Salesforce – SAP Integration

Business Challenge

  • As our client was using Salesforce for their field service management & SAP system to keep and maintain their product pricing information, it was difficult for their service team to get the pricing details from the SAP system to their Salesforce system while on the field
  • They were facing challenges in preparing invoices with the right price quote
  • Another challenge was to prepare & send customized price quotes to different customers



  • Smarteeva’s Device Relationship Management Troubleshooting & Intake (TI) solution provides medical device companies with the ability to collect intake data for all of their devices at the source
  • Any change in pricing of any product in the pricing book in the SAP system will automatically reflect in the Salesforce product and price book
  • In order to prepare and send customized price quotes to different customers, we developed a customized CPQ using service cloud



Smarteeva TI solution offered the ability to run through a smart workflow powered by the system’s algorithm so a case can be troubleshot, resolved, escalated, and recorded. Smarteeva is designed to be interactive and it can allow customers to run through an algorithm without needing to call the customer service line.

  • Seamless integration of SAP system & ServiceMax (Salesforce platform)
  • Instant & accurate data availability
  • Proper invoice generation
  • Difference price quote sent to different customers