunity to become a Software Vlocity Developer.


Whether it is about customers selecting the most relevant data package for their mobile phones, analyzing the pros and cons of insurance packages, or filling up the gas details online – there is a software industry developer involved in the work that goes behind.


If you’re planning to build a career in Salesforce, keep reading further as we will walk you through the top five reasons why you should become a Salesforce Vlocity Developer. Ready? Let’s go!


What Is The Role Of A Salesforce Vlocity Developer?

First and foremost, let’s understand what exactly a Salesforce Vlocity Development does. 

Well, it’s simple. A Salesforce Vlocity Developer is responsible for the development and integration of custom solutions like Vlocity, Apex classes, Visualforce, and more on the Salesforce platform.




Got a basic understanding of the profession? Let’s discuss the top five reasons why you should become a Salesforce Vlocity Developer In 2021:


  • You Will Be One Of The Few On The Forefront In Salesforce 


Earlier, Salesforce was all about strategic solutions where one focused on the features of a particular software tool and sold it further to a broad group.

For instance, a business purchasing Service Cloud to enhance and streamline their customer support service operations followed by marketing efforts.

This was not a wonderful experience for the customers, especially when a business needs multiple tools in various departments. Managing and using different tools to deal with all the lists was difficult as well as messy.

Now, Salesforce offers a more holistic view across multiple software while providing better and more efficient solutions. So, the Service Cloud expert gets replaced with one manufacturing expert that can handle all the use cases well. 

Salesforce has not only helped in simplifying processes but also in saving a lot of time. This is the reason why Salesforce is expected to grow greater than ever. Those who are planning to build a career in Salesforce are definitely a step ahead as this ecosystem has an extraordinary scope ahead in the future.


  • All Set To Be In High Demand 


Salesforce has the potential to increase developer resources whilst reducing costs. This is why salesforce developers have a significant demand in the market today.

There are innumerable specialties such as health, communication, consumer goods, financial services, media and enterprise, and manufacturing within the industry. With increasing demand and limited talent, companies are always on the lookout for the right talent. 

This also implies that one can expect a high package is equipped with the right skills. Moreover, with more and more companies wanting to overcharge their operations with the power of Salesforce industries, the value of this profession is all set to rise in the future. 


  • The Consumer-Focused Industry Lets You Access The Impact On A Daily Basis


The work in the Salesforce industry impacts the consumers on an everyday basis. This allows one to easily witness, use and access the solutions they create. 

The Salesforce industry is highly consumer-focused and is pacing forward quite fast. It’s great to see your own solutions being used and liked by consumers on different websites across the Internet. Seeing your own work and its magnificent impact is a great motivator in itself.


  • Less Workload And Better Solutions

A software developer often faces a situation to choose between declarative solutions and creating solutions. If possible, one should choose the former. Here’s why:

  • Declarative solutions are a lot simpler and quicker.


  • These solutions are low code. Maintaining too many codes can be a tough job. Declarative solutions need less code and decrease your workload significantly.


  • With declarative solutions, you will have to face lesser issues when new versions get released with every cycle as their development is native.


  • The work is easier to grasp as well as document for others and future reference. Creating a code that can easily be run by another developer is the need of the hour.


  • Developers have a good range of declarative solutions with them. This helps them to save time and effort to code. This saved time can be utilized on other projects that need your attention.


  • Multiple Career Opportunities To Grow


As an in-demand tech professional with a relevant skillset, you will get exposed to a number of career prospects. 

Not only is it a stable career choice but also quite financially promising. Salesforce is expected to create jobs in India, Canada, Australia, the USA, etc. Moreover, salesforce development is one of the most trusted career options out there.


Let’s Wrap Up!


A career that is high in demand, trusted and secure, well paying, impactful, and even was impossible until Salesforce came into play! Today, becoming a Vlocity Software Developer is a great option due to its ever-rising demand in the market. 

There are various resources like Trailhead that can be utilized to master as a Salesforce Developer. The blogs section at CEPTES provides some valuable insights on Salesforce that can help you learn more about Salesforce Development. 

We’re always on the lookout for passionate Salesforce developers to join our team. Feel free to check out our careers page to explore various amazing opportunities!