Christmas Fuel for Thoughts
Christmas, Salesforce

Christmas Fuel for Thoughts

As cold as winter can be,
But there ain’t no chance you can miss.
It’s cold. But don’t stay sleeping!
Come on Ring those Sells,
Like the Christmas Bells!

Contentment. Composed. Collaboration

Salesforce has always been an interesting platform wherein enterprises and consumers get together in collaboration. 

There is no Enterprise without Consumers. Consumers and enterprises are dependent on each other in every route or root.

The collaborative drive draws in data from various sources, combines massive Machine Learning capabilities, options delivering on android/ios devices smartphones, and offers perfect sharing of particular. 

End-users enjoy access to blogs, videos, and much more. Key stakeholders promote their latest products, specifications of products, and get feedback from consumers. 

In short, Enterprise and consumers go hand in hand.

There’s nothing AI can’t do

AI has always been the right hand of sales and marketing or enterprise. 

CEPTES Innovations enriches enterprise with analytical capabilities in Salesforce to deliver faster and better customer experiences.

AI technology helps to bring a smile to the face of the consumer.

It’s really amazing How AI Works!

Isn’t it awesome how:

Amazon recommends the products you’ve searched for recently?

How Alexa works perfectly?

How Siri never disappoints you?

How Spotify recommends music that you love? How Netflix recommends movies of your interest?

AI interlinks the easiest path in your enterprise and works better than anything.

CEPTES Innovations surely Enhances the Power of AI.

Bottom Line

Customers + Enterprise + AI = Success

Christmas is filled with Happiness. Make your enterprise happy by gifting your enterprise the CEPTES Innovations, which really work smart. Bring Customers and Enterprises More Closer this Christmas and Raise Your Sells!

Wishing you a Delightful Christmas with an Immense Blessing.

Salesforce Christmas Gift Offer Significant Customer Service
Christmas, Salesforce

Salesforce Christmas Gift: Offer Significant Customer Service

“Be Authentic. Be Exceptional. Be Worth Attaching With.”

Shower The Season Of Christmas, With Greetings And Prosperity. Present Your Customers A Gift, Confused About What To Offer? Significant Customer service Is All They Want. 

Evolution Of Consumers.

Due to the current pandemic, almost 80% of the consumers prefer shopping online rather than visiting stores.

WHY? It becomes a better means to keep themselves safe and more convenient. Even customers are no longer the same we’ve seen a year back, and visitors over stores have reduced significantly.

So, the dependency rate over online markets has risen adversely, and be it any situation maintaining excellent customer service have become a MUST.

Boost up your Christmas revenues and keep your customers happy with satisfying customer service.

COVID-19 totally changed the partially digital marketing world to a full-proof digital marketing world.

Listed below are some problems:

  • Delivery across the last mile in poorer countries is merely impossible.
  • Enterprise is not covering the expectations of the consumers in poorer regions.

So, it’s a good chance for companies to look over that area and widen their business. Boost up your sales while bringing smiles to people’s lives. 

Commercialize. Synchronize. Enterprise.

It is essential to balance out your marketing enterprise. Without synchronizing your works, everything will be a mess, which will lead to customer dissatisfaction. 

It is very vital to keep your enterprise organized and synchronized because it’ll not only bring your company to a place but satisfy your consumers in every aspect. 

Salesforce as a platform can help you work SMARTER and BETTER leveraging its robust solutions. We as a leading Salesforce service provider can really help enterprises identify customer demands and offer personalized services across multiple touchpoints. 

Are you interested to learn more? Connect with us to know about our Salesforce capabilities.

Christmas, Salesforce


“You Cannot Run A Successful Retail Business from Memory.”

Christmas is nearing, and everyone’s cheering. 

Consumers are expecting the best! 

Don’t let your business go down. 

GRAB your mask and sanitizer and keep your business running. 

STEP 1: Make Sure That Your Customers Make A Return

Consumers are not risking this year, and demand is scaling up to more than usual, for customers are anticipating the rush overstocks and delivery. 

Yet, that’s an excellent opportunity to raise your sales. Its lockdown and consumers will quickly make their return during cyber week. 

Keep your employees and customers safe and happy during that period.


  • Ensure that your department is equipped with all kinds of essentials like cleaning supplies, napkins, and sanitizer, as all the customers expect departments to provide that.
  • Stress upon measures such as appointment bookings to keep the customers safe from COVID.
  • Give everyone everything you can so that your consumers can have a safe experience.

STEP 2: Try Your Best To Keep Your Consumers Happy

Although last-mile delivery can be the most expensive and time-consuming enterprise chain, the pressure has boosted up this year.

It’s Christmas, but during this pandemic, gathering together and celebrating is merely impossible. 

Customers will urge to send a gift to their friends, relatives, and family they haven’t met for days and months. 

So, that’s an excellent chance to boost your business revenues and fulfill your customers’ desires.



STEP 3: Flexibility Around Shipping

The 2020 Christmas is packed with massive opportunities for great order fulfillment that will allow your customers to keep trust over your enterprise. 

Don’t keep your customers waiting. Notify them about every destination their goods have reached. This feature will surely bring smiles to their face and build trust in your enterprise. 

Many enterprises neglect this feature and customers, and they receive their goods when they are not prepared.



Knowing that this Christmas will be different from the usual for enterprise, retailers, and consumers because of the current pandemic. However, the word DIFFERENT doesn’t mean WORST! But instead, many enterprises boosted up their business sales this YEAR! Make best out of the worst. To find out more strategies and help connect with us.