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5 Reasons to Build your AppExchange Solution with a Product Development Outsourcer (PDO)

Have an idea that can transform businesses?

Enter Product Development Outsourcers (PDOs). Product Development Outsourcers (PDOs) are Salesforce Consulting Partners and vendors who have expertise in building commercial apps and offer other services like training, funding, marketing, or selling your app.

I know what you are thinking: “Why should I share my idea with anyone at all?”

Well, believe us, you will gain much more than you are afraid to lose. PDOs don’t just hear your idea; they will best shape your idea as per the market trend. If that is not enough to convince you, here are five reasons to build with a PDO. 

Beauty of Outsourcing

It is very much possible that you might be busy creating, building, and publishing your app in Salesforce AppExchange to grant you instant success. In that case, you can consult with a PDO. 

They can handle all the complex processes involved throughout the app development process and much more. With this, you can focus on other important and exciting works that demand your attention.

CEPTES encourages entrepreneurial brains to consult with your idea.

Experts know better

We all know the experts are the best to consult. PDOs have expertise over the complete development cycle. They can work seamlessly with the teams and provide valuable insights, along with redirection when necessary.

It is suggested to bring in PDO partners early on so that they can take part in the early stages of the process and uncover problems and opportunities much more before. 

CEPTES offers excellent AppExchange product development services blending it’s 10+ years of Salesforce platform expertise & AppExchange app development experience with certified app developers. 

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Reliability and credibility

Remember to choose the PDO wisely with considerable experience in the field of focus. The key to do the research is to identify the PDO that offers various solutions – with concern for the client base and their feedback. 

Ensure the PDO ensures future services –without leaving you alone on the island – such as DevOps and Management and Integrations. A PDO should be such that you can rely on to be with your business at every step of the development cycle.

CEPTES offers a wide variety of solutions with a broad client base with generous feedback. We offer you the freedom to work to make you productive. With our transparent and flexible development processes, we will make sure you feel comfortable working with us.


Salesforce security service is exceptionally complex, challenging enough for first-timers. PDOs being experts can handle this for you – apt to the needs of your app. 

With wobbling digitization, malware, viruses, and attacks are very common. This requires extreme control and security of any digital endpoint of your product.

CEPTES makes sure your app passes the security review.

Strategic partner

Every individual possesses some sense of revolutionary ideas – that is or can be – channelized towards entrepreneurial innovation. Nurturing your spark of an idea can grow into a tree, successfully and beautifully, never imagined.

CEPTES encourages entrepreneurial brains to consult us. We have the potential to convert a half-page idea into a billion-dollar success; we can guide you and your idea into the new future.


To summarise,

  1. Outsourcing inevitably increases your efficiency
  2. Professionals know the ins and outs of the system
  3. PDOs induce productivity and make you feel comfortable
  4. Security is the primary concern
  5. A wonderful strategic partner

CEPTES is a Salesforce Silver consulting & PDO partner that can guide you as your strategic partner to speed up the business value of your Salesforce.com investment through consultation, digitization, and innovation. If you are thinking of building your next app on the AppExchange platform, please get in touch.

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How to Integrate WhatsApp with Salesforce

We all know WhatsApp is a popular messaging application used by more than 1.5 billion people in over 180 countries. Interacting with the customers on a broader user base like WhatsApp will skyrocket the business growth.

Want to integrate WhatsApp into your Salesforce?

Welcome aboard!

Here is a glimpse of a bird’s eye view of the options available.

Behold the gems to success:

Direct Approach

Your customers can communicate using the WhatsApp messaging app, and you can reply using just a Search console.

To set up WhatsApp integration, you need to have lightning experience with the digital engagement add-on SKU, or you need to have the following editions: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions with Service cloud or Sales cloud.

You need to have permissions to configure messaging, authorize WhatsApp by customizing Application and managing authentication providers, and to view channels by viewing setup and configuration.

You can interact with your customers through customer-initiated conversations that require your response within 24 hours or through business-initiated, pre-approved, template messages that can be sent at any time.

Before sending an outbound notification through WhatsApp, you need to have an end user’s consent obtained through another communication channel such as email or text message or as a part of your company’s regular business processes.

You have the freedom to send text messages, images, messaging templates, and PDFs using WhatsApp. You can use up to 250 phone numbers for WhatsApp on your Facebook business manager account, with WhatsApp approval. Messages can be of a maximum of 1600 characters, image formats can be of PNG, JPEG, or JPG format, and file upload size can be of a maximum of 5 MB. 

You cannot send other components like stickers, audio files, locations, or contacts using WhatsApp. You can only view the message sent by the customer rather than the replies to specific messages.

Integrate using API

Depending on your business, you can integrate WhatsApp using REST/SOAP APIs. Although there are a lot of API libraries available, this approach is time-consuming and very rigid.

You should follow this approach only if your organization demands so, or there are security concerns to stick with it. This approach can be cost-effective if you develop the bridge prudently.

Install from AppExchange

Integrating WhatsApp using AppExchange is the easiest way. By installing and then configuring the App within a few hours, you will be able to integrate WhatsApp into Salesforce.

You need to ensure that the App is worth using, and the App development cycle is fast and consistent. Consult with the experts to find the perfect App that suits your needs.

Briefly, you can either

  1. Integrate using Salesforce in-built feature, or
  2. Integrate with the help of API libraries, or
  3. Use apps in Salesforce AppExchange.

If the business has special needs to connect with the customer deeply, then we can create our App to integrate with WhatsApp. Either you can create the App on your own or can consult with the expert PDO. 

CEPTES, as a Certified Salesforce Silver consulting partner with over a decade of technical expertise, provides the service starting from the initial build to test and deploy with an accelerated development cycle.

If you want to build an app or need any service, then consult now.


Webinar Summary – Transform your dream idea into a successful AppExchange enterprise app

On September 02, 2020, Our CEO and Co-Founder Mr. Priyaranjan Panigrahy and Business Development Manager Mr. Bipin Agarwal hosted a webinar “Transform your dream idea into a successful AppExchange enterprise app” where they covered the roadmap from the formation of app idea to AppExchange, the importance of working with a PDO partner, costs, and timelines.  

“It is my privilege to share whatever we have learned together for the past 10 years, with you all.” 


“We are going to cover some interesting topics around Salesforce AppExchange, How the platform can be a gateway to success, how to streamline this entire app building journey, the roadmap and what kind of business decisions you can make, along with the role and importance of a PDO partner” 

Bipin Agarwal

The webinar showed our audience that if you have a great idea that solves a particular problem within a specific industry like healthcare or manufacturing, it is a complicated process that can be complex. This is where Salesforce with its large community of nearly 200000+ users comes in, it becomes easier for organizations to have app reviews and hold demos for potential customers. 

The various stages before an application gets registered are:

  • Ideation – The first stage
  • Validation – During this stage, PDO partners evaluate the technology, adoption, and business feasibility. This includes the cost of development, what percentage of the revenue Salesforce will share, and the bottom line.  
  • POC + MVP – In this stage, the proof of concept is done where the biggest threats are identified before the application can be built. This ensures that the development stage goes smoothly without major hiccups. After POC, the next part is the minimum viable product, which is determining how much customers will pay for it. 
  • Sales and Marketing strategy – Once the initial pilot customers are pleased with the beta, then comes the sales and marketing stage, where the best channels for growth are discovered.
  • Go-To-Market- During this stage, partners can find the best moves before going to market. This also includes building brand awareness and finding the right investor. 

Further after interacting with Bipin regarding the primary aspects, he spoke about the 3 primary things to consider from idea to AppExchange and how Salesforce makes it different:

Business – CEPTES has devised a strategy known as CAP strategy, which is Category, Audience, and Pricing for authenticating the feasibility of the business. 

“Once we are done with the basics of the business, we move onto the technology part, this is the beautiful part. I love Salesforce and that’s my passion, If you look at this platform, it is one which covers everything. Starting from your artificial intelligence, your analytics, blockchain, big data, IoT, and mobile, It takes care of your entire infrastructure platform” – Priyaranjan

Technical – Everything related to the technical aspects of the business, which is where the beauty of the Salesforce platform translates into functionality. From the cutting edge technologies like AI, IoT to analytics and mobile, everything required for app development. There are a lot of useful applications already available, like Chatter, some of which were developed without a single line of code. The platform is very versatile where onboarding of vendors or partners can be done in a matter of 2 or 3 days. Every module required for streamlined business processes is available on Salesforce. 

“The platform has been designed in a way that it allows users to design business processes without no code or very less code, but if you are building a big application the system is built in a way that you can connect to any other technology using the Heroku platform or using proprietary software like LWC or Appx” – Priyaranjan

GTM- This is the 3rd and final stage in the roadmap where the growth of the product mainly depends on. PDO partners at this stage analyze the data like who has come to your application, search criteria, have they look at collateral images or video, have they signed up for trials, from which marketing channel they’ve come in, etc. Based on this data analysis, PDO partners will suggest the best AppExchange marketing program which will help your application soar.  

The next and sometimes most important step is the security review, which without a PDO partner can take almost 4 or 6 months to get through. With one, however, the timeline is drastically cut to 2-4 weeks. There was also a presentation of cost overview for the entire project which can be viewed at the link below.

One of the key takeaways from the webinar is how CEPTES as a certified PDO partner helps businesses with guidance regarding best practices for getting listed. We have extensive experience getting internal applications listed as well as helping organizations get listed. This was a basic overview of the session, to get an in-depth look along with the interactive Q and A session at the end, you can view the recording of the webinar here.


AppExchange App Development Best Practices

AppExchange is one of the online application marketplaces for third-party applications that run on the Force.com platform. Launched in 2005, the Salesforce AppExchange has over 5000 solutions to extend Salesforce functionality to any department, and 6.5 million installs already. 

You might already know about AppExchange, or you got to know about it now? But do you know that AppExchange isn’t just a marketplace that helps ISVs to sell their apps and enterprises to use these apps to extend salesforce functionality?

It is a platform that develops you for the future. And any individual who understands the market knows that the market always evolves itself. To stay updated, Salesforce partners, as well as the customers, should stay updated.

To stay updated, enterprises need updated apps to support their business. Enter the Salesforce partners! Who can create seamless apps that are easier to integrate with salesforce and help the salesforce users, aka small enterprises.

Follow these best practices to prepare for your future:

For Partners:

Marketing and analytics

The application listing of your app is crucial. In other words, enhance your value proposition skills, which will set aside your product from the competition. Avail the benefits offered through the Channel order app and license management app.

Make sure your app uses custom objects and have a look at ISVForce Guide for App Analytics before tracking your app. Figure out what you want to know before delivering your query, like getting the details about your subscribers. 

It can help you to identify attrition risks, drive feature development decisions, and even improve user experience. 

Security first

In this era, there is nothing more important for the digital world than safety. XSS attacks, SSRFs, Remote code execution, are carried out every minute by hackers all around the globe. Complete the MVP of your app and send it for a security review. Make sure that either you or your development team communicate with your Salesforce security team to launch your product early.

Know your customers

You can get to know your customers through AppExchange reviews, and make sure that they are happy about your product and are willing to talk about it. You have to focus on a particular niche and focus on customers that can use your app.

Consider these points to define your target customers:

  1. Industry
  2. employee count of your customer
  3. Location of your customer
  4. platform support of your product
  5. legacy integrations
  6. common customer pain points
  7. department specialties

Understand the partner ecosystem

You should understand that it’s not just about design, development, and technology. To understand the full power of the AppExchange platform in go to market, following the partner ecosystem, and working with other partners providing solutions, you will get the boost to work, which you won’t get if you are working just as an individual.

Pricing strategy

You should plan when and what features should your free version of your app end and your premium version begins. 

Make sure to price your app’s features with consideration of the market needs and the competition for the product.

Know your competitors

There is no such market without competition. So, your app-building, marketing, and pricing strategy depend on the direct or indirect competition for your product.

Stay up-to-date to the AppExchange

AppExchange is continuously launching new products, resources for partners to keep creating apps and help the enterprises to grow. There are several webinars, newsletters, and blogs to stay up-to-date to the latest resources and features updated by Salesforce AppExchange. 

Have you ever thought, you can learn how to get started with app building in AppExchange through trailhead? 

Amidst the pandemic, Salesforce AppExchange released work.com to help partners and customers to work from home safely.

For Customers,

  • Start with small business solutions and then grow
  • Pay special attention to “Reviews” of the application
  • Test the app, beforehand, in your sandbox or developer org
  • Explore the Einstein analytics product collection
  • Stay connected with the Trailblazer community
  • Stay informed about the latest solutions and news
  • Never stop growing; we are with you, can contact us.
  • Have an idea for an app. Contact us

Let’s Conclude:

We here at CEPTES, being a Salesforce PDO (Product Development Outsourcer) partner, can help you build your next dream AppExchange solution in the most cost-efficient & quickest way. Our certified product development experts are experts in the Salesforce platform & have built some of the top AppExchange solutions. To take your idea to AppExchange – Please get in touch.


Salesforce introduced new features for their partners and customers in the AppExchange

Salesforce has introduced new exciting features in AppExchange. The #1 CRM provider of the world, added consultant finder and new analytics tools in AppExchange, which is the world’s leading business app marketplace. Over 5000 applications are currently been listed in the AppExchange and more than 6.5 million times AppExchange applications have been installed. The newly included features will help both customers and partners in order to navigate more seamlessly within the app marketplace.

Salesforce is introducing features to make it easy for the customers to find consultants whose skill sets are matching with their specific needs. On the other hand for partners, Salesforce is going to offer new analytical tools that can provide new insights into how users are engaging with their apps and listings.

For Customers

With the new Consultant Finder feature on the AppExchange, customers can easily search the right consultants for their Salesforce projects. They can even use filters such as Salesforce expertise, Industry expertise, location, certified professionals, ratings, etc. in order to make their search customized. This will help them get the right consultant. This feature is already live in the AppExchange.

For Partners

The new AppExchange Partner Intelligence powered by Einstein Analytics will offer ISVs and consultants new dashboards which will show information on how users are engaging with their listing or apps. With AppExchange Marketplace Analytics, partners can now know which keywords draw in the most number of visitors, as well as from which sources they are getting more traffic. This will help them better understand customer needs and enhance their ability to bring new customers. Partners can see insights by month-to-date, quarter-to-date, year-to-date or a custom time period. Apart from this, with AppExchange App Analytics, partners can track their app adoption and analyze data usage. They can get insights into which features of their application are being used more or less. This feature will be available for partners with security-approved apps in June 2019.

Talking about this AppExchange additions, Salesforce AppExchange general manager Woodson Martin said, “As the Salesforce economy and customer demand continue to grow, our customers and partners must have the right business solutions and technology experts at their fingertips.” He further added, “AppExchange is bringing consulting partner services and technology solutions together in one marketplace while enabling all of our partners to harness data to power customer success like never before.”

CEPTES – Your Trusted Salesforce Partner

As a Salesforce silver consulting partner and AppExchange partner, CEPTES has been delivering top-notch Salesforce solutions across the globe. Our AppExchange applications for Salesforce data archival, data backup and file storage are being used by business of various sizes and from varied industries. With over 80% Salesforce certified consultants, CEPTES is widely considered as a leader in delivering Salesforce Cloud (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, App Cloud, etc.), Salesforce Analytics, and Lightning Migration services. Get in touch today to discuss your Salesforce project.

Salesforce, SMBs

How to use Salesforce with a small team?

Being the #1 CRM in the market, Salesforce stands out among other similar solutions because of its high level of customizability, scalability, ease of integration, availability of a huge number of apps and most importantly because of its regular innovations. Today, Salesforce is not just an enterprise-level CRM. Organizations of various sizes and traits are using Salesforce and getting the best possible results from its robust features. However, to get the most of your Salesforce implementation, you need strong platform expertise among your internal team.

When a small organization plans for a CRM implementation, they consider certain aspects such as cost-effectiveness, easy and quick set-up, user-friendliness, highest automation, faster process with minimum clicks, seamless accessibility, scalability, and user adaptability. Counting all these factors, Salesforce is probably the best fit CRM solution for small organizations. A small company can grow with Salesforce, as the solution can easily scale itself up when your team grows. The robust Salesforce reporting capabilities can help you get the metrics in order to improve and develop as a company. But how to succeed with Salesforce utilizing a small team. Let’s have a sneak peek.

Create a Salesforce roadmap

Creating a Salesforce roadmap is extremely important for every small organization. A Salesforce roadmap should be the big picture including all the organizational needs and goals, available resources as well as potential challenges. However, with a well-organized list of major initiatives with milestones and deployment dates, a small organization can have a solid foundation to start with. An implementation roadmap can help a small team to assess bandwidth and priorities.

Leverage Salesforce AppExchange

AppExchange could be the best place for a small team using Salesforce. There are a lot of apps available in the AppExchange and most of the apps offer essential utilities which can help a small team achieve more, reduce costs, and optimize business processes. It is very important for a small team to access the apps which can give you optimum effectiveness.

Use Salesforce Knowledge Resources

Salesforce’s Knowledgebase is the best guide when it comes to learning anything related to Salesforce. From detailed information to articles to discussions from other users to guides, you can access everything. Even if you are a beginner or an expert, you can learn from basic to high-level knowledge related to Salesforce. You can even build your own knowledge base.

Click here to know more.

Try Salesforce Optimizer

Salesforce Optimizer is a tool available for Professional and Enterprise licenses with free of cost. Salesforce Optimizer offers optimization tips and ideas through custom reports upon request. Developed and maintained by Salesforce, Salesforce Optimizer will tell you which features you can use to get the best results and how to use your currently used features in a better way.

Click here to learn more.

Give Users a Voice

It is the users who will use the CRM at the end of the day, so they need a seat at the table when it comes to implementation and change management. It is very important to listen to your users, take their inputs and direct your implementation team to consider them.

Understand the CRM

Understanding your CRM is very crucial. If your users know how the system works, how to get the most of it, how to automate most of the processes so that you spend less time doing things manually not only saves time, but also maximize your team productivity. A proper understanding will also help in identifying where you require customizations and integrations. Salesforce can be best used when you customize it to address your specific needs.

Training Training and more Training

User training is a real lifesaver, especially for a small team where a single resource wears multiple hats. So, providing all of your users the best possible training related to Salesforce can later enable them solving issues all by themselves and help them play around the CRM. This will also evacuate the need for a full-time admin as a well trained Salesforce expert can do things efficiently.

Get in touch with an Expert when required

At times, it can help you save more time and cost when you take help of Salesforce certified experts to fix high-level issues or do complex integrations or sensitive data migration.

Want to get started with Salesforce? Get in touch with our team of certified Salesforce consultants.


Why do you need to look at AppExchange apps rather than developing your own?

AppExchange has been allowing Salesforce customers to find, install, use, and review thousands of apps which can add real business value. AppExchange enables you to integrate your app into Salesforce and list it on the AppExchange even if you’re not natively built your app on App Cloud. AppExchange has an increasing number of partner solutions developed on a variety of platforms like Azure, Heroku, Openshift, AWS, and many more.

Today’s enterprises prefer apps which make things easy for them. Different organizations have several requirements and they always need customized applications which can address their specific business needs. Salesforce has been offering top-notch cloud solutions and AppExchange has made it even more robust and personalized. Progressive companies are looking for AppExchange apps, rather than investing time, resource, and money on building their own. Here are 7 reasons, why you should look into AppExchange apps rather than developing your own;

Faster Installation

AppExchange apps take less time to install. A user needs to press the “Get it now” button and follow the wizard. For an error-free installation, you need to go through the post-install instructions and notes carefully.


AppExchange apps, particularly the paid ones are continuously being improved and upgraded by the vendor. If you build your own app, then it will take a significant amount of time to release the upgraded version. Wherein AppExchange, while the vendor would be doing the enhancements without charging anything from its users, your business can easily take advantage of this.


AppExchange apps are thoroughly tested before release as they are being displayed to thousands of Salesforce users. Vendors understand the industry standards and they perform rigorous testing to eliminate bugs and glitches before making the final release on the AppExchange. As a user, you can have an error-free application with a high quality of performance and accessibility.


AppExchange apps are highly secure as each app on the AppExchange needs to go through a security scan and has their code hand validated by Salesforce.com security experts. Your data will be within a highly secured environment so that you can concentrate on your core work.


AppExchange apps are highly scalable and it will blend into your future business usage. At the same time, if you build an app, initially it will serve the purpose, but with increasing business needs you may go beyond an Apex limit and the app might stop functioning properly.


In case of AppExchange apps, you will get the support from the AppExchange vendor. Unlike in-house app development, you don’t have to rely much on your developer forever. Before installing an app, do check the listing details as different vendors offer different levels of support. One of the biggest advantages of AppExchange apps are, these are properly documented and you can follow the app documents in case of an issue.

Includes Best Practices

AppExchange apps follow best development practices. The vendors make sure their apps function with the highest standards within their target market. Usually, vendors include workflows and pre-built reports and dashboards to facilitate the use of these best practices. As a user, you can rely on these applications and can manage your business smoothly.

CEPTES has been one of the most preferred AppExchange vendors when it comes to offering enterprise applications. Our Applications are unique and address specific business challenges. We have currently three applications DataArchiva, XfilesPro and Encryptik listed on AppExchange. All these applications are highly scalable, secure and reliable. While these apps can be customized as per your needs, integrate with other apps and easily produce reports and dashboards that provide the metrics and solutions that your business needs to thrive.