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How CEPTES Built a Culture That Inspires New Ideas Every Day
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How CEPTES Built a Culture That Inspires New Ideas Every Day?

Innovation is the ultimate key to success! If you cannot innovate, get ready to be left behind in the race by your competition. Leaders and CEOs often ask us, “How do you innovate at CEPTES?” “Can you plan an innovation?” and “Can we train our employees to innovate?”

At CEPTES, we firmly believe that the company’s culture has a lot to do with the innovation taking place there. So, it would help if you create a culture that encourages your employees to innovate. In other words, innovation inspires innovation. Let me put it! When one employee starts sharing innovative ideas with other team members, it triggers a chain reaction with the employees where each employee becomes an inspiration for the other to innovate. Only an organization that nurtures such an environment can think innovative, create innovation, and stand out from the rest.

At CEPTES, there’s no secret formula as such. All we’ve done is refined our thinking in a manner where we adapt & apply ideas that we genuinely believe to be great and worthy of being implemented at any level across the organization. Let’s discuss a few principles that lead to innovation and how we, at CEPTES, apply them here.


Innovation Demands Ten Times Improvement

Every idea may sound great initially but may fail if you don’t test it before implementing it. Many arguments can turn out to be innovations with ten times or more improvement. Our Salesforce experts at CEPTES know this, and they focus on delivering highly reliable and scalable Salesforce solutions for a wide range of industry verticals. Since the beginning, over a decade ago, we have been focusing on innovation so that our valued clients get solutions that help them stand out and excel in the competition. By pushing our employees to rework and rethink their ideas at least ten times or more, we help them become confident and sharp innovators and think beyond the ordinary.  


Innovation Demands Ten Times Improvement


Launch & Listen

At CEPTES, we believe that any idea needs to be tested in the real-world before being implemented on a large-scale. With a minimum viable product (MVP), you can do this beta testing and see how the solution works for your staff and customers before making a heavy investment for developing a fully-fledged solution. This exercise works wonders, and you can use it for testing if the customers/targeted audiences like your idea or not. Then, later on, you can expand it further to accommodate your growing business needs. We did the same when we started years ago. We launched the MVPs and then made rapid, ongoing iterations based on our customers’ feedback. This is how we attained expertise in the domain.


Launch & Listen 

Share and Help Others Innovate As Well 

Do you have a great idea? Don’t keep it to yourself! Share with your team and inspire them too to innovate! At CEPTES, we encourage innovation through collaboration. Everyone can share ideas and information openly. The more information you share, the more innovative ideas will be born! We ensure complete transparency during the process to get recognition and appreciation for their creative ideas and thinking.


Share and Help Others Innovate As Well  

Bring Innovators Together

We hire people with unique approaches to problem-solving and a natural inclination towards innovative thinking. When these innovators work together in close coordination, the result is an environment filled with more innovators who inspire others. Our goal is to help every employee here think out-of-the-box and develop ideas that resonate in the industry. Hence, hiring the right team matters a lot here. However, it doesn’t mean that we hire people who have done significant innovations in their previous jobs or academics. Instead, our screening process is designed to help us find people who welcome change, love challenges, and are open to criticism because if we cannot hear about our flaws, we’ll never improve.


Bring Innovators Together

Summing Up

At CEPTES, we believe that ideas don’t always come from within! Instead, they are scattered all over the world. All you need to do is look around with innovators’ specs to dig & use them for your purpose. And, collaboration and continuous encouragement to innovation can lead to an environment where everyone is enthusiastic and excited about innovation and doesn’t feel like it’s a task they need to complete anyhow.

So, if you too have that hidden innovator in you, CEPTES is where you must be. Join us!

CTOs Leverage Technology to Focus on Customer Success

How CTOs Leverage Technology to Focus on Customer Success

The success of any sales & marketing plan depends heavily on customer engagement achieved through it. Engaged customers are loyal to your business, and they are perhaps the most significant influencers who help you acquire more customers through their positive word-of-mouth. 

When happy customers bring more customers, the interactions are feel-good. These interactions help boost customer satisfaction while reducing churn. Engaged customers are an asset to any business as they help offset new customer acquisition costs, which is 25x higher than retaining the existing ones. 

Customer engagement is as meaningful as customer acquisition, indeed! While helping you boost sales conversion, customer engagement can help you get more qualified leads as well.

The ultimate goal of sales teams is to sell and keep the company’s revenue on an upward trajectory. Considering customer acquisition their highest priority, sales professionals tend to spend most of their time and efforts on this. Conversely, businesses aren’t entirely excited about acquiring new customers only and want to have more loyal clients that return to their business.

Online research indicates that engaged customers spend at least 30% more on subsequent purchases than new customers. 


Benefits of customer retention for any business include:


Benefits of customer retention for any business

How to Boost Customer Retention?


We all know how important it is to achieve greater customer engagement. But “how to achieve it” remains a question for most of us! With digital e-commerce platforms completely transforming how customer interactions were done so far, it becomes essential for the CTOs to devise strategies that help them get these digital platforms – SMS, chatbots, online stores, and more. 


Here’re the quick tips for customer retention:


  • Power up your business with AI. Chatbots are a tremendous AI-powered tool that helps boost engagement by being available for customer queries 24/7.


  • Be available across all channels customers can look you up for! And these include all social and digital platforms where your competitors are also present.


  • Set expectations that are realistic and deliverable! Don’t put too much stress on your sales team for achieving an unrealistic target! It may backfire!


  • Ensure that consumer journeys are seamless. Modern customers don’t want to spend time deciding how your website works? Focus on UI & UX!


  • Use available client data to deliver a great experience to each of your valued customers.


  • Pay attention to customer service as that has a lasting impact in ensuring more excellent customer retention.


  • Make use of apps as most customers prefer apps to websites when shopping online, as per various online reports.


How Can Salesforce Technology Help Boost Customer Retention and Success?


Salesforce has been helping countless businesses achieve more excellent customer acquisition for years. Now you can use it for boosting customer retention as well! Salesforce helps streamline all your integrations to facilitate the creation of a lucid data-funnel through the sales, marketing, and customer support teams. 


How Can Salesforce Technology Help Boost Customer Retention and Success 


Let’s quickly discuss the best ways through which CTOs can leverage the powerful Salesforce technology for focusing on customer success!


Centralized Customer Data

In modern times, business success depends heavily on customer data, which keeps the system up and running. Salesforce helps centralize all data sources in one place – including customer communications via VOIP systems, emails, notes, and other channels. With the power of data in your hands, your sales & marketing teams can make better and informed decisions, meet their revenue targets, and strengthen long-term relationships with customers. Centralized data is more reliable and easily accessible when needed.



Stop bombarding your valued customers and business prospects with emails as part of your blast campaign! That won’t work anymore! Personalized messages can help you get your news across just as you want! Thanks to Salesforce’s personalized communication system, businesses can send customized emails, forms, and messages that eventually direct the customers to specific pages (landing pages). 


Track Customer Data

As discussed above, data is the backbone of modern businesses, without which it is virtually impossible to create and implement any marketing play. Customer data reveals a lot about them – their location, places visited, things they like, their workplace, and more. Using this information, businesses can respond better to their customers’ needs. Salesforce can help you track your customer data in real-time. 

CTOs can have their marketing data connected with Salesforce to avoid abandoned carts. Salesforce technology empowers businesses to keep a watch on the landing pages that attract maximum customers, making it easier to follow customers’ purchase journey and make informed decisions.



Re-Engage Customers

Marketing and sales teams find it hard to keep the inactive customers engaged because they do not respond to their emails, calls, and messages. As a result, even the best sales pitches remain ineffective. Most of the sales reps end up abandoning such clients. But with Salesforce, you can be sure that even the most inactive customer is kept connected.  



Customer retention is the key to business success, and Salesforce helps businesses harness the power of customer data for increased customer retention. By making judicious use of the customer data and having Salesforce technology in place for creating and implementing strategies that facilitate customer acquisition and retention, CTOs can make way for augmented ROI and revenues for their company. Other than the benefits discussed above, Salesforce helps sales officers understand why customers leave their brand/products/business; merge customer retention and services to deliver an enhanced customer experience. CEPTES is a Salesforce Silver consulting partner who can help you to accelerate the business value of your Salesforce.com investment through consultation, innovation, and digitization. If you want to grow your business, connect with us or schedule a demo.