Process Automation made easy with Salesforce

Business Challenge

  • Create/generate PDF from Case
  • Email notification to support upon the status change for a claim
  • Create/generate CSV report of Case-based on defined levels
  • Auto display of customer details
  • Auto calculation of dates



  • Created a custom button and with the Visualforce page rendered the page as a PDF. An email goes to the current logged in user.
  • Created a process builder & an email template like letterhead and used apex class which is invoked by the process builder to send the notification.
  • Created a custom button which will open a Visualforce page which invokes an apex class that generates CSV file and sends to the current logged in user.
  • Created formula fields and displayed on the pages.
  • On a custom Visualforce page, when the date is being changed, this invokes an apex class and display the expiry date before saving the record. This helped our client to address auto calculation of dates.



  • Reports are generated and email notifications work to the users
  • Customer support was notified whenever a claim gets completed
  • Customer details are displayed to the user whenever they select a customer in a record
  • A user was able to see the expiration date before saving the record