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How to Use Salesforce to Automate the Sales & Marketing Process
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How to Use Salesforce to Automate the Sales & Marketing Process?

“The Biggest Challenge a Business Faces Today is to Streamline their Sales and Marketing Process. They Fail to Strengthen Relationships with their Customer at Every Stage due to their Sales & Marketing Gaps. That’s where Salesforce comes as a Savior, Allowing Customers to put in the Center of Everything. One Platform for One Connected Experience Taking Customers One to One Journeys they Choose.”

At the Heart of Everything is the Customer Journey

Even today, Companies still experience a Gap in their Sales & Marketing Process. 

They struggle to create a seamless experience for every stage of their customer life cycle and unable to balance their marketing budget campaigns.


Because they don’t have a unified platform to put their Sales & Marketing Team to have a 360 view of their Customer Data.

Your business needs to engage your customers at the right moment with the right channel, content, device, department, and representative. 

And if you don’t, you lose a customer right away!

Salesforce: Putting Sales & Marketing Teams Together in a Single Integrated Platform

There was this Entrepreneur who had a terrible business experience.

Charles runs a business and has a powerful A Players Team. He thought he had everything to run his business efficiently in order to enhance the sales productivity.

However, he was unable to generate leads with the uncontrolled rise in his sales & marketing expenditure along with lack of process visibility.

He struggled to get the right ROI for his marketing campaigns.

He then decided to switch to Salesforce.

To his surprise, he saw Salesforce Completely Streamlined his critical Sales & Marketing Processes.

Now with the right marketing campaign, he was able to target the right audience using the right channel with the right message at the right time.

He could easily personalize his marketing campaigns making his marketing team smarter and more predictive about their customer by using this intelligent platform. 

When his marketing went in the right direction, he generated more leads, and with the right leads, it was passed to the right sales representative.

Hence the sales expenditure & sales cycle were reduced.

Streamlines Both Sales & Marketing Process

With Salesforce, your marketing team will see the entire Sales Process. It will help you better understand which leads are likely to buy, which marketing content was most helpful, and what it takes to close the deal. These insights will help your marketers measure their impact on revenue and to understand how they should spend on a limited budget in the future.

Sales Teams will understand their entire customer journey and everything marketing did to nurture them along the way. Even before the first conversation, your sales reps will see all the information about your prospects like who they are, how to contact them, information details about their business, and the level of interest in your product or service. 

Representatives will know which marketing emails they have received and which ones were actually opened, what links were clicked and what content they engaged with. Your representatives can now have relevant, effective conversations from the first call, and your service teams can have a complete view of the customer life cycle about their purchases and activities. 

Engaging Customer in a Way That Suits Them

Salesforce for Marketing & Sales allows the Customers to put in the center of everything. It has a ton of marketing data to view it all in one place. You can easily find the new target audiences and have a unified view of the customer data. The best part is that you can engage them at the moment.

This is done using the data and AI to reach them with the right content on the right channel at the perfect time. When they land on your site, it’s already personalized based on what they came from. This can be from any channel, device, or department.


Yes, there’s a lot Salesforce can do to help every team operate their full potential. As a 10-year-old Salesforce partner company, we are an expert in delivering and streamlining the sales & marketing process with the power of Salesforce. To know more about how you can work and get maximum ROI from your sales and marketing activities or sales expenditure with Salesforce, get in touch with us. 


Top 5 Highlights: Pardot August’19 Release

Salesforce’s B2B Marketing Automation Platform ‘Pardot‘ offers a full spectrum of solutions that helps marketers build meaningful connections, create more pipeline and help sales reps close more deals. In the lastest Pardot August ’19 release, the B2B automation system has upgraded many of its existing features as well as introduced few new functionalities in order to help B2B marketers drive more personalization and higher customer engagement. Here are our top 5 picks from the August’19 Release.

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Higher Content Personalization

Pardot has upgraded from Pardot Merge Language (PML) to Handlebars Merge Language (HML) in order to help marketers simplify the way they create content. Using HML, marketers can streamline content personalization. This will drive more customer engagement. HML is an optional upgrade. 

Drive More Insights from Engagement History 

With the new automated email types in the metrics shown in the Engagement History components, related lists & dashboards, marketers can drive more customer insights using Pardot. The new email types include emails sent from Engagement Studio, completion action, and automation rules. This will help in getting a better view of the prospect interaction with marketing content. 

Target Right Audience with Multiple Conditions using Engagement Studio

Engagement Studio users can now target specific groups using new complex rules instead of chaining multiple rule steps in order to find the target audience with just one step. Each time a rule has been created, the Add Condition button will appear. Marketers can use it to add up to four more conditions to create a segment they need. 

Track your Recorded Webinars in GoToWebinar

With the new GoToWebinar connector, marketers can track their Recorded Webinars in addition to the Standard and Webcast webinars. They can keep a track of the past 25 months’ webinar data including recordings. 

Multiple Tracker Domain Support 

Marketers can now segment vanity URLs by brands, products, and promotions using multiple tracker domains. This will allow users to choose the best vanity URL for their Pardot marketing resources. 

Apart from these five key highlights, Pardot users can now allow their prospects to resubscribe with the help of an automated resubscribe email. The platform also introduced a new import API to insert & update large sets of prospect data when synchronous completion responses are not required or when batch upsert limitations are too restrictive. 

CEPTES is a Pardot implementation specialist & we can help you get the most out of your Pardot investment. With us, you can create, deploy, and manage online campaigns efficiently that can drive substantial results. Get in touch with us to start your Pardot implementation.

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*source: Pardot.com


How to enable your marketing & sales team to better connect with the modern B2B buyer?

Today’s world is more connected than ever. Everything & everyone is connected. The way buyers engage with companies has significantly changed. As per the Salesforce State of Connected Customer Report, 54% of the customers think companies need to fundamentally transform how they engage. Customers expect companies to understand what they want BEFORE they ask. Now it has become a daunting task for the sales & marketing teams to meet new buyer expectations. 

Most of the modern-day marketers struggle to execute personalization across the entire customer journey while the majority of the sales reps failed to meet expectations for contributing value. Well, the common challenges that the marketing & sales team faces today in winning customer engagement are the absence of effective tools, poor data insights and siloed teams & processes. Most of the enterprises are trying to unlock the best ways to empower their sales & marketing teams in order to better connect with modern B2B buyers. 

A next-gen sales & marketing tool that is powerful, simple & connected can help enterprises achieve the highest grade of customer engagement & enable them to offer better buyer experience. 

Pardot – B2B Marketing Automation on the world’s #1 CRM

Pardot is a next-gen B2B automation solution that provides a full solution to help marketers create meaningful connections, generate more pipeline, and empower sales to close more deals. Enterprises can couple all their marketing tools into one single central canvas with Salesforce engagement studio. 

Your sales & marketing team can leverage Pardot to build complex & powerful campaigns with ease, visualize & test customer’s experience, improve campaign performance, connect with B2B buyers through new ways, reach ready-to-buy customers faster, and make every customer interaction relevant & personalized. 

B2B Automation Made Easy

Every day marketers can use Pardot for revenue maximization. The easy-to-use marketing automation platform offers a comprehensive set of tools to create, deploy, and manage online campaigns that drive substantial results. Some of Pardot capabilities include;

  • Streamlined Lead Management
  • Smarter Lead Generation
  • Easy Email Marketing
  • Seamless Sales Alignment
  • Insightful ROI Reporting
  • Artificial Intelligence

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How Pardot is enabling better customer connection?

Using the top-notch Pardot features, marketers and sales reps can blur the gap between the B2B buyers and their expectations. Through highly personalized campaigns, marketers can deliver top-notch experiences with the help of automated rules, actions & triggers that buyers expect. Leads can be nurtured efficiently for faster conversion. Every customer conversation can be tailored based on their engagement history. 

Sales reps can connect with the buyers early, effectively, and often with Salesforce Engage. They can make every interaction relevant and tailored to prospects’ needs in order to drive deals forward. Sales teams can track email engagements and proactively reach out to prospects. 

Pardot also helps in identifying best-performing campaigns and sales-ready prospects that help sales & marketing teams drive more results. 

So, are you ready to see how marketing automation can help you grow at record speeds & enable your sales & marketing teams better connect with the modern-day B2B buyers? Get in touch with our Pardot experts now!

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