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Top 6 Reasons I Love to Work at CEPTES

Top 6 Reasons Why I Love to Work at CEPTES

CEPTES is flourishing! The past decade’s growth has been phenomenal, and the company is heading for unprecedented growth soon, despite the pandemic. We all aspire to do something genuinely great and fulfilling. Having spent almost 2.5 years on the job here, I have been excited, appreciated, and inspired by the wonderful people I call my colleagues here! This fast-growing Salesforce company offers immense opportunities for growth and success for Salesforce professionals like me.

Using technology for innovation, CEPTES is the best place for all brilliant minds with out-of-the-box thinking. Let me quickly sum up some of the most incredible reasons why I love to work at CEPTES?


Grow with the organization

CEPTES is growing at a fantastic pace compared to other companies of the same strength. Working at such a company can mean you are ready to soar high on the clouds of success, and your career is on the right track. Here, I have many opportunities to learn, improve, and work with experienced resources, which are quite cooperative and helpful. I am ready to make significant strides in my career with the swiftly growing CEPTES.

Grow with the organization

Learn to innovate

After joining CEPTES only, I realized that innovation could be taught, and people can learn to be innovative, thanks to the beautiful environment and the culture that nurtures and encourages innovation without any biases. Irrespective of your organization’s position, you can share your innovative ideas, and the best part is you can share these ideas without fear of any kind. 

The seniors are highly supportive, and the management is highly encouraging to all those who want to contribute through innovation. The ultimate goal of all this is to make CEPTES a more welcoming and friendly workplace for the employees and a perfect outsourcing destination for clients looking for outstanding Salesforce solutions.

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Learn to Innovate

CEPTES wears its core values up its sleeve 

The company maintains complete transparency throughout the processes, and as an employee, I can say that CEPTES wears its values right on its proverbial sleeve. 

Furthermore, CEPTES ensures that its core values don’t just stay there on the wall. The values are applied across its operations and the company culture. So, we all strive to achieve common organizational goals, and being part of this company is a fantastic feeling for me.


Work with supportive colleagues and management

The people here are just incredible, and they have imbibed the company culture in their routine. Even when I was hired, I faced some incredibly different and unique questions during my manager interview. This was perhaps the first glimpse of how amazing it’s going to be once I get to work here. And, luckily, I am here and enjoying every single day of my employment here since then! The agreement, mutual support, and innovation culture encourage everyone to support one another, bearing only the common goals and organizational growth. 

Work with supportive colleagues and management

Thriving culture

A winning culture can be your ultimate launch pad to success, no matter whether you are a Salesforce developer, Salesforce consultant, designer, or expert in any other domain. CEPTES is an organization where growth, success, rewards, and recognition will fall in your lap, provided that you also give your 100% to your job!

Try and try until you succeed 

Are you afraid of failures? Do you think you’ll be out of the organization if you fail? Well, at CEPTES, you get all the support and guidance needed to ensure success in your career as long as you are willing to put your best efforts, learn from feedback & criticism, and innovate!


Try and try until you succeed


Wrapping Up

In short, CEPTES is where you ought to be if Salesforce is your passion and unique work culture is your dream. We cater to a wide range of industries, from the titans to the fledgling firms and all those in-between. Are you ready to achieve excellence in your career? Take a giant leap in your Salesforce career with the experts at CEPTES – the fast-growing Salesforce Silver Partner! Check our latest job openings to be a part of CEPTES!

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CEPTES is now a proud Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner

We are pleased to announce that CEPTES Software is now an official Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner. The recently designated status exhibits our commitment to Salesforce and expertise in the Platform. It’s been an amazing journey for us and this achievement will boost our confidence to accomplish more accolades in the upcoming months.

Salesforce partner program identifies their partner’s commitment & contribution towards the ecosystem through various courses. The partner level is defined based on the number of certified resources, sales performance, and customer satisfaction ratings. We have been working extremely hard to offer the best Salesforce solutions and achieve the highest customer success. CEPTES has been continuously growing and receiving accolades for our accomplishments. We are now a team of 70+ certified resources (80% of our total resources) and with a CSAT score of 9.29 after serving customers spanning over various industries.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a BIG Thank You to our entire #CEPTES Ohana for their stringent commitment and passion towards CEPTES and the Salesforce technology. With a great team of consultants, architects, analysts, project managers, sales, marketing, support, and delivery, we are set to achieve higher accomplishments. We would also like to thank each and every one of our customers and partners for all the support. You have been our backbone and we are committed to serving you better every time.

The journey will continue

CEPTES has been working with various enterprises for over 8 years, solving complex business challenges by leveraging cutting-edge Salesforce solutions. We will continue our journey to transform our customer’s various business verticals and work harder to become a Gold Partner in 2019!

Stay tuned for more exciting news!



CEPTES is a global IT service provider & a Salesforce focused organization. We enable customers to solve complex technological challenges with innovative Salesforce solutions. With over 8 years of experience, we drive efficiency to optimize the way businesses operate. We are present in the US, India & New Zealand.

With our multi-industry expertise, we deliver transformational outcomes for a demanding new age digital world by offering Salesforce Integration, Digital Transformation, Lightning Enablement, Einstein Analytics, AppExchange Development, Big Data & Vision API Solutions. With a whopping customer retention rate of 99%, most of our clients settle a long-standing alliance with us engaging in subsequent and multiple projects.

New Trailblazer

Meet Our New Trailblazer: Arun R.

Hello Ohana. We are delighted to introduce our new trailblazer Arun. Arun has joined CEPTES as a Project Lead & he is from Kerala, popularly known as God’s own country. Arun has done some amazing work in his career and it’s a pleasure having him in our team of Salesforce experts.

Arun has worked with some of the premium Salesforce partner companies and carries over 6 years of experience & 5 certifications in the Salesforce ecosystem. He has successfully led projects and developed 15+ enterprise solutions for various industries like Telecom, Semiconductor, Mass media etc. While having excellent command over Lightning, Visualforce & Apex, Arun has a high level of expertise in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Community Cloud implementation.

Arun is passionate about working with businesses looking to get the most out of the Salesforce platform as he understands the many platform benefits first hand. He always looks to deliver high-quality solutions using best practices. Arun loves playing badminton and prefers taking his bike out to explore new places. He is highly excited to be a part of CEPTES as a Project Lead where he looks to expand his project delivery experience and gain more knowledge & expertise on the platform.

Welcome to the CEPTES family, Arun!

Industry Expertise

Mass media


Sales Cloud
Marketing Cloud
Service Cloud
Community Cloud
Salesforce solutions


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Salesforce Consulting

Why you need the best Salesforce Consulting firm for your CRM Implementation?

Regardless of the industry you are operating, or the size of your business, customer relationship is a critical factor to achieve business success. Building and maintaining firm relationships with customers is one of the core business goals of any enterprise. The idea of a CRM (customer relationship management) system is certainly easy to agree with, however implementing it in your business model is a big leap.

When it comes to implementing the most powerful CRM system, it is an easy pick for any business to go for Salesforce, world’s #1 CRM provider. Salesforce CRM can supercharge your business by offering an intelligent approach to store and manage your customer and lead information. It supports your sales and marketing team to increase lead pipeline to acquire new customers quickly. This also helps your service team deal with your customers in a more efficient way to keep them engaged. In a nutshell, Salesforce CRM does it all in one integrated platform by keeping your entire business connected with a very minimum IT involvement and driving your business quickly towards growth.

As valuable a CRM system can be, implementing it into any business model can sometimes be tricky. This involves risk, time and cost. And that’s where the need of a top-notch Salesforce consulting firm comes in.

Salesforce CRM implementation involves multiple steps. You need enterprise-level expertise to follow these steps for a seamless implementation. A typical Salesforce CRM implementation involves below steps;

  • Planning the integration process
  • Educating your team
  • Preparing data
  • Migrating data
  • Tracking progress
  • Updating and communicating

All these six steps can be summarized in 4 processes: (i) Prepare, (ii) Set-up, (iii) Engage and (iv) Extend. Implementing any new software always face some bumps as it takes some time for a team to adapt. This transition becomes smooth with a registered Salesforce consulting partner firm who can help your business as well as your team to get through this process.

The implementation process with the best Salesforce consultant begins with exchanging ideas and setting up goals. The consultant meets with your project team to determine your company’s specific goals and requirements. It is very important to set your goals from the very beginning, as well as to make your Salesforce consultant understand what are your expectations from this implementation. This process is typically called an information gathering process. A Salesforce expert can help your team identify processes which can be streamlined or refurbished to ease the transition to a more advanced work environment. Only a Salesforce expert can better able to help you understand the various functionalities of the CRM and will help you choose the most suited features for your business.

Each system transition differs from business to business. Even the CRM features that one enterprise require may not be essential for some other enterprise. Only a Salesforce consultant has the CRM knowledge, expertise, industry experience, and technical understanding to take you through this journey. A registered Salesforce partner company or a certified Salesforce consultant can ensure relevant actions has been taken to mitigate any kind of risk involved during the data migration or CRM integration.

A certified Salesforce consultant will set clear milestones which will help you track your progress and this will also accelerate the work so that the implementation can be done within the predefined time. Once you are done with the implementation, the most challenging work for a Salesforce consultant starts. Initially it could be a big task for your team to work effectively with the new CRM. As we know no one like changes at the beginning, there is always a risk of losing productivity. A Salesforce consultant and his support team can offer crucial post-implementation training and support to help your team understand the CRM and its functionalities. This will help you accelerate the CRM adaption process and will make your team productive.

Salesforce consulting companies can help you in setting up the dashboard, automating the system, project tracking, email setup, lead management process etc. They can also help you customize features as per your specific requirements. The best part is the support service. An efficient Salesforce partner company offers support services which can help your IT team and admin tackle any kind of issues when occurred.

You can experience a smooth transition and get the best out the world’s #1 CRM with the help of the best Salesforce consulting firm. This will enable your company to enhance business efficiencies, reduce operational costs, improve customer service, and will empower you to face the complex challenges in today’s ever-changing business world.

CEPTES – A Registered Salesforce Consulting Partner

With our 10+ years of Salesforce platform experience and after delivering 250+ projects across the globe, we are the first choice registered Salesforce consulting partner for Salesforce CRM implementation for enterprises across varied industries. Our team of Salesforce experts has proven expertise and experience to manage complex implementation projects. With over 80% certified Salesforce professionals, CEPTES can help you in a smooth Salesforce CRM implementation. Get in touch today to avail a free consulting session.

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CEPTES: Expands Its Operations in USA

Santa Barbara, CA, August 18, 2017 – CEPTES, a Salesforce certified partner with pure focus on AppExchange solution development, building enterprise end-end solutions, third-party integration with various ERP solutions with Salesforce is truly a Salesforce development entity catering currently to various US and European customers. With its increase in footprints in USA, CEPTES plans to be more closer to its clients by registering its new office in Santa Barbara, California. This would help CEPTES to engage with its customers more frequently and able to expand its presence in USA region. The increasing adoption of Salesforce by its various enterprise customers, CEPTES will focus more on the areas of Wave Analytics and Salesforce Einstein implementation to Salesforce customers.

CEPTES have extensively worked with financial healthcare, life-science, retail and manufacturing and would be predominantly focusing more on providing better solutions on all these domains.

CEPTES USA office would invest more on sales and marketing and with its best practices in product development, enhancements, deployment would help to provide great value add to its existing and new potential customers. Their service model would be provide quality solutions, timely delivery, cost saving through faster deployment

Co-Founders of CEPTES, Mr. Harish Kumar Poolakade said, “Our strategy is to move more closer to our customers to understand their business better thereby providing better service excellence.”

Co-Founders of CEPTES, Mr. Priya Ranjan Panigrahy said, “We keep on expanding our network through quality Salesforce services. Our mantra is to achieve quality service and also turning Data into Insight.”

Established in the year 2010, CEPTES today is one of the leading and esteemed IT solutions provider focusing only on salesforce platform product development and consulting. CEPTES has an established track record of over seven years for 100% successful execution of all projects, satisfied customers and 90% retention of its existing customers.

Today, the brand is all set to move on to the next level with a well-planned competitive stand backed by the professional delivery approach. The journey of CEPTES is summed up as the one ‘from conviction to accomplishment’ and considered as a genuine success story in the genre of IT Solutions.

CEPTES stands as the undisputed leader in keeping up to the latest in the technology by investing on Centre of Excellence within its organisation and nurturing talents wherein our team are ready to work on the cutting edge technology like lightning-ready app development, building enterprise solutions on lighting and Salesforce 1, Third-Party Integration with its vision to continue being the most preferred partner in times to come. It is a definite step in the future and a promising move towards an intention to serve more customers with high-quality solutions. Headquartered in India, CEPTES is also branching out to New Zealand.