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Drive Better Customer Experiences and Faster Innovation 2021
Happy New Year, Salesforce

Drive Better Customer Experiences and Faster Innovation 2021

“An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. so, when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it’s going to launch you into something great.”

Success and failure are just a part of life!
Don’t let failure drop down your hope,
Don’t let success overwhelm you!
Both success and failure come hand in hand,
So, this year work over your failure.
Cherish your success &
Have a Victorious Business Year 😊

The Business Purpose

The business of business is to make the world a better place. It always goes back to wanting more for people, and the only way you’ll succeed is if the vast majority of people in your community succeed. Sometimes to lead is to break from the past by taking a stand for the future.

Trust. Secure. Reliable

The backlash against the world’s largest tech companies is a crisis of trust in the tech industry. Your business culture must be built on trust, fundamental trust with your key stakeholders, customers, employees, and partners. This is only possible when you redefine your Customer Relationship Management. It would be best if you relied on a partner who can build innovative solutions for your business. 

No to Obsolete, Yes to Innovation

Building Innovative Cloud Solutions is the front door to the new economy. It accesses the solutions that you need to transform your business. CEPTES provides the most powerful tools out there and has taken enterprises to create a huge Return on Investment. It allowed businesses to do their job at their best. 

Designing a Workable Future

An enterprise is just not an enterprise if it holds back in giving satisfaction to your customers. Gift your enterprise better Cloud Technology Solutions to make your work much easier. You also need to make sure to design a positive outcome and integrate workability in your business or enterprise. 

Customers- The Key to An Enterprise Success

Remember that an enterprise is just a ‘WORD’ without customers.

Why don’t you do something great for your customers this 2021 by moving to Cloud Solutions

Since everyone is going digital and consumers are online more than ever. You can only serve your customers better with Cloud Solutions. 

2021 is not just gonna be a New Year. It’s gonna be the year of Technology Sustainability. 

To know more, connect with us.

CEPTES wishes you a successful 2021. Peace and Success be with you!

Salesforce Integration

Top 4 Considerations for Salesforce Integration

One of the most common issues faced by most of the industries is with regard to disparate data sources and the siloed systems. Integrations across a company can bring enormous challenges for both the SaaS/Cloud Service providers as well as the business users. As per research, about 54% of businesses missed their project deadlines in the past six months due to problems related to Cloud Integration. 

Additionally, in the last 3 years, every one in two businesses completely abandoned a Cloud app due to integration problems. Furthermore, it is estimated that more than half of the Cloud adopters tried using Cloud Integration, but failed at it. This complex data integration issue calls for a solution, and yet again someone has solved it.

The Salesforce platform has successfully introduced its own Integration Cloud. A SaaS offering with the most advanced technology for delivering connected customer and service experiences by using next-gen solutions for Data Integration. Offering a plethora of benefits, like efficiency, accuracy, and quality. Leading to enhanced user experience and ability in improving the ROI of each business user. With the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, Salesforce customers can integrate data from any system to deliver critical and time-sensitive projects.

The points discussed below elaborate on the functions and benefits of the Salesforce Integration Cloud to boost productivity and improve the ROI.

Better Native ERP Integrations

One of the most worthwhile integrations that can lead to high-performance sales and drive greater ROI is through integrating Salesforce with your existing ERP. Since Salesforce has strong integrations with MS Office Applications and other social media platforms, it allows you to gain quick insights into the sales leads. These integrations, in turn, lead to less manual work and drive more revenue.

Enriched Customer Experiences

For ensuring perfect sales automation, it combines a unique set of services and tools for connecting every system, device, and customer to the surface data irrespective of its residing location. These tools and services also ensure connected Customer Experience (CX) beyond different channels. 

For instance, a developer can make use of the Lightning App builder for integrating the data regarding the commerce order history into the Lightning service console for transforming service interactions into cross-selling and upselling opportunities, and accomplish all it without leaving their comfortable console.

By contributing to the data accuracy, efficiency, and quality, Salesforce Integration Cloud can cause improvements in your ROI.

Enhanced Integration Platform

The Integration Platform offered by Salesforce Integration Cloud can offer a comprehensive solution for all of the needs related to Data Integration. The Integration Platform combines the critical capabilities of a comprehensive Data Quality, Data Governance, and Data Integration solution into a sole unified Cloud-based platform for efficiently integrating real-time organizational data, devices, services, processes, business partners, and systems across any cloud. The extensive Data governance capabilities offered by the Integration Cloud allow the customers in meeting their unique business needs through a single platform for collaborating across projects seamlessly.

The consultants at CEPTES give you intelligent sales process insights that focus on customer needs. These insights play a favorable role in contributing to improving your ROI.

Improved Connectivity

Working inside an organization is a taxing experience, as all the team members need to perform different tasks at a given point in time. One of the major problems faced by the team members is with regard to the non-automation of the routine tasks. If you want your business to have a complete digital transformation, then integrating siloed systems can efficiently work towards automating the routine processes and tasks by connecting to other Salesforce systems, on-premise systems, or external cloud on a unified platform. 

It has an advanced AI and app integration through which the business users can directly embed intelligence into their apps for gaining instant access to additional capabilities that help in keeping their business moving forward. This benefits the team by making them focus on generating sales and improving the revenue of your business. 

What can you achieve with a connected experience?

  • Seamlessly connect any system, Salesforce, or external, whether in the cloud or on-premises, on a centralized platform.
  • Drive API-led connectivity by getting rid of inflexible custom code and optimize business agility with application networks.
  • Enable teams to discover and reuse integration assets to build upon prior projects and address new business priorities.
  • Enable your entire ecosystem of developers, partners, and customers to create new revenue opportunities and top-notch customer experiences with packaged APIs.

Being a global Salesforce partner, CEPTES can provide the consultation and solutions required to boost business efficiency. A highly integrated business solution can increase the performance of existing business architecture. It uses the right strategies for increasing customer engagement and improving the ROI of businesses spread across different verticals. 

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