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Why Do You Need SFDMU for Data Migration in Salesforce?

SFDX Data Loader plug-in (SFDMU) is one of the latest and most powerful data migration tools for Salesforce and a great alternative for the earlier data loader application. 

The SFDMU plug-in will be useful to populate your org (scratch/ sandbox/ dev/production) using the data imported from different org or CSV files.

The tool supports all the essential CRUD operations such as (Insert/Update /Upsert/Delete) as well as for various related sObjects.

The SFDMU comes with many advanced features that none of the existing tools could offer, and it will make your data migration a fast and seamless process.

Major Features of the SFDMU Tool:

  • SFDMU supports migrating data directly from one Salesforce org to a different Salesforce org without needing the intermediate CSV files.
  • It allows the migration of multiple objects at the same time. 
  • The tool is compatible with exporting/importing data to/from CSV files.
  • It supports composite external Id keys.
  • It does not need any special External Id field to update or upsert operations to bind relevant sObjects. 
  • The tool supports Object Mapping and Customized Fields when the name of the fields and objects in the Source and the Target vary. 
  • During data migration, the tool saves the Record Type for each record.
  • The tool manages self-referenced fields, for example, Account.ParentId.
  • Provides support for Full Person Account. Processes record sets containing mixed Business & Person Accounts.
  • Supports the migration of relevant attachments, notes, and files, which includes binary data.
  • Comes with a built-in data anonymization feature and replaces the original data source with random values while updating the Target.
  • Enables customized binding of polymorphic lookup fields.
  • Provides complete safety and security. The operations are performed on the client’s machine without any cloud interaction.
  • The tool is fully configurable using a JSON file and it is user-friendly.
  • It is quite fast and carries out processes for only a selected subset of fields and records to insert and update and does not touch anything else. 

Installation of SFDMU


The Main Window of SFDMU GUI (Source: medium.com)

To use the SFDMU tool property, you have to install a GUI tool and the Data-Move-Utility plug-in to simplify the process:



The second one in the screenshot, the SFDMU Desktop App is a useful GUI tool that simplifies the use of SFDMU based on Electron.js.


Steps to Use the Tool

To run the tool, type the npm start command in the SFDMU-Desktop app:

npm start

The user needs to register and sign in:


SFDMU GUI Login Page (Source: medium.com)


After login, you need to select the source and destination file in the first step:


Selecting the Source & Destination Files (Source: medium.com)


In the next step, you need to set the point of the migration:


The Possible Options in SFDMU for the Migration


The settings are:

  • Object Fields
  • Object Settings
  • Fields Mapping
  • Data Anonymization

The final step is to execute the migration.



Then the tool will display the execution steps during the migration process.


Execution Steps on SFDMU GUI (Source: medium.com)


Overall, the SFDMU tool provides the most seamless way of data migration from various relevant sObjects between Salesforce orgs.

Why your business needs Salesforce Data Loader

Why your business needs Salesforce Data Loader?

What is Salesforce Data loader?

Salesforce’s Data Loader is client software or application used for mass data import or export. 

Salesforce Data Loader is mainly known for:

  • Insertion of records
  • Updating records
  • Deletion of documents, or 
  • Exportation of records

While importing data

During the import process, Salesforce’s Data Loader interprets, extracts, and fills data from either CSV (comma-separated values) files or a database. 

These CSV files are stored on cloud file storage services (like Box, Dropbox, or Google Drive) or FTP.

While exporting data

During the output process, Salesforce’s Data Loader outputs CSV files.

Salesforce data loader offers a variety of advantages over other data loaders. It only needs minimal configuration but only requires a web browser to accessed the data loader from anywhere.

Salesforce’s Data Loader offers a plethora of benefits. Some of them are:

Easy Configuration

Salesforce’s Data loader allows you to configure your data loading functions in a convenient and simple to use manner. 

Efficient preservation of configured operations

Configures your incorporation operation only once. It is autosaved and is stored, and is available for edit till you delete it.

Easy automation

Automate your data loading operations and can even schedule it. 

Proper Monitoring

Monitor all the operations, check for errors and even download the records.

Features of the Salesforce’s Data Loader

  • Can do the Data migration.
  • Assist in migrating multiple objects at the same time.
  • Does not require a unique External Id field for Update/Upsert operations to bind related to Objects 
  • Provide support for customized Fields and Object Mapping. 
  • Help in handling circular references between objects. 
  • It is a User-friendly configuration. 
  • Fast performance. 

Why Salesforce Data Loader is Exceptional one?

  • Has a convenient wizard interface for cooperative use
  • Has an alternate command-line interconnection for automated batch functions (for Windows only)
  • Provides support for big files with up to 5 million records
  • Can do a Drag-and-drop field planning
  • Includes support for all objects, for custom objects too
  • Used for processing data in both Database and Salesforce
  • Provides detailed status about log files (success and error status)
  • Has an in-build CSV file viewer
  • Can integrate with both Windows and Mac

Final words:

Salesforce’s Data Loader isn’t any bare data loader. It’s the best in class. As your business grows, you need to arrange and store extensive data efficiently seriously. Data Loader is an exceptionally convenient tool for bulk data import or export. To know more on how to import data through Salesforce Data Loader, connect with us