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Salesforce Field Service Lightning for Optimized Field Operations

Salesforce field service lightning (FSL) which is one of the top functionalities of Salesforce Service Cloud is a highly customizable, powerful, mobile-friendly field service hub that helps field service agents increase productivity. 

Equipped with AI-powered scheduling, resource optimization, knowledge articles, etc. FSL helps service agents manage their work orders & schedules efficiently. This also enables them to fix customer issues quickly with smarter decisions – all on the powerful Customer 360 Platform. 

Below is the list of things that Salesforce field service lightning do:

  • Create impactful records representing field service technicians, agents, and add professional information like skills, location, and business availability.
  • Set up level-wise service territories that represent the regions where technicians can work.
  • Track the live location & status of inventory, warehouses & service vehicles.
  • Schedule work orders for customers, and add details about technician preference and required skills and parts.
  • Create maintenance plans and templates to standardize the field service tasks.
  • Share reports about service progress to the customers.

Why is the Salesforce field service lightning a great package?

In order to offer a highly connected customer experience, field service lightning boost workforce productivity, automate appointment schedules, get real-time visibility, optimize mobile workforce allocation & manage jobs in the field using smartphones.

  • Seamlessly connect with customers

Seamlessly connect with customers

Service delivery tracking gets automated with the Salesforce Dispatcher Console feature. Users have the power to customize their dashboard view to a map or a Gantt chart and can get real-time job alerts. 

  • Deliver guided mobile experiences

On the move, employees and field service agents can share job updates, access knowledge books, view and update van stock or hub inventory, and generate service reports using the Field Service Lightning mobile app. 

  • Enable smarter work

Workers can schedule appointments as per priority level and improve process performance by passing on a particular service request to the right agent. With Salesforce Platform, standard and custom objects integrate with work orders.

  • Offer intelligent customer experiences 

Any third-party systems integrate, and with the power of IoT, field service agents take quick actions to deliver intelligent customer experiences. Field Service Analytics will help to identify the trends and problems early to optimize the mobile workforce.

Core Features

When Salesforce Field Service Lightning is enabled, we gain access to a suite of familiar objects present in Setup and tabs in Salesforce. They make the core field service features, including appointments & orders.

Managed Package

The Field Service managed package built on the core features and includes:

  • A Setup tool that walks through creating field service records and customizing the settings
  • A dedicated scheduling console that gives dispatchers and supervisors a bird’s-eye view of all the team members & scheduled appointments
  • A scheduling optimizer that allocates resources to appointments in the most efficient way by accounting for skill level, travel time, location, and other factors
  • Scheduling policies and triggers that help customize the scheduling model and display preferences.

Managed Package

Mobile App
Mobile app

The iOS and Android versions of the Field Service Lightning mobile app make work a pleasure for field service technicians who serve the clock’s customers.

App users can update daily work orders, track part supplies, gather customer signatures, and connect with dispatchers directly from their smartphone. 


There are many reasons why the Salesforce field lightning app is a delightful experience for users, company, field workforce & manage many things simultaneously. This feature allows the field service team to offer faster, smarter, and personalized services using smart mobile devices with Service Cloud. The field service team can access account info in order to resolve customer problems by creating a work order for a case. The service team can schedule field agent’s appointments, manage their schedules, and track their material consumption all in real-time.

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Salesforce introducing Experience Cloud, build on the the Customer 360 platform

It’s been a week of announcements for Salesforce, with the latest being the introduction of Experience Cloud, built on the Customer 360 platform. With Experience Cloud, businesses can rapidly go digital by building their websites, mobile apps, and other digital customer interaction points. 

Experience Cloud has been designed by bringing together Experience Builder, Salesforce CMS, Mobile Publisher, and a suite of web apps to transform the entire customer journey. Customers gain a competitive advantage because they have taken the first step, leveraged data to create meaningful relationships, and unified every aspect across a seamless customer journey.

Digital transformation is essential for businesses to survive, with customers looking for online experiences and showing trepidation to visit physical locations. Salesforce is committed to helping businesses craft engaging experiences, empowering them to make intelligent business decisions with the information. They’ve outlined a few guiding principles and some customer success stories at the link above.

Get started on Trailhead here. For more information get in touch with our experts at CEPTES to get started on your digital journey today.


Salesforce Introduces brand new platform, Digital 360

Salesforce has introduced Digital 360, a new platform for the emerging digital workforce to drive customer engagement from anywhere in the world. This platform will be a part of Salesforce’s commitment to teams working separately across the globe, bringing together features and innovations from the Customer 360 platform. 

The platform will be augmented with expert services, a robust partner ecosystem, and new learning resources from Trailhead

“Every company has gone digital overnight because of the pandemic, With Digital 360, we’re delivering the full power of Salesforce tailored to digital leaders—our products, ecosystem, learning and expert services—enabling them to move with the speed, agility and scale they need to operate at Black Friday levels every single day.”

Adam Blitzer, EVP & GM, Digital. 

Product features include:

  • Customer 360 Audiences a customer data platform for marketing teams to bring together all of their customer data
  • Cloud Payments – A built-in payment solution powered by Stripe
  • Experience Cloud – For rapidly building CRM-powered digital experiences

Digital 360 combines the power of Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Experience Cloud to give users the ability to build longer-lasting, deeper customer relationships with collected data. 

Another major announcement was the introduction of a brand new suite of technologies for businesses to boost their growth post the COVID-19 pandemic. Customers are uncertain about the future and hesitant to make business decisions, Salesforce is giving sales representatives the tools to gain the maximum advantage for virtual selling.

CRM, Real estate

Why you Need a Real-estate CRM – Top Five Reasons

The real estate sector has been one of the top contributors to any economy. With continuous process automation & digital transformation, the industry can streamline it’s critical business processes & sustain in a highly dense competition. However, the real estate industry is one of the most inactive technology adopters in order to automate certain repetitive manual tasks and concentrate more on accelerating revenue growth. 

However, the current pandemic has caught the sector hard and modern-day realtors are looking for innovative ways to bounce back strong. Driving more sales and minimizing manual tasks are the key goals, and this is where a powerful CRM comes into the picture. 

In the new normal of a virtual world, where it has become more essential to reach to your target audience digitally, realtors today are looking to enhance their reach, accelerate sales processes for faster deal closures, minimize human interventions in critical business operations with next-gen automation, leverage the power of analytics to unlock business insights & drive top-notch customer engagement to streamline future sales funnel. A comprehensive CRM solution tailored to meet specific real-estate business goals can help realtors achieve more in less time.

So, here are the top 5 reasons why you need a real estate CRM for your business. 

Efficient Database Management:

  • Managing a customer database is a tedious task for any real estate developer and broker (Channel Partner).
  • Daily working on the excel sheets, managing leads, and the right information is complicated; also, data is not available at one click.
  • Multiple executives work on handling customer queries and managing databases, which results in so many errors in data.

Lead Nurturing:

  • The whole industry works on daily lead generation to get clients from the market. Lead nurturing will help a company to know the potential of any inquiry received. 
  • It can also help you to capture the leads online through any platform. You can get the details and communicate with any of the leads.
  • Through the CRM, you can email or SMS and keep nurturing leads, till leads reach at the bottom of your sales funnel for final closure.

Relationship Management:

  • Do you know why channel partners, close top deals, and get so many referrals? It is because of their relationship with people.
  • We know it’s a bit difficult for companies to do it, but your CRM can help you build strong relations with prospects and end customers. 
  • It will always remind you about your activities with any prospect or customers, like birthdays, anniversary, which will help build personal relationships. 
  • You can always send them festival wishes, newsletters, and any information with one click through CRM.
  • So CRM not only helps you to maintain a database but allows you to build relationships to drive business.

CRM helps you to automate your marketing:

  • A Real Estate CRM can directly capture all online leads through integration.
  • You can also set your email or SMS campaigns, and you can run drip campaigns, which can keep nurturing leads.
  • Different CRM Tools can capture all the activities and communicate with the related prospects. Like chatbots, Mailers, SMS, and data capturing can ease your marketing efforts and help you save your time on each activity.


  • A real estate CRM can help you to generate lots of unique reports at one click.
  • These reports can help you to know the detailed analysis of the activity happening around each department’s project. 
  • Reports will not only help you to analyze the performance of individual team members, but it can also help you analyze which marketing activity is working for you and ROI on each activity.
  • You can generate lots of reports like leads, visits, marketing spends, ROI on each effort, source of leads, and ratio to visit and closure.

Wrapping up

Salesforce has been doing exceptionally well in transforming the real estate industry with its Customer 360 platform by optimizing critical business processes such as sales, service, marketing, etc. With Salesforce powered CRM realtors can improve sales processes, achieve greater visibility, reduce significant operational costs & time, enhance productivity, and ensure a comprehensive 360-degree customer view. As a Salesforce partner company, CEPTES offers CRM solution ‘RealE360’ tailored for real-estate players. To know more, please get in touch.

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Connections ’19: Salesforce added Customer Data Platform (CDP) to reinforce their Customer 360

At the Salesforce Connections annual event held in Chicago this week which gathered thousands of marketing, commerce, and service leaders,  Salesforce unveiled their new Customer Data Platform (CDP) to boost their Customer 360 platform. This will enable companies to unify their customer data from all the sources to get a single comprehensive integrated view of each customer which will allow companies to personalize every customer engagement.

Salesforce’s CDP will redefine a familiar category known as Data Management Platform (DMP). Salesforce already has its Audience Manager which is considered to be a DMP. Apart from Salesforce, there are other notable vendors who are offering similar kind of platforms. However, Salesforce’s CDP will go beyond marketing and consolidate various other functions. CDP is considered as the next generation of Salesforce’s Customer 360 platform, which they introduced during 2018 Dreamforce.

President and chief product officer at Salesforce, Bret Taylor said, in order to offer customers an exceptional personalized experience; brands must have a single view of the customer. With Salesforce Customer 360, brands can unify and personalize customer engagement at scale.

Salesforce’s Customer 360 help companies connect their Salesforce apps and generate a unified customer ID to build a single view of each customer. Now the next gen Customer 360 with new advancements will make it seamless for brands to join fragmented customer data across various functions of the business beyond marketing. The new data unification and consent management features will unify all customer data to create rich customer profiles. Consent management framework will allow brands to gain customer consent whenever they engage customers from marketing campaigns. The new segmentation feature will help brands to identify specific groups of people based on demographics, engagement history, similar interest, etc. to engage with in real-time. Customer data can be activated across marketing, commerce, service to deliver highly personalized customer engagement.

The other core function of CDP twirls around Salesforce’s Einstein AI. Customer 360 will allow brands to embrace Einstein’s AI capabilities to analyze how and when to engage with customers in order to drive engagement.

The CDP is currently in beta and expected to be available generally by end of 2019. Salesforce’s Customer 360 platform will go beyond traditional CDP and will help Salesforce extend the power of their CRM with high-level data management and activation. This will help Salesforce customers who want to deliver unified customer experience across various touchpoints.

Check Top 10 Highlights from Connections’19 Here.

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