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How CEPTES helped one of the leading manufacturing companies leverage Sales Cloud for Process Automation!

The Industrial Revolution 4.0 has transformed the way traditional businesses are managed across various industries. As most of the industries are becoming more customer-centric, they continually look for innovative strategies in order to keep up with the fast-shifting market and stay ahead of the competition. To maintain a competitive edge in such a fast-paced business landscape, manufacturers are embracing smart manufacturing by implementing integrated business solutions powered by a robust platform like Salesforce.

Before we go deep into how CEPTES helped one of the top manufacturing companies of Australia in their digital transformation journey, let us have a sneak peek of why manufacturing industry is using the latest technologies to achieve the highest success for their customers and what are the most complex challenges that today’s manufacturers are facing. When we talk about challenges, there are plenty; such as increasing global competition, lack of automation, minimizing costs, maintaining quality and compliance, process visibility, getting rid of siloed processes, etc. However, the biggest challenge that manufacturers are facing today is siloed processes and lack of process visibility and traceability.

Australian manufacturing company Brother has 19 production facilities and 43 sales companies operating in and around 41 countries. They were into the production of quality innovative products for the print and imaging, labeling and sewing markets. Some of Brother’s key products include laser printers, multi-function centers (MFCs), fax machines, labelers, label printers, and a broad range of home and industrial sewing machines.

Brothers was looking to customize their Sales Cloud system in order to automate certain business processes such as creating/generating PDF from Case, auto email notification to support upon the status change for a claim,  auto display of customer details, create/generate CSV report from Case-based on defined levels, and auto calculation of dates. They were looking for Salesforce leaders who can understand their requirements and help them customize their Sales Cloud system in order to achieve certain goals. As a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner and one of the experts in Sales Cloud customization, our Sales Cloud certified consultants analyzed Brother’s Sales Cloud system and helped them to achieve their targeted results.

We have created a custom button and with the Visualforce page rendered the page as a PDF. Email notification goes to the current logged in user. Our Sales Cloud experts created a Process Builder and an email template like letterhead and used Apex class which is invoked by the process builder to send a notification. As the customer wanted to create/generate CSV report from Case-based on defined levels, we created a custom button which will open a Visualforce page which invokes an Apex class that generates CSV file and sends to the current logged in user. And finally, to help them auto calculate of dates, on a custom Visualforce page, when the date is being changed, this invokes an Apex class and display the expiry date before saving the record.

The customization was seamless without impacting any of the on-going business processes. After they go live with the customized Sales Cloud, the manufacturer was able to generate reports and email notifications. Customer support was notified whenever a claim gets completed and also customer details were displayed to the users whenever they select a customer in a record. In addition to this, a user was able to see the expiration date before saving the record, which was a challenge before.

As per a recent IDC report “By 2020, 60% of the G2000 manufacturers will rely on digital platforms that enhance their investments in ecosystems and experiences and support as much as 30% of their overall revenue.” Salesforce is helping manufacturers converting more leads into deals by optimizing their customer information and improving their sales processes with the world’s #1 CRM platform. CEPTES has been helping many manufacturers increase their efficiency, quality, and ROI leveraging Sales Cloud and enabling them movie beyond their product with personalized service at scale.

Salesforce brings you tools, resources, and thought leadership to build efficiency, growth, and full-on manufacturing success. To know more on how you can optimize your manufacturing processes and get the most out of Salesforce implementation, get in touch with our team.

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CEPTES is now a proud Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner

We are pleased to announce that CEPTES Software is now an official Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner. The recently designated status exhibits our commitment to Salesforce and expertise in the Platform. It’s been an amazing journey for us and this achievement will boost our confidence to accomplish more accolades in the upcoming months.

Salesforce partner program identifies their partner’s commitment & contribution towards the ecosystem through various courses. The partner level is defined based on the number of certified resources, sales performance, and customer satisfaction ratings. We have been working extremely hard to offer the best Salesforce solutions and achieve the highest customer success. CEPTES has been continuously growing and receiving accolades for our accomplishments. We are now a team of 70+ certified resources (80% of our total resources) and with a CSAT score of 9.29 after serving customers spanning over various industries.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a BIG Thank You to our entire #CEPTES Ohana for their stringent commitment and passion towards CEPTES and the Salesforce technology. With a great team of consultants, architects, analysts, project managers, sales, marketing, support, and delivery, we are set to achieve higher accomplishments. We would also like to thank each and every one of our customers and partners for all the support. You have been our backbone and we are committed to serving you better every time.

The journey will continue

CEPTES has been working with various enterprises for over 8 years, solving complex business challenges by leveraging cutting-edge Salesforce solutions. We will continue our journey to transform our customer’s various business verticals and work harder to become a Gold Partner in 2019!

Stay tuned for more exciting news!



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