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Salesforce introduced new features for their partners and customers in the AppExchange

Salesforce has introduced new exciting features in AppExchange. The #1 CRM provider of the world, added consultant finder and new analytics tools in AppExchange, which is the world’s leading business app marketplace. Over 5000 applications are currently been listed in the AppExchange and more than 6.5 million times AppExchange applications have been installed. The newly included features will help both customers and partners in order to navigate more seamlessly within the app marketplace.

Salesforce is introducing features to make it easy for the customers to find consultants whose skill sets are matching with their specific needs. On the other hand for partners, Salesforce is going to offer new analytical tools that can provide new insights into how users are engaging with their apps and listings.

For Customers

With the new Consultant Finder feature on the AppExchange, customers can easily search the right consultants for their Salesforce projects. They can even use filters such as Salesforce expertise, Industry expertise, location, certified professionals, ratings, etc. in order to make their search customized. This will help them get the right consultant. This feature is already live in the AppExchange.

For Partners

The new AppExchange Partner Intelligence powered by Einstein Analytics will offer ISVs and consultants new dashboards which will show information on how users are engaging with their listing or apps. With AppExchange Marketplace Analytics, partners can now know which keywords draw in the most number of visitors, as well as from which sources they are getting more traffic. This will help them better understand customer needs and enhance their ability to bring new customers. Partners can see insights by month-to-date, quarter-to-date, year-to-date or a custom time period. Apart from this, with AppExchange App Analytics, partners can track their app adoption and analyze data usage. They can get insights into which features of their application are being used more or less. This feature will be available for partners with security-approved apps in June 2019.

Talking about this AppExchange additions, Salesforce AppExchange general manager Woodson Martin said, “As the Salesforce economy and customer demand continue to grow, our customers and partners must have the right business solutions and technology experts at their fingertips.” He further added, “AppExchange is bringing consulting partner services and technology solutions together in one marketplace while enabling all of our partners to harness data to power customer success like never before.”

CEPTES – Your Trusted Salesforce Partner

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Why do you need to look at AppExchange apps rather than developing your own?

AppExchange has been allowing Salesforce customers to find, install, use, and review thousands of apps which can add real business value. AppExchange enables you to integrate your app into Salesforce and list it on the AppExchange even if you’re not natively built your app on App Cloud. AppExchange has an increasing number of partner solutions developed on a variety of platforms like Azure, Heroku, Openshift, AWS, and many more.

Today’s enterprises prefer apps which make things easy for them. Different organizations have several requirements and they always need customized applications which can address their specific business needs. Salesforce has been offering top-notch cloud solutions and AppExchange has made it even more robust and personalized. Progressive companies are looking for AppExchange apps, rather than investing time, resource, and money on building their own. Here are 7 reasons, why you should look into AppExchange apps rather than developing your own;

Faster Installation

AppExchange apps take less time to install. A user needs to press the “Get it now” button and follow the wizard. For an error-free installation, you need to go through the post-install instructions and notes carefully.


AppExchange apps, particularly the paid ones are continuously being improved and upgraded by the vendor. If you build your own app, then it will take a significant amount of time to release the upgraded version. Wherein AppExchange, while the vendor would be doing the enhancements without charging anything from its users, your business can easily take advantage of this.


AppExchange apps are thoroughly tested before release as they are being displayed to thousands of Salesforce users. Vendors understand the industry standards and they perform rigorous testing to eliminate bugs and glitches before making the final release on the AppExchange. As a user, you can have an error-free application with a high quality of performance and accessibility.


AppExchange apps are highly secure as each app on the AppExchange needs to go through a security scan and has their code hand validated by Salesforce.com security experts. Your data will be within a highly secured environment so that you can concentrate on your core work.


AppExchange apps are highly scalable and it will blend into your future business usage. At the same time, if you build an app, initially it will serve the purpose, but with increasing business needs you may go beyond an Apex limit and the app might stop functioning properly.


In case of AppExchange apps, you will get the support from the AppExchange vendor. Unlike in-house app development, you don’t have to rely much on your developer forever. Before installing an app, do check the listing details as different vendors offer different levels of support. One of the biggest advantages of AppExchange apps are, these are properly documented and you can follow the app documents in case of an issue.

Includes Best Practices

AppExchange apps follow best development practices. The vendors make sure their apps function with the highest standards within their target market. Usually, vendors include workflows and pre-built reports and dashboards to facilitate the use of these best practices. As a user, you can rely on these applications and can manage your business smoothly.

CEPTES has been one of the most preferred AppExchange vendors when it comes to offering enterprise applications. Our Applications are unique and address specific business challenges. We have currently three applications DataArchiva, XfilesPro and Encryptik listed on AppExchange. All these applications are highly scalable, secure and reliable. While these apps can be customized as per your needs, integrate with other apps and easily produce reports and dashboards that provide the metrics and solutions that your business needs to thrive.

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5 Types of AppExchange Apps, which are best for your Salesforce CRM

Salesforce, who just won the Best CRM 2018 award by Business News Daily, offers best in the class Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software having robust features for businesses of all size and nature. One of the major benefits of using the best SaaS solution like Salesforce is, you have a  huge list of external apps which can be seamlessly integrated with your CRM. There are several applications available in the AppExchange, which allow best customization and functionality. Here are few insights on Salesforce AppExchange apps, using which a business can achieve productivity beyond prediction and results beyond the scope of a typical CRM solution.

Geolocation Apps

For a service based company having multiple geographical presence, a Salesforce compatible app can be used in order to optimize mapping and routing to power it’s CRM system. Most of the mapping and routing apps come with a minimal price in between $20 to $30 per user/per month. App features vary depends on either the provider or the price. There are various comprehensive geolocation apps with robust features like built-in live tracking, check-in capabilities, and data gathering features which offer Geo-analytics for everything from leads and customers to assets and defined objects. There are other basic apps available for creating data-driven maps which can make it easier for users to visualize Salesforce data.

Custom Price Quote & Document

AppExchange apps offer solutions for SMBs to create custom price quotes and also other documents like business proposals, reports, account plans etc. These apps costs within the range of $20 to $30. Users can automatically generate documents directly from Salesforce which can be merged into templates. The best thing is this will support Word, PowerPoint, Excel, HTML, Email, and PDF. You can get more apps, those are multichannel sales tools and can handle different pricing and product configurations simultaneously. With intelligence, these apps help companies to price and quote accurately by drawing insights from past deals.

Admin Apps

Most of new Salesforce users give priorities to the end-user functionality. There are various apps available in the AppExchange that make admin tasks smooth. There are free apps in the AppExchange which makes it easy for users to eliminate duplicate leads, contacts, and accounts. If you are in the process of merging multiple contact lists or cleaning old data, these apps will be helpful. You can even make changes to Salesforce data without affecting every element individually. Data loader apps will help small business admins perform tasks like secure importing, exporting and deleting quick.

Customer Feedback Survey Apps

If you need to conduct customer surveys and fit the outputs into Salesforce for reporting, there are lots of customer feedback apps in AppExchange. These apps cost in between $30 to $60 per user/per month. Though this would be little higher on price for SMBs, you need only one user access to get all the functionalities. These apps conduct mobile-friendly surveys. You can also do embed surveys into emails and can also export results in Excel/CSV. You can also use these apps for various on-boarding forms like – job applications, waivers, NDAs, and disclaimers as well as event registration, order forms, and also general feedback forms.

Texting Apps

Users can implement texting and chatbots through Salesforce to offer highest level customer service to their existing clients, promote products, and also pitch new potential clients. You can use SMS chatbots for customer communication purpose and also text-based marketing campaigns with AppExchange apps. The basic version of these apps are usually free, but you need to upgrade in order to get higher functionalities. There are apps who supports features like plan scheduled messages, custom SMS template creation, picture messaging, enterprise texting platform, sync and log text chat with auto Salesforce save facility and data capture for analytics.

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Upgradation of AppExchange – personalization and lightning tools added

#1 CRM platform, Salesforce® has announced the launch of an expanded version of the AppExchange. This version is being launched with an addition of new tools and as well with partnerships that customers can find on the enterprise marketplace. It is also said that they are adding some authentic search criteria along with personalized recommendations to the platform.

This new launch has been designated as an evolution of AppExchange, from a simple app directory to a “full grown ecosystem”. It has been estimated that almost 87% of Salesforce customers use AppExchange, from the very old marketplace. This latest update, with all the personalization features has been designed to expand the reach further. The executive VP of AppExchange, Leyla Seka, confirms that “This new version will indeed find the right solution and the potential solution which they didn’t know were previously available.”

The current update in AppExchange will make recommendations to all the customers based on factors like their installation history, the site activity, the profile data, their location and the activities of other similar customers. Hence, the search results will also be customized.

Meanwhile, continuing with the complete evolution from a simple app directory, AppExchange has been designed in a manner that will offer content from Trailhead Built on the Salesforce platform™, (Salesforce’s online platform). The Trailhead Trails is said to be embedded within the product collection pages, so that the customers can find some educational material, pertinent to the application they are indeed looking for.

The new version of the AppExchange includes, the Lightning Data, hence, giving customers access to some specialized data sets, which they can buy. It has been seen that the marketplace as well includes the Lightning Bolts, which is nothing but the out-of-the-box offerings from the Salesforce partners, involving the Lightning components, business logic and customer data.

Hence, ultimately AppExchange has become the hub where customers can get anything Salesforce related, Seka even claimed “whether you’re buying an app, a component, data set, or eventually maybe even a bot or algorithm.

Hence, the updates to AppExchange indeed coincide with the new data, therefore illustrating Salesforce’s impact over the economic genre. The novel research that is being sponsored by Salesforce, estimated that this release will drive almost 3.3 million new jobs and more than $859 billion business revenues by the year 2022 for Salesforce ecosystem of customers.

For each dollar Salesforce is estimated to make $5.18 by the year 2022, an IDC Estimation. The research firm has indeed reached this conclusion since, the spending on cloud computing subscriptions will do nothing but typically increase spending over the ancillary products and services, for instance the additional cloud subscription and the professional services or even the supporting software or hardware.

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