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How to Use Salesforce to Automate the Sales & Marketing Process
Marketing Cloud, Salesforce

How to Use Salesforce to Automate the Sales & Marketing Process?

“The Biggest Challenge a Business Faces Today is to Streamline their Sales and Marketing Process. They Fail to Strengthen Relationships with their Customer at Every Stage due to their Sales & Marketing Gaps. That’s where Salesforce comes as a Savior, Allowing Customers to put in the Center of Everything. One Platform for One Connected Experience Taking Customers One to One Journeys they Choose.”

At the Heart of Everything is the Customer Journey

Even today, Companies still experience a Gap in their Sales & Marketing Process. 

They struggle to create a seamless experience for every stage of their customer life cycle and unable to balance their marketing budget campaigns.


Because they don’t have a unified platform to put their Sales & Marketing Team to have a 360 view of their Customer Data.

Your business needs to engage your customers at the right moment with the right channel, content, device, department, and representative. 

And if you don’t, you lose a customer right away!

Salesforce: Putting Sales & Marketing Teams Together in a Single Integrated Platform

There was this Entrepreneur who had a terrible business experience.

Charles runs a business and has a powerful A Players Team. He thought he had everything to run his business efficiently in order to enhance the sales productivity.

However, he was unable to generate leads with the uncontrolled rise in his sales & marketing expenditure along with lack of process visibility.

He struggled to get the right ROI for his marketing campaigns.

He then decided to switch to Salesforce.

To his surprise, he saw Salesforce Completely Streamlined his critical Sales & Marketing Processes.

Now with the right marketing campaign, he was able to target the right audience using the right channel with the right message at the right time.

He could easily personalize his marketing campaigns making his marketing team smarter and more predictive about their customer by using this intelligent platform. 

When his marketing went in the right direction, he generated more leads, and with the right leads, it was passed to the right sales representative.

Hence the sales expenditure & sales cycle were reduced.

Streamlines Both Sales & Marketing Process

With Salesforce, your marketing team will see the entire Sales Process. It will help you better understand which leads are likely to buy, which marketing content was most helpful, and what it takes to close the deal. These insights will help your marketers measure their impact on revenue and to understand how they should spend on a limited budget in the future.

Sales Teams will understand their entire customer journey and everything marketing did to nurture them along the way. Even before the first conversation, your sales reps will see all the information about your prospects like who they are, how to contact them, information details about their business, and the level of interest in your product or service. 

Representatives will know which marketing emails they have received and which ones were actually opened, what links were clicked and what content they engaged with. Your representatives can now have relevant, effective conversations from the first call, and your service teams can have a complete view of the customer life cycle about their purchases and activities. 

Engaging Customer in a Way That Suits Them

Salesforce for Marketing & Sales allows the Customers to put in the center of everything. It has a ton of marketing data to view it all in one place. You can easily find the new target audiences and have a unified view of the customer data. The best part is that you can engage them at the moment.

This is done using the data and AI to reach them with the right content on the right channel at the perfect time. When they land on your site, it’s already personalized based on what they came from. This can be from any channel, device, or department.


Yes, there’s a lot Salesforce can do to help every team operate their full potential. As a 10-year-old Salesforce partner company, we are an expert in delivering and streamlining the sales & marketing process with the power of Salesforce. To know more about how you can work and get maximum ROI from your sales and marketing activities or sales expenditure with Salesforce, get in touch with us. 

Dreamforce to You ’20 What You Need to Know
Dreamforce, Salesforce

Dreamforce to You ‘20: What You Need to Know?

Salesforce is here again with the biggest B2B Cloud Event of the Year.

What makes this year special?

This time Salesforce Dreamforce is coming to you live and virtual.

Forget those Dreamforce pricey tickets, flight fares, and hotel accommodation.

Dreamforce to You 2020 is completely free and wants everyone to leverage this upcoming event. 

What’s in it for You?

Dreamforce ‘20 offers personalized meetings this time.

Now you can gain insights through a weeklong learning event that’s filled with demos, thought leadership, luminary sessions, and a lot more. 

Multiple sessions of learning are coming straight to your sofa. 

You can even access timely and relevant conversation sessions.

The bar is set really high from all the previous Dreamforce events. So expect a whole new digital experience. 

Join Virtual for an Inspiring Keynote

Join live to experience an inspiring keynote by Marc Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce. 

There will be special guests from AT&T, Bentley Motors, and many more. 

Know their success stories and how they surpassed their challenges in this global pandemic.


Dreamforce to You: What is coming up? Watch this video

Personalized Meetings That’ll Help Your Business.

Dreamforce ’20 personalized meetings will help you leverage your business. 

You will learn all the possible ways to connect all your teams providing a single truth source. 

This will help your employees deliver exceptional customer experience from any part of the world.

DreamTX That’s Created for You

This time Dreamforce will take the Trailblazer experience to the next level. 

DreamTX is a four-day session that is designed to share knowledge and experience among Trailblazers. 

There will be demos and luminary sessions applicable to any business line and any industry.

Now get a chance to share your work from home stories, connect with other Trailblazers. 

Be prepared to see some surprised guests.


This is the first time in Salesforce history that Dreamforce is going completely Virtual, which is free of cost. Let’s unite together to share and learn from each other. This will be like a never before experience taking the learning and innovation to the next level. To know more about Dreamforce ’20, Sign Up right now.

How Can Field Service Automation Help You Offer Exceptional Customer Service
Field Service Automation, Field Service Management, Salesforce

How Can Field Service Automation Help You Offer Exceptional Customer Service?

“There’s nothing more Tarnishing to a Brand Reputation if it fails to Deliver a Good Customer Service in the Omni-Digital Era. Customers have a very high-level expectation these days, which is why Uberization of Customer Service is an Urgent Necessity.”

The field service market has exploded, and now it’s over a 2 Billion USD market.

It’s growing more rapidly than ever due to the rise in Customer Expectations in every business. 

Customer satisfaction is increasingly important because the bar has been raised by many organizations globally.

With the uberization of customer service, companies must provide an enterprise-grade customer experience by streamlining their field service operations & improving their field service agents’ productivity. A Field Service Automation tool could be a game-changer here that can really help service providers optimize their field service operations.

Field Service Management: An Automation to Empower Field Service Agents to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

With continued downward pressure on margins, many companies focus on improved customer service to increase revenue, extend value to their customers, and create separation from their competitors.

Whether you offer a field service or run an in-house service center, field service management solutions benefit the organization in many ways.

A field service app can help you connect your office and field service agents with the solutions you need to serve customers efficiently.

Your field service agents can receive information in real-time and act on that information to provide better customer service.

How Your Business Can Benefit Using a Field Service App?

A field service app can integrate seamlessly with your business system to provide a first-class experience for your customers. It shrinks response times, lowers costs, increases customer satisfaction, and improves time completion ratios.

It also helps to automate manual processes, share best practices, procedural checklists, and even track the service inventory in real-time. 

A field service tool runs on various devices for employees on the go and in the office. They can stay connected through online and offline communications via smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Technological Impact on Field Service Apps

The technological impact on field service apps works in many ways.

The mobility itself puts devices into the hands of a workforce while AI generates an ideal schedule that meets the customer and business requirements.

Emerging technologies like IoT makes the machine and customer interaction more user friendly rather than traditional interaction.

Cost Side Vs. Revenue Side
On the cost side of things, field service management helps your business develop an optimized schedule. It ensures your workforce is in the right place and at the right time while utilization is maximized.

On the revenue side, field service management delivers a high-quality service to your customer base while not affecting your revenue and customer satisfaction. 

Bottom Line
Field Service Apps help Service Based Companies to deliver next-gen customer service and cut more costs. It optimizes your business efficiency and significantly improves agent productivity. You can use it to make it more effective with your customer interaction. It reduces churn and has an impact on the top line. Connect with us for more info on how field service apps can improve your field service and provide a competitive advantage for your business.

Introducing Salesforce Revenue Cloud: To Speed Up Business Revenue Across any Channel
Salesforce, Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Introducing Salesforce Revenue Cloud: To Speed Up Business Revenue Across any Channel

“In the Omni Digital Era, Revenue Management for Companies could really be a Complex one. All thanks to New Salesforce Revenue Cloud that makes B2B Buying Fast, Simple, and Flexible for Customers without having to sacrifice Compliance & Security.”

When COVID-19 hit the world, many business revenue cycles faced complexities. Customers felt the friction due to revenue management gaps. There was a disruption in the Sales Channel, and Forecasting Data became more and more unreliable. 

Uncertainty was at its highest peak, and companies didn’t know what to expect. Customers’ needs were changing than ever. They struggled to meet the increase in product demands that happened overnight. With the unexpected new challenges, to take control of revenue growth across channels became the need of the hour. 

As the business budget tightens, B2B buyers now expect faster, reliable purchasing options to simplify the purchase. 

Revenue Cloud: Control of Revenue Growth Across any Channel

Introducing Revenue Cloud, which gives any businesses the power to simplify the buying process without any hassle. The best part about Revenue Cloud is that it accelerates new revenue streams while improving revenue efficiency. It also brings together B2B Commerce, CPQ & Billing, and Partner Relationship Management capabilities to help businesses control their revenue growth across every channel. 

Since Revenue Cloud is a part of the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform, it easily allows the companies to connect their sales, operations, and finance team. It creates a single source of truth for customer transactions and revenue, from purchase to renewal to revenue recognition. 

Here’s how Revenue Cloud can take your businesses to the next level:

Transforms the Buying Experience

It gives customers the power to seamlessly jump across different sales channels with direct sales, partners, and digital storefronts. Now customers can easily fill their online cart and can reach out to sales representatives to ask questions or a discount request to him. The representative will already be aware of the customer’s existing product history and online transactions. The new CPQ-B2B Commerce connector allows businesses to customize the digital storefronts for B2B complex selling and add customizable and configurable pricing to digital carts for a better self-service experience. 

Accelerate New Revenue Streams

Revenue Cloud provides industry-specific solutions for unique workflows that are related to revenue. With the new Multi-Cloud Billing, companies can easily create revenue streams from other clouds on a single platform. For instance, a sales representative can view outstanding payment balances and when a customer approaches their consumption limit. 

Increase in Revenue Efficiency

The new Customer Asset, Lifecycle Management tool gives a simple, visual dashboard of every detail of customer purchase records. It keeps track of all contract amendments over time and the open balances to better understand customer relationships. The dashboard provides CROs and revenue operation teams a single source of truth on all the revenue data. 

The Key Takeaway

Revenue Cloud helps to fill the gaps of lost revenue and accelerates business growth. No matter how complex your business model or revenue process is, Revenue Cloud can be the single source of truth for customer transactional data. Revenue Cloud includes CPQ, CPQ for Partner Communities, Billing, and CPQ & B2B Commerce Connector. To know more about Revenue Cloud, connect with us to learn how to scale up your revenue. 


Discover the Benefits of Having a Field Service Automation Solution
Field Service Management, Salesforce

Discover the Benefits of Having a Field Service Automation Solution

Automation is everywhere. And never will be more in demand than in a work-from-anywhere world.

Let’s begin. Will we?

In a world where delivering impeccable customer service has become a necessity, optimizing the field service operations has become vital. Field service management involves collective processes, policies, and procedures that field service organizations use to manage resources such as technicians and workers in the field. 

In the field service landscape, everything moves quickly, i.e., technicians, dispatchers, and other team members can get the job done and get it done right. Executing such fieldwork and managing in this situation is very difficult and requires technological interference without losing our primary goals in field service, which are improving performance, reducing costs, personalizing service, resolving customer cases faster, and promoting safety. 

Field service automation involves using technology to streamline those processes, policies, and procedures with an overall increase in field services’ efficiency. Field service automation software automatically pairs the right technician to the right job based on the work order’s requirements and the technician’s skill set. With its warranty management module to automatically capture and manage warranty activities, as well as to automatically submit, track, and confirm all open claims.

Few of the innumerable benefits of Field Service Automation can be enumerated as:

Go paperless
All the data is stored in the cloud, which allows easy access, indexed archives. There is no need to worry about manually filing paperwork or misplacing important information in the future – everything is stored in the single consolidated data repository.

A massive deal of problems originates from depending on paperwork. Thus, Field Service Automation beholds the potential to revolutionize field services. 

Skilled technicians
With their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices connected to their organization’s field service automation solution, Skilled technicians can quickly review work orders, list of inventories, service-level agreements (SLAs), and much more out there in the field. And, should they need help to diagnose a repair, they can call into their dispatch center for more information or ask for backup, thereby increasing their first-time fix rate.

Skilled technicians exponentially increase your organization’s efficiency. They can do their work efficiently and, in the end, help you to grow beyond the horizon. 

Faster invoicing
With this solution, a technician can submit all relevant details about work done, including time spent, parts and materials used, and even the client’s electronic signature while still being on site. The next processes are as follows, the field service automation software automatically generates an invoice for the work done, taking into consideration discounts, warranties, and so on.
With traditional invoicing methods, a lot of time is lost in vain. Digital invoicing, with its no physical interaction, will work best in this post-pandemic phase.

Real-time scheduling
Use of field service automation software empowers you with dispatchers with complete access to and transparency of technician’s work schedules, so that they can improvise, reschedule, and update jobs within a few seconds.

Physical intervention in these unprecedented situations is challenging and requires immediate action. Automation solves it with its omnipresence.

Connected operations
Field service automation tools can be integrated with other external tools such as CRMs, ERP systems, CTI, etc. in order to help the service providers equip their field service agents with all the necessary information at their finger-tip to address the customer cases better. With all the customer data with them, field service agents can resolve cases faster and drive higher customer satisfaction.

Monitoring & analysis
This is one of the top-most aspects of a field service automation tool. With real-time monitoring, work orders can be auto-scheduled and assigned to the right/available service agent or technician. Performance can be tracked in terms of the time taken by the agent to resolve the customer issue, customer ratings, etc. An efficient field service automation solution can really lift your customer service standards with timely service delivery & performance analysis.

CEPTES is a Salesforce Silver Consulting partner striving hard to help others to come back in the post-pandemic phase and make them efficient in their respective fields. We believe growth is a collaborative effort and demands everyone’s equal effort. In order to help you streamline your field service operations, increase the productivity of technicians & service agents, boost customer satisfaction with faster on-site service delivery, we offer the best-in-class field service solutions. To know more, please contact us.


10 Factors You Need To Consider When Buying a Field Service Software

10 Factors You Need To Consider When Buying a Field Service Software

Asset driven organizations spend tremendous amounts of time thinking of new ways to reduce costs, prevent downtime, and ultimately increase their overall performance and revenue. One way to become successful in implementing a sophisticated Field Service Management System (FSM).

Use of Field Service Management software can meet all your demands to manage successfully, watch, and track your field services. But before that, you need to ensure you are getting the best deal for your company.

Here are the ten factors you need to consider while buying Field Service Software:

  • User Experience

User experience is essential for every software and especially for software having a pivotal commercial application. It has a direct impact on your employee’s wellbeing. Frequent software crashes, slow instances, difficult navigation, and even hard to understand the UI define the poor user experience.

Not only frustrated employees but along with that, you have to face disappointed customers, which entirely defeats the purpose of using the software in the first place. Make sure you watch out for the user experience of the software. Consult with other users and take reviews from them and other sources.

  • Online Reviews

To get to know about the reviews, you just need to look into other businesses like yours that have dealt with issues you might be struggling with and the extent to which the software has helped them. Look for detailed reviews with extensive criticism, explained with pros and cons. Decide accordingly whether the software suits your needs.

  • Customer Care Service

You might be well aware of the feeling of sitting on hold for hours, waiting for someone, and if you are unfortunate, you have to contact them repeatedly to get your job done. It is very pesky. 

Beware of field service software providers that impress prospects with a remarkable pre-purchase experience but fail later on when the lead has converted, and they’re suffering from post-implementation issues. You have to get to know about it much earlier than you integrate it into your daily life.

  • Development cycle frequency

It is essential to know about the development cycle, followed by the organization. Most development cycles prove commitment to innovating and improving the existing product since there is no such thing as perfection. This can be a continuous basis as a sign of trust from the organization.

  • Training and knowledge base

Creating software as a product is very easy for any tech-savvy user, but it is not the right way to make a full-featured product. High-quality training is essential for the field service organization as a whole to create full-fledged software.

Professional software isn’t cheap, so expectations of a significantly increased efficiency are justified. If your team requires 10% of the features and doesn’t know about the remaining 90% is not profitable. Invest in training your team to use the features of the software entirely.

  • Mobility

A field service management software is of no use if it doesn’t have a mobile option. With smart mobile service, technicians can get real-time access to job details such as service requests, invoicing details, and warranty details.

It would help if you tried to look for features such as in-field triage and schedule adjustments based on domain knowledge, availability of parts, and proximity. Allowing technicians this sort of transparency can improve your first-time fix rate and create an opportunity to keep customers. There should also be the accessibility to the software even without the internet so that the work orders and fill updates can still be completed.

  • Customer portal

A customer portal is a digital self-service solution that brings choice and visibility to your customers. There are many benefits to having a customer portal, including reducing costs, increasing visibility, expediting cash flow, improving customer communications, enhancing customer experience, and retention. It has also been observed that the customer portal also enhances the revenue of the company.

  • Blending dispatching capabilities

FSM software should have accessible dispatching services. If you have a blended workforce, you should search for third-party dispatch software to cater to your company’s needs. The dispatch software should automatically assign jobs to employed, third-party, or simultaneously to a blended workforce. The specified service can allow for more flexibility around delivery and improve profit margins. 

  • Predictive Maintenance Capabilities

In this era, where instant gratification is the market mantra. You need to know about the customer’s problem before they even know about it. Field service IoT solutions provide high-quality predictive maintenance that can fix appliances before an issue even arises.

Connected device data can identify pre-failure conditions and predictive maintenance. This will also give managers plenty of time to schedule a technician for the repair if one is needed on-site.

  • Up-to-date

You don’t want to use software that works with old-style workflows, delayed responses, lack of device compatibility, poor UX, and poor customer service. You need to make sure you buy the best up-to-date software, also meeting the above-stated points.

Consult about this with other businesses about the technological time frame of the software. You don’t want to burn your workflow using old software.

CEPTES is a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner that can guide you as your strategic partner to speed up the business value of your Salesforce.com investment through app development, consultation, digitization, and innovation. 

To know more, contact us.


Document Management and Digital Signatures for Salesforce: A Complete Guide

In the Digital era, as most things are either digital or moving towards digital, service is as quick as sending an email. So, the digital signature in any of the documents. Moreover, it also saves a natural resource called a tree, let’s understand how?

So, what a Digital signature is?

Since everything has shifted to a digital platform, no one wants to deal with the hassle to print the document, sign it, scan it back, and upload it. Whether you are part of a sales team or operations team or hold a leadership position, you should be facing the problems mentioned above. The advent of document management and Digital signatures eased and provided much time to other users like you to deal with other essential activities.

Are Digital Signatures Worth?

Electronic signatures are replacing written signatures. Not only do they save time and money, but they also create less waste and are traceable, time-stamped, more secure, and legally equal to written signatures.

A company and its customers have a global presence.

These customers create thousands of documents, cases, requests, and opportunities that mandate customer contracts and e-signatures each day.

How does a digital signature work?

All digital signatures are electronic signatures, but all electronic signatures are not digital signatures. Digital signatures are coded and encrypted signatures and feature a unique combination for both signing parties. Without an efficient signing solution that helps you capture legal-binding electronic signatures, you could expose your organization to legal troubles down the road.

Use cases of Document Management and Digital Signatures

Digital signatures have proliferated, compared to the growth of Salesforce, i.e., from $650 million in a transaction in 2016 with an expectation of $3.5 billion by 2022. E-Signatures are a natural fit for e-Commerce, FinServ, banking, insurance, and other industries.

Usual documents encountered in Salesforce are:

  • Business and sales contracts
  • Service requests and orders
  • Legal Documents
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • HR documents
  • Many more

The use of e-signatures for the cases, as mentioned above, saves time, storage, and money and improves compliance and completion rates.

Typical use cases are:

Sales Contracts

With a native Salesforce e-Sign option, sales reps can process all relevant documentation and contracts efficiently that are related to each sale within moments. Sales contracts are naturally the most valuable document for a business and the most frequently signed item from large enterprises through to small businesses.

Salesforce e-signature integrations such as this next-generation solution from Lightico ensure that all sales-related activities are covered in one interaction i.e., full sales-cycle events like completing forms, visualizing products, gathering documents, processing payments, and verifying identification.

Customer Onboarding and Forms 

Their formal customer relationships start when a contract, agreement, or other document is signed for many businesses. The deal is crucial to create the image of the companies. Delay in signing the paper, due to legacy onboarding processes that rely on paperwork or email, can lead to losing the deal.

Customer expectation of instantaneous activities with in-the-moment activities is high. Such onboarding processes not only secures the deal but also eliminates re-keying of data that has potential errors.

Service Requests

Today, customers make purchases, make changes, or have questions; they are eager to remove any bureaucratic intervention that can slow down the completion of their transaction. So, it is obvious they would expect digital transactions, not slow, error-prone paper processes.

The addition of Salesforce e-Signature capabilities to change documentation helps a business avoid delays and costly cycle times. Ensuring that customer requests are exact and have ‘sign off’ ensure there are no disputes.

Non-disclosure agreements

It is a standard procedure to use non-disclosure agreements in many businesses to protect themselves when engaging outside resources. Digital signatures empower a fully compliant audit trail to ensure each NDA is completed in a timely and auditable manner making it legally more secure.

Specific Industry transitions

Specific industries are more inclined to use e-sign due to the business’s nature and the necessary documents. These businesses are typically juggling the heavy compliance and regulatory burden and the competitive pressures of offering a seamless customer experience –which is very well answered with Salesforce eSignatures.

How to digitally sign any document?

In the category of Contract Management, you can find a lot of apps focusing on document management and electronic digital signatures for Salesforce. Certain apps such as Digital Signing Software offer full Salesforce integration, create documents, insert Salesforce fields dynamically, send for signing, track, and securely store signed documents and audit trails in Salesforce.

DocuSign is another popular option for businesses just getting started with digital signatures. At $10 per month, it’s a low-risk way to send a few documents per month while getting a feel for how e-signing works.

Other popular Alternatives for DocuSign are:

  • PandaDoc
  • HelloSign
  • SignNow
  • Adobe Sign
  • RightSignature
  • SignRequest
  • SignEasy

Let’s Conclude:

We have seen the different uses & benefits of a digital signature, which is very quick & efficient. If you want to integrate your app with Salesforce and grow your business, we can help you.

CEPTES is a Salesforce Silver Consulting partner offering services that speed up the business value of your Salesforce.com investment through consultation, digitalization, and innovation. To know more, follow along with this series.

Develop an app or choose the best app amongst the existing list related to Document Management and Digital Signature. Please get in touch.


Salesforce Winter 21 Release: Our Top Picks

There is something magical about the winter. Amidst the challenges around, winter came with new hope & people around the world will lift their spirits a bit to see the beauty of the winter again. In between all the uncertainties around, one thing is certain & it is Salesforce releases. Salesforce Winter 21′ is here to deliver innovations across the Salesforce Customer 360 platform to help companies connect with their customers, from anywhere. 

So, let’s have a quick tour of the top Winter 21′ innovations & newest offerings. Some of the features are already live & a few require action by your Salesforce admin in order to make it useful for the users. 


Salesforce has introduced Work.com in June 2020 to help companies & communities reopen their business while putting their employee health & safety first with features including Wellness Check, Emergency Response Management, Shift Management, etc. They have been adding new features since then & making the product powerful enough to help Salesforce customers fight the pandemic. In the recent Winter 21′ release, Salesforce has added a few new features to Work.com such as Queue Management, Broadcast Messaging & Digital Trust Cards.

Read more: What is Salesforce’s Work.com & how is it helping companies safely reopen post COVID – 19?


In order to help the sales teams enhance their productivity, Salesforce has introduced a few new productivity tools in their Winter 21′ release. Some of these include sales cadence improvements for high-velocity sales, global models for Einstein Lead Scoring, opportunity deal change highlights, and multi-cloud support for billing. 

Know more here.


To improve customer support and boost service agent productivity with more visibility & faster set-up, Salesforce has added innovations in field service, knowledgebase, case management, einstein analytics, and much more. Service Cloud Voice can be used with a more streamlined setup and with support for Sales Cloud, Voice API Toolkit, and more. Omni-channel supervisors can view calls in order to enhance training & on-boarding. Field Service Time Sheets will help you track your field service agent’s working hours within the field service automation. 

Know more here.

Industry Solutions 

Salesforce has added a lot of innovations to its industry solutions which will bring Salesforce customers closer to their customers. Health Cloud now offers streamlined document management for patient intake along with optimized inventory management & sales forecasting. A new community portal template, compliant data sharing & enhanced record rollups are being included in Financial Service Cloud. While Manufacturing Cloud will now offer its customers more control over rebates and account forecasts, Consumer Goods Cloud will now help you plan store visits and keep store shelves stocked. 

Know more here.


To help Marketing Cloud customers unify their marketing data & power intelligent customer interactions, Salesforce has added new functionalities such as transactional sending & behavioral triggers in Journey Builder, Ecommerce Optimizer App in Datorama, Einstein in Interaction Studio, etc. This will help marketers measure the impact of each customer interaction so that they can optimize their approach in real-time & deliver better results.


In one of the major announcements, Salesforce has renamed their Community Cloud as Experience Cloud. This will help their customers take advantage of more targeted audience criteria which allow them to vary record detail pages based on record fields. The new Build Your Own (LWC) template has got a lot of changes such as support for an upgraded version of Lightning Locker, custom URL paths, and SEO. Data will be more secured than ever with the addition of several guest user security settings. 

Know more here.

Platform – Services & Applications

Salesforce platform service users can now increase their productivity & visibility with new platform services such as Security Center, Privacy Center, Multi-Factor Authentication Assistant. While Platform application users can now personalize survey experience & sync appointments on any calendar. New additions in the platform applications are Salesforce Merge Field Branching, Salesforce Survey Templates, Calendar Integration. 


With the introduction of Fast Start Templates, Einstein Discovery will go more quickly & seamlessly. Data from the Salesforce system can be exported now to Snowflake data lake without using a 3rd-party ETL tool. Automation has gone to the next-level in Einstein Discovery predictive models with a scheduled model refresh. 

Read more.


Creating, sending & managing email templates & email content in Salesforce’s B2B marketing automation tool Pardot has become more user-friendly with an enriched experience. Pardot users can now connect to Salesforce CMS to host & reuse images for email marketing and get metrics in the email records that are frequently being used. Prospects can be resynced faster after import errors are fixed and Einstein Attribution success milestones can be customized. 

Read more.

Salesforce is known for constant innovation in its solutions and Winter 21′ has shown us the same. A lot of new innovations & features have been added to make the platform powerful and help customers accelerate their journey to success in the world’s #1 CRM platform. Please read the complete Winter 21′ release notes & features, enhancements across the platform

CEPTES is a Salesforce Silver Consulting & ISV partner helping companies across industries & verticals since 2010. With our 80%+ certified Salesforce resources, we can help you thrive in the world’s #1 CRM platform and improve productivity. Please get in touch with us to discuss your project.

Lightning Platform, Salesforce

Top 10 benefits of Lightning web component over Aura Lightning Components

What is the Lightning Web Component (LWC)? 

The Lightning web component introduced in Feb 2019 is Salesforce’s new programming model built on modern browser improvements or web standards.

These web components help to create custom, reusable HTML tags for web pages & apps.

The lightning component uses different components – The lightning web component & the Aura Component.  

Most important! 

Lightning web component co-exists with the Aura programming model & delivers unparalleled performance.

It is highly useful for:

Improving productivity: Uses modern web language like templates, shadow DOM, Decorators, custom elements.
Enhanced Performance: Web browser executes the code for the superfast experience.

Web Stack Transformation

*Source: Salesforce

As per the development in the last five years, there is a complete transformation in the web stack. 

From 2014 to 2019, the superfast rise in standard web elements is phenomenal. 

Salesforce Lightning web components are like icing on the cake. Now, work is handled efficiently by the web browser.

Lightning web components leverage templates, custom elements, Decorators, Modules, Rendering & events available in ECMAScript 7 & beyond.

Advantages of Lightning web component :

  • Offers enhanced security
  • Superfast & Light in weight
  • Supports advanced browsers technologies like CSS3, HTML5

Aura Lightning Component:

Aura is a user interface framework that develops single-page applications on the Salesforce platform.

It develops reusable component units in the form of a plug & play component. Every aura component performs small tasks independently.

Many aura components work together to create a single application.

Read more to learn What Makes Salesforce Lightning Special – Top 10 Lightning Features

Anatomy of Aura Component

*Source: Salesforce

Aura Component Programming model offers excellent benefits like:

  • Out-of-the-box components: 

Aura out of the box components ensures that the app does not need optimization for different devices.

  • Fast Development: 

Teams work faster with, out of the box component that functions hassle-free with different devices like mobile & desktop.

  • Browser compatibility: 

Apps are compatible with the latest browser technologies like HTML5.

Benefits of Lightning Web component (LWC) over Aura Lightning Component (ALC)

  • Site Loading Speed:

The Lightning web component is hugely faster than the Aura component in loading web pages.

  • Easy Learning:

The Lightning web component script uses HTML & Javascript language. That means tasks are more comfortable to do.

  • Best performance: 

As LWC builts on web components, It makes LWC extremely lightweight & efficient in memory management. That’s the reason LWC runs much faster than Aura lightning components.

  • Debugging made easy:

Debugging is significantly easier for LWC than ALC. Different Salesforce discussion forums address & execute the step by step debugging topics very quickly.

  • Easy to ramp:

The absence of a different framework enables developers to learn LWC more easily.

  • Standardized:

As LWC uses core web components, it offers everything needed for the blazing-fast performance of browsers. It uses common coding languages like CSS, Javascript & HTML.

  • Inbuilt browser security features:

LWC has inbuilt browser security features driving its out-of-the-box usage while Aura requires an event-driven programming model that is GUI dependent. 

It focuses on actions like button press & clicks determining the flow of movement. The Lightning web components support these actions. 

  • Data binding:

Data binding is a technique that binds data sources from the provider and consumer together and synchronizes them. 

LWC supports two-way data binding that helps in coordinating how data moves between different components.

  • Unit testing Support:

LWC supports the unit testing framework.

  • Versatility:

Full encapsulation is available with LWC.

Let’s Conclude:

We have seen ten significant advantages of the Lightning web component over Aura lightning components. CEPTES is a Salesforce Silver consulting partner that can guide you as your strategic partner to speed up the business value of your Salesforce.com investment through consultation, digitization, and innovation. If you are thinking of growing your business using the Salesforce platform, then get in touch; we are happy to help you.

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