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How Modern-day Manufacturers can Streamline Sales Pipeline with Salesforce

Challenges faced by today’s manufacturers

With the advent of Industry 4.0 and an increasing intervention of technology in manufacturing, companies throughout the world are rethinking their incumbent sales process. To keep up with the ever-evolving technology, manufacturers are undergoing a digital transformation of their current business models. However, due to the rapidly changing market and consumer demands, this transformation brings a lot of challenges to the manufacturers. Some of the problems plaguing manufacturers in today’s world are:

  • Inability to manage sales orders effectively
  • Conducting accurate demand forecasting
  • Difficulty in incorporating customer needs
  • Inability to integrate data

The changing customer demands have forced the manufacturers to stay ahead of the curve and rethink their business models.

CEPTES understands the needs of modern-day manufacturers to move from a product-centric model to a customer-centric model. With our team of Salesforce certified consultants, we can help you leverage the power of Salesforce to optimize and streamline your sales pipeline.

Salesforce Manufacturing Solutions

Salesforce can help you achieve a connected manufacturing process that can help you address today’s complex business challenges and streamline various business processes such as inventory management and control, supply chain management, process visibility, etc. by minimizing costs and maximizing ROI.

As an integrated platform, Salesforce helps manufacturers achieve enhanced process visibility and convert more leads into deals by optimizing customer information and improving the sales process with the world’s #1 CRM platform.

With a wide array of features such as the ones discussed below, Salesforce helps you offer the best experience to your customers and gain a competitive advantage.

  • Transparency

The ERP and order management systems store Sales Agreements, to ensure that there’s a single accurate source of this information, 

you can define your own time-phased metrics for a better view of customer relationships.

  • Unified Forecasts

Your sales, planning, operations, and finance teams can collaborate using a unified forecast tool, to develop more accurate forecasts.

Using Salesforce’s Formula Builder, define a forecast algorithm that reflects your business.

  • Customer Centricity

Salesforce helps you manage customer relationships to help you drive your business growth. You get real-time visibility into key accounts, service issues, and sales processes, which helps you respond to changing customer dynamics easily.

  • Collaboration

Salesforce’s Community Cloud extends the power of collaboration in the Manufacturing Cloud to provide better visibility to your customers and channel partners. Collaborative planning helps reduce latency in the planning process and ultimately improves the accuracy of your forecast.

  • Advanced Analytics

With the power of Einstein Analytics, Salesforce helps you generate accurate sales insights and recommendations. The platform is highly customizable and easy to use. Your executives and account teams can discover insights into pricing, product performance, account health, and sales agreement compliance.

  • Seamless Communication

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud helps your teams across different departments to communicate seamlessly. A real-time view of your system and account activities helps you remove bottlenecks and boost productivity.

Benefits of Salesforce

  • Better visibility of processes and the sales pipeline
  • Improved productivity, shorter sales cycles, and high conversion rates resulting in an increased ROI
  • Expansion of your aftermarket parts revenue
  • Reduction in manufacturing costs thanks to intelligent sales forecasting
  • Optimization of customer experience with a 360-degree view and data-driven services
  • Optimize customer experience with data-driven services

CEPTES brings a decade of manufacturing industry experience to help manufacturers accelerate your journey to success, gain a complete 360-degree customer view, collaborate your business processes, and achieve a better Return on Investment. With our diverse offerings including implementing, integrating, and enhancing Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Community Cloud, and Salesforce Analytics, we have assisted leading manufacturing companies accelerate their Salesforce adoption rates and improve productivity. To know more, please get in touch with us.

Salesforce Release

Salesforce Winter ’20 Release Highlights

Salesforce Winter’20 release was one of the most-awaited releases. The first phase of sandbox upgradation has already succeeded in the first release on 6th/7th September, while the second release is scheduled to happen on 11th/12th October. This release delivered extended innovations across mobile, industry solutions, and AI that will enable the CRM users to drive intelligent customer connections and deliver best-in-class experiences. 

Here are some of the top highlights from the Winter’20 release. We are going to discuss what’s new in each of the Salesforce products.

Sales Cloud

With the latest release, Sales Cloud users can now have access to a lot of new features. Sales managers can create sales cadences that branch to various outreach routes. Sales managers can also see how their sales reps are doing with more reporting features leveraging Einstein analytics including opportunity scoring model factors, Einstein Forecasting, etc. 

Sales reps can use custom fields, triggers, and workflow rules with account teams and opportunity contact roles. They can now also control what Einstein Analytics captures and syncs. Sales Cloud now offers enhanced email integrations for Google & Microsoft. With Salesforce Billing Lightning Component, customers and partners can make payments seamlessly & securely in Communities & Lightning Pages. With the Pardot activity dataset, more insights can be driven into engagement patterns. 

Read all Sales Cloud releases: https://sforce.co/2l0LcWz

Service Cloud

Service Cloud has introduced recommended articles for service agents to resolve customer cases faster. Field Service mobile workers can now log their hours on the go. Email, Chat, and Messaging have developed to offer better agent experience & higher productivity. WeChat and WhatsApp channels are available as pilot programs as of now. Knowledge articles can be shared using more channels now. 

New Service cloud features will help service agents see pre-chat details and pages visited by a customer before accepting chat requests. Agents can tackle the right cases first with Secondary Routing Priority. An automatic survey form can be sent to the customers after closing a case. Giving a boost to the Einstein bots, third-party natural language processing engines can be integrated. 

Read all Service Cloud releases: https://sforce.co/2mAL54w


Now you can write row-level formulas directly in the Lightning report builder. You can now create stories automatically by selecting a dataset using Einstein Discovery. Valuable insights can be available quickly with AI-powered analytics. The new Analytics Home can be used for finding, favoriting, curating, and interacting with important assets and insights. Einstein Analytics dashboards are now available in the Salesforce mobile app & data can be accessed through Search, Favorites, and Chatter. 

Read all Analytics releases: https://sforce.co/2llDEOl

Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud users can now send & track transactional text messages like purchase confirmation, receipts, password resets, and financial alerts in real-time. Marketers can now enable multichannel transactional journeys using Transactional Messaging API for Email. Journey Builder has powered with in-app messaging for mobile apps. Marketers can create and send Rich Communication Services (RCS) messages to mobile app users. With the new Einstein Send Time Optimization, marketers can use a Journey Builder activity to select the best send time for each individual email subscriber, based on their engagement history. 

Read all Marketing Cloud releases: https://sforce.co/2kUHqhc

Commerce & Communities

Building the B2C Commerce page has become easy with drag-and-drop components. With the new on-demand sandboxes, a copy of the site can be created quickly to deploy new code, perform new integrations, apply new styles without impacting the production site. With the new Salesforce Content Management System (CMS), deliver highly engaging digital experiences to your customers, employees, and partners. In order to improve security, Salesforce has made changes in guest user org-wide defaults, record ownership, and driving guest user record access. A new sharing rule type to share data with guest users is now available. 

Read more: https://sforce.co/2lxQby7


Salesforce has introduced Manufacturing Cloud & Consumer Goods Cloud in order to strengthen its industry-specific solutions. Apart from this, they have made enhancements in their Financial & Health Cloud solutions. In the Financial Cloud, users can capture important borrower information with the new data model enhancements that allow you to share data easily with other business verticals. Similarly, Health Cloud got a new provider data model that can help establish provider relationships and gain a complete view of the provider network including license, education, work history, references, professional liability coverage and more. 

Know more about the new Manufacturing Cloud & Consumer Goods Cloud: Salesforce Introduced new Manufacturing Cloud & Consumer Goods Cloud

Read the Complete Winter ‘20 Release Note Here: https://sforce.co/2lym4qc