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A RoundUp of Salesforce Research on impacts of 2020
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A RoundUp of Salesforce Research on impacts of 2020

As this year is going to end, we would like to give you an insight into the data Salesforce Research reported. This year brought us many twists and turns, changing the way we live and work.

This year has quite impacted the relationship between the business and its customers. 

Salesforce Research, a team, committed to investigate and report the latest trends’ effects on customer and business relations, surveyed nearly 80,000 consumers, decision-makers, and business buyers across the globe to apprehend how the pandemic is restructuring customer behavior and how businesses are acknowledging it.

Here are the important data points collected from different surveys that enfold the impacts of 2020 on digital transformation, customer association, and much more.

Digital-first customer engagement: The shift was well underway before the outbreak of COVID-19, but the pandemic has accelerated this essential spin as people worldwide spent an ephemeral amount of time in stores and more in front of the screens

This summer, consumers and service buyers from around the globe    participated in an annual survey, and it was inferred 

60% of total customer interactions are now digital, with no anticipated dip in 2021 too.

Digital sales revenue: Through different surveys on global shoppers, it was found that 68% of consumers are likely to shop online, even after COVID-19.

Work from home: As the pandemic hit our lives, the work from home option went through a digital upheaval. Around 62% of full-time workers worked from home, two-third of which wanted to continue work like this in the long run.

Digitization: 60% of consumers surveyed in August said that COVID-19 had converted their relationship with technology. Moreover, 88% of consumers expect this years’ crisis to accelerate digital initiatives. 

Artificial intelligence: The share of marketers who reported that their organization utilizes AI has risen to 186%, tripling within 2 yrs. This shows that marketers are increasingly inclining towards digital transformation.

A transformative moment for Sales Representatives: Sales representatives face a particularly reframe moment as they move towards selling virtually for the predictable future. One research found that 54% of sales representatives now felt confident in working in a digital environment.

Video-based support customer support: This year, video experienced a boom among customer service channel. Digital service channels like online chat, messenger apps saw a significant rise of up to 42%

Customer data: To upraise customer service level, businesses need to use customer data in a sophisticated manner. Customers have been circumspect about this dynamic for a long time, but as examples of unethical behavior by companies over customer data come about, 61% of consumers have lost on companies over the use of their data.

All of these stats show there is still much work left for businesses to provide efficient customer service. These stats clearly say what consumers want from companies, why automation is needed, and the overall power of digitization.


How Salesforce adoption is helping Business in Turbulent times

Do you want to know how Salesforce adoption can help your business in the turbulent times? 

Due to the unplanned incident, the business definition has changed drastically with the latest tools & technology. We all are moving towards a new world today with lots of changes happening around us. Due to economic down or unplanned shutdowns, businesses have suffered huge losses, and people have lost their jobs too, which no one was prepared for.

Despite these challenging situations, some businesses continued the operation and brought changes in their work culture. These companies were technologically driven and believed the solutions provided by their business partners to run business in turbulent times.

Here, we will talk about one of the business partners of fortune 500 companies, which is Salesforce. Today more than lakhs of small to big companies are growing with the help of Salesforce CRM.

Here are some of the reasons how Salesforce can help you to run business in turbulent times.


Over the past few months, the traditional office working culture has changed to virtual office culture.

Meetings are conducted online, and homes are our new offices, and technology has become our need for everyone.

Hence, digitalization is a need of an hour. Salesforce is an online CRM, which helps to connect all departments at one platform.

Also, all the business processes can be performed at a few clicks only and on a real-time basis.

Salesforce helps companies go paper-free and complete all operations online without many hurdles and challenges because all departments are integrated at one platform.

Increase in Productivity:

The main challenge and area of concern for all organizations today is employee productivity while working from home.

Salesforce doesn’t focus on capturing employee’s activity but believes in driving results by making tasks more manageable for them to complete on time.

Due to internal department Integration, data, and all tools available in one place. It’s easy for employees to complete all the given tasks in a given period.

Salesforce provides all tools to increase the productivity and outcome of employees to achieve the organizational goals.

Automation Features:

The Right process and things will work because people fail, whereas systems do not.

To get more and more work efficiency, avoid human errors, and set up a process of following up tasks on time, automation is a need of an hour.

Salesforce provides many automation features related to different departments like sales, marketing, operational, execution, etc.

This automation process helps businesses focus more on employee productivity and saves their time on unproductive tasks.

The system works automatically on recurring tasks, reports, daily routines, follow-ups, and work tracking.

So all these built-in features of automation in Salesforce can improvise the systems.

Business Insights:

Knowing business insights from time to time helps management take on-time decisions in this challenging market today.

Salesforce reporting tools can help you with lots of business insights and customized reports for each organization’s department.

Management can generate reports from the system for sales, marketing, execution, operations, and other departments at one click.

You can also create a dashboard for various tasks and reports, which can help you to be always on top of your business work and schedule.

Smooth Business Functioning:

Salesforce CRM integration with all the departments helps you function smoothly across all departments.

The different features, tools, and integration with other tools can help you get on-time work done and deliver it without delay and errors.

It also keeps the team engaged in some or other activity as data flows on a real-time basis.

Besides these, Salesforce CRM can help you manage data, and customer relationships well, resulting in reference sales and new business opportunities.

Let us Conclude:

Having the right system to support the business and people is a need of an hour to address any unplanned situations. 

A right CRM tool like Salesforce can help you drive your business smoothly in these times and its feature support, integration, and ease of use.

If you are planning to bring that transformation to the business in these turbulent times, then it is the right time to decide and build a strong business base with Salesforce.

CEPTES, as a Certified Salesforce Silver consulting partner with over a decade of technical expertise, provides the service starting from the initial build to test and deploy with an accelerated development cycle. 

If you have any queries or need help, then please consult now.

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