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Drive Sales Team Accountability with Pipeline Inspection

The primary goal of the sales team of an organization is to meet the sales goals faster. 

The salespeople have many day-to-day concerns about the sales process, like a Sales Manager could be worried about the deals at risk, while a Sales rep will be figuring out “How to close deals faster?”.

All their Sales Accountability problems come to an end with the introduction of the Pipeline Inspection feature in Sales Cloud 360.

The new Summer’ 21 release brought sales managers and reps a new way of tracking and managing their pipeline in one consolidated view.

Where can I find this feature? 

Pipeline Inspection is free.

It is available in Sales Cloud in Performance and Unlimited editions. (*This is available in Lightning Experience)


How to set up Pipeline Inspection?

  1. From Setup, search for Pipeline Inspection in the Quick Find Box.
  2. Select Pipeline Inspection Setup.
  3. Turn it on and verify that Historical Trending is enabled and configured for opportunities. 


Who can use this?

To use it, a user must have the Pipeline Inspection permission set. 


After setting up Pipeline Inspection:

  1. From Setup, search for Permission Sets.
  2. Select Permission Sets.
  3. Click on the Pipeline Inspection User permission set.
  4. Now click Manage Assignments, and then Add Assignments. 
  5. Assign the permission set to users. Click Done.


 How does it help Sales Managers & Reps?

Pipeline Inspection displays changes in opportunity, close dates, amounts, stages, and forecast categories. Using their insights your sales reps can focus on the most important deals, and managers can identify the opportunities for sales team members that need more support.

It allows week over week comparison and highlights the opportunities that might require particular support or coaching.

By enabling it, managers and reps can easily see crucial and recent deal changes and activities and thus know where to focus their time and stay on top of key opportunities.

Thanks to the new pipeline inspection, sales reps can now quickly view the pipeline and identify deals of interest, all without leaving the opportunity page.


                                                                                                                                                                                        ( Source: Salesforce Trailhead )


Summing up:

Pipeline Inspection is a new interface that provides sales managers detailed insights into the performance of their team.

It helps you stay on top of the current health of the business and track how much revenue has moved in and moved out.

CEPTES is a global Salesforce service provider with a decade of experience in designing and implementing tailor-made Salesforce Solutions for our customers. Our Sales Cloud experts will help you make the most out of Sales Cloud Implementation and bring profit to your business. 

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Sales Cloud: What is the Salesforce CRM All About
CRM, Sales Cloud, Salesforce

Sales Cloud: What is the Salesforce CRM All About?

This is a critical time for all of us as the pandemic is still here. Only new strategies can help us find more leads, increase productivity within our staff, and maintain our clients’ loyalty. Salesforce CRM can help you achieve these goals in the challenging times we all are living in at present. 

CRM or Customer Relationship Management, essentially, is a type of software application built to manage critical data at one central location. In CRM, you may check customer information, send emails, even track your sales progress and follow your social media leads.


What is Salesforce Sales Cloud? 

The Sales Cloud is a Salesforce CRM based on the cloud. This cloud includes various tools for purposes that I just mentioned above. Also, Sales Cloud helps businesses in better contact management, sales forecasting, sales force automation, and improving productivity. It enables sales teams, managers, and executives to manage relationships with customers, sales-cycle efficiently, access valuable data about competition & own business, and prioritize tasks.

This system can be beneficial for companies of all sizes and types – B2B and B2C because it is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Solution) model. Meaning that the companies don’t need to work on those on-premise apps that demand servers, new upgraded versions, and have software issues. Salesforce Sales cloud allows companies to reduce their upfront costs, easy upgrades, quick setup & deployment, and scale it as their business grows. 

A robust CRM strategy can help you stay on a leading edge. With Salesforce Sales Cloud, businesses can start focusing on their core businesses and leave the sales & customer relations to the cloud. 


Salesforce Sales Cloud

Generate More Sales

Whatever is your industry, geography, or company size, we all want to achieve significant growth in our business. For this reason, we all need to develop a structure which helps our sales reps & managers to do their jobs efficiently, and with the help of the best technology, we can avail for them. Salesforce CRM enables you to make the entire process faster, create workflows, and speed up the approvals process for automating manual tasks, such as assembling complex proposals and filling out orders.  


Salesforce CRM

Boost Productivity 

Salesforce CRM is highly portable, and a sales rep can log calls, track opportunities, update data, and respond to the leads anytime and anywhere using their smartphone! This increases their productivity and efficiency! 

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Make Informed Decisions

Without a robust system behind, you may find it challenging to make critical decisions fast. But by tracking conversion rates, lead volumes, and your pipeline all in real-time, you can check the business’s actual state, which allows you to decide better from anywhere. Now you don’t need to carry your office laptop everywhere or connect with the IT staff to create reports. Salesforce CRM analytics software will keep you informed with all the customized sales forecasting reports, and you can build them with immense ease. 


Sales Forecasting

How Can Your Business Get the Most Benefits from Sales Cloud?

So, finally, you are ready to go for your share of Sales Cloud to improve your sales efficiency. But before we move further, I think we should discuss the benefits you may get with the Sales Cloud for your business! 


Improved Customization

Flexible and quick customization is the key feature that attracts businesses to the Salesforce Sales Cloud. Companies today have varying requirements and needs, and through the enhanced customization with the Sales Cloud, you can quickly develop fine-tuned applications, page layouts, and profiles most suitable for your business purposes. Sales Cloud also lets you build strict record-sharing rules and permissions to mirror the structure & hierarchy of your sales structure. This will help you set up different levels of accessibility to company reports and records. 

Other amazing benefits of Sales Cloud for your business may include:

  • Fully automated customer relationship management
  • Create quotes fast
  • Connect with your customers 
  • Sales Cloud can be integrated seamlessly with other systems 


Sales Cloud


If you look at the Sales Cloud from a sales rep’s perspective, it is exceptionally helpful in decreasing redundancies, prioritizing actions, optimizing processes, accessing information, and communicating better to close more deals. On the other hand, managers can use Sales Cloud for its various features that provide a unified view of status and history and tools for designing highly efficient approval processes and workflows. Those in a decision-making position can use the dashboards, forecasting tools, and analysis for making fast and informed decisions. To know more, connect with us or request a consultation here.

Financial Industry

Salesforce for Financial Industry: How to Streamline your Sales Process

Most financial service providers are inhibited in terms of growth because they are not able to manage their critical customer information properly. Due to mismanagement of data, companies are prone to lose important information about existing and potential leads. All these problems severely affect their sales process, and consequently the bottom line.

Salesforce, with its powerful tools such as Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud, is focussed on enhancing the effectiveness of the sales teams and helping them streamline their sales pipeline. CEPTES’s team of certified consultants can help financial service providers leverage Salesforce’s services across multiple domains. We briefly discuss the features that make this the preferred tool for clients across the various domains of the financial industry:

Wealth Management

  1. Relationship Building: We know that relationship building is critical to success. Salesforce’s Sales Cloud provides easy tracking and event alerts to help you reach out to your clients efficiently.
  2. Increase Productivity: You can automate routine processes and track referrals by leveraging powerful productivity tools and integrated partner apps, to ensure you capitalize on every client opportunity.
  3. Personalized Service: Salesforce helps you provide unparalleled service to your clients from any device, anywhere by responding timely to alerts, and engaging in clients’ micro-moments.


  1. Retail Banking: Salesforce helps you deliver timely and effortless engagement to your customers across any device, consistent with the service they would receive in person.
  2. Mortgage Banking: We can help you simplify the mortgage process by using Salesforce’s Service Cloud to access customer information and deliver exceptional service to your clients.
  3. Premier Banking: With insights into their financial objectives, career milestones, and preferred channels, you can establish trusted relationships with your premier customers.


  1. Personalized Interactions: You can have meaningful and rewarding interactions with your customers with Salesforce communities, with their smart alert reminders to important life events of the client.
  2. Work Smarter: Leverage the Salesforce platform to get a complete view of all requests submitted through multiple channels, be it emails, call centers, web, or social media.
  3. Collaboration: Your insurance reps and agents have the tools to deliver personalized service across any device, track new opportunities, and collaborate on social media.

Once you implement Salesforce’s cutting-edge solutions in your sales process, you will see immediate results in terms of optimized process, improved customer relationships, increased lead volume, and ultimately a much more efficient and well-organized sales pipeline. Some of these benefits are elaborated below:


  • With the integration between your sales, marketing, and services teams, you can build long-lasting and loyal connections with your clients. Sales Cloud helps you create a truly personalized customer journey, suited for every customer.
  • You can automate manual tasks, standardize processes, and access data on any device, any time. Salesforce’s built-in AI can help you boost your sales by providing guidance, insights, and accurate sales forecasts.
  • By adding Einstein to the Sales cloud, you can improve lead scoring, find the best opportunities, and stay at the top of client relationships by having all the necessary information.
  • Whether you wish to expand to a new location, a new market, or a new industry, Salesforce has got you covered when it comes to your sales strategy.

With Salesforce, Financial clients have achieved:

  • 45% increase in Customer Retention
  • 44% increase in Lead Volume
  • 37% increase in Sales Revenue
  • 37% increase in Win Rate

With more than a decade of Salesforce expertise and excellent service, CEPTES can help you make your financial processes more seamless, transparent, and secure. Our Salesforce-powered workflows and processes will aid you streamline your processes and boost productivity. To know more, please get in touch.

COVID-19, Small Business

Boost your productivity and sales post-COVID: The ultimate guide for any small business

While most businesses are struggling to re-establish themselves post-pandemic, only a handful of them have the digital capacity to achieve it in time. Today, an uptick in the sales graph is the question of survival for many businesses, but a speedy recovery is only possible through the digitalization of business processes. Being dependent on conventional calls, sticky notes, and exchanging emails to update your team at every stage of a deal is too slow.

Today, the billion-dollar question is: How can small businesses develop a crisis and recovery strategy that ensures a boost in sales, post COVID-19? This is where cloud offerings come into the picture.

Thankfully, there are infinite possibilities on what we can achieve, once we head in the right direction. Here are a couple of tips that can ensure an exponential boost in productivity and make you ready for a post-pandemic scenario : 


Accepting the situation is key. To get an edge over the COVID-aftermath, make sure to review business models, revenue models and lead generation tactics. Chart out fresh plans to boost sales productivity and recovery strategies. 


Small businesses must cope with the fact that a business model or a sales team that relies heavily on offline structures, must transition to digital platforms for a higher success rate. Relying on traditional methods alone might not provide the best results in these turbulent times, but add to it a competent sales process automation platform, and voila! Witness a boost in sales productivity like never before. 

Sales Partner

Needless to say, sales is one such field wherein time is of the essence. Most small businesses follow the traditional style of maintaining hand-written logs, manually setting up appointments, using sticky notes to scribble useful information, and so on. Such a format might work in conventional situations, however, it also causes delays- something small businesses can’t afford in a post-COVID scenario.

Investing in a technology partner to inculcate sales automation strategies, is bound to be profitable. 

Customer Retention

Post-pandemic is bound to present an unprecedented situation for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). Not only will they be striving to stay afloat, but competing to gain an edge over each other. Information gaps, lack of active feedback measures and delayed grievance redressal might result in poor communication with customers, thus putting a dent on customer satisfaction.

Thankfully, you can pipeline all your data, address queries and grievances much faster and turn cold leads into potential customers leveraging a powerful  CRM.

Digital Transformation

A digital transformation would entail tracking real-time data to make important decisions. The reason why a Salesforce CRM is an exemplary choice for small businesses is because of its striking features tailored for small businesses, intuitive automation, robust analytics tools that help spot trends in the data, realise touch points required to close a sale, flag any delayed or overdue opportunities, scale the difference between actual and predicted sales and increase customer retention.

CRM will empower and assist your teams to work remotely and engage customers. For small businesses to survive, nay, thrive post-COVID, they’d need to undergo a digital transformation, implement a Salesforce CRM and make way for automation

CEPTES, a Salesforce partner, has been focusing on helping MSMEs boost their productivity and accelerate their business for over a decade. Take on the post-pandemic challenge head-on, and get success with CEPTES. To know more, please get in touch.

CRM, Salesforce

How Salesforce CRM can improve your Sales?

In order to thrive as a best-in-class sales-driven business, organizations need to develop skills and leverage cutting-edge automation tools. In today’s business world, there is no room for mediocrity. It is very essential to perform to remain competitive. Sales expertise along with refining customer relationships and processes drive higher sales. However, with the growing business, it becomes tough to personalize every customer interaction. This is where the role of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system comes in to help sales reps to enhance the effectiveness of their customer interaction and retention along with new lead creation. 

Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM provider that offers business of every size a platform to manage their customers and their journey. The platform extends a variety of products and services to discover customer insights, understand needs, and solve complex business problems. The extensive range of Salesforce products works together to improve sales pipeline and drive exceptional customer experiences. Some of the leading products include;

  • Sales Cloud: Automate sales process, find leads, close deals faster, grow accounts, and accelerate productivity.
  • Service Cloud: Close cases faster, manage field service, personalize customer support and predict needs for superior customer experience.
  • Marketing Cloud: A unified marketing platform to know consumers, engage them and personalize their experience across every touchpoint.
  • Community Cloud: Engage with your partners, customers, vendors, and employees in a whole new way to boost engagement. 
  • Salesforce Platform: Build an amazing experience around customers with intuitive business apps developed on the Salesforce Platform.
  • Salesforce Analytics: Discover data-driven insights, predict outcomes, find recommendations, and act smartly with Einstein Analytics.

How to leverage Salesforce to boost your Sales?

After going through all these above Salesforce offered solutions, you must be thinking how your business can use these and how you can get the best out of your Salesforce implementation? We will give you the top five ways Salesforce can help you maximize your Sales pipeline in this era of digital transformation. 

Sales Process 

Sales Cloud which is the #1 sales automation tool is designed to automate the sales process and includes a wide array of features. Sales Cloud helps sales reps work smarter by automating various sales processes, increasing efficiency, accelerating sales productivity, creating a pipeline of leads, closing deals faster, and making insightful decisions with data – from anywhere using any device. Popular Sales Cloud features like Contact & Opportunity Management, Account & Lead Management, Workflow & Approvals, Sales Collaboration, Reports & Dashboards, Sales Forecasting, etc. helps sales reps to achieve their goals. 

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Marketing Campaigns 

Marketing Cloud helps marketers to drive relevant and highly personalized customer journeys including exceptional customer experiences across multiple touch points such as email, mobile, social, web, etc. from a unified platform. Some of the leading features include Journey Builder, Email Studio, Salesforce DMP, Salesforce Data Studio, Social Studio, Advertising Studio, Mobile Studio, etc. Marketing Cloud runs customized campaigns which generate quality leads. 

Customer Service

In today’s business world, if you don’t offer best-in-class customer service, your customers will switch to a rival brand. In order to maximize revenue, you need to retain most of your existing customers. Salesforce Service Cloud helps organizations make their customer service efficient by enhancing service quality and driving high-class user-experience. Customer service agents can leverage Service Cloud to close cases faster, manage Field Service, offer intelligent self-service, personalize customer care, predict future needs to keep the conversation flowing. 

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Salesforce Community Cloud offers an opportunity to connect & collaborate with customers, partners, vendors, and employees to establish interactions. With out-of-the-box templates, and themes you can engage the audience and streamline the communication. With a connected reseller, distributor, partner ecosystem, your sales can be increased by offering seamless access to all the information. Partners can register new leads, update records, manage funds which enable them to close deals faster. 

Next-gen Analytics

With Salesforce analytics, sales reps can uncover actionable insights to accelerate sales based on real data. Einstein Analytics which is the only business analytics solution native to Salesforce, leverage AI in order to discover business insights, predict results, drive efficiency, accelerate sales, enhance customer service, optimize business processes and maximize ROI from their marketing campaigns. 

Wrapping up

Salesforce has now further extended its global CRM market share & stretched to 19.5% which is 2X of its nearest rival. The ease of use, rich functionalities, scalability, analytics, and customizability makes the CRM giant everyone’s first choice sales automation and enhancement tool. As a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner, CEPTES helps organizations implement Salesforce and get the most out of their investment. Get in touch today to start your Salesforce CRM journey.

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