ERP Connector Implementation

Implementation Summary

One of the leading supplier of diagnostic equipment, has been working in the healthcare industry long time now and was looking for a solution that could connect their SAP ERP Cloud system(SAP Business ByDesign) with Salesforce. For accomplishing their solution, they chose CEPTES, to build an Enterprise App that could help them to bridge this gap.


The Requirements:

The major requirement was to access all the different pricing for each product and the list of products from ERP System to be completely in sync with their The connector should permit them to sync all the price information of each product automatically.


Additional Requirement:

The solution should provide a secured channel between Salesforce and ERP system, along with being able to log minute every information of the system. An Ad-hoc (manual run) option to sync any price list by admin, must be present.


A notification mechanism is required to notify admin in case of any failure or in any emergency. This must be followed by an Audit Trail to track all in/out data. Hence, the major requirement was to find a solution to stood out proactively and deliver results.


Business Challenge:

The business has been facing many challenges. The major challenge was accessing the incremental price list data from SAP using their API, an indirect process, which involves ETL tools and other software, making it more complex. This process was also time consuming, resource oriented and error prone.


A much more painful process than this was to refer to the price list from the SAP ERP system before creating a Sales Order or Quote.


The current ETL tool, they ensure that it pushes all the price list entries to Salesforce. However, this is a manual process and was time consuming, resource oriented and error prone. On the other hand, an involvement of third party integration makes the process more complex.



The Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) Connector:

ERP connector is a Salesforce native solution, which is designed to integrate the SAP ERP system with the Salesforce system. With a much more holistic approach, we have created a sophisticated connector to maintain a sync with the Pricelist and Product database on a schedule or Ad-hoc basis between an ERP system and the Salesforce system.


This solution has completely eliminated the following issues:


  • The need for a third party tool to maintain
  • Ensured near sync of product and the price list data
  • No ETL Tools
  • No more resource and system dependency
  • Cost Beneficial




  • No manual effort
  • The capability to schedule
  • Perfect synchronization of incremental data
  • Configurable audit log system to track each activity of the connector
  • Customized notification module to alert admin in case of failure or emergency