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An Enterprise Data Archiving Solution

DataArchiva is a Salesforce native application, which offers a structural data archiving solution by significantly reducing your additional Salesforce data storage cost. As a Gartner listed & Government Cloud ready application; it is secure, scalable, and admin-friendly. By periodically archiving your infrequently used compliance, historical, and analytical data, DataArchiva is designed to manage large volumes of data without any hassle. Based on a DIY model, DataArchiva can potentially save you up to 80% of Salesforce data storage cost. This robust application is powered by some excellent features and offers several cutting-edge business benefits.


  • Scheduled Archiving
  • API Enablement
  • Attachment/File Support
  • Easy Set-up
  • Easy Search and Restore
  • Smart Metadata Reconciliation


  • Reduced Capital & Operational Expenditure
  • Compliance & Governance
  • Lower Risk of Regulatory Violation
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Prediction & Analytics on Archived Data
  • Templatized Archiving as per the Industry

Wow ... Superb and Amazing!!

We’ve been waiting years to have this kind of native, secured, cost-effective, affordable, zero maintenance, instant archive/restore and easy to setup data archive solution, without taking our data out of the Salesforce platform.

 -Michael Bowling

DataArchiva: Key Highlights

Structured Data Archiving
Native Solution using Big Objects
Policy Driven Governance & Retention
Gartner Listed
Designed for Government Cloud & Shield
GDPR Compliance
Supports GDPR
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