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Everything you need to know about ‘Booom’ – CEPTES’s new solution for Salesforce Essential customers

CEPTES has recently introduced a lightning-fast productivity utility called ‘Booom’ for Salesforce Essential customers. The solution will help small businesses with a Salesforce Essential license start with Sales Cloud or Service Cloud within less than 30 mins.

Salesforce Essentials is helping small business owners leverage the power of Salesforce in order to transform their sales and customer service processes to drive excellence. Salesforce Essentials is certainly enabling SMEs to compete in the market and grow with the world’s #1 CRM platform as it seamlessly takes care of critical business processes while small business owners can focus on other important core business aspects. 

It has been a challenge for small businesses to immediately start with Salesforce as there are trials related to quick implementation, configurations, customization, migration, and much more. Though Salesforce ensures seamless onboarding, however, you need the platform expertise to get the best out of the investment. ‘Booom’ will help small businesses with a Salesforce Essential license start with Salesforce within 30 mins. 

How does this work? 

If you have a Salesforce Essentials edition (Start with Salesforce Essentials now), get in touch with our support team. Fill in the required fields in a simple excel sheet shared by us. Upload the file & click submit. Then Booom. You are ready to start your Salesforce journey. 

Why Booom?

Do you want to transform your small business & grow with Salesforce? Do you have a Salesforce Essential edition? Do you want to sell faster & deliver superior customer support? If your answer is ‘Yes’, then you can opt for Booom. Here are some of the top reasons why:

  • The quickest way to start with Sales Cloud or Service Cloud with an Essential Edition. (Turn around time <30 mins)
  • Reduced implementation time – 60% to 90%
  • Reduced implementation costs
  • Faster ‘Go to market’
  • Quicker ROI
  • Deliver superior customer support & sell faster from day one

Get started with Booom now. 


Salesforce Took its Partnership with Microsoft to the Next Level

In a recent announcement, Salesforce has taken its partnership with Microsoft a step forward. As per the development, Salesforce is moving its Marketing Cloud to Microsoft Azure. Salesforce is also building new integrations between its Sales Cloud & Service Cloud with Microsoft Teams in order to make things easy for customers using both.

Salesforce first collaborated with Microsoft in 2014 & both the tech giants expanded their collaboration in 2015. Salesforce developed integrations with Microsoft products including Skype for Business, OneNote & Windows 10. 

Salesforce already has a stable partnership with Amazon Web Services & Google Cloud. This means Salesforce is now using all the major Cloud platforms to host some of its products. This partnership is a big boost to Microsoft as they are trying to give a tough competition to AWS who is currently the market leader. Microsoft already has a CRM tool Dynamics 365 which is a Salesforce’s Sales Cloud competitor, but the deal points that Microsoft is clearly putting all it’s money on Azure as this is going to be a huge growth driver for them in the future. 

The new integrations between Sales Cloud & Service Cloud with Microsoft Teams will enable mutual customers to search, view & share Salesforce records directly within Teams. 

Interesting to know that a few days back Salesforce announced a partnership with Microsoft’s biggest competitor AWS around the Cloud Information Model. While Slack, which is the biggest competitor of Microsoft Team recently announced a strategic deal with Salesforce to integrate its services. This proves that in today’s customer-centric business world, it is important for every service provider to collaborate with others in order to offer a seamless customer experience. 

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Salesforce Integration

Slack & Salesforce Integration: What’s New & How to Integrate?

One of the most popular communication & team collaboration applications Slack, which has 12 million daily active users, has added a few new integrations with Salesforce’s Sales Cloud & Service Cloud. The Salesforce & Slack integrations will enable both the solutions users now to communicate in real-time between Slack & Salesforce Chatter. This integration will boost team collaboration & productivity. 

Slack users can now search and preview Salesforce Sales Cloud & Service Cloud records including accounts and opportunities within the app by using a slash command. As per another new feature, now users can send Salesforce records related to an account or case to another individual Slack user or a channel directly. Sales & service reps using Salesforce can now see Slack conversations related to a Salesforce record. 

Slack rolled out its first integration with Salesforce’s Sales Cloud back in 2016. Apart from the latest integration, we can expect a lot of integrations coming in the near future. The latest integrations will surely be going to make sales & service more seamless and collaborative for both the platform users. 

How to integrate Salesforce & Slack?

You can integrate your Salesforce CRM with Slack using multiple ways such as using APIs (Native Integrations), & Third-party integration tools. The Salesforce-Slack integration enables you to search your Salesforce instance from Slack, and share results in Slack. The integration will also help users share messages both ways between Salesforce Chatter & Slack. In order to integrate & use both the solutions, The Slack AppExchange app needs to be downloaded from the Slack App Directory (www.slack.com/apps). It is recommended to read the installation guide carefully. You can get AppExchange plug-in for Slack here

Native Integrations/APIs
The Slack and Salesforce CRM integration allow users to search and share Salesforce contact and account records and share leads and opportunities. Please refer to this Slack KB article to see the options for integrating both the systems and also how to install Salesforce CRM access from Slack’s App Directory. 

Third-Party Integrations
There are various third-party tools available using which you can integrate Salesforce & Slack. However, we recommend you to verify any third-party tool before installing and to be cautious while deploying. 


Source: Salesforce.com, Slack.com

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How Salesforce CRM can improve your Sales?

In order to thrive as a best-in-class sales-driven business, organizations need to develop skills and leverage cutting-edge automation tools. In today’s business world, there is no room for mediocrity. It is very essential to perform to remain competitive. Sales expertise along with refining customer relationships and processes drive higher sales. However, with the growing business, it becomes tough to personalize every customer interaction. This is where the role of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system comes in to help sales reps to enhance the effectiveness of their customer interaction and retention along with new lead creation. 

Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM provider that offers business of every size a platform to manage their customers and their journey. The platform extends a variety of products and services to discover customer insights, understand needs, and solve complex business problems. The extensive range of Salesforce products works together to improve sales pipeline and drive exceptional customer experiences. Some of the leading products include;

  • Sales Cloud: Automate sales process, find leads, close deals faster, grow accounts, and accelerate productivity.
  • Service Cloud: Close cases faster, manage field service, personalize customer support and predict needs for superior customer experience.
  • Marketing Cloud: A unified marketing platform to know consumers, engage them and personalize their experience across every touchpoint.
  • Community Cloud: Engage with your partners, customers, vendors, and employees in a whole new way to boost engagement. 
  • Salesforce Platform: Build an amazing experience around customers with intuitive business apps developed on the Salesforce Platform.
  • Salesforce Analytics: Discover data-driven insights, predict outcomes, find recommendations, and act smartly with Einstein Analytics.

How to leverage Salesforce to boost your Sales?

After going through all these above Salesforce offered solutions, you must be thinking how your business can use these and how you can get the best out of your Salesforce implementation? We will give you the top five ways Salesforce can help you maximize your Sales pipeline in this era of digital transformation. 

Sales Process 

Sales Cloud which is the #1 sales automation tool is designed to automate the sales process and includes a wide array of features. Sales Cloud helps sales reps work smarter by automating various sales processes, increasing efficiency, accelerating sales productivity, creating a pipeline of leads, closing deals faster, and making insightful decisions with data – from anywhere using any device. Popular Sales Cloud features like Contact & Opportunity Management, Account & Lead Management, Workflow & Approvals, Sales Collaboration, Reports & Dashboards, Sales Forecasting, etc. helps sales reps to achieve their goals. 

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Marketing Campaigns 

Marketing Cloud helps marketers to drive relevant and highly personalized customer journeys including exceptional customer experiences across multiple touch points such as email, mobile, social, web, etc. from a unified platform. Some of the leading features include Journey Builder, Email Studio, Salesforce DMP, Salesforce Data Studio, Social Studio, Advertising Studio, Mobile Studio, etc. Marketing Cloud runs customized campaigns which generate quality leads. 

Customer Service

In today’s business world, if you don’t offer best-in-class customer service, your customers will switch to a rival brand. In order to maximize revenue, you need to retain most of your existing customers. Salesforce Service Cloud helps organizations make their customer service efficient by enhancing service quality and driving high-class user-experience. Customer service agents can leverage Service Cloud to close cases faster, manage Field Service, offer intelligent self-service, personalize customer care, predict future needs to keep the conversation flowing. 

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Salesforce Community Cloud offers an opportunity to connect & collaborate with customers, partners, vendors, and employees to establish interactions. With out-of-the-box templates, and themes you can engage the audience and streamline the communication. With a connected reseller, distributor, partner ecosystem, your sales can be increased by offering seamless access to all the information. Partners can register new leads, update records, manage funds which enable them to close deals faster. 

Next-gen Analytics

With Salesforce analytics, sales reps can uncover actionable insights to accelerate sales based on real data. Einstein Analytics which is the only business analytics solution native to Salesforce, leverage AI in order to discover business insights, predict results, drive efficiency, accelerate sales, enhance customer service, optimize business processes and maximize ROI from their marketing campaigns. 

Wrapping up

Salesforce has now further extended its global CRM market share & stretched to 19.5% which is 2X of its nearest rival. The ease of use, rich functionalities, scalability, analytics, and customizability makes the CRM giant everyone’s first choice sales automation and enhancement tool. As a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner, CEPTES helps organizations implement Salesforce and get the most out of their investment. Get in touch today to start your Salesforce CRM journey.

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3 Ways Salesforce is Transforming The Hi-Tech Industry

Hi-Tech is one of the highly competitive industry and has witnessed an enormous transformation in the past several years. To remain competitive, technology service providers must offer innovative solutions with short product life cycles. As Hi-Tech companies usually operate in a global environment and often address very specific business needs, they are expected to deliver a higher state of customer support. In today’s era of higher customer demands, High-Tech service providers can’t afford to use mediocre processes and poorly integrated systems. 

As technology continues to grow and advance, automating various business processes are essential. To offer personalized solutions and drive higher customer engagements, Hi-Tech companies must implement an integrated digital platform to obtain a complete view of their customers. Salesforce has been the first choice CRM for most of the leading Hi-Tech companies – and here at CEPTES, we have been helping technology service providers in Salesforce implementation to accelerate business growth.

A 360-degree customer view: Unifying the customer experience 

Hi-Tech service providers can leverage Salesforce to achieve a 360-degree  customer view. This allows them to deliver a highly personalized experience. One centralized system will efficiently manage the entire customer life cycle including invoice, renewal, support, communication, etc. everything from one place. This will save time spent on multiple systems and enable the service providers to deliver a unified cross-channel customer experience. A 360-degree customer view will supercharge sales teams. 

Often technology service providers grapple to engage their customers because of siloed systems. Salesforce offers seamless integration with external systems and tools that leads to a powerful integrated system and deliver smarter services and customer experience. 

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Omni-channel customer service with a connected workforce

Salesforce’s Service Cloud empowers Hi-Tech field service agents to access and update customer data on the go. The integration of Service Cloud and Einstein Analytics make customer service highly efficient. Hi-Tech service agents can have an integrated mobile, live chat, email, and web self-service access to deliver seamless customer service from anywhere. Cases can be closed faster with automation and AI, fast & intelligent self-service can be offered, and future needs can be predicted to keep the conversation flowing. Hi-Tech companies can offer real-time chat support to their customers using the Salesforce platform. 

Deliver faster results with higher customer engagement

Customer engagement ratio is very quiet in the Hi-Tech industry and Salesforce is efficiently addressing this challenge with it’s Marketing Cloud platform. With a 360-degree customer view, marketers can compile customer data and create segments to run personalized marketing campaigns. It is very important for the Hi-Tech industry to segment their customers as they operate on a global scale with a lot of data. 

Two-way real-time customer engagement can be created and each individual customer journey can be personalized. Marketing campaigns can be evaluated across all digital channels leveraging AI and Google Analytics 360. Either you offer B2B or B2C technological solutions, you can embrace Salesforce offered integrated digital marketing platform to unify data sources, segment customers, personalize engagements, and evaluate campaign effectiveness.

CEPTES Offerings for Hi-Tech Companies

We bring our decades of Hi-Tech industry experience and Salesforce domain expertise to your projects and our offerings for High-Tech industry include implementing, integrating, and enhancing Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, Salesforce Analytics, Pardot, Einstein Analytics. Contact us to know more about how our Salesforce offerings for Hi-Tech companies can help you deliver a whole new level of customer experience and accelerate sales growth. 

Explore our Salesforce solutions.

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Salesforce upgrades Sales Cloud with new AI-based productivity tools

Salesforce has unveiled new productivity features in its Sales Cloud which will help sales reps perform their administrative tasks in an organized way and save a lot of time. As per a Salesforce report, sales reps spend around 36 hours a month searching for information which can help them in closing deals rather than investing more time in working towards selling and their customer success.

To make sales reps more productive, Salesforce upgraded their Sales Cloud by adding features that can make information accessibility and collaboration more efficient. The new ‘Inbox Now app’ has been introduced which is powered by Salesforce’s AI system Einstein. This app will help sales reps integrate their account, contact and meeting information directly into their calendar. Another AI-powered tool will help sales reps surface similarities among prospects to discover new audiences to run campaigns. The new Social Intelligence Module will help sales reps access relevant social media feeds in order to generate more leads.

Einstein Campaign Insights feature will help sales reps target & group prospects with similar interests to run campaigns and also can be retargeted with similar campaigns in the future. Both sales and marketing teams can access these insights and put unified efforts for a successful conversion.

Apart from these, Salesforce also added sales cadences and work queues to help sales reps identify new prospects. Linked sales cadences can help streamline complex sales funnels and customized work queues to display the most valued prospect details in a single place.

Salesforce also introduced a feature in the Sales Cloud which will allow the sales reps to have a 360-degree view of any customer and related information from their mobile or desktop email inbox. This includes account details, contacts, and opportunities. Additionally, Salesforce announced that sales reps can now embed live documents and spreadsheets within Quip for Sales.

Robin Grochol, SVP of product management for Sales Cloud at Salesforce said in a blog post, “With these new productivity features, we’re managing the flow of information so that what you need is surfaced when you need it, all within Sales Cloud”. He also added, “It’s about making every rep more efficient, guiding their focus to the most impactful accounts and tasks, and elevating and upskilling every individual performance.”

These new features will be generally available on June 17.


Summer’19 Release Notes: Our Top 6 Picks

Salesforce Summer’19 preview is here and we can’t be more excited about it. As expected, Summer’19 has some interesting details which will definitely help Salesforce customers increase their productivity and deliver more personalized customer journeys with the latest Customer Success Platform innovations.

Here are our top 6 picks of Summer’19 release:

Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials, which is their small business plan for its CRM (Sales Cloud) and customer support (Service Cloud) solutions, has got a lot of add-ons in Summer’19 release. Now small business can have more options to add functionality to Essentials through new add-ons like Dialer, Chat, and Messaging. They can now unify their team’s phones with Dialer and offer their customers instant conversation with Chat and Messaging. Salesforce also now offers more storage space for files and data to their Essentials customers in order to create more records and share more files.

Read More: https://sforce.co/2XF8ZsM

Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce customers using Einstein can now set up and test bots faster and with fewer queries. They can improve forecasting with support for Sales Cloud quarterly forecasts and data segments. Einstein analytics now can be used across more core Salesforce applications in order to increase productivity. Enterprises can use Data Checker to set up their predictions for success. Salesforce introduced plenty of new add-ons and enhancements in their Sales, Service, Analytics, Customization, and Development offerings.

Read More: https://sforce.co/2Dwsa03

Sales Cloud

Summer’19 release announced new features in Sales Cloud including, High-Velocity Sales Enhancements, Einstein Activity Metrics, Customizable Product Schedules, and New Einstein Features for CPQ and Pardot. Sales reps can now link sales cadences to address complex sales processes. Activity Metrics will help Einstein Activity Capture users a comprehensive view of their activity data. Complex sales processes related to incoming revenue and outgoing orders is now simplified with Customizable product schedules. Sale Cloud customers can now help their sales teams with more intelligent pricing with CPQ Einstein Pricing Guidance.

Read More: https://sforce.co/2Dt6PVy

Service Cloud

Service Cloud now has Smarter Bot Routing and Dialog Review, Improved Field Service Dispatching, and Easy Setup for Skills-Based Routing. Einstein Bot dialogs can be reviewed with ease in a visual map and new smart routing features can be used to escalate bot conversations to the right service agents. Field Service Lightning dispatcher console will help work faster with a pop-out map, long-term Gantt view, and new drag-and-drop scheduling options. Salesforce also added few productivity-boosting features for service agents including the ability to reach out to the customers with critical service updates, create more intelligent macros with conditional expressions, and merge duplicate cases.

Read More: https://sforce.co/2GtCmY6


To boost its Analytics, Salesforce has added a number of features including Row-Level Formulas (Beta), Report Notifications, Templates with Predictive Analytics, Einstein Predictions Service. Salesforce customers can now analyze data with reports and dashboards. Row-level formulas (currently in beta) will bring the evaluative power of formulas to every record in a report. This will help in seamless search of specific data in a record and make it stand out with conditional formatting. Einstein Discovery predictions can be embedded anywhere to increase app IQ.

Read More: https://sforce.co/2PrCJqf


Summer’19 is a big boon for developers. Developers can now work more efficiently on communities using a host of new API enhancements. Salesforce Mobile Publisher now has enhanced features and Community Cloud users can also take advantage of new list view improvements such as pinned list views, custom mass actions, and custom list views on tasks. Community users can now use mass actions in communities, saving them time and minimizing the challenges associated with opening records one by one. Developers now have the option of customizing community user settings with the new Customizable User Settings component. And users can now filter contextual Einstein Analytics Dashboards on record pages.

Read More: https://sforce.co/2XIXUqH

Apart from these, Summer’19 also introduced myTrailhead, using which companies can offer their employees the same skill-based, gamified learning experience as Salesforce Trailhead with content that you create for your company.

Read the complete Summer’19 Release Note here.


*Source: www.salesforce.com

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How CEPTES helped one of the leading manufacturing companies leverage Sales Cloud for Process Automation!

The Industrial Revolution 4.0 has transformed the way traditional businesses are managed across various industries. As most of the industries are becoming more customer-centric, they continually look for innovative strategies in order to keep up with the fast-shifting market and stay ahead of the competition. To maintain a competitive edge in such a fast-paced business landscape, manufacturers are embracing smart manufacturing by implementing integrated business solutions powered by a robust platform like Salesforce.

Before we go deep into how CEPTES helped one of the top manufacturing companies of Australia in their digital transformation journey, let us have a sneak peek of why manufacturing industry is using the latest technologies to achieve the highest success for their customers and what are the most complex challenges that today’s manufacturers are facing. When we talk about challenges, there are plenty; such as increasing global competition, lack of automation, minimizing costs, maintaining quality and compliance, process visibility, getting rid of siloed processes, etc. However, the biggest challenge that manufacturers are facing today is siloed processes and lack of process visibility and traceability.

Australian manufacturing company Brother has 19 production facilities and 43 sales companies operating in and around 41 countries. They were into the production of quality innovative products for the print and imaging, labeling and sewing markets. Some of Brother’s key products include laser printers, multi-function centers (MFCs), fax machines, labelers, label printers, and a broad range of home and industrial sewing machines.

Brothers was looking to customize their Sales Cloud system in order to automate certain business processes such as creating/generating PDF from Case, auto email notification to support upon the status change for a claim,  auto display of customer details, create/generate CSV report from Case-based on defined levels, and auto calculation of dates. They were looking for Salesforce leaders who can understand their requirements and help them customize their Sales Cloud system in order to achieve certain goals. As a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner and one of the experts in Sales Cloud customization, our Sales Cloud certified consultants analyzed Brother’s Sales Cloud system and helped them to achieve their targeted results.

We have created a custom button and with the Visualforce page rendered the page as a PDF. Email notification goes to the current logged in user. Our Sales Cloud experts created a Process Builder and an email template like letterhead and used Apex class which is invoked by the process builder to send a notification. As the customer wanted to create/generate CSV report from Case-based on defined levels, we created a custom button which will open a Visualforce page which invokes an Apex class that generates CSV file and sends to the current logged in user. And finally, to help them auto calculate of dates, on a custom Visualforce page, when the date is being changed, this invokes an Apex class and display the expiry date before saving the record.

The customization was seamless without impacting any of the on-going business processes. After they go live with the customized Sales Cloud, the manufacturer was able to generate reports and email notifications. Customer support was notified whenever a claim gets completed and also customer details were displayed to the users whenever they select a customer in a record. In addition to this, a user was able to see the expiration date before saving the record, which was a challenge before.

As per a recent IDC report “By 2020, 60% of the G2000 manufacturers will rely on digital platforms that enhance their investments in ecosystems and experiences and support as much as 30% of their overall revenue.” Salesforce is helping manufacturers converting more leads into deals by optimizing their customer information and improving their sales processes with the world’s #1 CRM platform. CEPTES has been helping many manufacturers increase their efficiency, quality, and ROI leveraging Sales Cloud and enabling them movie beyond their product with personalized service at scale.

Salesforce brings you tools, resources, and thought leadership to build efficiency, growth, and full-on manufacturing success. To know more on how you can optimize your manufacturing processes and get the most out of Salesforce implementation, get in touch with our team.

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How to get the most out of your Sales Cloud implementation?

In order to supercharge your sales team and make your sales process efficient, you must embrace a powerful CRM. However, integrating any CRM is not always the best option and won’t give you the maximum ROI. You require the best sales automation tool like Sales Cloud, which can help you work smarter by increasing efficiency, accelerating sales productivity, creating a lead pipeline, closing deals faster and making insightful decisions with the help of relevant data.

As a Sales Cloud customer, you’re already finding new customers, delivering real-time information and increasing lead conversions. We all are aware of what Sales Cloud delivers to sales teams and how it is making sales processes mighty efficient. But what if you could get even more results out of the world’s #1 CRM? In this blog, we are going to discuss five key ways you can get the most out of your Sales Cloud implementation.


You can expect the best outcomes when you customize Sales Cloud to perform and sell exactly the way you want. Enterprises who customize their CRM to meet their specific needs witness a competitive edge as they use the best technology and tools sharply aligned with their processes and enable the overall sales process to run more seamlessly. Custom Integrations, custom app development, or creation of a mobile view can help you get the best out of your Sales Cloud investment.


Sales reps use a number of external digital tools to perform various sales jobs. Using multiple tools generate data which are being stored in different places. To simplify the process and to get a comprehensive view of your customer data, Sales Cloud can be integrated with other applications. In order to get the most out of your Sales Cloud implementation, it can be integrated with other ERP, CTI, email, social media, AppExchange solutions, e-commerce platforms, and any other third-party solutions. Salesforce can be integrated with other systems using APIs or Mulesoft Anypoint platform. An integrated Sales Cloud will deliver intelligent and connected customer experiences across various touch points including devices and data.


Many Sales Cloud users still perform various tasks manually, which results in a lot of time consumption. Sales reps can automate most of the processes and spent more time on selling by taking the right actions at the right time with various Sales Cloud workflows and approval automation. Sales reps can also use simple drag-and-drop features to design processes, real-time approvals from within Chatter feeds, automated price approvals and escalations, and much more.


As sales teams highly rely on Sales Cloud for their day-to-day sales tasks, at times they need new customizations and workflows to make their work easy. Your Salesforce developer can perform those customizations in the Sales Cloud. Sales Cloud allows developers, and admins to test any changes in sandboxes before putting them in the main production org. This will ensure the quality and efficiency. You can innovate more with the Sales Cloud.


Sales Cloud implementation & management requires a high level of expertise. If you are looking to make the most of the investment you have done in Sales Cloud, you need to team up with the experts. CEPTES is one of the most preferred Sales Cloud implementation partners for enterprises from varied industries. Our team of Sales Cloud certified consultants offer multiple services to help you implement and manage Sales Cloud effectively, which includes;

  • Secure migration from Sales Cloud in Salesforce Classic to Lightning Sales Cloud
  • Picking the right Sales Cloud edition based on business needs and future goals
  • Sales Cloud customizations and integrations
  • Implementation planning considering IT strategies and potential challenges

Customers see a whopping 37% increase in revenue with a well planned and integrated Sales Cloud in place. Including these five key actions will definitely add more value to your Sales Cloud and rev up your sales numbers. If you want more details on how to put these steps into practice, get in touch with your Sales Cloud experts today!

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How Sales Cloud’s new Social Intelligence Module will help sales reps leverage social data?

The selling process has changed. And it has changed drastically. If you observed how sales reps were dealing with their prospects, leads, and customers over the years, today it has completely transformed in the digital era with the advent of social platforms. Buyers are extremely active on various social media platforms and they are open to listening from brands. As per the LinkedIn state of sales report, 90% of the top-performing salespeople are now using social media as their primary sales strategy and traditional sales approaches like cold callings, meetings are rapidly becoming less productive.

Social media has become an essential account research channel in the modern day sales process and sales reps are spending more time researching to understand their customers better and have some meaningful insights before communicating with them. We all know research takes a lot of time, however, this is extremely important for a sales rep to grow accounts faster, find new customers faster, and close deals faster. But the goal of a sales rep is not to do research, the objective is to maximize sales and prior research makes the sales process easy. Finding meaningful information is one thing, but taking subsequent action after that like sharing it with your team is still a manual process. To address this problem and to help sales reps close more deals faster, Salesforce has introduced Social Intelligence Module in their Sales Cloud offering.

Social Data Platform

Salesforce’s application social studio has been their all-in-one social media marketing and management suite for a long time now. Social studio connects advanced social data in order to listen to the conversations, engage your community, publish on social media, and monitor customer engagement. And various social data platforms instigate other Salesforce features like social customer service. Social customer service today has extended beyond emails and conversations. Now social data platform is pairing up with Social Intelligence Module.

Introducing Social Intelligence Module

Salesforce has recently introduced this module in their Sales Cloud offering and Social Intelligence Module offers relevant and trending social media conversations of all your accounts, opportunities in Salesforce automatically without building any query. Once enabled, you can click on the account or opportunity of your choice to start getting valuable data points of that company. E.g if a salesperson set ‘Adidas’, s/he will get all the social news related to Adidas. A sales rep can also take necessary actions such as creating a lead, contact or task, share social intelligence on Chatter, connect with social personas, etc. right there in one-click without doing it manually.

To enable this feature, you just need to choose the account or opportunity name for the social platform (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.), and it will bring you all the hashtags, mentions, discussions, tags related to that account or opportunity. Social Intelligence Module takes care of all the important information related to it. The best part is you can even set any keyword of your choice and get all the news related to that. E.g, if you are into ERP selling and set your keyword as ‘ERP’ or ‘Automation system’ or something relevant, you will get alerts every time someone mentions these keywords in the specified social platform. They are all your contacts and potential leads.

How to use this amazing module? All you need is Sales Cloud and Lightning. Your admin needs to set the features and your sales reps are ready to go. You can even get in touch with your account executive for further help. 

About Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud which is the world’s leading sales automation tool helps sales teams including sales managers and sales reps work smarter by automating various sales processes, increasing efficiency, accelerating sales productivity, creating a pipeline of leads, closing deals faster, and making insightful decisions with data – from anywhere using any device.          


CEPTES – Most Preferred Sales Cloud Implementation Partner

As a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner, CEPTES offers a full suite of Sales Cloud solutions including implementation, customization, consulting, integration, migration, and support & enhancement. Our Salesforce certified Sales Cloud consultants are experts in optimizing Sales Cloud applications and we are one of the most preferred Sales Cloud implementation partners for enterprises from varied industries. Get in touch with our Sales Cloud consultants to make your sales process efficient.