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Salesforce Introduced Einstein Search to Personalize CRM Search Results with AI

Today’s world is more digitally connected than ever. People use online search engines to get information. Search engines often try to provide accurate results in order to make search results more consistent. Users also expect a fast, reliable and relevant search experience, However, at times it becomes a little complex for them to get accurate results. This becomes even more complex while search happens using a CRM. It takes multiple clicks, interfaces, and hassles to get correct results. That’s a big worry, isn’t it? The search should be seamless and must give you highly relevant results quickly. To improve CRM search experience & productivity with AI, Salesforce introduced ‘Einstein Search‘ which is an intelligent search that is highly efficient, personal, accurate & insightful.

Enterprise search is completely different from consumer search. There are multiple challenges involved in enterprise searches. One of the biggest challenges is a diverse user base with a different set of goals. A sales rep will try to search for recent leads while a service agent will search closed customer cases. Another challenge is the different nature of data. When an enterprise uses a CRM, the functionalities and search results depend on their data and data will differ from company to company. So it becomes challenging for a standard CRM to give accurate search results. 

Introducing Einstein Search

In order to help enterprises overcome these complex search challenges, Salesforce has introduced Einstein Search which will improve & personalize CRM searches leveraging AI and fundamentally accelerate customer success. 

Personalized Results

As we have already mentioned above that a diverse user base has a different set of goals, they use CRM searches for various purposes. Einstein Search drives highly personalized results for every user. Each search result is highly tailored to offer the results that matter to you. Einstein Search utilizes innovative data mining & machine learning techniques to personalize search results. 

Relevant Results

Enterprise users expect highly seamless search experience using while using a CRM. Einstein Search offers highly relevant search results with the help of AI. For example, if a sales rep searches open opportunities in London, Einstein Search interprets that query and show open opportunities in London. The result retrieval process is extremely fast and accurate. 

Actionable Search Bar

Einstein Search not only offers fast & accurate search results within the CRM, but it also helps a user save 50% clicks and page loading time of most frequently used tasks. For example, instead of searching for a contact, clicking into their record, and then manually attaching the contact to an opportunity, you can take these same actions just by using the enhanced Einstein Search bar. 

When can you use Einstein Search? 

Einstein Search is currently in pilot and is already providing value for some of the top brands like iHeartMedia and MightyHive. It will be generally available next year for orgs with an Unlimited, Enterprise, or Performance Edition with 150+ active licenses for Sales or Service Cloud.

To know more, please get in touch with our Salesforce experts. 

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How Multiple Tracker Domains in Pardot helping B2B Marketers Deliver Personalized Message

Next-gen marketing is entirely driven by personalization. Customers expect personalization from the service providers at every point. It’s a huge challenge for marketers to drive personalization at every touchpoint with mediocre messaging. However, Pardot enables marketers to accomplish this with the Multiple Tracker Domains. Marketers can use different tracker domains on an asset by asset basis using a Pardot tool. 

In order to make messaging more personalized, marketers using Pardot can maintain consistency by integrating a specific tracker domain with one or many assets. Multiple Tracker Domains can be applied to various commonly used Pardot asset types including, 

  • Email templates
  • Landing pages
  • Forms
  • Email preference centers
  • Custom Redirects
  • Files

With the latest release, all Pardot customers can use multiple tracker domains feature. This feature will be helpful for enterprises who market in different regions, who have different domains for different products, companies having multiple subsidiaries, Pardot Business Unit customers who require multiple tracker domains per business unit, and for enterprises who have more than one website. 

How to use Multi Tracker Domains?

There is no hassle in setting up the new multiple tracker domains. User needs to go through the standard domain validation process for each of the domain that is validated and can apply it to an asset. 

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Use case

Let’s talk about a specific use case and see how this new feature can benefit a Pardot user.

Let’s say there is a company operating in the US, India & Australia. They have three different domains .us, .in, and .au. In the past, the company would have had to use the same primary domain across all three regions to run campaigns. This won’t offer a consistent experience. But with the new multiple tracker domain features, the company can assign new assets and campaigns to region-specific tracker domains seamlessly. At the same time, this will also offer a consistent brand experience. 

To use different tracker domains to different email templates, their marketing team can create an email template for the US. This template can use US specific images and language in order to maintain region-specific consistency. Then they can choose the .us domain in the new “Tracker Domain” field present on the email template creation screen. When the emails are delivered to the prospects, all the links within the email are re-written using the .us domain. On the other hand, the prospects will see links that they are familiar with and can trust. The India marketing team can follow suit using the .in domain and the Australia team can do the same using .au domain. 

This will definitely improve the open rates as well as the click rates as the prospects will be more engaged with the links specific to their region. This will also enhance the quality of personalization and will drive more leads. 

To know more about the latest & best Pardot features and how it can help your B2B marketing automation, get in touch with us today!

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How to enable your marketing & sales team to better connect with the modern B2B buyer?

Today’s world is more connected than ever. Everything & everyone is connected. The way buyers engage with companies has significantly changed. As per the Salesforce State of Connected Customer Report, 54% of the customers think companies need to fundamentally transform how they engage. Customers expect companies to understand what they want BEFORE they ask. Now it has become a daunting task for the sales & marketing teams to meet new buyer expectations. 

Most of the modern-day marketers struggle to execute personalization across the entire customer journey while the majority of the sales reps failed to meet expectations for contributing value. Well, the common challenges that the marketing & sales team faces today in winning customer engagement are the absence of effective tools, poor data insights and siloed teams & processes. Most of the enterprises are trying to unlock the best ways to empower their sales & marketing teams in order to better connect with modern B2B buyers. 

A next-gen sales & marketing tool that is powerful, simple & connected can help enterprises achieve the highest grade of customer engagement & enable them to offer better buyer experience. 

Pardot – B2B Marketing Automation on the world’s #1 CRM

Pardot is a next-gen B2B automation solution that provides a full solution to help marketers create meaningful connections, generate more pipeline, and empower sales to close more deals. Enterprises can couple all their marketing tools into one single central canvas with Salesforce engagement studio. 

Your sales & marketing team can leverage Pardot to build complex & powerful campaigns with ease, visualize & test customer’s experience, improve campaign performance, connect with B2B buyers through new ways, reach ready-to-buy customers faster, and make every customer interaction relevant & personalized. 

B2B Automation Made Easy

Every day marketers can use Pardot for revenue maximization. The easy-to-use marketing automation platform offers a comprehensive set of tools to create, deploy, and manage online campaigns that drive substantial results. Some of Pardot capabilities include;

  • Streamlined Lead Management
  • Smarter Lead Generation
  • Easy Email Marketing
  • Seamless Sales Alignment
  • Insightful ROI Reporting
  • Artificial Intelligence

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How Pardot is enabling better customer connection?

Using the top-notch Pardot features, marketers and sales reps can blur the gap between the B2B buyers and their expectations. Through highly personalized campaigns, marketers can deliver top-notch experiences with the help of automated rules, actions & triggers that buyers expect. Leads can be nurtured efficiently for faster conversion. Every customer conversation can be tailored based on their engagement history. 

Sales reps can connect with the buyers early, effectively, and often with Salesforce Engage. They can make every interaction relevant and tailored to prospects’ needs in order to drive deals forward. Sales teams can track email engagements and proactively reach out to prospects. 

Pardot also helps in identifying best-performing campaigns and sales-ready prospects that help sales & marketing teams drive more results. 

So, are you ready to see how marketing automation can help you grow at record speeds & enable your sales & marketing teams better connect with the modern-day B2B buyers? Get in touch with our Pardot experts now!

Check our Pardot offerings here.

Einstein Analytics

Decoding Einstein Analytics & how it is integrating data to accelerate business success

In today’s connected world, data is at the center of every business decision. Research shows that every day 2.5 exabytes of new data is being generated. Isn’t that huge? As a business grows, it adds new users and generates even more data. Data volume is growing at a radical pace and we just can’t stop it. However, data is the greatest source for businesses to understand their customers and themselves. According to McKinsey & Co, businesses that embrace data-driven strategies witness 5% higher productivity and 6% higher profits than their competitors. 

The dependency on data for business growth is only going to increase as more and more digital data becomes available. But, to remain competitive, a business needs to do more than just collecting data. In order to achieve a higher competitive edge, business needs to be proficient of capturing, analyzing and deriving valuable insights from every piece of data available from all source, and most importantly in real-time. And believe it, Einstein Analytics is the solution your business need. 

How Einstein Analytics is connecting data?

If you are using any of the Salesforce Cloud solutions (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Financial Cloud, etc.), you can use Einstein Analytics to discover insights, predict outcomes, find recommendations, and act smartly on a comprehensive AI-powered analytics platform. Einstein Analytics helps you make the right business decision every time using analytics that go beyond any other BI software. 

With Einstein Analytics in place, data can be brought in together from multiple sources by enabling the ‘Data Sync’ feature. When we say from multiple sources, it doesn’t only refer to your Salesforce system. You can connect objects from all your external sources including AWS, Google, SAP HANA, Heroku, NetSuite and also On-premise systems in order to visualize your entire business in one screen. 

External data ConnectOne of the best capability of Einstein Analytics is data manipulation. A high volume of data collected from multiple sources can be manipulated within Einstein Analytics to get prediction reports. Einstein Discovery enables users to identify relevant facts and themes using data in their Einstein Analytics datasets. Let’s talk a little more about Einstein Discovery.

dataflow for data manipulationOnce you are done analyzing Einstein Analytics dataset, Einstein Discovery quickly sifts through a huge volume of data to find important correlations and make accurate predictions. Einstein Discovery answers key business questions including what happened (outcome), why did it happen (factors), what are some possible actions that could improve the outcome (improvements), etc. 


Einstein Analytics offers an intuitive dashboard that can be customized. You can create your own dashboard embedding multiple data. Different pie-charts, tables, images can be used in the dashboard for better user experience and understanding. Einstein Templated Apps make it easy for you to get started. These pre-built templates help you quickly create best-practice dashboards and KPIs that you can use to drive business success. You can get the exact information you need by tailoring analytics to your business, all in a real-time. Whereas the Faceting feature enables the fastest and easiest way to connect widgets on a dashboard. All faceted components on the dashboard can interact with each other. Einstein Analytics has a lot of customized filters that help users have a view of the information they want to see. 

templated apps

Businesses using a Salesforce system and dealing with a lot of data must leverage Einstein Analytics to get the best out of their data. Einstein Analytics is a thriving success enabling Sales Analytics, Service Analytics, Field Service Analytics, Marketing Analytics and much more all within the world’s #1 CRM platform. 

Top 5 Benefits

  • See trends by connecting data from any source, right into Salesforce.
  • Customize and extend your analytics to match your needs.
  • Make smarter decisions with AI-augmented data discovery and explanations.
  • Get predictions and recommended actions.
  • Deliver augmented analytics on the world’s most trusted cloud platform.

To give your employees and partners a consistent view of data and access to new insights using Einstein Analytics, get in touch with our team.

Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials Introduced new Social Media Integrations to help SMBs reach customers

Salesforce has announced its new enhancements in its small business solution Salesforce Essentials which will help SMBs to communicate and engage directly with their customers. The new features include integrations with social media channels like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and YouTube as well as new chat and phone services. Salesforce introduced Salesforce Essentials in 2017 for small business, using which SMBs can accelerate their growth in the world’s #1 CRM platform with customized sales and service apps. 

Today’s business world is highly connected and social media channels are playing a pivotal role in it. Customers are into Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube like never before and prefer interacting with the service providers using various social platforms. What they expect are instant communication and personalized service. This is an opportunity for small businesses to reach & engage thousands of their potential customers and offer them personalized service. However, it is a challenge for SMBs to offer the best experience and personalized service across multiple social media platforms with their limited available resources. But, with these new additions in their Essentials platform, Salesforce enables SMBs the ability to engage with their customers across various social platforms.

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Using the recent features, Salesforce Essentials customers can offer enterprise-level sales and service experience to their customers. The new features include;

A seamless conversation across social channels – Facebook Messenger, Instagram, YouTube

Small businesses can now have real-time conversations with their customers over Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and YouTube. When a customer connects with a query with the service provider through Facebook Messenger, the message will automatically go to a service agent who can have a real-time conversation with the customer right within the Salesforce platform. Facebook Messenger and chat are generally available now. Every Salesforce Essentials organization includes 1 license. Additional licenses can be purchased at $15 per user, per month. In Instagram & YouTube, when a customer makes a comment, a sales rep or service agent will automatically get a notification. They can immediately act and respond from their Salesforce system. Instagram and YouTube are generally available now. Both are included in Salesforce Essentials at $25 per user, per month.

Real-time Chat 

Small businesses can now add a Salesforce chat widget to their website. Service agents can manage multiple customer chat conversations simultaneously right from their Salesforce system. Service agents can have a complete view of the customer including previous interactions, purchase history, sales opportunities, and other relevant information. This will help them offer personalized service so that they can close deals faster. 

Lightning Dialer

Now small business service agents can make and receive customer calls using Lightning Dialer for Essentials, which is an innovative call center solution built right within the Salesforce platform. When an agent makes or receives a customer call, a pop-up will immediately appear with all the customer information. This will help them offer personalized service quickly. Calls will be automatically logged-into the contact and account activity history of Salesforce which will eliminate manual data entry and save time without any customer information being missed. Lightning Dialer for Essentials is generally available today in the U.S. and Canada at $2 per 100 minutes.

Salesforce is offering its small business customers simple walkthroughs within the Salesforce Essentials product so that they can seamlessly set-up these features. The walkthroughs include guided overviews on key channels like Facebook Messenger, Real-time Chat and Lightning Dialer. Essentials coaches in the U.S. & Canada are also helping their customers with 90 days of support post-purchase with a 1:1 live chat for set-up. 

CEPTES has been a pioneer in offering Salesforce solutions across the world. With a team of Salesforce certified consultants, we offer end-to-end Salesforce Cloud implementation, integration, migration, consulting, and support services. Currently, we are working with many SMBs and helping them accelerate their growth in the Salesforce platform. Get in touch with us to know more about Salesforce Essentials and how it can help your small business thrive. 

Source: Salesforce


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Community Cloud

Salesforce Community Cloud: Connect. Engage. Personalize

In today’s swiftly evolving business environment, connecting all the business verticals including partners, customers, and employees is key to success. It is irritable to deliver an exceptional customer experience across various customer touchpoints with yesterday’s technology and disconnected business systems. Salesforce offers a powerful community platform to help us achieve sustained growth and stagnation. 

Salesforce Community Cloud helps you create communities to transform the way you connect and engage your partners, customers, and employees. The unified platform for success boost employee productivity, accelerate channel sales and help customers help themselves. Community Cloud connects business data and enables a best-in-class solution in the world’s #1 CRM platform. 

3 Types of Salesforce Communities

Employee Community 

You can connect your employees from different branches and help them improve their productivity by sharing ideas, communicating updates along with managing projects and collaborating files. 

Partner Community

Empower your partners with quick onboarding, training and CRM access. Partners can find experts, register new leads, update records, and manage funds, and close more deals more quickly.

Customer Community

Build a community of your customers using Community Cloud and drive customer self-service by offering them knowledge articles, FAQs, opportunity to interact with other customers to resolve their queries. 

How Salesforce Community Cloud can benefit you?

Accelerate channel sales

You can connect directly with your channel partners to accelerate your sales process by enabling them to connect with the experts, find relevant information, register new leads, update records, manage funds. 

Connect your customers

Community Cloud helps you drive more extensive customer relationships while connecting all your customers in one platform where they can access information, communicate with each other and share experiences. 

Customization & branding

Customize Community Cloud to meet your business needs and increase your online community experience. Create striking, simple-to-use environments that are an interactive extension of your brand. 


Collaborate anywhere using any device. Manage the community through the Salesforce mobile app or from any mobile browser. Now offer a rich, branded, and device-responsive mobile experience to your customer from anywhere.


Community Cloud automatically recommends connections to various experts, groups, and content. Recommendations are based on individual interests, needs, and behavior, inviting larger community participation.

Lightning Bolt

Helps you quickly create next-generation communities and portals that seamlessly integrate with Salesforce.

Interested to learn more about how Salesforce Community Cloud could work for you? Get in touch with us. At CEPTES, we have certified Salesforce consultants who can help you offer stellar service with powerful Community Cloud that allows you to create rich, self-service experiences.



CEPTES is showcasing DataArchiva at AppExchange Demo Jam: BLRDEVX TDX19GG

Two days of learning adventure is approaching Namma Bengaluru and we can’t wait to be a part of the upcoming BLRDEVX TDX19GG on 13th & 14th of July. This is another Salesforce event full of learning, fun, connection and giving back with Salesforce Developers, Admin, Consultant, Technical Architect like you! There will be Awesome MVPs, Best Salesforce Community speakers and Local Community Rockstars who will be speaking on various sessions. 

This will be a version of our TrailheaDX in Namma Bengaluru style and we will have exciting sessions where top Salesforce trailblazers & industry influencers will share their journey, knowledge, and experience. Some of the top sessions are;

  • KEYNOTE Speaker: Tushar Mutreja, Global MD, Strategic Alliances, Salesforce
  • 5 Formula to Create Most Reusable Lightning Web Component – Manish Choudhari
  • Rest + OAuth Integration in Lightning – Mohammed Rizwan
  • Demystifying Identity Architecture in Salesforce – Mahesh Kumar
  • Heroku – A Polyglot Platform, Architecture & Add-ons – Ashish Tondare
  • Mysterious Blockchain – Naveen Dhanaraj
  • AI in Marketing Cloud – Gajendra Singh
  • Einstein for Service – Raja Kondreddy
  • Deep dive into the world of Pre Sales – Rupesh Bhatia
  • AppExchange – How to transform an idea into an App – Sudeep Reddy Babu
  • Einstein Analytics The Secret Weapon for ISV’s – Srikanth Reddy
  • Marketing Cloud can make you the Hulk of your Industry – Shrey Sharma
  • Top 5 Salesforce Integration Patterns – Mahesh Shenoy

CEPTES will showcase it’s flagship product DataArchiva at AppExchange Demo Jam

Demo Jam is a show where 6 partners will showcase their most compelling app in a super short, no fluff, 3-minute demo. The show will be hosted by a well-known Salesforce MVP and at the end, the attendees will vote live on a winner. It is a big stage for DataArchiva to showcase what it offers along with 5 other leading Salesforce partners. 

DataArchiva is the ONLY Native Data Archiving Solution for Salesforce powered by Big Objects help Salesforce users periodically archive their unused/historical data and store it at a native level without compromising data integrity with seamless access. The Gartner-listed solution which is also certified by Salesforce to work with US Gov Cloud, will reduce data storage costs significantly (80% and more), improve application performance and also meet compliance requirements. Many top enterprises from varied industries are currently using DataArchiva for their Salesforce data archival and within a span of one year, DataArchiva has become one of the top data archiving solutions for Salesforce. 

Check the App here.

So, come and cheer us and see how DataArchiva is challenging the status quo. 

Grab a ticket for the event now.

CRM, Salesforce

How Salesforce CRM can improve your Sales?

In order to thrive as a best-in-class sales-driven business, organizations need to develop skills and leverage cutting-edge automation tools. In today’s business world, there is no room for mediocrity. It is very essential to perform to remain competitive. Sales expertise along with refining customer relationships and processes drive higher sales. However, with the growing business, it becomes tough to personalize every customer interaction. This is where the role of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system comes in to help sales reps to enhance the effectiveness of their customer interaction and retention along with new lead creation. 

Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM provider that offers business of every size a platform to manage their customers and their journey. The platform extends a variety of products and services to discover customer insights, understand needs, and solve complex business problems. The extensive range of Salesforce products works together to improve sales pipeline and drive exceptional customer experiences. Some of the leading products include;

  • Sales Cloud: Automate sales process, find leads, close deals faster, grow accounts, and accelerate productivity.
  • Service Cloud: Close cases faster, manage field service, personalize customer support and predict needs for superior customer experience.
  • Marketing Cloud: A unified marketing platform to know consumers, engage them and personalize their experience across every touchpoint.
  • Community Cloud: Engage with your partners, customers, vendors, and employees in a whole new way to boost engagement. 
  • Salesforce Platform: Build an amazing experience around customers with intuitive business apps developed on the Salesforce Platform.
  • Salesforce Analytics: Discover data-driven insights, predict outcomes, find recommendations, and act smartly with Einstein Analytics.

How to leverage Salesforce to boost your Sales?

After going through all these above Salesforce offered solutions, you must be thinking how your business can use these and how you can get the best out of your Salesforce implementation? We will give you the top five ways Salesforce can help you maximize your Sales pipeline in this era of digital transformation. 

Sales Process 

Sales Cloud which is the #1 sales automation tool is designed to automate the sales process and includes a wide array of features. Sales Cloud helps sales reps work smarter by automating various sales processes, increasing efficiency, accelerating sales productivity, creating a pipeline of leads, closing deals faster, and making insightful decisions with data – from anywhere using any device. Popular Sales Cloud features like Contact & Opportunity Management, Account & Lead Management, Workflow & Approvals, Sales Collaboration, Reports & Dashboards, Sales Forecasting, etc. helps sales reps to achieve their goals. 

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Marketing Campaigns 

Marketing Cloud helps marketers to drive relevant and highly personalized customer journeys including exceptional customer experiences across multiple touch points such as email, mobile, social, web, etc. from a unified platform. Some of the leading features include Journey Builder, Email Studio, Salesforce DMP, Salesforce Data Studio, Social Studio, Advertising Studio, Mobile Studio, etc. Marketing Cloud runs customized campaigns which generate quality leads. 

Customer Service

In today’s business world, if you don’t offer best-in-class customer service, your customers will switch to a rival brand. In order to maximize revenue, you need to retain most of your existing customers. Salesforce Service Cloud helps organizations make their customer service efficient by enhancing service quality and driving high-class user-experience. Customer service agents can leverage Service Cloud to close cases faster, manage Field Service, offer intelligent self-service, personalize customer care, predict future needs to keep the conversation flowing. 

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Salesforce Community Cloud offers an opportunity to connect & collaborate with customers, partners, vendors, and employees to establish interactions. With out-of-the-box templates, and themes you can engage the audience and streamline the communication. With a connected reseller, distributor, partner ecosystem, your sales can be increased by offering seamless access to all the information. Partners can register new leads, update records, manage funds which enable them to close deals faster. 

Next-gen Analytics

With Salesforce analytics, sales reps can uncover actionable insights to accelerate sales based on real data. Einstein Analytics which is the only business analytics solution native to Salesforce, leverage AI in order to discover business insights, predict results, drive efficiency, accelerate sales, enhance customer service, optimize business processes and maximize ROI from their marketing campaigns. 

Wrapping up

Salesforce has now further extended its global CRM market share & stretched to 19.5% which is 2X of its nearest rival. The ease of use, rich functionalities, scalability, analytics, and customizability makes the CRM giant everyone’s first choice sales automation and enhancement tool. As a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner, CEPTES helps organizations implement Salesforce and get the most out of their investment. Get in touch today to start your Salesforce CRM journey.

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Connections ’19: Salesforce added Customer Data Platform (CDP) to reinforce their Customer 360

At the Salesforce Connections annual event held in Chicago this week which gathered thousands of marketing, commerce, and service leaders,  Salesforce unveiled their new Customer Data Platform (CDP) to boost their Customer 360 platform. This will enable companies to unify their customer data from all the sources to get a single comprehensive integrated view of each customer which will allow companies to personalize every customer engagement.

Salesforce’s CDP will redefine a familiar category known as Data Management Platform (DMP). Salesforce already has its Audience Manager which is considered to be a DMP. Apart from Salesforce, there are other notable vendors who are offering similar kind of platforms. However, Salesforce’s CDP will go beyond marketing and consolidate various other functions. CDP is considered as the next generation of Salesforce’s Customer 360 platform, which they introduced during 2018 Dreamforce.

President and chief product officer at Salesforce, Bret Taylor said, in order to offer customers an exceptional personalized experience; brands must have a single view of the customer. With Salesforce Customer 360, brands can unify and personalize customer engagement at scale.

Salesforce’s Customer 360 help companies connect their Salesforce apps and generate a unified customer ID to build a single view of each customer. Now the next gen Customer 360 with new advancements will make it seamless for brands to join fragmented customer data across various functions of the business beyond marketing. The new data unification and consent management features will unify all customer data to create rich customer profiles. Consent management framework will allow brands to gain customer consent whenever they engage customers from marketing campaigns. The new segmentation feature will help brands to identify specific groups of people based on demographics, engagement history, similar interest, etc. to engage with in real-time. Customer data can be activated across marketing, commerce, service to deliver highly personalized customer engagement.

The other core function of CDP twirls around Salesforce’s Einstein AI. Customer 360 will allow brands to embrace Einstein’s AI capabilities to analyze how and when to engage with customers in order to drive engagement.

The CDP is currently in beta and expected to be available generally by end of 2019. Salesforce’s Customer 360 platform will go beyond traditional CDP and will help Salesforce extend the power of their CRM with high-level data management and activation. This will help Salesforce customers who want to deliver unified customer experience across various touchpoints.

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CEPTES is a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner specialized in offering various Salesforce solutions to businesses of all sizes. With 150+ global customers, 3 global offices, 10 years of technical expertise and more than 80% certified Salesforce professionals, we help our customers achieve their digital and technological objectives. Our Salesforce offerings include implementation, integration, migration, enhancement, development, and support of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, Pardot, App Cloud, Integration Cloud, Salesforce Analytics, Lightning Migration, and Salesforce Consulting. Get in touch with us to start your Salesforce CRM journey.