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Top Salesforce Gamification Apps & How they can Transform your Sales Productivity

Top Salesforce Gamification Apps & How they can Transform your Sales Productivity

Do you feel a lack of productivity, motivation in the sales team?

Adopt Gamification in your organization. It has been around and rising recently. It is unlikely that you haven’t come across ‘Gamification’. 

Have you remembered constraining yourself to do some task in a very tight schedule to complete – which was seemingly impossible for you otherwise – and then rewarded yourself afterward. Yup. That’s gamifying your work life. 

So, what is Gamification?
Gamification adopts the fun and key addictive elements of a game into your real-life activities. They are boosting you to be productive with the same energy when you win the game.

Jane McGonigal, a game designer, reset her everyday life and created a method – a resilience-building game. Today, SuperBetter has been played by more than half of a million people.

You can increase your sales with the help of Salesforce gamification apps.

Here are the top Salesforce gamification apps: 

LevelEleven is a cloud-based gamification app designed only for Salesforce. LevelEleven can measure any metric that Salesforce tracks and gamify using a combination of leaderboards, automated emails, points, social recognition via Chatter, and badges from

LevelEleven emphasizes competition and recognition, using a public leaderboard to motivate representatives. The leaderboard updates itself in real-time and sends out notifications through email, CCTV, and Chatter. On Chatter, you can also customize their profile representing their brand and let others know how well they’re doing.

As per administrative standpoint, LevelEleven is adaptable and user-friendly. It offers a fully functional mobile app with a short installation time of 20-45 minutes. There is no need to work on the APIs or do any restructuring to get started.

LevelEleven is comparatively costly, but it is worth to use. Companies such as eBay, Comcast, and Akamai have already adopted and have found measurable results.

Ambition is industry-leading coaching and gamification software for the world’s smartest sales team. You bear the ability to run structured 1:1 and group coaching sessions and display the metrics that matter on – all in real-time – centralized dashboards. These email alerts trigger immediate action-proactively Spin up sales and fantasy-style competitions to drive productivity.

Ambition integrates with Salesforce and sales stacks, quickly turning their overwhelming data into easy-to-see and actionable insights. This will lead to better visibility inducing more motivation, and accountability for your representatives, and smarter sales coaching in the end, closing more deals.

Prodoscore is a proprietary scoring system that provides visibility into employee productivity. With the help of AI, Machine learning, and NLP, thousands of daily activities are captured and measured across cloud business tools like Salesforce, Office Suite, communication tools, and much more.

Actionable analytics allow leaders to measure worker productivity and create more opportunities by continuously improving processes. This data can predict better performance, enhance coaching, strengthen cloud tool adoption, improve employee retention, and streamline the employee experience overall.

Prodoscore aggregates daily activities into one simple score, with data summarised on an easy to use dashboard. The overall implementation takes less than 15 minutes.

Corsica is a gamification suite for Salesforce that provides your organization with features to manage sales goals, rewards, recognition, reports, and feedback on sales activity with the look-and-feel of a competition.

Corsica also integrates with Chatter to display achievements on profile pages, and broadcast sales win to any screen.

Another Salesforce-native cloud service, Hoopla, uses the same tools as LevelEleven to boost your sales and engagement, such as public leaderboards, points, badges/rewards, and real-time updates through

Hoopla distinguishes itself by incorporating powerful customization into its game displays and streaming video. Instead of integrating with Chatter, Hoopla has its public user profiles accessible from within Salesforce.

Hoopla is quick to install, allow managers to create competitions, contests, or leaderboards around any metric they choose. Hoopla mobile extends these same abilities to smartphones and tablets.

Hoopla is less expensive than LevelEleven, which makes it a better option for small-to-medium-sized teams.

To Count,

  1. LevelEleven
  2. Ambition
  3. Prodoscore
  4. Corsica
  5. Hoopla

Choose what’s best for you…. 

CEPTES is a Salesforce Silver Consulting & AppExchange Program Partner with ten years’ technical expertise and more than 80% certified Salesforce professionals. We deliver Salesforce offerings, including implementation, integration, migration, enhancement, development, and support of the Sales cloud. 

If you have a new idea for gamifying any existing sales model. Please get in touch.

Salesforce Anywhere

Top Five Features of the new Salesforce Anywhere App

COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we have been working for the past many years and this has certainly transformed the way we are going to work in the coming days as well. Working from the office is now past and working from anywhere is the new normal. Looking at this new normal, Salesforce the global CRM leader has introduced Salesforce Anywhere – which will bring together all the new powerful technologies and platform services to help organizations enhance their productivity and drive a new level of customer success. 

Looking at the current business scenario and viewing the future: selling, promoting, offering customer service, using data and collaborating has become imperative for organizations. With Salesforce Anywhere, companies can advance their digital transformation journey and accelerate their success in the new world of work-from-anywhere.

What is this Salesforce Anywhere? How can it help your business? Let’s have a deep dive into this. 

With Salesforce Anywhere, companies can sell, service, and market from anywhere using the Salesforce Customer 360 & Vlocity industry-specific technology (Salesforce has acquired Vlocity this year). Customer 360 integrates the power of the cloud, social, mobile, and AI to offer a holistic view of each customer to drive seamless initiatives across sales, service, marketing, and more. While features like Service Cloud Voice, Einstein Call Coaching helps in delivering top-grade customer success from anywhere. With Vlocity’s industry-specific capabilities, organizations can leverage industry-specific apps, data models, workflows & APIs to embrace customer success.

Work from anywhere demands team collaboration and Collaboration has become seamless with the new Salesforce Anywhere app which embeds chat, alerts, comments, and video directly into the Salesforce system. Instead of using multiple external tools, and apps to engage with other teammates, collaboration can happen anywhere within the Salesforce record itself. Teammates can start chatting, via instant message or video, while looking at the same page together within Salesforce.

IT support has become one of the biggest challenges while working from anywhere. In order to mitigate the IT support dependency and make workforces productive, Salesforce has announced a partnership with Tanium (A leader in unified endpoint management & security service provider) to build an employee service solution (available in beta in Nov 2020). With the new employee service solution and employee data model, organizations can build, manage, and scale employee apps and services securely at a lightning speed to boost work from anywhere. 

With the power of the MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform, organizations can bring data from anywhere & with Tableau, they can view and analyze data patterns to unlock insights for smarter business decisions. The combination of MuleSoft & Tableau has recently been used to develop the COVID-19 Data Platform to deliver trusted COVID-19 data that can be visualized to help organizations work on safe return to work strategies. 

Last but not the least, leveraging the power of Einstein Recommendations for Trailhead & new learning content organizations can empower their employees to skill up from anywhere. Salesforce also announced a new live-stream series on Trailhead LIVE called Trail Together to guide learners with real-time interaction with the experts. 

The Salesforce Anywhere app is expected to be available in beta in July with customers globally & will be generally available in the fourth quarter of 2020. 


Learn more about Salesforce Anywhere App here.