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Why is Salesforce PDO the Best Way to Start an AppExchange Business?

If you are familiar with Salesforce, most probably you already know about AppExchange as well. The online store comprises thousands of solutions ready to install. AppExchange is designed to support various key operations across industries and businesses.

Despite being so high in popularity, AppExchange is still a mystery for countless businesses when getting their app listed on it. Some even wonder as to what is the best way to start an AppExchange business! 

This post will cover AppExchange and Salesforce PDO (Product Development Outsourcers) and why Salesforce PDO is the best way to start an AppExchange business?  

A Salesforce PDO is basically a consulting partner & vendor having extensive knowledge in creating commercial apps for the AppExchange. The PDOs help craft the product, and you may rely on them to take care of your app’s marooned key areas as well. 

Salesforce PDOs take care of all technical and technology-related issues, including 3rd party integrations, implementation, customized development, and technical configuration. You may count on them for the Security Review process of Salesforce. Quite like Salesforce consultants, PDOs also have tiers as follows:


  1. Certified Navigators
  2. Certified Specialists
  3. Specialist Navigator
  4. Master Navigator




Most businesses prefer hiring Salesforce Product Development Outsourcers (PDOs) due to the following highly compelling reasons:


#1: PDOs Specialize and You Can Rely on Them at Every Step of the Process

Since PDOs have already worked for several businesses helping them start their AppExchange business, you can count on them to be there at every step throughout the process. You can leverage their expertise to better handle your product development lifecycle and beyond.

It is great if you could bring the PDO into the initial phase of your project, so they can be there whenever there is an issue or concern (at a smaller stage) and prevent it from becoming gigantic and difficult to manage.

While Salesforce PDOs are highly savvy on the Salesforce tools, platforms, and solutions, it doesn’t imply that each brings along the same level of experience and expertise in your business processes. You must choose a PDO who has been there in the industry for quite some time and has worked for businesses like that. The knowledge of the domain, products, and services matters a lot.

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#2: Conversant with the Security Review Process

Salesforce’s Security Review process is a difficult yet vital part of starting an AppExchange business. The process tends to be highly complex and can easily confuse a less experienced PDO or novice. 

The inexperienced PDO may take long enough to decipher the cause of the problem, and finding a solution may appear a herculean task. That is why it is great to let the PDOs take care of this work for you.

The advantage of hiring a Salesforce PDO on your app development team is that these PDOs don’t leave the testers’ security aspect to take care of in the end. Rather, they make sure the security review is done throughout the process as prevention is always better than cure.

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#3. The Successful Pre-Sales Process

As PDOs have already worked in close coordination with countless Salesforce ISV teams, they can quickly sense whether an endeavor is going to be viable or a failure. They’ll help you get an insider scoop on the product’s strategies, thereby helping you decide better and make your app a grand success when you take it to the AppExchange.




With a Salesforce PDO supporting your app development and launch process, you can be sure that your AppExchange business will get a promising kick-start. CEPTES is a Salesforce Silver consulting and a PDO partner who can speed up the business value of your Salesforce.com investment through consultation, innovation, and digitization. If you want to build your next app on the AppExchange platform, get in touch with us.

AppExchange, PDO

5 Reasons to Build your AppExchange Solution with a Product Development Outsourcer (PDO)

Have an idea that can transform businesses?

Enter Product Development Outsourcers (PDOs). Product Development Outsourcers (PDOs) are Salesforce Consulting Partners and vendors who have expertise in building commercial apps and offer other services like training, funding, marketing, or selling your app.

I know what you are thinking: “Why should I share my idea with anyone at all?”

Well, believe us, you will gain much more than you are afraid to lose. PDOs don’t just hear your idea; they will best shape your idea as per the market trend. If that is not enough to convince you, here are five reasons to build with a PDO. 

Beauty of Outsourcing

It is very much possible that you might be busy creating, building, and publishing your app in Salesforce AppExchange to grant you instant success. In that case, you can consult with a PDO. 

They can handle all the complex processes involved throughout the app development process and much more. With this, you can focus on other important and exciting works that demand your attention.

CEPTES encourages entrepreneurial brains to consult with your idea.

Experts know better

We all know the experts are the best to consult. PDOs have expertise over the complete development cycle. They can work seamlessly with the teams and provide valuable insights, along with redirection when necessary.

It is suggested to bring in PDO partners early on so that they can take part in the early stages of the process and uncover problems and opportunities much more before. 

CEPTES offers excellent AppExchange product development services blending it’s 10+ years of Salesforce platform expertise & AppExchange app development experience with certified app developers. 

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Reliability and credibility

Remember to choose the PDO wisely with considerable experience in the field of focus. The key to do the research is to identify the PDO that offers various solutions – with concern for the client base and their feedback. 

Ensure the PDO ensures future services –without leaving you alone on the island – such as DevOps and Management and Integrations. A PDO should be such that you can rely on to be with your business at every step of the development cycle.

CEPTES offers a wide variety of solutions with a broad client base with generous feedback. We offer you the freedom to work to make you productive. With our transparent and flexible development processes, we will make sure you feel comfortable working with us.


Salesforce security service is exceptionally complex, challenging enough for first-timers. PDOs being experts can handle this for you – apt to the needs of your app. 

With wobbling digitization, malware, viruses, and attacks are very common. This requires extreme control and security of any digital endpoint of your product.

CEPTES makes sure your app passes the security review.

Strategic partner

Every individual possesses some sense of revolutionary ideas – that is or can be – channelized towards entrepreneurial innovation. Nurturing your spark of an idea can grow into a tree, successfully and beautifully, never imagined.

CEPTES encourages entrepreneurial brains to consult us. We have the potential to convert a half-page idea into a billion-dollar success; we can guide you and your idea into the new future.


To summarise,

  1. Outsourcing inevitably increases your efficiency
  2. Professionals know the ins and outs of the system
  3. PDOs induce productivity and make you feel comfortable
  4. Security is the primary concern
  5. A wonderful strategic partner

CEPTES is a Salesforce Silver consulting & PDO partner that can guide you as your strategic partner to speed up the business value of your Salesforce.com investment through consultation, digitization, and innovation. If you are thinking of building your next app on the AppExchange platform, please get in touch.

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How to Integrate WhatsApp with Salesforce

We all know WhatsApp is a popular messaging application used by more than 1.5 billion people in over 180 countries. Interacting with the customers on a broader user base like WhatsApp will skyrocket the business growth.

Want to integrate WhatsApp into your Salesforce?

Welcome aboard!

Here is a glimpse of a bird’s eye view of the options available.

Behold the gems to success:

Direct Approach

Your customers can communicate using the WhatsApp messaging app, and you can reply using just a Search console.

To set up WhatsApp integration, you need to have lightning experience with the digital engagement add-on SKU, or you need to have the following editions: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions with Service cloud or Sales cloud.

You need to have permissions to configure messaging, authorize WhatsApp by customizing Application and managing authentication providers, and to view channels by viewing setup and configuration.

You can interact with your customers through customer-initiated conversations that require your response within 24 hours or through business-initiated, pre-approved, template messages that can be sent at any time.

Before sending an outbound notification through WhatsApp, you need to have an end user’s consent obtained through another communication channel such as email or text message or as a part of your company’s regular business processes.

You have the freedom to send text messages, images, messaging templates, and PDFs using WhatsApp. You can use up to 250 phone numbers for WhatsApp on your Facebook business manager account, with WhatsApp approval. Messages can be of a maximum of 1600 characters, image formats can be of PNG, JPEG, or JPG format, and file upload size can be of a maximum of 5 MB. 

You cannot send other components like stickers, audio files, locations, or contacts using WhatsApp. You can only view the message sent by the customer rather than the replies to specific messages.

Integrate using API

Depending on your business, you can integrate WhatsApp using REST/SOAP APIs. Although there are a lot of API libraries available, this approach is time-consuming and very rigid.

You should follow this approach only if your organization demands so, or there are security concerns to stick with it. This approach can be cost-effective if you develop the bridge prudently.

Install from AppExchange

Integrating WhatsApp using AppExchange is the easiest way. By installing and then configuring the App within a few hours, you will be able to integrate WhatsApp into Salesforce.

You need to ensure that the App is worth using, and the App development cycle is fast and consistent. Consult with the experts to find the perfect App that suits your needs.

Briefly, you can either

  1. Integrate using Salesforce in-built feature, or
  2. Integrate with the help of API libraries, or
  3. Use apps in Salesforce AppExchange.

If the business has special needs to connect with the customer deeply, then we can create our App to integrate with WhatsApp. Either you can create the App on your own or can consult with the expert PDO. 

CEPTES, as a Certified Salesforce Silver consulting partner with over a decade of technical expertise, provides the service starting from the initial build to test and deploy with an accelerated development cycle.

If you want to build an app or need any service, then consult now.


How to Ensure Business Success on AppExchange?

“An entrepreneurial mind never settles.”

Do you feel that the current pandemic will hinder your development? It would be best if you read this before arriving at such a pessimistic decision.

Don’t settle, stay updated

When everyone is against you, and everything is at stake, it is the right time to work on your idea.

Never discourage yourself when others are discouraged around you. 

There should be nothing that should be stopping you from working on your idea. 

Look around and identify the pain points in the business ecosystem. That’s where you should focus and think it through.

The next step should be planning your execution.

Plan beforehand

“Planning assures execution and then success”

Without a plan, you cannot succeed, especially when the odds are against you.

Your planning should also include knowing the market you are in and the niche attracted by your competitors.

Know the market and the competition

A product requires a market, and a market brings along competitors, especially in this unprecedented situation, when the competition is intense and dynamic.

Knowing the market and the competition also exposes you to a variety of ideas and opportunities that can help you develop your approach.

And once you get an idea, consult with an AppExchange Product Development Expert.

Consult with a certified PDO Expert

To have an idea is just the first step, but to realize it’s real potential, you need to consult a PDO.

PDOs have the potential to improvise and convert your idea into a billion-dollar successful business. Set aside a time slot to reach out to a PDO and discuss it with them. They are very open to discussing your idea and helping you provide muscles and bones to your plan.

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Prioritize marketing

Focus on your App Listing and every other source of Marketing you can avail. Stay updated on the tools available to you and utilize them to your use to reach the potential customers of your product.

You should understand the value of the product and make others also understand the same. Show the customers how they can use your product in their day-to-day life in running their business.

One of the best ways to attract potential customers and, at the same time, validate the product is by utilizing the free to premium transition.

From free to premium

You can validate your idea by developing a prototype or template and later shift to premium apps. 

Premium apps primarily attract enterprises, but to understand the need for the product first, we need to release the free version of the app.

The duration during your product validation of your free app, you can reach out for investments, or create a website which will eventually help you to grow your business.

Even if you have attracted the customers of your niche, make sure that you retain them.

Focus on customer retention

The customers who used your product understanding the true essence and the value of your product will follow along with you. They are the niche you should be focusing on in the future.

The customers of your niche will also be willing to avail of your premium app if they appreciate the true potential of the product and the extent of the effect on their business due to your product.


In short,

  1. Stay updated, rise, and flourish.
  2. Pre-Planning is essential.
  3. Know your competitors.
  4. Consult a PDO about your idea.
  5. Marketing is essential.
  6. Start free, shift to premium.
  7. Retain customers of your niche.

CEPTES is along with you in this pandemic. We will get through this unforeseen situation. We encourage you to contact us if you have any ideas that can solve a B2B problem. There are still a lot of opportunities all around you, and we assure you that we, as your strategic partner, will guide you towards your future.

For more detail, contact us now.

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AppExchange, Salesforce

5 Must Things To Consider While Outsourcing AppExchange App Development

Do you have an idea or a solution that can solve a complex B2B problem or automate a B2B process? It would be best to act on it before it gets out of your hand or slightly your brain. The next best step would be outsourcing your AppExchange app development into the hands of the experts.

“Experts do the best.”

Product Development Outsourcers (PDOs) are the Salesforce consulting Partners and vendors who have expertise in building commercial apps and offering services like training, funding, marketing, or selling your app.

A PDO can guide you through your adventurous journey as a partner and transform your half-page idea into a billion-dollar successful business.

Before outsourcing your AppExchange Application Development, here are the few things you must consider,

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Know The Product

Knowing your product is the first step towards bringing your idea to life.

You should be well aware of what kind of problem your product will solve, i.e., whether it is Industry-specific or Tech-specific, whether it could be a flow component or an integration connector.

Dealing with several Salesforce approvals and a lot of associated details is a hectic task, so make sure your PDO handles these for you. 

Also, it is always better to talk to your PDO regarding the license models best suited for the product, such as the Enterprise or community-based models.

A PDO will be able to deal with these tasks associated with Salesforce for you.

Pricing Strategy

A product is successful when the product demand and price are on par with each other. Depending on the value of the product, you need to decide on your pricing strategy. You can choose to take through your app from a free to premium service, which opens a new set of options, i.e., when to shift from the free to premium services. PDOs can validate your idea if you are unsure about the pricing strategy of your application.


In this digital era, hackers attack every possible box available on the Internet. Therefore, you need to understand the security required for your product. There is a list of questionnaires asked by Salesforce regarding the security associated with your product. Talk to your PDO about the security concern of the application.

DevOps and Management

DevOps is a critical activity that needs to be handled well; otherwise, it might be tough to deal with it in the future. Understanding the cascading failure effect of the DevOps demands expertise and skill.

“Driving in safety is more important than not to start.”

There is no idea which is the same up to now as it was during the ideation phase. The product changes during its lifetime, and managing these changes is very important. Make sure your PDO deals with the DevOps and management of the product before and after the building phase.


There are a lot of testing options available in the AppExchange Development to make sure your application becomes a success.

But, “More options mean more confusion.”

To make sure your application has undergone necessary testing procedures, contact the expert PDO before selling it.

To know about the Salesforce QA testing, best practices, and tips refer to the article “Top Salesforce QA trends and best practices.”

Let’s Conclude:

In short,

  1. Know your product and its needs.
  2. Develop a pricing strategy for your product.
  3. Secure your application.
  4. Manage your application building and DevOps.
  5. Test your product before selling it.

CEPTES, a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner & PDO Specialist, can help you transform your idea into an enterprise app and great success. CEPTES sets aside amongst other PDOs because of its post conception stage services such as DevOps and management, which is a various tedious task. With our ten years of technical expertise, we can help you choose which license model, pricing strategy, and testing options are best suited for your product.

Thinking to talk and then move forward, then contact us.

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7 Things You Need to Know About Selling in AppExchange

If you are a part of the massive Salesforce ecosystem, it is highly unlikely that you haven’t heard about AppExchange. AppExchange is the biggest marketplace built to sell apps that can extend the functionalities of Salesforce. 

When Salesforce users need certain functionalities that are not available in default Salesforce, and if the user isn’t interested in coding from scratch, then they will look for additional apps in the marketplace for solution. Currently, 5000+ apps are listed on the AppExchange spanning across various niche, category, industry, Salesforce products, etc. These apps are developed to help save cost, time, or automate multiple processes for users across verticals. 

But do you know how to sell efficiently using the AppExchange platform? Here are the 7 things you need to know in order to leverage the platform to unlock success. 

What can I do here?

Glad you asked! 

In AppExchange, you can create apps, Lightning Components, Lightning Data, Bolt Solutions, and Flow Solutions. 

Start building apps quickly by using Components made by Salesforce or create your custom components. 

Start your first step based on your everyday experience and create your apps. You should be able to explain to others what the product is, what it does, and its need.

You can start with Trailhead offered by Salesforce, which can level up your skills and build you for the future.

Stay in touch with AppExchange with weekly and monthly emails.

Demand paves for opportunity

Over 83% of Salesforce customers have at least one app from the AppExchange. Salesforce customers first reach out to AppExchange to find the perfect app they need. They need it because they don’t want to deal with the code and its associated bugs. So, there is always an opportunity for developers like you to develop apps that can help enterprises.

Streamlining Sales and marketing

Have a market strategy for your app and start the campaign before launch

In-house marketing facility includes— AppExchange Marketing Program, Sponsorship Sales, Partner Power Hour, Sell Like Salesforce Checklist, Top Demo Resources, and Additional Sales Resources. Remember to build an optimized and perfect AppExchange listing to attract and engage your customers.

Track your product

As with any application, there will be some unforeseen bugs, future updates, and don’t forget to maintain your app’s documentation. Also, remember to test your app for the Salesforce release. Stay updated to the help offered by Salesforce to better track your product like the new Einstein analytics apps. Einstein Analytics apps provide up-to-date data and help you to work with any device.

Security first

Plan for the steps for the security of your app beforehand. The process takes around eight weeks after your app and supporting documentation are complete, you’ve met all Salesforce’s requirements, and are within the agreed guidelines. Prepare yourself or your development team for the Salesforce review process to avoid the delayed launch of your product.

Work from anywhere

Amongst the pandemic, there is no better way to stay connected and work for the common purpose. Stay at your home and develop and sell apps in AppExchange. 

Recently the CEO of Salesforce assured and encouraged the customers to stay patient and calm yet keep growing.

Work.com is a Salesforce platform that facilitates Salesforce customers and partners to work safely amidst the pandemic. You can also start creating applications on this platform, just like AppExchange.

Outsource your App

Product Development Outsourcers (PDOs) offer expertise in building ISV apps, as well as other valuable services like training, marketing, and selling your app. PDOs can design and build your entire app, or take on specific features, like integrations. It’s better to contact a PDO to build the apps based on your idea because they can save your money.

CEPTES is a Salesforce Consulting, ISV & PDO partner that has been delivering top-notch Salesforce solutions across the globe for over a decade now. We have successfully built multiple AppExchange applications for various industries. With over 80% of Salesforce certified consultants, we are widely accepted as a leader in building AppExchange enterprise solutions.

If you are looking to take your idea to AppExchange with a next-gen enterprise application, please get in touch.

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AppExchange, Salesforce

Webinar – Transform your dream idea into a success AppExchange enterprise app

Do you have the next big idea that can potentially disrupt the market? Are you stuck somewhere in between ideation & execution? There we go. Here is an opportunity for you that can help you unleash the gateway to success. Join our AppExchange product development experts next week in an action-packed 30 minutes webinar to learn the key steps to build your next big product on AppExchange. 

AppExchange has been the biggest marketplace for applications built on the Force.com platform. Introduced in 2005, AppExchange currently has over 5000 applications with 6.5M+ installations. The marketplace offers apps for various niches, industries, categories, and specific functionalities that address multiple critical business challenges. Considered as the world’s #1 marketplace for apps, AppExchange is the home for many billion dollar apps today. 

Building an app on the Force.com platform and getting it listed on the AppExchange is not an easy task. You need a high level of expertise along with Salesforce platform knowledge, a comprehensive understanding of the ecosystem & how it works, as well as other aspects related to adopting & implementing the best practices for a successful app launch by mitigating the risks, minimizing the costs, and accelerating the GTM time. This is where it is important to understand the role of a Salesforce PDO partner and how they can help you streamline your app development process leveraging their platform expertise and app building experience. 

In the upcoming webinar, our certified AppExchange product development experts will cover all the aspects related to AppExchange product development including the cost, time, roadmap, and how to take care of all the critical phases related to technology adoption, app design, development, security reviews, testing, pricing, and launching. The webinar will also talk about the advantages of having a PDO partner & how they can help you transform your idea into an amazing AppExchange solution. 

Join us on 2nd September at 10:00 AM PST to explore end-to-end AppExchange product development that will include:

  • What is the cost of building an app on AppExchange?
  • What is the time involved?
  • What could be the roadmap and what are all the aspects to consider?
  • Who will own the app? (How to Protect Intellectual Property Rights)


Title: Transform your Dream Idea into a Successful AppExchange Enterprise App

Date & Time: 2nd September, 10:00 AM PST

Duration: 30 mins

Get yourself ready to cope with the COVID-aftermath & transform your next big idea into a successful enterprise AppExchange application. 

Please register here.


AppExchange App Development Best Practices

AppExchange is one of the online application marketplaces for third-party applications that run on the Force.com platform. Launched in 2005, the Salesforce AppExchange has over 5000 solutions to extend Salesforce functionality to any department, and 6.5 million installs already. 

You might already know about AppExchange, or you got to know about it now? But do you know that AppExchange isn’t just a marketplace that helps ISVs to sell their apps and enterprises to use these apps to extend salesforce functionality?

It is a platform that develops you for the future. And any individual who understands the market knows that the market always evolves itself. To stay updated, Salesforce partners, as well as the customers, should stay updated.

To stay updated, enterprises need updated apps to support their business. Enter the Salesforce partners! Who can create seamless apps that are easier to integrate with salesforce and help the salesforce users, aka small enterprises.

Follow these best practices to prepare for your future:

For Partners:

Marketing and analytics

The application listing of your app is crucial. In other words, enhance your value proposition skills, which will set aside your product from the competition. Avail the benefits offered through the Channel order app and license management app.

Make sure your app uses custom objects and have a look at ISVForce Guide for App Analytics before tracking your app. Figure out what you want to know before delivering your query, like getting the details about your subscribers. 

It can help you to identify attrition risks, drive feature development decisions, and even improve user experience. 

Security first

In this era, there is nothing more important for the digital world than safety. XSS attacks, SSRFs, Remote code execution, are carried out every minute by hackers all around the globe. Complete the MVP of your app and send it for a security review. Make sure that either you or your development team communicate with your Salesforce security team to launch your product early.

Know your customers

You can get to know your customers through AppExchange reviews, and make sure that they are happy about your product and are willing to talk about it. You have to focus on a particular niche and focus on customers that can use your app.

Consider these points to define your target customers:

  1. Industry
  2. employee count of your customer
  3. Location of your customer
  4. platform support of your product
  5. legacy integrations
  6. common customer pain points
  7. department specialties

Understand the partner ecosystem

You should understand that it’s not just about design, development, and technology. To understand the full power of the AppExchange platform in go to market, following the partner ecosystem, and working with other partners providing solutions, you will get the boost to work, which you won’t get if you are working just as an individual.

Pricing strategy

You should plan when and what features should your free version of your app end and your premium version begins. 

Make sure to price your app’s features with consideration of the market needs and the competition for the product.

Know your competitors

There is no such market without competition. So, your app-building, marketing, and pricing strategy depend on the direct or indirect competition for your product.

Stay up-to-date to the AppExchange

AppExchange is continuously launching new products, resources for partners to keep creating apps and help the enterprises to grow. There are several webinars, newsletters, and blogs to stay up-to-date to the latest resources and features updated by Salesforce AppExchange. 

Have you ever thought, you can learn how to get started with app building in AppExchange through trailhead? 

Amidst the pandemic, Salesforce AppExchange released work.com to help partners and customers to work from home safely.

For Customers,

  • Start with small business solutions and then grow
  • Pay special attention to “Reviews” of the application
  • Test the app, beforehand, in your sandbox or developer org
  • Explore the Einstein analytics product collection
  • Stay connected with the Trailblazer community
  • Stay informed about the latest solutions and news
  • Never stop growing; we are with you, can contact us.
  • Have an idea for an app. Contact us

Let’s Conclude:

We here at CEPTES, being a Salesforce PDO (Product Development Outsourcer) partner, can help you build your next dream AppExchange solution in the most cost-efficient & quickest way. Our certified product development experts are experts in the Salesforce platform & have built some of the top AppExchange solutions. To take your idea to AppExchange – Please get in touch.


6 Ways Salesforce is Transforming the High-Tech Industry

With shorter product life cycles, companies operating in the High-tech sector are expected to deliver a better degree of customer support to sustain competitive advantage. Mediocre processes and poorly integrated systems spell doom for companies, especially in today’s era of rapidly changing customer demands & technologies. The most common challenges that the high-tech companies of today facing are:

  • Creating appropriate roadmaps for application architecture
  • To decipher and deconstruct relevant data from the vast information available
  • To accurately conceptualize solutions, identifying process entities and the relationships between those entities
  • Recommending best practices to customers
  • Devising and implementing recovery plans
  • Meeting B2B demands

To counter these issues, industry-leading high-tech companies are implementing Salesforce to transform their business and streamline sales processes. As a leading Salesforce partner with over 10 years of experience, CEPTES can help you leverage the solutions offered by the World’s #1 CRM provider.

Salesforce Capabilities

Some salient features of Salesforce that help you get the competitive edge in the market are:

  • Ease of use
  • Lightning-fast implementation
  • Point-to-point customization
  • Easy data management and organization
  • Provision to develop and customize your own apps
  • Automation of tasks
  • AppExchange app development

How Salesforce is transforming the high-tech industry

Companies in the high-tech sector that have implemented Salesforce have seen excellent improvements in terms of their sales. There are numerous ways in which Salesforce benefits the High-tech industry, some of them discussed below:

Exceptional Customer support powered by Service Cloud:

Implementing Salesforce Service Cloud will improve customer engagement, with seamless access to web services, chat, and email from any device and a 360-degree customer view. Critical cases can be escalated to development teams for further examination. In this way, real-time feedback on common issues helps your teams to solve them faster.

Next-gen Analytics:

Using Salesforce Analytics, your business users can explore data to discover new insights. Apart from the functionality to create amazing, mobile-friendly dashboards, Einstein Analytics also allows developers to create their own analytics apps that are highly customizable. Such cloud-based analytics tools from Salesforce can help your company adapt quickly to new trends.

Personalized Marketing:

You can get on top of your marketing strategy with an integration with the Marketing Cloud. The platform provides a 360-degree view of the customer, helping you compile customer data and design highly personalized marketing campaigns. You can manage and evaluate your campaigns by leveraging the power of Google Analytics and Salesforce’s advanced AI.

Accelerated Digital Transformation:

Digital Transformation is all about adapting your current process/ business models to prepare for the future, through technology-enabled change. Salesforce’s offerings enable you to automate processes and business models. With the help of Salesforce, you can automate forecasting, lead assignment, contract generation, quoting, and invoicing. Companies can use AppExchange to capitalize on new opportunities, build and deploy applications with point-and-click ease, and meet demands for CPQ. Further, by leveraging a powerful combination of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Pardot, and the Project Management tool, you can accelerate your digital transformation journey.


Salesforce’s Community Cloud offers community portal options for customers and partners. Customer communities help you set up custom web portals for better integration. You can customize your website’s environment as per your needs with this flexible tool. Partner communities make sure that you leverage your partners’ influence to grow your business effectively. Using partner communities, you can share certain parts of your platform with your partners so that they can collaborate on deals and access sales tools. So, processes like deal registration, onboarding, MDF, targeted recommendations, file sharing, etc. become really easy.

Culture of Innovation:

Salesforce Chatter allows users to post interesting blogs, videos, and websites to keep others up to date on the latest trends. Chatter also helps your employees to get answers to their questions, as well as feedback on your work. Chatter fosters a culture of collaboration and innovation within your organization so that the best ideas get cultivated.

With all these tools in its arsenal, Salesforce provides you with enough power to streamline your sales pipeline and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. CEPTES has been the trusted Salesforce consulting partner for numerous organizations in the High-Tech sector. With a decade of Salesforce platform expertise, our certified consultants can guide you at every step of the way to assist you in streamlining your critical business processes. To know more, please get in touch.


CEPTES is showcasing DataArchiva at AppExchange Demo Jam: BLRDEVX TDX19GG

Two days of learning adventure is approaching Namma Bengaluru and we can’t wait to be a part of the upcoming BLRDEVX TDX19GG on 13th & 14th of July. This is another Salesforce event full of learning, fun, connection and giving back with Salesforce Developers, Admin, Consultant, Technical Architect like you! There will be Awesome MVPs, Best Salesforce Community speakers and Local Community Rockstars who will be speaking on various sessions. 

This will be a version of our TrailheaDX in Namma Bengaluru style and we will have exciting sessions where top Salesforce trailblazers & industry influencers will share their journey, knowledge, and experience. Some of the top sessions are;

  • KEYNOTE Speaker: Tushar Mutreja, Global MD, Strategic Alliances, Salesforce
  • 5 Formula to Create Most Reusable Lightning Web Component – Manish Choudhari
  • Rest + OAuth Integration in Lightning – Mohammed Rizwan
  • Demystifying Identity Architecture in Salesforce – Mahesh Kumar
  • Heroku – A Polyglot Platform, Architecture & Add-ons – Ashish Tondare
  • Mysterious Blockchain – Naveen Dhanaraj
  • AI in Marketing Cloud – Gajendra Singh
  • Einstein for Service – Raja Kondreddy
  • Deep dive into the world of Pre Sales – Rupesh Bhatia
  • AppExchange – How to transform an idea into an App – Sudeep Reddy Babu
  • Einstein Analytics The Secret Weapon for ISV’s – Srikanth Reddy
  • Marketing Cloud can make you the Hulk of your Industry – Shrey Sharma
  • Top 5 Salesforce Integration Patterns – Mahesh Shenoy

CEPTES will showcase it’s flagship product DataArchiva at AppExchange Demo Jam

Demo Jam is a show where 6 partners will showcase their most compelling app in a super short, no fluff, 3-minute demo. The show will be hosted by a well-known Salesforce MVP and at the end, the attendees will vote live on a winner. It is a big stage for DataArchiva to showcase what it offers along with 5 other leading Salesforce partners. 

DataArchiva is the ONLY Native Data Archiving Solution for Salesforce powered by Big Objects help Salesforce users periodically archive their unused/historical data and store it at a native level without compromising data integrity with seamless access. The Gartner-listed solution which is also certified by Salesforce to work with US Gov Cloud, will reduce data storage costs significantly (80% and more), improve application performance and also meet compliance requirements. Many top enterprises from varied industries are currently using DataArchiva for their Salesforce data archival and within a span of one year, DataArchiva has become one of the top data archiving solutions for Salesforce. 

Check the App here.

So, come and cheer us and see how DataArchiva is challenging the status quo. 

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