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Salesforce introducing Experience Cloud, build on the the Customer 360 platform

It’s been a week of announcements for Salesforce, with the latest being the introduction of Experience Cloud, built on the Customer 360 platform. With Experience Cloud, businesses can rapidly go digital by building their websites, mobile apps, and other digital customer interaction points. 

Experience Cloud has been designed by bringing together Experience Builder, Salesforce CMS, Mobile Publisher, and a suite of web apps to transform the entire customer journey. Customers gain a competitive advantage because they have taken the first step, leveraged data to create meaningful relationships, and unified every aspect across a seamless customer journey.

Digital transformation is essential for businesses to survive, with customers looking for online experiences and showing trepidation to visit physical locations. Salesforce is committed to helping businesses craft engaging experiences, empowering them to make intelligent business decisions with the information. They’ve outlined a few guiding principles and some customer success stories at the link above.

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Salesforce Introduces brand new platform, Digital 360

Salesforce has introduced Digital 360, a new platform for the emerging digital workforce to drive customer engagement from anywhere in the world. This platform will be a part of Salesforce’s commitment to teams working separately across the globe, bringing together features and innovations from the Customer 360 platform. 

The platform will be augmented with expert services, a robust partner ecosystem, and new learning resources from Trailhead

“Every company has gone digital overnight because of the pandemic, With Digital 360, we’re delivering the full power of Salesforce tailored to digital leaders—our products, ecosystem, learning and expert services—enabling them to move with the speed, agility and scale they need to operate at Black Friday levels every single day.”

Adam Blitzer, EVP & GM, Digital. 

Product features include:

  • Customer 360 Audiences a customer data platform for marketing teams to bring together all of their customer data
  • Cloud Payments – A built-in payment solution powered by Stripe
  • Experience Cloud – For rapidly building CRM-powered digital experiences

Digital 360 combines the power of Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Experience Cloud to give users the ability to build longer-lasting, deeper customer relationships with collected data. 

Another major announcement was the introduction of a brand new suite of technologies for businesses to boost their growth post the COVID-19 pandemic. Customers are uncertain about the future and hesitant to make business decisions, Salesforce is giving sales representatives the tools to gain the maximum advantage for virtual selling.