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4 Effective Tips to Use Salesforce for Customer Retention

Smart companies have recognized that consumer loyalty is the most powerful sales and marketing tool that they have.


The above quote couldn’t be more right in the present world of business. We see new products and services being launched every day, and then more products and services replicate the existing ones. 

Retaining existing customers is the only significant way through which companies could rise and shine. Research done by Bain & Company states that a 5% increase in customer retention has led to a more than 25% increase in profit. 

This necessitates talking about customer retention and, more so, how you could use Salesforce for achieving this objective. 

So without any further ado, let’s get started!


Consolidating Customer Data in One Place

The 21st century is seeing fierce competition between business organizations to acquire customer data. This data has become a lifeblood for the survival and success of modern businesses. 

All the emails, VOIP system calls, and detailed history of every single customer could be collated in one place. This helps the marketing, sales, and customer service team get on the same page and predict the customer’s pattern to make informed decisions. 



Personalizing Communication with the Customer

We all desire to feel special. Here, the means do not matter much. All that matters is knowing someone took out time for us. Now, if you wish to mete out such conduct towards your customers, what could be better than sending them personalized emails and texts. 

With Salesforce, you can use several tools and integrations to personalize landing pages, forms, and much more. 

This can act as a powerful tool, especially in a world where most things have been automated and lack a uniquely human touch. We are slowly moving towards a world that is more relatable and human-like. Why not start the journey with simple personalized mail?


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Integrating with Customer Service Platform

Primary aspects of business such as the product help in attracting customers. However, customer service is among the secondary elements which help in retaining the existing ones. It is imperative to address customer issues and requests and solve their problems and maintain them.

It is said that customer service is the new marketing, and you probably don’t want to leave this golden opportunity. Integrating Salesforce with the customer service platform would help in serving the customer in a highly efficient way. Salesforce gives an accessible overview of all email, phones, connected devices, and other constituents to serve the customers better.


Engage with Inactive Customers

Acquiring a new customer is 5-25 times more expensive than retaining an existing customer. Now, several customers might not have opened the mailboxes or took out time to read the recent email you sent. It becomes essential to send them re-engagement mails such as offers, discounts, or giveaways to rekindle their spirits.

You won’t have to spend much time and resources getting them on board, and if your company has already gained their trust, the efforts required are far less. You can ease out your task by using Salesforce to gain meaningful data about these customers. 



Just like when we visit a restaurant, everything from food to waiting time determines whether we’ll revisit the place. In the same way, the aspects mentioned above are crucial in retaining your customers. We hope to retain customers using Salesforce would help you in serving the customers in the best way. CEPTES is a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner who can help you to amplify your business value through consultation, digitization, and innovation. If you want to grow your business, connect with us or request a consultation here.

Customer Relationships

How are we maintaining high customer relationships while working remotely

The little we know a couple of months back that the world will go through such a huge crisis that will not only impact human beings but also businesses and communities. Challenges are there & the world is fighting to come out of this unprecedented situation. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those frontline healthcare workers from around the world who are taking this fight of their own and working selflessly & tirelessly. 

For a decade long now, we are laser-focused on customer success on the world’s #1 CRM platform. We have been helping enterprises from varied industries with scalable solutions on the Salesforce platform as CEPTES is a proven Salesforce strategic partner that drives sustainable business results in less time. As the medical emergency over the COVID – 19 escalated, we took immediate measures considering the well-being & safety of our employees as this was our foremost priority and asked our teams to start working from home by keeping themselves safe & isolated. The challenge for us was to maintain the high customer relationships that we are known for and keep the projects running in order to help our customers protect their business continuity.

The topmost challenges for the project managers were to maintain the connection with our customers considering digital communication as the only available form of communication, seamless collaboration among the team members in order to ensure meeting the project deliverables, and stand in solidarity with the customers and team members without physically being there with them. 

Created an empathetic culture

There is chaos everywhere. The panic button has been pressed. During this time, it is a little unrealistic to expect people to focus on customer success. The circumstances will certainly impact the work deliverables. We focused on creating an empathetic culture where we give importance to personal priorities as well. At this time, the only thing that everyone needs is mutual support. 

Our project managers communicate with each of their team members on a regular basis. We conduct online team meetings using digital channels in order to set our project priorities so that it won’t impact performance, availability, communication, and quality. We are also encouraging our employees to work directly with their clients using online mediums for communication & collaboration. Our leadership team is making sure that none of the employees are overburdened with work so that it becomes difficult for them to deal with external challenges. 

Listening to our employees, their concerns, challenges while working remotely, dividing tasks without overburdening one person, regular communication, using collaboration tools and most importantly standing with them during this pandemic is what makes us efficient enough to maintain high customer relationships at this time. 

Customer success

At this time, listening to our customers is equally important as listening to our employees. We understand that the biggest challenge for enterprises today is seamless business continuity amid the coronavirus crisis. Working closely with our customers now is more important than ever. Timely communication will itself solve a lot of challenges. We talk with our customers, listen to their concerns, understand their immediate priorities and work as per the mutually accepted goals. We have built crisis management teams for our major project support & the team members offer round the clock support to address any uncalled issue. In order to manage our customer’s time, we are keeping the agendas tight and clear, so that they can also focus on other external priorities. In order to make communication smooth, we have made many collaboration tools available for our customers too.

It’s a challenge to collaborate with a team of 100+ trailblazers while working remotely, but so far we have done a noble job. It’s time to stand in solidarity with our employees and support them in every aspect. If we take care of our employees & listen to them, they will take care of the customers & listen to them. Get in touch with us for all your Salesforce project queries.

#Staysafe #Stayhome We will win this battle.