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Salesforce Best Practices and Approaches for the Healthcare Industry

Today improving the healthcare facilities & infrastructure was not more essential than ever for any country. However, except for a few, all other countries are still trying to focus more on enhancing the healthcare infrastructure in order to face any pandemic or health emergencies.

The healthcare industry has suffered a lot as they were not prepared for any unplanned pandemic situation. Due to the lack of facility and infrastructure, the industry couldn’t fight back with any situation and deliver on time.

Healthcare professionals have realized that traditional operating methods are not working, and they need a robust system to drive operations. Every patient and their family demands fast service and expects doctors or healthcare systems to act immediately.

It requires collaboration and communication between various departments to better serve the patient, with lots of information about patients, disease, and department in one place.

Know how Salesforce best practices and approaches towards the industry are helping to improve healthcare services:

Salesforce has worked consistently towards the development of the healthcare industry to deliver in any pandemic situation.

In addition to the customer service and tech support, Salesforce has implemented many new features, which helps professionals during any crisis. 

Here are some of the practices adopted by Salesforce, which is shaping the industry to deliver better:

Centralized Data:

Salesforce health cloud system helps the larger healthcare industries to manage and access data from one place. Salesforce health cloud stores data in one place, which can be accessed from all the locations.

Also, these data and records can be available in real-time and can be accessed from any device like mobile, laptop, desktop, and tab.

The centralized data can help departments to function quickly and deliver without flaws.

Patients Journey Records:

The patient’s information records are critical, and they are challenging to maintain for any clinics or hospitals.

Salesforce cloud CRM can help professionals to capture all the patient’s data and health history, which can be easily accessible at any time.

These records can help to know the patient’s journey, and patients can also get speedy service from the clinic or hospital.

These records can be accessed by any department within the organization by approval of admin or management, to serve patients in the right manner.


Today, Salesforce provides so many tools to increase the functionality and productivity of users. 

If any feature or integration is required with a system or any SOP (standard operating procedure) is to be implemented with Salesforce, it’s easily possible.

Salesforce also has so many inbuilt features with which any SOP can be implemented quickly and within a short period.

Automation Process:

Automation is like doing things on a real-time basis, with the automation of systems and processes. 

You can set up automated communication & SOPs to deliver on a real-time basis, be available 24X7 for your customers.

Various automation tools like chatbots, drip communication, SMS can help customers to get the information.

Also, automation processes can help an organization set up and fix appointments by visitors.

Hence, automation reduces human intervention and delivers results instantly.


Data is very critical today, whether it’s personal or organizational. Salesforce provides high-end security to customer information from malicious access.

Salesforce also provides role-based access by restricting data to individuals and different departments for security purposes.

Let’s Conclude:

Above are some of the best practices Salesforce has adopted, among many other initiatives by them.

If you are planning a CRM, and if you are from the healthcare industry, make sure you check the Salesforce CRM.

Many larger healthcare service providers, pharma giants & small hospitals are using Salesforce today across the globe with cost-effective pricing and excellent customer support.

Please write your experience with current CRM and what features you are looking forward to in your CRM which are missing.

CEPTES is a Salesforce Silver consulting partner that can guide you as your strategic partner to speed up the business value of your Salesforce.com investment through consultation, digitization, and innovation. If you are thinking of growing your business using the Salesforce platform, then get in touch; we are happy to help you.

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Digital Transformation in the Financial Industry – Digitising the Sales Process & Transformation Frameworks

Before we know about Digital transformation in the Financial Industry first, we have to understand the definition of Digital transformation.

Digital transformation is the cultural, organizational, and operational change of an organization, industry, or ecosystem through the smart integration of digital technologies, processes, and competencies across all levels and functions in a staged and strategic way.

Digital transformation leverages technologies to create value and new services for various stakeholders. Customers in the possible broadcast sense rapidly innovate and get the capabilities to adapt to the changing circumstances.

Digital transformation is not just about the disruption of technology. It is about value, people, optimization, and the capability to rapidly adapt when needed through the intelligent use of technologies and information.

After getting a general idea about digital transformation now, let’s understand the financial industry’s digital transformation.

The finance organization has emerged as a driving force of this transformation. Chief Financial Officers are often leading digital transformation initiatives by serving as first movers of digital solutions and working with functional leads to quantify the benefits and show potential cost savings or efficiency gains.

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Finance may also have the best understanding of what level of digitization will work best with the company’s current operating model, or it needs to be changed to optimize the technology use. The point is demonstrated via four finance-led case studies across a variety of industries.

Digital Finance Framework

The disruption period highlights and amplifies business vulnerabilities. Chief Finance Officers and finance leaders must safeguard the business while anticipating changing trends, addressing market volatility, and establishing long-term financial and operational resilience across the industry.

By embracing digital capabilities and upskilling, Chief Finance Officers can help insulate their business from disruption and allow the finance function to operate at a high level, even in a remote environment. The digital finance framework brings together operations, insights and analytics, systems and architecture, and the stakeholder experience.

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Technology Levers

Digital Operations

  • It works automatically without any supervision; it contains intelligent automation software. This is called Smart automation.
  • It provides automated solutions with creative designs, tailored to our customer’s specific needs. This type of automation is called Edge automation.
  • It integrates many processes to work in coordination with each other.

Insights and Analytics

  • The Insights are preventive
  • It contains graphical images or animations which are useful in communicating with each other.
  • It predicts a specific model, which makes our work more comfortable and smooth. 

Stakeholder Experience

  • It automatically processes the finance-related work in a minute and straightforward way.
  • It can be used and can be accessed anywhere, which makes our job very easy.
  • External Stakeholder Portals. It has portals in which external stakeholders can access it to increase the organization’s finance.

Digital Foundation

  • It consists of microservices and APIs, which can make our work easier. We can access data anywhere and any part of the world.
  • It uses Software as a Service as a financial platform.
  • It uses digitization processes like OCR and ICR.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we summarize that nowadays, it is a digital world, and everyone wants to get digital, so the ability to transform using digital solutions, particularly in finance, will help endure the crisis and provide long-term sustainable value. Chief Finance Officers and finance leaders can lead their finance organizations by rapidly embracing technology and adapting to disruption.

CEPTES is a Salesforce Silver consulting partner that can guide you as your strategic partner to speed up the business value of your Salesforce.com investment through consultation, digitization, and innovation. If you are thinking of growing your business using the Salesforce platform, we can help you to know more. Please get in touch.

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Role & Importance of a PDO Partner for a Successful AppExchange Product Lifecycle

Do you have a great idea?

The Salesforce platform is versatile enough to be custom-built for any business requirement, which is why as of 2020 the marketplace is estimated to be worth around 73 billion dollars. There is an ever-growing number of organizations and individual consultants working with each other to build amazing solutions for 200,000 potential customers within the Salesforce AppExchange community. Do you have the next million-dollar revenue idea? 

Having an idea means that you identified specific pain points which consumers face and you’re planning to develop a solution, or maybe you’ve already developed your solution and are unsure how to get your product listed and noticed by potential customers. This is where Salesforce certified Product Development Outsourcer (PDO) comes in, seasoned experts of the Salesforce ecosystem who will offer strategic guidance throughout your product lifecycle. PDOs are recognized by Salesforce as strategic development partners for their proven track records in helping SaaS organizations develop and successfully launch their apps on the AppExchange. 

Vision to Delivery

Salesforce PDOs have years of experience building applications on the AppExchange and understand all of the nuances of a successful listing. Why choose a PDO partner for your business?: 

  • If the solution is undeveloped, a PDO significantly decreases the time-to-deploy, and ultimately time-to-market. Developing can be a challenging aspect which is time and capital consuming. Salesforce PDOs are efficient at sticking to SLAs with a focus on getting your app across the finish line. Another aspect of working with a certified PDO partner is the security of your data and developmental strategies, clients can rest assured that their proprietary information will never be compromised. 
  • The Salesforce security review for any product is rigorous and complex, PDOs have experience guiding products through reviews all the time. PDOs have teams of certified Salesforce consultants who are experts in the entire process. Wherever the product is in its lifecycle, PDOs are poised to come aboard and guide its journey through to the next level. 

An added advantage of working with PDOs is that teams can focus on their technology, iron out the kinks before releasing it to the public. 

  • PDOs can also help with preparing technical documentation, press kits, integrations, and conduct successful pre-sales campaigns working in conjunction with marketing teams. They analyze and leverage data to help organizations reach their full potential.
  • After the final deployment, the next crucial step is the marketing part. Since PDOs work on multiple applications and teams working to get their apps listed, they have insights on the best marketing techniques for rapid customer acquisition. PDOs also have in-depth knowledge of the best business models which AppExchange startups can utilize to promote and distribute their product. As product users grow with more and more customer onboarding, PDOs will also help organizations scale up.

PDOs can help SaaS entrepreneurs build and strategically thrive on the Salesforce AppExchange while predicting the best course of action against challenges. Salesforce PDOs work with nascent startups as well as Fortune 500 companies to achieve their business goals. With nearly 10 years of experience delivering solutions for organizations for all sizes from startups to enterprises, CEPTES is a proven leader among Salesforce PDOs. 

CEPTES has extensive experience guiding organizations to develop, streamline, and optimize solutions on the Salesforce platform. To know more, get in touch with us.

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GitLab & Salesforce Integration – A New Way to Enable DevOps

Enterprises that adopt revolutionary technologies at a fast pace, become high-performing, develop better products at an accelerated speed, improve collaboration, enhance productivity, and achieve competitive advantage. DevOps is such an advanced approach that enables various siloed roles such as development, operations, QA, and others to collaborate in order to build more reliable and quality-driven solutions at lightning speed.

Salesforce as a platform has been working on its APIs in order to help developers create Salesforce-connected apps in the most efficient way. However, GitLab has provided an opportunity to drive next-gen DevOps leveraging enterprise-grade tools and functionalities in order to build Salesforce-connected apps rapidly. 

What is GitLab? GitLab is one of the most popular platforms for modern age developers as it offers a single, integrated application for a comprehensive DevOps lifecycle. Integrated with Salesforce, the suite brings advanced software development practices such as Source Code Management, Git-based version control, Project Management, Document Management, and automated CI/CD into Salesforce DX.

This will help developers get rid of manual tasks, avoid error-prone and slower development processes and enable concurrent development processes by collaborating team’s workflows with a single, integrated, and highly automated application of DevOps powered by GitLab & Salesforce. 

Why do you need Salesforce-GitLab integration?

If you care about the workflows, layouts, sales process, custom code, profiles, and objects/fields in your Salesforce org, you need to consider integrating GitLab. Even for organizations that really want to protect their codes and configurations from accidental override or deletion across sandbox and production org, must consider integrating GitLab & Salesforce. 

With this, you can:

  • Build apps faster in the Salesforce platform
  • Eliminate complexity & empower your team to manage projects, not just tools
  • Unified DX for seamless communication across admins & developers
  • Automate manual processes like QA testing
  • Adopt new SFDX features such as Scratch Orgs, SFDX cli, etc. 
  • Quicker business value through concurrent development 

CEPTES, which is a comprehensive Salesforce platform focused company since 2010, extends the power of Salesforce & GitLab integration to help you extend the power of Salesforce & GitLab. We are offering FREE Salesforce+GitLab Integration service to the first 15 companies & the offer is valid till the 10th of May, 2020. Fill out the form & start your DevOps journey in the world’s #1 CRM platform today.