System Refactoring & Automation

Business Challenge

  • Their existing Salesforce system had inefficient code on all the objects and all of the logic were full of bugs, incapable and hitting governor limits
  • Implementation of Email Notification framework. The challenge was to send bulk Email notifications at different times to varied clients of different time zones



  • Jotted down all the automation logic from scratch and Re-factored and Structured triggers and their corresponding helper classes thereby increasing performance and efficiency. Also, created a framework wherein heavy duty operations can be suspended during bulk-loads. Later, the bulk loaded records can be processed using Batch classes
  • Implemented this Email Notification Framework with a combination of Apex and Time-based workflows to send the email to customers for different time-zones
  • Typical Sales cloud implementation and Automation using Apex, Workflows and Process Builders. The cycle starts from Campaigns Leads – Accounts – Contacts – Opportunities – ROI to Campaigns



Smarteeva TI solution offered the ability to run through a smart workflow powered by the system’s algorithm so a case can be troubleshot, resolved, escalated, and recorded. Smarteeva is designed to be interactive and it can allow customers to run through an algorithm without needing to call the customer service line.

  • After the change, the entire automation started working seamlessly thereby increasing the number of leads, lead conversion, and opportunity creation
  • After the implementation, the customers were notified timely about their Financial transactions, failure and so on