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Resource Augmentation

6 Benefits of Resource Augmentation for Global Companies in 2021

What Really is Resource Augmentation?


Resource Augmentation, commonly known as contracting, is when companies hire the extra help they need only for a specific project or a particular period. 


Basically, companies can hire employees on a contract basis without making a permanent commitment to the additional support they hire.


To put it in simple words, resource augmentation is an outsourcing strategy in which the company looks for its weakness in a project and rectifies it by employing an external talent without a permanent hiring procedure.


Augmenting resources can greatly influence the companies and their end-year results. It is no wonder that resource augmentation services have become an essential tool for the corporate giants to the square of their balance sheets.


Let’s See How Resource Augmentation Benefits Global Companies in 2021


resource augmentation


#1: Cost-Effectiveness


Cost-cutting is an important catch for global companies for a positive balance sheet and growth measure. There are two perspectives to look upon this cost-cutting aspect of the resource augmentation model.


As per the research records, it is roughly 40% more economical to hire a contract employee than looking for a permanent appointment. The base salary, benefits, and social security eat a big share in the project development pie. The benefits include living expenses and other allowances, which are comparatively higher in a developed country over a developing country.


There is no more a factor worth considering with resource augmentation in operational costs such as office expenses, electricity, or stationery. This further increases the sum companies could end up saving. This fund can be diver

ted to R&Ds, training, or other projects.


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#2: Greater Flexibility


Companies love to expand their horizons. They even take half chances hoping for a chance to convert. This can attract serious threats to their balance sheets.


With resource augmentation mode, companies can bid on projects of different sizes, sectors, and types. This implies that companies don’t have to say a no to any of those inquiries which aren’t their ball game. 

The flexibility and adaptability that these companies get from resource augmentation can help them broaden their service network.


#3: Greater Control

Compared to an outsourcing strategy, companies have the upper hand in the control of a project. They can keep track of the pace and quality at every stage and even on-demand.


Once outsourced, companies lose their monopoly to add or remove resources at any point in time. But in the case of resource augmentation, you are free to do the same but at the risk of privacy and security still under risk.



#4: Quality Talent on Offer

Finding the right quality candidate can prove costly and time-consuming. But augmentation service providers have access to a global pool of resources at their will. 


So, companies have the same access to a set of skill sets they are looking to meet their targets on time.


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#5: Hassle-Free Hiring Process


Augmentation doesn’t require any lengthy paperwork and the tedious process of filing and sanctioning. Hence, it is a time-saving process, and companies can concentrate more on the development side than on the hiring process.


#6: Better Productivity

Specialist talents acquired can help companies deliver their projects faster without having an extra burden on the permanent staff.


With their advent in the IT sector, these advantages have made augmentation to spread over sectors. The spread proved worth enough with the balance sheets ending in the green.



Resource Augmentation has evolved a lot since it was first implemented & it is indeed the way forward for global companies in 2021. It guarantees a great deal of flexibility and cost-efficiency for your business. CEPTES holds a decade of experience in Salesforce Staffing Services. Our expert guide provides you competent assistance to fill your company staffing gaps. Contact us to know how we can help. Request a Resource Augmentation contract sample or contact us to see how we can work and get your dream development team.

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How customizing your Salesforce CRM can help you enhance productivity

As a powerful CRM tool, Salesforce can be configured and customized according to the business needs. We can customize each & every type of record, standard tabs,  including the addition of the custom fields and setting of the page layouts.

We can also customize search, tagging, and user interface options for our org. In addition to that, every Contact Manager, Group, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance Edition user can customize various personal display options.

What is Customization in Salesforce CRM?

Salesforce CRM customization is the custom development and coding to add robust features to the CRM platform. We can integrate these customized features with our business as per our need to have a scalable impact.

Customization of Salesforce CRM is not only easy to use but also will help to grow the business exponentially.

Salesforce Customization Examples:

There are numerous examples of customization, and few of them are;

Apex triggers, Apex Classes, Different third-party integrations, visual force emails, alter the page layout using CSS and building visual force pages.

Few Best Practices of Salesforce CRM Customization

For the success of Salesforce Customization, below are few best practices that need to follow. 

  • Plan well ahead before the customization. 
  • Organize and prioritize the customization process.
  • Use a sandbox environment to create the customizations without affecting other users. 
  • Always take help from the Salesforce Experts.
  • Use other required tools that will help in the customization. 
  • Test very well before the final deployment of the customization.
  • For better communication, use simple, concise, and structured naming conventions. 
  • To avoid change or duplicate, add details about the feature, which will help other developers to understand the customizations.
  • Provide help texts for the ease of the usage of the customization to the end-user.

Few must have Salesforce CRM Customizations are

Custom Portal 

Salesforce custom portal will help a great end-user experience. As an example, the custom client portal will help to enhance the client’s and our convenience. 

Likewise, Salesforce partners, or Salesforce employees portal can use to streamline the communications among the partners or teams to boost and grow the business.

Customized Dashboards

A custom dashboard in Salesforce CRM will help us to view a 360-degree view of our business processes and opportunities. 

Now, let’s consider the applicability of customized dashboards in the  Real estate industry. We have extensive data from clients, and we want to keep track of our sales funnel. Having a personalized dashboard, we can create custom modules to have a record of our leads, buyers, sellers, property listings, brokers, agents, etc.

Customized Views

Customized Views is the next Salesforce customization that can improve business performance. With this, our customers can have flawless experience and extend the functionality of our Salesforce. 

Now, we won’t face the issue of default restrictions, as customized views will give more functionalities such as list views, custom forms, options to upload the attachments, etc.

When will we choose our Salesforce CRM Customization?

We can choose Salesforce CRM customization in any of the below situations:

  • Integration of third-party (like ERP, an e-commerce system, etc.) need for better performance of the business process to execute.
  • When we need more detailed reports and dashboards that are interactive and well-built to get the required information.
  • When it is difficult for the end-users to adapt to the configured platform.
  • When we have some budget and dedicated timeline set for customization.
  • When we have large amounts of complex business data which is difficult to cover with the default functionality of Salesforce.

Now we know the customization of Salesforce CRM, we can implement whenever we feel the need to help our platform & grow the business. 

With customized CRM, we can streamline processes, increase revenue, enhance productivity, get more ROI, and much more.

If you are looking for Certified Salesforce consulting services, then contact us today!

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Top 3 Reason “Salesforce Customer 360” can be a Game-Changer in 2020

Do you know around three-fourth of the customer wants their expectation & needs to be understood & fulfilled? Whereas there is another fact that only 47% of the customer agrees their expectations fulfill, and 53% are not? So, as an SME with limited budget & resources, do you worry about how to meet with ever-changing customer expectations and win the rat race? If you answered “YES,” then don’t worry, “Salesforce Customer 360”, which is an integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, has the solution for you & your customer. It will unite customer data across marketing, sales, customer service, and more into a single platform.

Salesforce Customer 360 is a cost-effective way to connect you to all customer touchpoints so that the company will have a single view of every customer and can deliver the experience they deserve. 

Salesforce Customer 360
*Image source – Salesforce

Deliver superior support with a single customer view 

 Most of the time, in a busy day to day life with multiple tasks, when we try to contact the customer care to solve any of our problems, we notice there is a long waiting queue of other customers before our number comes.

When our turn comes, we are explaining all your pain points with emotion. We think our problem will get resolved, and later we realize that the agent is transferring the call to some other department or to his senior where we have to explain our whole story from the beginning. Sometimes due to various reasons, if the issue doesn’t resolve in a single call, then we have to repeat the process once again. Have you ever realized how it will feel when our customers will experience the same feeling with our service?

To avoid such disappointment, Customer 360 records all the customer communication automatically, and any agent from any department will get the past context and proceed from there. This experience will make the customer feel that someone understands their pain points. 

Deliver superior support with a single customer view 

*Image source – Salesforce

Deliver personalized customer experiences

If we follow our old traditional method of capturing all customer details in a spreadsheet or for some reason, if we note down the same in a sticky note, then most of the chances are either we misplace, or we will not get when we need that.

In this scenario, we communicate either entirely new or with half-cooked information which is altogether embarrassing to both the customer and us also. And in this cut-throat competition as an SME, personalized customer experience is critical to building trust & long-term relationships.

Customer 360 fulfills this need; we can pull all the customer details with the conversation, which will not only help to know them better but also will help in selling as per their need.

Deliver personalized customer experiences

*Image source – Salesforce

Make it easy for your business to scale and grow

I hope you agree to sustain & grow; every business should meet their customer expectations, and without that, the customer will switch over to the competitor without any second thought for the better deal.

According to research, 58% of Small Medium Business leaders say over the next two years, meeting customer experience expectations is a challenge for growth. So, the question comes here is, how can we achieve the same?

The ultimate solution for this is by leveraging the benefit of technology, and the most compelling benefits of Customer 360 are:

  1. Even though as a startup or small business, you can well manage with a one-two person team.
  2. You can replace different tools for the market, sell, and customer support with a single device, which is easy to use & maintain.
  3. It supports small to large enterprise-level, which is no need for switching to anything else.
  4. A customized solution for the business as you need.  

Make it easy for your business to scale and grow
Let’s Conclude:

Salesforce can help you find customers, win their business, and keep them happy so you can grow faster than ever. If you are looking for Certified Salesforce consulting services, please contact us today!