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How To Improve your Salesforce Org Performance?

Are you facing a slower performance of your Salesforce org?

If you have answered “YES,” then, 

We know the frustration and its impact on the company. There can be many reasons that can slow down the system, whether you are going to use the Salesforce org or you are already using it.

We have identified a few points for you to watch out:

Instances and Plugins

Choose Salesforce instances and Salesforce plugins near the office because the closer they are to the office, the lower are the number of network hops.

The addition of a single millisecond of delay due to the network hops ends up severe effects of Salesforce org performance.

Optimize the number of plugins by analyzing the essential requirements of your customers and your company. If the plugin duplicates Salesforce OOTB functionality, then that can potentially slow down your Salesforce org. Give a particular preference to configure components, which are more secure over the plugins.

Prioritize your Resources

Nowadays, employees connect multiple devices to company wireless networks, which leaves critical applications such as Salesforce, starved of resources. 

Make sure you have enough bandwidth capacity, which can be done by analyzing employee traffic and then prioritizing critical applications for in-office use or setting up a separate network for personal devices.

Lots of data!

To improve the performance of Salesforce org, the development team should implement the Salesforce solution wisely.

If the data is enormous, then you will experience a delay in the response from Salesforce. To tackle this problem, you need to make sure Salesforce delivers data in packs. Along with that, you need to enable page navigation to facilitate gliding through the data. This problem can also solve by providing data asynchronously.

Another best way to accelerate the Salesforce org performance is by caching big objects that rarely change on the network. Implementing a great data archiving strategy will seamlessly take off the data load on your Org and make it perform better. DataArchiva is one of the most popular solutions that can help you address this.

Cache it

The Salesforce org performance can also be improved by caching objects that are the usual culprits of slowing down the system. Salesforce, like other cloud-based systems, is primarily based on JavaScript and CSS.

Downloading the big objects and adding to Salesforce static resources results in shorter loading times. Salesforce encourages this approach since the release of lightning components.

Good Practices directs growth

Following the Salesforce coding practices for both the customer’s and the company’s internal coding style can also help to improve the performance of the salesforce org.

Stick to an efficient methodology to carefully analyze the customer requirements. Identify the components that can handle independently. Ensure that the quality maintains at each step. Perform useful QA testing to spot Salesforce performance issues. With this mantra, you can grow the business with Salesforce.

Be prepared for the future

Beware of updates because they can alter existing delightful configurations. Skyrocketing of your data can also affect your Salesforce org. Pay special attention to new functionality and plugins that you integrate into your Salesforce org.

One important point to remember, when the business grows, it should have more Salesforce licenses and storage space.

Wrapping up

In brief,

  1. Use instances and plugins close to you. Optimize plugin usage.
  2. Provide sufficient bandwidth for the Salesforce application to run.
  3. Tackle big data wisely.
  4. Cache static objects.
  5. Follow Salesforce coding practices.
  6. Pay attention to every new and small detail.

CEPTES is a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner providing Salesforce services that include implementation, integration, migration, enhancement, and development. With over ten years of technical expertise and more than 80% certified Salesforce professionals, we can solve any issues related to your Salesforce. To know further details, contact us.


Everything you should know about TrailheaDX India

If you were among the attendees of the recently concluded TrailheaDX in India, you must have witnessed one of the most epic TrailheaDXs ever. The significance of this TrailheaDX was, the biggest Salesforce developer conference was hosted out of San Francisco for the first time ever & there couldn’t have been a better place than Bengaluru, India. 

Last week on Dec 19th & 20th, Trailblazers from APAC as well as from the US & Europe region joined the event & inspired others in many little ways. The event offered highly inspiring sessions, keynotes, hands-on workshops as well as expo space spanning across Kids coding camp, Customer 360 theater, Salesforce demos, Trailblazer community cove, Trailblazer connect, Camp mini hack, Breakout sessions, Theater sessions and many more.

Both the Opening & the Closing luminary keynotes were inspiring & it motivated Trailblazers to blaze new trails & make the impact of the Salesforce ecosystem enormous. TrailheaDX offered an opportunity & open new ways for Salesforce developers to learn from the experts & take their Salesforce skills to the next level. 

Day one of the event was full of sessions around Mulesoft, Salesforce Customer 360, Einstein Analytics, IoT, Blockchain, LWC, and much more followed by an epic Demo Jam. CEPTES was one of the participants in the Demo Jam along with three other top AppExchange solutions. We showcased our flagship application DataArchiva & eventually won the battle of demos. This was the first-ever TrailheaDX India demo jam & we brought home the winning trophy. The day ended with a wondrous party with a lot of music, dance, and connections. 

Day two was action-packed with sessions on the newly added Salesforce Einstein feature ‘Einstein Voice’, Lightning, Blockchain, AppExchange, ISVs and concluded with an inspiring Fireside Chat with India’s Olympic winning badminton player & Padma Bhushan awardee, Saina Nehwal.

The Salesforce demo booths & the partner booths were jam-packed & as a co-sponsor of the event, CEPTES was one of the centers of affinity for our Demo Jam winning solution DataArchiva. We were fortunate enough to meet some amazing trailblazers, shown endless demos and shared our decade long journey in the world’s #1 CRM platform. 

TrailheaDX was unforgettable & we couldn’t have asked for a better way to finish 2019. India is the next biggest hub of Salesforce developers & we look forward to another TrailheaDX in 2020 here. Until then, keep blazing some new trails. See you! Happy New Year…


CEPTES is showcasing DataArchiva at AppExchange Demo Jam: BLRDEVX TDX19GG

Two days of learning adventure is approaching Namma Bengaluru and we can’t wait to be a part of the upcoming BLRDEVX TDX19GG on 13th & 14th of July. This is another Salesforce event full of learning, fun, connection and giving back with Salesforce Developers, Admin, Consultant, Technical Architect like you! There will be Awesome MVPs, Best Salesforce Community speakers and Local Community Rockstars who will be speaking on various sessions. 

This will be a version of our TrailheaDX in Namma Bengaluru style and we will have exciting sessions where top Salesforce trailblazers & industry influencers will share their journey, knowledge, and experience. Some of the top sessions are;

  • KEYNOTE Speaker: Tushar Mutreja, Global MD, Strategic Alliances, Salesforce
  • 5 Formula to Create Most Reusable Lightning Web Component – Manish Choudhari
  • Rest + OAuth Integration in Lightning – Mohammed Rizwan
  • Demystifying Identity Architecture in Salesforce – Mahesh Kumar
  • Heroku – A Polyglot Platform, Architecture & Add-ons – Ashish Tondare
  • Mysterious Blockchain – Naveen Dhanaraj
  • AI in Marketing Cloud – Gajendra Singh
  • Einstein for Service – Raja Kondreddy
  • Deep dive into the world of Pre Sales – Rupesh Bhatia
  • AppExchange – How to transform an idea into an App – Sudeep Reddy Babu
  • Einstein Analytics The Secret Weapon for ISV’s – Srikanth Reddy
  • Marketing Cloud can make you the Hulk of your Industry – Shrey Sharma
  • Top 5 Salesforce Integration Patterns – Mahesh Shenoy

CEPTES will showcase it’s flagship product DataArchiva at AppExchange Demo Jam

Demo Jam is a show where 6 partners will showcase their most compelling app in a super short, no fluff, 3-minute demo. The show will be hosted by a well-known Salesforce MVP and at the end, the attendees will vote live on a winner. It is a big stage for DataArchiva to showcase what it offers along with 5 other leading Salesforce partners. 

DataArchiva is the ONLY Native Data Archiving Solution for Salesforce powered by Big Objects help Salesforce users periodically archive their unused/historical data and store it at a native level without compromising data integrity with seamless access. The Gartner-listed solution which is also certified by Salesforce to work with US Gov Cloud, will reduce data storage costs significantly (80% and more), improve application performance and also meet compliance requirements. Many top enterprises from varied industries are currently using DataArchiva for their Salesforce data archival and within a span of one year, DataArchiva has become one of the top data archiving solutions for Salesforce. 

Check the App here.

So, come and cheer us and see how DataArchiva is challenging the status quo. 

Grab a ticket for the event now.


CEPTES @ Dreamforce 2018: The Stage is All Set for a DataArchiva Show

We are less than a month away from the ginormous B2B Cloud Conference in the world “Dreamforce“. As the four-day event is swiftly approaching, we can’t reserve our excitement. Dreamforce, which will be held from Sept. 25-28, is all set to bring together the biggest industry leaders, speakers, partners, vendors, 2700+ breakout sessions and more than 200,000 trailblazers across the globe to the four blocks surrounding the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Like every year, CEPTES will be there during the four-day long event full of innovation, inspiration, learning, and giving back. However, Dreamforce ’18 is going to be extremely special for us, as we are going to present our flagship product “DataArchiva” in front of an arena full of Salesforce experts. Though DataArchiva has already achieved a great deal of success and positioned it as one of the top Salesforce native applications just within a few months of its AppExchange release, yet showcasing it during the biggest Salesforce event, is altogether a different feeling.  

While preparing for the Dreamforce ’18, CEPTES was on a mission to develop a product which can actually address the customer pain points while adding real business values. As today’s business is completely driven by data and data insights offer a huge competitive advantage, it has become a must for enterprises to keep a record of their business data for future use as well as to ensure compliance. However, Salesforce customers were facing tough challenges in order to keep a record of their past data as Salesforce storage cost comes at a huge price. This is where the need for big data raised in order to save enormous storage cost.

The arrival of DataArchiva with the power of BigObject

As the structured big datasets spanning various applications is increasing, the value of big data system has grown in recent years. This is where BigObject works as a nearline repository which addresses cost considerations while offering an analytical solution. Utilizing the power of BigObject and Salesforce Platform, CEPTES has developed “DataArchiva”, which is the only Salesforce native data archiving solution. The application comes with rich features and robust functionalities, that offers a seamless data archiving solution with a storage cost reduction up to 80%.

Listed in a Gartner Report for top Structured Data Archiving Solutions is surely a big deal, and DataArchiva achieved this within a few months of its release. After winning the first customer in a few weeks, there is no looking back for DataArchiva since then. With customers from varied industries, DataArchiva has achieved a five-star AppExchange rating with a handful of positive customer reviews. A US Government Cloud Ready label assured the highest data security and GDPR support functionalities made DataArchiva one of the most talked technological innovations in the past few years.

Targeting fundamental archival components (compliance, historical, analytics), DataArchiva offers a key to data governance, analytics, and retention. Few of the most valuable highlights of the application are; Policy Driven Governance and Retention, API Enablement, Attachment/File Support, Salesforce Standard Field History & Audit Trail Support, Instant Accessibility & Restore, View of Archived Data using Standard UI layout (Classic and Lightning) and much more. Talking about the capabilities, DataArchiva offers reduced capital and operational expenditures, compliance and governance, lower risk of regulatory violation, templatized archiving as per industry, smart metadata reconciliation, scheduled archiving, easy search & restore, performance enhancement, prediction & analytics on archived data, and low to zero maintenance cost.

DataArchiva @Dreamforce ’18

Exhibiting at booth #1942 in the Moscone Center, DataArchiva is all set to steal the show. By 2020, the volume of archivable data will be tripled & enterprises have to spend a huge amount of money to store their data. For Salesforce customers, DataArchiva is the ideal solution which can periodically archive their infrequently used data by reducing significant storage cost. In the ongoing life cycle of the data-driven business, it is no longer optional to keep a track of your data. Don’t wait for a lost opportunity or a regulatory violation. Contact us today. You can visit us @booth #1942 during Dreamforce or can schedule a meeting today to ensure a personalized demo.


CEPTES at Sparta Connection 2018

Finally, the wait is over. It’s time for Sparta Connection 2018. Sparta System’s annual user conference is the biggest way to connect with their community of nearly 1 million users. Sparta brings together their customers, partners, and industry experts to share insights and help them take quality management to the next level.

CEPTES has been one of the most preferred partners of Sparta Systems since past many years and is an exclusive cloud partner of Sparta’s product Trackwise Digital. This year’s event will unite multiple industry leaders from various parts of the world to celebrate the Age of Digital Transformation.

The event will be held at JW Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes from June 11, 2018, to June 14, 2018. The 4-day long conference is scheduled to have workshops, case studies and discussions on topics like Digitalization: Its Challenges & Impact, GDPR, Various industry trends, Trackwise: Product road-map, and a showcase of various other software solutions.

As one of the pioneers of global digital transformation enablers, CEPTES leadership team will showcase their flagship product DataArchiva along with XfilesPro and other Salesforce solutions.

Looking at the current challenges enterprises are facing when it comes to managing their business data and storage requirements, DataArchiva is a key enterprise data governance and retention solution. As a Salesforce native application; it is highly scalable, accessible, secure and user-friendly. Looking at the immense potential & amazing response we got from our customers, we are extremely excited to present DataArchiva at Sparta Connection.

Book your slot to meet us in New Orlando to learn more about DataArchiva & how CEPTES can transform your business by embracing innovative Salesforce solutions. Please click on the link below to meet us at Sparta Connection 2018.