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Why is Salesforce PDO the Best Way to Start an AppExchange Business?

If you are familiar with Salesforce, most probably you already know about AppExchange as well. The online store comprises thousands of solutions ready to install. AppExchange is designed to support various key operations across industries and businesses.

Despite being so high in popularity, AppExchange is still a mystery for countless businesses when getting their app listed on it. Some even wonder as to what is the best way to start an AppExchange business! 

This post will cover AppExchange and Salesforce PDO (Product Development Outsourcers) and why Salesforce PDO is the best way to start an AppExchange business?  

A Salesforce PDO is basically a consulting partner & vendor having extensive knowledge in creating commercial apps for the AppExchange. The PDOs help craft the product, and you may rely on them to take care of your app’s marooned key areas as well. 

Salesforce PDOs take care of all technical and technology-related issues, including 3rd party integrations, implementation, customized development, and technical configuration. You may count on them for the Security Review process of Salesforce. Quite like Salesforce consultants, PDOs also have tiers as follows:


  1. Certified Navigators
  2. Certified Specialists
  3. Specialist Navigator
  4. Master Navigator




Most businesses prefer hiring Salesforce Product Development Outsourcers (PDOs) due to the following highly compelling reasons:


#1: PDOs Specialize and You Can Rely on Them at Every Step of the Process

Since PDOs have already worked for several businesses helping them start their AppExchange business, you can count on them to be there at every step throughout the process. You can leverage their expertise to better handle your product development lifecycle and beyond.

It is great if you could bring the PDO into the initial phase of your project, so they can be there whenever there is an issue or concern (at a smaller stage) and prevent it from becoming gigantic and difficult to manage.

While Salesforce PDOs are highly savvy on the Salesforce tools, platforms, and solutions, it doesn’t imply that each brings along the same level of experience and expertise in your business processes. You must choose a PDO who has been there in the industry for quite some time and has worked for businesses like that. The knowledge of the domain, products, and services matters a lot.

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#2: Conversant with the Security Review Process

Salesforce’s Security Review process is a difficult yet vital part of starting an AppExchange business. The process tends to be highly complex and can easily confuse a less experienced PDO or novice. 

The inexperienced PDO may take long enough to decipher the cause of the problem, and finding a solution may appear a herculean task. That is why it is great to let the PDOs take care of this work for you.

The advantage of hiring a Salesforce PDO on your app development team is that these PDOs don’t leave the testers’ security aspect to take care of in the end. Rather, they make sure the security review is done throughout the process as prevention is always better than cure.

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#3. The Successful Pre-Sales Process

As PDOs have already worked in close coordination with countless Salesforce ISV teams, they can quickly sense whether an endeavor is going to be viable or a failure. They’ll help you get an insider scoop on the product’s strategies, thereby helping you decide better and make your app a grand success when you take it to the AppExchange.




With a Salesforce PDO supporting your app development and launch process, you can be sure that your AppExchange business will get a promising kick-start. CEPTES is a Salesforce Silver consulting and a PDO partner who can speed up the business value of your Salesforce.com investment through consultation, innovation, and digitization. If you want to build your next app on the AppExchange platform, get in touch with us.


5 Tips for Launching a Successful Salesforce Implementation

Digital revolution is transforming every industry. Enterprises are facing technological changes whose impact is revolutionary. A Gartner report says that 72% of customer interactions will evolve around emerging technologies like AI, chatbots, IoT & applications. As customers are more connected than ever before, not working or optimizing your CRM is no longer an option. A poor CRM is a missed business goal. Customers are more open to communicating with service providers through technology. So, if you don’t develop a sound CRM foundation, your customers will pass you by.

Wherever you are in your Salesforce journey, ensuring that your implementation process is powered by top-notch architectural practices is extremely crucial. The blend of features and functionalities highlighted in the release roadmap represents more than just business requirements. This must reflect how everyone in the team should work together in order to transform the customer experience. Salesforce consultants offer strategic and technical guidance on successful Salesforce implementations. This article will not only consider points which will help an organization successfully implement Salesforce, but also the groundwork that propels innovation.

Data: The Foundation Which Drives Innovation
Having a central view of your customer data across business units, localities, specialties, and real-time interactions is no longer a CRM dream. Beyond managing your customer data in a technically sound and scalable manner, you must identify ways to map business value to org design, duck technical debt, and develop for the future needs.

Aim High: Start Small
To achieve bigger milestones, start small. Adopt innovative technology, and increase productivity. Enterprises need a clear roadmap in order to implement Salesforce and evolve platform governance and contemporary development practices at an enterprise level. The implementation goal must be to deliver solutions with speed and flexibility.

From securing executive sponsors and managing architectural reviews, driving change management can decide the success of an implementation project. Salesforce consultants can help you identify the right stakeholder engagement models to drive adoption and maximize platform ROI faster.

Even if you have the capability to deploy a large set of features and functionality at a time, you shouldn’t do this. Prepare a roadmap for roll-outs. Discuss with the stakeholders and understand how they can pick things up. A phased development and implementation process can unify your digital goals.

Organizational Collaboration
If you want to achieve quick values from your Salesforce implementation, you need wider operational changes that influence organizational collaboration & culture. Salesforce consultants can help you understand how cross-LOBs collaboration & Salesforce integrations drive transformative organizational changes.

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Why Ongoing Salesforce Support and Service is Crucial

Salesforce.com (SFDC) can be a tremendous asset for an organization; however, without ongoing optimization, support, and service, Salesforce can quickly become an ineffective and costly line item on your financial statements. The truth is, that Salesforce is what you make out of it. Unfortunately for most organizations, they invest in the initial implementation and ramp up of Salesforce, but fail to continuously support and evolve their SFDC instance on an ongoing basis. This ultimately leads to aging systems and processes that no longer satisfy the needs of the organization, and can result in decreased in both efficiency and productivity.

This doesn’t have to be the case. With the right maintenance plan, Salesforce remains a core contributor to organizational success. Here’s why ongoing Salesforce support and service is crucial to achieving that success:

Optimization and Automation

Do you ever find yourself thinking “wouldn’t it be great if Salesforce did that?” If you have, then you need to invest in ongoing Salesforce service and support. Salesforce has nearly limitless potential as a core business system, but it won’t get there without continuous process improvement, effective optimization, and automation.

The reason SFDC has survived and thrived for so long as a business tool is that it truly is a flexible system. Entire apps can be built out to fit your team’s needs. If you’ve dreamt up an automation rule or other customization, chances are you can make that dream a reality. All you need is to find the right Salesforce professional to make those tweaks and modifications. With an ongoing service plan, those possibilities can be implemented at your request.

Things Change

Your organization should evolve over time. Your products and services will mature, your internal processes will become more refined, and your team’s skills should develop. Unfortunately, if your Salesforce instance does not evolve in tandem you run the risk slowing growth, restricting talented employees, and losing business opportunities. Change is one of the few constants in high performing organizations, and you must ensure that your Salesforce and other business systems can change and evolve as well. Having an ongoing support and service plan will ensure that your Salesforce instance evolves and remains an asset for the organization.

New Apps & Technology

One of Salesforce’s biggest differentiators is the expansive network of Salesforce application developers. The robust AppExchange marketplace makes it easy to find and install apps and extensions that can instantly enhance your instance. As developers build custom software that solves common business challenges they often productize it and add it to the AppExchange so that other organizations can utilize their technology.

In fact, CEPTES has done just that. Our XFilesPro and Encryptik products were built to solve the business needs of our clients, but are now available on the AppExchange so that many other organizations can utilize them to solve their storage and encryption needs.

Your ongoing Salesforce service program should support your organization’s evolution, and incorporating new apps or tools into your instance to help refine or reinvent processes is a great way to ensure growth.

No Admin or IT Team? You Can Still Gain the Benefits of Ongoing Salesforce Support and Service

An ongoing Salesforce support and service program is imperative to ensure you’re getting the best ROI for your Salesforce instance. You may, however, be asking yourself, “How do I start and maintain a support program with my current team and resources?” There are only two ways to ensure your SFDC platform is continuously being improved and optimized:

  1. Staff an internal Admin: Adding a full-time Salesforce Administrator to your IT team.
  2. Hire an outsourced Salesforce Support team: Outsourcing to an experienced team of Salesforce consultants

Having an admin on the payroll is convenient, but it is often hard to generate a desirable return from a dedicated Salesforce admin, especially for instances with fewer than 100 seats. That one Salesforce admin might have limited experience and bandwidth and may get distracted or pulled away from Salesforce to work on other projects. Hiring a trusted Salesforce consultancy ensures that you have the knowledge and experience necessary, as well as the bandwidth to marshall more or fewer resources based on your needs.

To learn more about starting an ongoing Salesforce support program, please request a free consultation with one of our Salesforce consultants.