Complaints Management Implementation

Implementation Overview

A leading diabetic care center had been looking for an authentic complaint management system in order to improve transparency and customer communication. CEPTES, experts in Salesforce integration, customization, and workflow optimization, were called upon to perform the entire implementation.


This implementation process involved integration for case objects, custom objects, and an AppExchange complaints product and configuration. The entire project was delivered using agile methodology to deliver the project in a phased approach.


Business Challenge

The company’s old complaint management system, Innovative Quality (IQ), was no longer supported by the vendor. There was a huge need to adopt a new system in order to maintain the continuity of complaint management, medical event reporting, and the related processes. In addition, the company wanted ot avoid the risks of using an unsupported system. The new system needed to contain all legacy data as well as support key functionality including like:

  • Case integration
  • Complaint handling process
  • Running and re-running decision trees
  • Regulatory submissions
  • E-signature on field changes


The Solution

The client chose to implement TrackWise Digital, an out-of-the-box cloud-based quality management and compliance platform that helps companies automate and streamline quality and compliance management related processes.

  • Legacy Case Migration
  • Implementation of the Complaint Handling Process
  • Running and Re-Running Decision Trees on Multiple Complaints
  • Automation of Regulatory Submissions
  • E-Signature on Data Changes