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Sales Cloud: What is the Salesforce CRM All About
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Sales Cloud: What is the Salesforce CRM All About?

This is a critical time for all of us as the pandemic is still here. Only new strategies can help us find more leads, increase productivity within our staff, and maintain our clients’ loyalty. Salesforce CRM can help you achieve these goals in the challenging times we all are living in at present. 

CRM or Customer Relationship Management, essentially, is a type of software application built to manage critical data at one central location. In CRM, you may check customer information, send emails, even track your sales progress and follow your social media leads.


What is Salesforce Sales Cloud? 

The Sales Cloud is a Salesforce CRM based on the cloud. This cloud includes various tools for purposes that I just mentioned above. Also, Sales Cloud helps businesses in better contact management, sales forecasting, sales force automation, and improving productivity. It enables sales teams, managers, and executives to manage relationships with customers, sales-cycle efficiently, access valuable data about competition & own business, and prioritize tasks.

This system can be beneficial for companies of all sizes and types – B2B and B2C because it is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Solution) model. Meaning that the companies don’t need to work on those on-premise apps that demand servers, new upgraded versions, and have software issues. Salesforce Sales cloud allows companies to reduce their upfront costs, easy upgrades, quick setup & deployment, and scale it as their business grows. 

A robust CRM strategy can help you stay on a leading edge. With Salesforce Sales Cloud, businesses can start focusing on their core businesses and leave the sales & customer relations to the cloud. 


Salesforce Sales Cloud

Generate More Sales

Whatever is your industry, geography, or company size, we all want to achieve significant growth in our business. For this reason, we all need to develop a structure which helps our sales reps & managers to do their jobs efficiently, and with the help of the best technology, we can avail for them. Salesforce CRM enables you to make the entire process faster, create workflows, and speed up the approvals process for automating manual tasks, such as assembling complex proposals and filling out orders.  


Salesforce CRM

Boost Productivity 

Salesforce CRM is highly portable, and a sales rep can log calls, track opportunities, update data, and respond to the leads anytime and anywhere using their smartphone! This increases their productivity and efficiency! 

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Make Informed Decisions

Without a robust system behind, you may find it challenging to make critical decisions fast. But by tracking conversion rates, lead volumes, and your pipeline all in real-time, you can check the business’s actual state, which allows you to decide better from anywhere. Now you don’t need to carry your office laptop everywhere or connect with the IT staff to create reports. Salesforce CRM analytics software will keep you informed with all the customized sales forecasting reports, and you can build them with immense ease. 


Sales Forecasting

How Can Your Business Get the Most Benefits from Sales Cloud?

So, finally, you are ready to go for your share of Sales Cloud to improve your sales efficiency. But before we move further, I think we should discuss the benefits you may get with the Sales Cloud for your business! 


Improved Customization

Flexible and quick customization is the key feature that attracts businesses to the Salesforce Sales Cloud. Companies today have varying requirements and needs, and through the enhanced customization with the Sales Cloud, you can quickly develop fine-tuned applications, page layouts, and profiles most suitable for your business purposes. Sales Cloud also lets you build strict record-sharing rules and permissions to mirror the structure & hierarchy of your sales structure. This will help you set up different levels of accessibility to company reports and records. 

Other amazing benefits of Sales Cloud for your business may include:

  • Fully automated customer relationship management
  • Create quotes fast
  • Connect with your customers 
  • Sales Cloud can be integrated seamlessly with other systems 


Sales Cloud


If you look at the Sales Cloud from a sales rep’s perspective, it is exceptionally helpful in decreasing redundancies, prioritizing actions, optimizing processes, accessing information, and communicating better to close more deals. On the other hand, managers can use Sales Cloud for its various features that provide a unified view of status and history and tools for designing highly efficient approval processes and workflows. Those in a decision-making position can use the dashboards, forecasting tools, and analysis for making fast and informed decisions. To know more, connect with us or request a consultation here.

Introducing Salesforce Revenue Cloud: To Speed Up Business Revenue Across any Channel
Salesforce, Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Introducing Salesforce Revenue Cloud: To Speed Up Business Revenue Across any Channel

“In the Omni Digital Era, Revenue Management for Companies could really be a Complex one. All thanks to New Salesforce Revenue Cloud that makes B2B Buying Fast, Simple, and Flexible for Customers without having to sacrifice Compliance & Security.”

When COVID-19 hit the world, many business revenue cycles faced complexities. Customers felt the friction due to revenue management gaps. There was a disruption in the Sales Channel, and Forecasting Data became more and more unreliable. 

Uncertainty was at its highest peak, and companies didn’t know what to expect. Customers’ needs were changing than ever. They struggled to meet the increase in product demands that happened overnight. With the unexpected new challenges, to take control of revenue growth across channels became the need of the hour. 

As the business budget tightens, B2B buyers now expect faster, reliable purchasing options to simplify the purchase. 

Revenue Cloud: Control of Revenue Growth Across any Channel

Introducing Revenue Cloud, which gives any businesses the power to simplify the buying process without any hassle. The best part about Revenue Cloud is that it accelerates new revenue streams while improving revenue efficiency. It also brings together B2B Commerce, CPQ & Billing, and Partner Relationship Management capabilities to help businesses control their revenue growth across every channel. 

Since Revenue Cloud is a part of the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform, it easily allows the companies to connect their sales, operations, and finance team. It creates a single source of truth for customer transactions and revenue, from purchase to renewal to revenue recognition. 

Here’s how Revenue Cloud can take your businesses to the next level:

Transforms the Buying Experience

It gives customers the power to seamlessly jump across different sales channels with direct sales, partners, and digital storefronts. Now customers can easily fill their online cart and can reach out to sales representatives to ask questions or a discount request to him. The representative will already be aware of the customer’s existing product history and online transactions. The new CPQ-B2B Commerce connector allows businesses to customize the digital storefronts for B2B complex selling and add customizable and configurable pricing to digital carts for a better self-service experience. 

Accelerate New Revenue Streams

Revenue Cloud provides industry-specific solutions for unique workflows that are related to revenue. With the new Multi-Cloud Billing, companies can easily create revenue streams from other clouds on a single platform. For instance, a sales representative can view outstanding payment balances and when a customer approaches their consumption limit. 

Increase in Revenue Efficiency

The new Customer Asset, Lifecycle Management tool gives a simple, visual dashboard of every detail of customer purchase records. It keeps track of all contract amendments over time and the open balances to better understand customer relationships. The dashboard provides CROs and revenue operation teams a single source of truth on all the revenue data. 

The Key Takeaway

Revenue Cloud helps to fill the gaps of lost revenue and accelerates business growth. No matter how complex your business model or revenue process is, Revenue Cloud can be the single source of truth for customer transactional data. Revenue Cloud includes CPQ, CPQ for Partner Communities, Billing, and CPQ & B2B Commerce Connector. To know more about Revenue Cloud, connect with us to learn how to scale up your revenue.