Ortsbo Translation Solution for Salesforce

Company Background:

Ortsbo Inc. is a subsidiary of Intertainment which is headquartered in the Toronto, Canada region, with offices in New York, Los Angeles and San Mateo, CA. Ortsbo enables real-time global communication across many languages.


Business Challenge:

Orstbo requirement was to extend its translation capabilities across the salesforce platform for salesforce users to able to translate and view the emails and case details that are received in different languages for effective customer support.



With the defined limitation of salesforce, CEPTES was able to provide a solution wherein it could provide users with a custom button which helps users to translate the case details in the language of their locale and also enabled option to translate the emails that are written in the locale language to the language of the case users.


CEPTES is a team of expert developers, born out of a desire to build innovative and integrative software solutions. CEPTES prides themselves on being more than just coders; they’re a team of problem-solvers who will tackle any size project, offering detailed solutions resulting in business enhancements.


This solution helped the users to provide a better support to its global customers within the salesforce.