SAP Business Bydesign with Salesforce

Company Background:

EAS Integrator Inc, based out in USA wanted to build a solution that would integrate the newly launched cloud systems from SAP called SAP Business ByDesign.


Business Challenge:

There were numerous customers who are currently using the widely popular salesforce CRM and when they opt for SAP Business ByDesign they want to have the integration between these 2 systems to effectively manage their business.


Customers would still continue to use Salesforce for lead management and account conversion, but once account is created they wanted a system that can synchronise those accounts to SAP Business ByDesign system and also salespeople would like to initiate the sales order from salesforce without logging to the SAP ByDesign system.



There were quite a number of integration challenges that were faced as the account creation process is different in 2 systems and if the accounts has to be synced to SAP it has to make sure that the proper SAP standards are followed.


The solution built provided an Account and Contact sync to SAP ByD system as well as the solution could synchronise all the products or services from SAP into the Salesforce system for able to initiate the Sales Order creation process from Salesforce.


This solution helped to integrate the 2 great systems, one being salesforce and the other being the SAP Business ByDesign.