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A RoundUp of Salesforce Research on impacts of 2020
COVID-19, Salesforce

A RoundUp of Salesforce Research on impacts of 2020

As this year is going to end, we would like to give you an insight into the data Salesforce Research reported. This year brought us many twists and turns, changing the way we live and work.

This year has quite impacted the relationship between the business and its customers. 

Salesforce Research, a team, committed to investigate and report the latest trends’ effects on customer and business relations, surveyed nearly 80,000 consumers, decision-makers, and business buyers across the globe to apprehend how the pandemic is restructuring customer behavior and how businesses are acknowledging it.

Here are the important data points collected from different surveys that enfold the impacts of 2020 on digital transformation, customer association, and much more.

Digital-first customer engagement: The shift was well underway before the outbreak of COVID-19, but the pandemic has accelerated this essential spin as people worldwide spent an ephemeral amount of time in stores and more in front of the screens

This summer, consumers and service buyers from around the globe    participated in an annual survey, and it was inferred 

60% of total customer interactions are now digital, with no anticipated dip in 2021 too.

Digital sales revenue: Through different surveys on global shoppers, it was found that 68% of consumers are likely to shop online, even after COVID-19.

Work from home: As the pandemic hit our lives, the work from home option went through a digital upheaval. Around 62% of full-time workers worked from home, two-third of which wanted to continue work like this in the long run.

Digitization: 60% of consumers surveyed in August said that COVID-19 had converted their relationship with technology. Moreover, 88% of consumers expect this years’ crisis to accelerate digital initiatives. 

Artificial intelligence: The share of marketers who reported that their organization utilizes AI has risen to 186%, tripling within 2 yrs. This shows that marketers are increasingly inclining towards digital transformation.

A transformative moment for Sales Representatives: Sales representatives face a particularly reframe moment as they move towards selling virtually for the predictable future. One research found that 54% of sales representatives now felt confident in working in a digital environment.

Video-based support customer support: This year, video experienced a boom among customer service channel. Digital service channels like online chat, messenger apps saw a significant rise of up to 42%

Customer data: To upraise customer service level, businesses need to use customer data in a sophisticated manner. Customers have been circumspect about this dynamic for a long time, but as examples of unethical behavior by companies over customer data come about, 61% of consumers have lost on companies over the use of their data.

All of these stats show there is still much work left for businesses to provide efficient customer service. These stats clearly say what consumers want from companies, why automation is needed, and the overall power of digitization.

Introducing Salesforce Revenue Cloud: To Speed Up Business Revenue Across any Channel
Salesforce, Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Introducing Salesforce Revenue Cloud: To Speed Up Business Revenue Across any Channel

“In the Omni Digital Era, Revenue Management for Companies could really be a Complex one. All thanks to New Salesforce Revenue Cloud that makes B2B Buying Fast, Simple, and Flexible for Customers without having to sacrifice Compliance & Security.”

When COVID-19 hit the world, many business revenue cycles faced complexities. Customers felt the friction due to revenue management gaps. There was a disruption in the Sales Channel, and Forecasting Data became more and more unreliable. 

Uncertainty was at its highest peak, and companies didn’t know what to expect. Customers’ needs were changing than ever. They struggled to meet the increase in product demands that happened overnight. With the unexpected new challenges, to take control of revenue growth across channels became the need of the hour. 

As the business budget tightens, B2B buyers now expect faster, reliable purchasing options to simplify the purchase. 

Revenue Cloud: Control of Revenue Growth Across any Channel

Introducing Revenue Cloud, which gives any businesses the power to simplify the buying process without any hassle. The best part about Revenue Cloud is that it accelerates new revenue streams while improving revenue efficiency. It also brings together B2B Commerce, CPQ & Billing, and Partner Relationship Management capabilities to help businesses control their revenue growth across every channel. 

Since Revenue Cloud is a part of the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform, it easily allows the companies to connect their sales, operations, and finance team. It creates a single source of truth for customer transactions and revenue, from purchase to renewal to revenue recognition. 

Here’s how Revenue Cloud can take your businesses to the next level:

Transforms the Buying Experience

It gives customers the power to seamlessly jump across different sales channels with direct sales, partners, and digital storefronts. Now customers can easily fill their online cart and can reach out to sales representatives to ask questions or a discount request to him. The representative will already be aware of the customer’s existing product history and online transactions. The new CPQ-B2B Commerce connector allows businesses to customize the digital storefronts for B2B complex selling and add customizable and configurable pricing to digital carts for a better self-service experience. 

Accelerate New Revenue Streams

Revenue Cloud provides industry-specific solutions for unique workflows that are related to revenue. With the new Multi-Cloud Billing, companies can easily create revenue streams from other clouds on a single platform. For instance, a sales representative can view outstanding payment balances and when a customer approaches their consumption limit. 

Increase in Revenue Efficiency

The new Customer Asset, Lifecycle Management tool gives a simple, visual dashboard of every detail of customer purchase records. It keeps track of all contract amendments over time and the open balances to better understand customer relationships. The dashboard provides CROs and revenue operation teams a single source of truth on all the revenue data. 

The Key Takeaway

Revenue Cloud helps to fill the gaps of lost revenue and accelerates business growth. No matter how complex your business model or revenue process is, Revenue Cloud can be the single source of truth for customer transactional data. Revenue Cloud includes CPQ, CPQ for Partner Communities, Billing, and CPQ & B2B Commerce Connector. To know more about Revenue Cloud, connect with us to learn how to scale up your revenue. 


Real estate

5 Key Activities to explode Commercial Real Estate Business Using Salesforce

Are you a commercial real estate agent, broker, or manager? 

If so, then you definitely want your commercial real estate business to grow faster!

Adopt these practices to speed up your business:

Use Salesforce CRM as a Value Add

The main idea of using a CRM like Salesforce is to ease the agent’s daily life. Beyond stakeholder alignment and executive buy-in, the tool itself must offer the value that assists with prospecting, setting goals, building the pipeline, communicating, and managing deals. 

Deeply integrate Salesforce CRM into your business organization, continuously aggregating information, assisting in communication, visualizing data, tracking, and projecting past and future performance.

The use of tools other than sophisticated CRM can be very tedious and pesky. A CRM like Salesforce offers a wide variety of tools to automate, capture the data, get investor account information, calendar syncs to the automatic logging of email correspondence.

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Easy-to-use UI

It is not just about using a CRM, it should be designed for easy use. The most important things agents care about is usability and ROI. The user interface should encourage little to no manual intervention with minimal manual data entry, a seamless user experience, and the number of clicks required to complete the primary task.

Users should be able to interact with the most valuable and common user information to the top of the page layouts. This limits the set of data points required to the least and right set. This facilitates users to quickly understand what they need to do and complete data entry efficiently and promptly.

Privacy of Brokers

Salesforce assures Brokers privacy by restricting the accessibility of sensitive information within the department and Channel Partners.

It is also restricted in terms of view access to different departments like sales and accounting. 

Here, the admin has a right to restrict the department access and allow access to detailed information about each sales deal, rate, and commission to brokers. 

All information of Brokers (Channel Partners) is further restricted by allowing them a unique code, so that information is not visible to any and the privacy of brokers is maintained.

Implementation efficiency

After correctly setting CRM and training has also been provided, the next important thing is to measure the adoption. Many firms start by simply measuring logins, deals added to the system and the total amount of pipeline. 

After that, they move on to look at the entry of key data points on those deals and related information, such as the companies, contacts, and properties related to those deals. With Salesforce, you can easily measure the adoption with metrics, which can be further customized to each firm’s unique needs.

Use it regularly

The more you use it, the better lifestyle you are ought to live. Frequent use of CRMs like Salesforce during team meetings and 1:1s ensure regular usage of CRM. 

Salesforce enables you to generate contracts and documents, which can be done if and only if the data is in the system. With proper design and measured adoption, Salesforce can save everyone’s time on the team, from brokers to accounting, by facing the adversities faced after hunting for data at various points in the business process.

To summarize:

  1. Make Salesforce a value add in your work practice.
  2. Make the user interface friendly and interactive.
  3. Protect the broker’s information.
  4. Make sure and measure adoption metrics.
  5. Make sure Salesforce profoundly integrates into the workforce.

Introducing RealE 360: Sell Faster… Manage Smarter

RealE360 is a comprehensive automation solution built on the world’s #1 CRM platform ‘Salesforce’ will help modern-day realtors, real estate agents, brokerage firms spend less time on intricate processes and more time growing business portfolios.


  • 360-degree customer view
  • 45-50% reduction in the operational costs
  • 70-80% increased sales & marketing ROI
  • Ensured zero lead leakage
  • Smart & automated lead assignment
  • Get lead in real-time from any sources – Social, other property portals 
  • Track the time spent from the first contact made to Site Visit and close

RealE 360 encapsulates your customer personas for an at-a-glance view of all the integral procedures of your real estate business. To know more, please get in touch for a demo.

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How Salesforce adoption is helping Business in Turbulent times

Do you want to know how Salesforce adoption can help your business in the turbulent times? 

Due to the unplanned incident, the business definition has changed drastically with the latest tools & technology. We all are moving towards a new world today with lots of changes happening around us. Due to economic down or unplanned shutdowns, businesses have suffered huge losses, and people have lost their jobs too, which no one was prepared for.

Despite these challenging situations, some businesses continued the operation and brought changes in their work culture. These companies were technologically driven and believed the solutions provided by their business partners to run business in turbulent times.

Here, we will talk about one of the business partners of fortune 500 companies, which is Salesforce. Today more than lakhs of small to big companies are growing with the help of Salesforce CRM.

Here are some of the reasons how Salesforce can help you to run business in turbulent times.


Over the past few months, the traditional office working culture has changed to virtual office culture.

Meetings are conducted online, and homes are our new offices, and technology has become our need for everyone.

Hence, digitalization is a need of an hour. Salesforce is an online CRM, which helps to connect all departments at one platform.

Also, all the business processes can be performed at a few clicks only and on a real-time basis.

Salesforce helps companies go paper-free and complete all operations online without many hurdles and challenges because all departments are integrated at one platform.

Increase in Productivity:

The main challenge and area of concern for all organizations today is employee productivity while working from home.

Salesforce doesn’t focus on capturing employee’s activity but believes in driving results by making tasks more manageable for them to complete on time.

Due to internal department Integration, data, and all tools available in one place. It’s easy for employees to complete all the given tasks in a given period.

Salesforce provides all tools to increase the productivity and outcome of employees to achieve the organizational goals.

Automation Features:

The Right process and things will work because people fail, whereas systems do not.

To get more and more work efficiency, avoid human errors, and set up a process of following up tasks on time, automation is a need of an hour.

Salesforce provides many automation features related to different departments like sales, marketing, operational, execution, etc.

This automation process helps businesses focus more on employee productivity and saves their time on unproductive tasks.

The system works automatically on recurring tasks, reports, daily routines, follow-ups, and work tracking.

So all these built-in features of automation in Salesforce can improvise the systems.

Business Insights:

Knowing business insights from time to time helps management take on-time decisions in this challenging market today.

Salesforce reporting tools can help you with lots of business insights and customized reports for each organization’s department.

Management can generate reports from the system for sales, marketing, execution, operations, and other departments at one click.

You can also create a dashboard for various tasks and reports, which can help you to be always on top of your business work and schedule.

Smooth Business Functioning:

Salesforce CRM integration with all the departments helps you function smoothly across all departments.

The different features, tools, and integration with other tools can help you get on-time work done and deliver it without delay and errors.

It also keeps the team engaged in some or other activity as data flows on a real-time basis.

Besides these, Salesforce CRM can help you manage data, and customer relationships well, resulting in reference sales and new business opportunities.

Let us Conclude:

Having the right system to support the business and people is a need of an hour to address any unplanned situations. 

A right CRM tool like Salesforce can help you drive your business smoothly in these times and its feature support, integration, and ease of use.

If you are planning to bring that transformation to the business in these turbulent times, then it is the right time to decide and build a strong business base with Salesforce.

CEPTES, as a Certified Salesforce Silver consulting partner with over a decade of technical expertise, provides the service starting from the initial build to test and deploy with an accelerated development cycle. 

If you have any queries or need help, then please consult now.

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How to ensure a faster security review process for your AppExchange solution

“Customer data is more important to Salesforce than anything else!”

The customers trust Salesforce for their data. All the customer data is present on the Salesforce cloud, making cloud security very important for both the customers & the company.

So, what is AppExchange & why AppExchange security is essential to Salesforce?

AppExchange is an ecosystem of different types of partners who have applications. 

When partners are putting up applications on AppExchange, which will be installed by customers, this is where customer sensitive data is residing. It is crucial to make sure that these applications are secure.

When customers have to buy something & they understand that the product is secure to buy, they don’t need security engineers to check the applications.

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So, the question here is, how does Salesforce secure the AppExchange ecosystem?

A written application has to go through the process of security review. 

There are different layers of protection to secure the AppExchange ecosystem.

AppExchange ecosystem

*source: salesforce

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Code Scanner: Used to scan the code.

Chimera Web Scanner: To run any application outside the ecosystem, so that APIs are secure

Monitoring services.


There is a vast amount of published content for the past many years on Salesforce. There is an entire developer web page where Salesforce has everything on security. Also, there are a bunch of trailhead modules talking about the security review process.

Like how to do secure coding, the partner developers are highly confident about submitting for review and code secure the link.


Partners are building applications. It is a shared responsibility between Salesforce & the partners to maintain the ecosystem & keep its security.



ISV partner account manager: They are the primary source of contact.

ISV Technical Evangelist: Helps partner prepare for security review.

Security review operations: Review the partner’s submissions and responsible for notifications to partners.


This team has a product security engineer that provides guidance and reviews applications. They are manually observing the code and making sure that everything is fine.


This team is developing for partners for the AppExchange ecosystem. They help assist in security review success.

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*source: salesforce

The main question in a security review process is what exactly happens during the process.

Let’s study the whole ecosystem in the above image.

Users connect to different departments of Salesforce like Sales, Marketing, Apps, Analytics, etc. 

Salesforce is also externally connected by APIs and has external integrations for data processing and storage.

The Salesforce data is accessible on the cloud through different external client apps.

So every minute flow of Salesforce starting from users, external APIs & accessible client apps that are accessing Salesforce data are tested. It starts with touching and impacting the Salesforce data.

Any vulnerability in the whole flow puts Salesforce data at risk. That’s the reason full-scope testing is necessary.



*source: salesforce

Salesforce accelerates the security review process in four easy steps:

DESIGN:  In design, one has to go and review trailhead modules. It has a lot of secure coding content. 

Submission process office hours: One can ask process-related questions accessible at https://sfdc.co/submissionofficehours

Security review technical office hours: Customers can book office hours with Salesforce.com for discussion on different topics, details of which are available at https://sfdc.co/securityofficehours

DEVELOP: Start writing the code. Do testing of written code, if it is working as intended. 

This stage focuses on developing tools for security scanning.

TESTING: This phase makes use of tools like: 

Force.com source scanner helps find common security issues in native code. It also includes a manual code review for adherence to secure coding guidelines.

Zap scanner finds common web vulnerabilities.

Chimera Scanner is a fire & forget cloud scanner that runs ZAP as an engine.

RELEASE: This is the final step to submit for manual security issues.

5 Reasons to Build your AppExchange Solution with a Product Development Outsourcer (PDO)

Let’s Conclude:

The AppExchange security review process helps secure the Salesforce ecosystem starting from design to release. Secure AppExchange means less vulnerability to security threats and a more robust Salesforce platform. 

CEPTES is a Salesforce Silver consulting & Product Development Outsourcer partner that can guide you as your strategic partner to speed up the business value of your Salesforce.com investment through app development. consultation, digitization, and innovation. If you are thinking of growing your business using the Salesforce platform, then get in touch; we are happy to help you.

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Salesforce Best Practices and Approaches for the Healthcare Industry

Today improving the healthcare facilities & infrastructure was not more essential than ever for any country. However, except for a few, all other countries are still trying to focus more on enhancing the healthcare infrastructure in order to face any pandemic or health emergencies.

The healthcare industry has suffered a lot as they were not prepared for any unplanned pandemic situation. Due to the lack of facility and infrastructure, the industry couldn’t fight back with any situation and deliver on time.

Healthcare professionals have realized that traditional operating methods are not working, and they need a robust system to drive operations. Every patient and their family demands fast service and expects doctors or healthcare systems to act immediately.

It requires collaboration and communication between various departments to better serve the patient, with lots of information about patients, disease, and department in one place.

Know how Salesforce best practices and approaches towards the industry are helping to improve healthcare services:

Salesforce has worked consistently towards the development of the healthcare industry to deliver in any pandemic situation.

In addition to the customer service and tech support, Salesforce has implemented many new features, which helps professionals during any crisis. 

Here are some of the practices adopted by Salesforce, which is shaping the industry to deliver better:

Centralized Data:

Salesforce health cloud system helps the larger healthcare industries to manage and access data from one place. Salesforce health cloud stores data in one place, which can be accessed from all the locations.

Also, these data and records can be available in real-time and can be accessed from any device like mobile, laptop, desktop, and tab.

The centralized data can help departments to function quickly and deliver without flaws.

Patients Journey Records:

The patient’s information records are critical, and they are challenging to maintain for any clinics or hospitals.

Salesforce cloud CRM can help professionals to capture all the patient’s data and health history, which can be easily accessible at any time.

These records can help to know the patient’s journey, and patients can also get speedy service from the clinic or hospital.

These records can be accessed by any department within the organization by approval of admin or management, to serve patients in the right manner.


Today, Salesforce provides so many tools to increase the functionality and productivity of users. 

If any feature or integration is required with a system or any SOP (standard operating procedure) is to be implemented with Salesforce, it’s easily possible.

Salesforce also has so many inbuilt features with which any SOP can be implemented quickly and within a short period.

Automation Process:

Automation is like doing things on a real-time basis, with the automation of systems and processes. 

You can set up automated communication & SOPs to deliver on a real-time basis, be available 24X7 for your customers.

Various automation tools like chatbots, drip communication, SMS can help customers to get the information.

Also, automation processes can help an organization set up and fix appointments by visitors.

Hence, automation reduces human intervention and delivers results instantly.


Data is very critical today, whether it’s personal or organizational. Salesforce provides high-end security to customer information from malicious access.

Salesforce also provides role-based access by restricting data to individuals and different departments for security purposes.

Let’s Conclude:

Above are some of the best practices Salesforce has adopted, among many other initiatives by them.

If you are planning a CRM, and if you are from the healthcare industry, make sure you check the Salesforce CRM.

Many larger healthcare service providers, pharma giants & small hospitals are using Salesforce today across the globe with cost-effective pricing and excellent customer support.

Please write your experience with current CRM and what features you are looking forward to in your CRM which are missing.

CEPTES is a Salesforce Silver consulting partner that can guide you as your strategic partner to speed up the business value of your Salesforce.com investment through consultation, digitization, and innovation. If you are thinking of growing your business using the Salesforce platform, then get in touch; we are happy to help you.

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Customer 360, Salesforce

5 Steps to Plan your Customer 360 Marketing Journey Strategy

Is your number of customers or customer strength unlike anticipated?

For a start-up or an emerging business, the number of the customer is the real metric of success. The more no. of customers you have, the more success you are ought to have.

To keep your customer, you need to efficiently market your product and make them realize the real value of the product.

Follow the below steps to solve your problem and grow your business:

Know your customers

In the age of digital, 

Data is more expensive than oil.

So, focussing on growth without knowing the customers is no more possible. 

It is most likely that you already have enough data about your customers, or you have active sources that can provide detailed data related to you and your customers.

Analyze the browsing history and transaction data that you have irrespective of whether the journey resulted in a purchase or not.

If you are a Salesforce customer (if not, what are you waiting for?), you are already abroad. Salesforce collects your customer data and manages everything for you. With its in-house facilities, you can grow your business smoothly.

Connect the dots

With this readymade data availability, there comes inevitable corrupt or inaccurate data that requires cleaning and organizing them into sensible data.

With the use of sophisticated apps in the AppExchange platform, you can organize your data seamlessly without any extra effort. You can also get apps that help you to visualize the data collected through Salesforce.

Data science and AI

Take refuge under data science with Machine learning to make sense of the data collected. Customer Psychological behavior is very complex and requires developing models to interpret the data accurately. There is no better way to model the data than using Machine learning.

Einstein AI, a comprehensive AI for CRM, makes you an AI-first company so you can get smarter and more predictive about your customers. Einstein AI has the potential to evolve your Sales, service, Marketing, and IT sector. To start using Einstein AI, you need to put your data in the Salesforce, which Einstein AI is powered.

Time for some action

The data analysis should have given some insights into customer behavior out of the raw data. 

Now, it’s time you should value personalizing interfaces such as email, website, mobile app to direct your customer towards buying decisions or get rid of likely hurdles such as high shipping fee, few payment options, etc.

It’s essential to know that your customers can reach your goal and their desired goals.

This might sound nothing to you, but these are all very essential in CRM. These are various apps available in the AppExchange platform that can aid you in developing robust CRM through Salesforce.

Customer’s journey to you

Need to understand your customer behavior while interacting with your services and the journey that directs your customer to your goal.

A large conversion funnel is essential to understand the customer buying process. Identify and map the steps taken in the most popular journey by the customers to buy your product.

Mapping the customer journey and visually laying out will help you to identify gaps in your system.


  1. Collect customer data
  2. Organize the data obtained
  3. Analyze the data obtained
  4. Take insight-based action
  5. Understand your customer’s journey

CEPTES is a Salesforce Silver consulting partner that can guide you as your strategic partner to speed up the business value of your Salesforce.com investment through consultation, digitization, and innovation. If you are thinking of growing your business using the Salesforce platform, we can help you to know more. Please get in touch.



We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. 

It is our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little better.…… Jeff Bezos ( Founder & CEO at Amazon )

In a fast-paced digital world, reaching out to customers’ needs is more critical than ever. A company should always focus on to serve & please the customer as the competitors are still a few clicks away.

Sales Teams work hard to convert a prospect to a lead & a lead to a customer. They use product demos, attractive discounts & service promises to sell the product.

They don’t sell only a product to the customer. They sell company vision, mission & goals to ensure lifelong bonding with the customers. The real bonding between a company & a customer starts on the first day of a product demonstration.

Once the customer starts using the product, he gets to know about its strengths & weaknesses. If he is satisfied with the product, he returns to make the repeated purchases again & again. But if he is dissatisfied with company service, even top company management can’t stop customers from churning out.

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Salesforce as a Customer Retention Tool 

Salesforce provides premium tools that help in managing different customer accounts, track orders & address complaints in a single software.

It provides breakthrough features starting from

  • Personalization
  • Interaction with inactive customers
  • One Single centralized database for easy access
  • Track customer interactions
  • Integrate Customer Service Tools

1) Personalization

Several years ago, a customer who has purchased branded products from a company is super surprised when they receive SMS & email addressing them by their names.

Isn’t it more appealing & excellent!!

Using the name of the customer is like giving them their due respect & acknowledging their importance.

When a customer sees their flashing name in the communication medium, the chances of response increases many times, positively impacting customer retention.

That’s the reason companies have backed up customer name, address & contact details online safely under cloud storage. These personalized details are ready to be used in sales & marketing activities for better targeting.

Salesforce uses Pardot dynamic content for smoother user experience. For example, suppose a customer has filled a form for a website in exchange for any discount codes.

He visits the website after two weeks. Then Pardot dynamic content will track the user interactions & behaviors on the website, tailoring the web experience with dynamic range. It will also ensure hassle-free login into the website by automatically filling user details.

2) Interaction with Inactive Customers

Bringing a new customer into the system is too costly. Daily engagement of the customer is a never-ending essential process.

Customers must remember the brand name so that they interact & return to buy again & again.

But what if customers become inactive & stop responding to all promotional campaigns.

Staying connected to customers is comfortable with these three simple steps.

Step 1: Implement a ranking system in Salesforce to track how often a customer needs follow-up.

Step 2: Track every touchpoint with a customer in Salesforce by documenting the activity type.

Step 3: Classifying customers and tracking activity, generates a touch report that provides a list of customers that need to be contacted according to classification. 

All three steps are used to engage actively as well as an inactive customer also.

3) One Single Centralized Database for Easy Access

Centralizing customer data helps in easy access to data at a single place & empowers the team to take swift action.

With Salesforce, all customer data sources merge into a single location.

It helps ensure that companies don’t have to worry about verifying data accuracy.

Instead, they can focus on customers and their dynamic needs. 

But, if there is missing information, then sales teams will struggle to acquire & keep customers.

4) Track Customer Interactions

Monitoring data can easily track customer interactions. 

Salesforce data reflects every microtransaction of the customer journey, starting from channels, paid ads, interest areas, purchases, time spent on the website, clicked details, etc.

Having access to such type of data allows focused customer engagement at the right time.

Tracking customer interactions helps reach the full story of every customer.

5) Integrate Customer Service Tools

Salesforce can do the unthinkable with Customer service tools!

Now companies don’t have to call/email different customer service departments to gather data.

Everyone can access customer complaints, issues & requests at a single place.

The extracted information can be used to 

  • Offer Solutions
  • Upsell products/services
  • Reach out customers with issues 

At the end of the day, customer retention means listening & responding to the customers at the right time, even if it doesn’t result in sales.

Let’s Conclude:

As we concluded, retaining an existing customer is more accessible than acquiring a new one. So, to maintain an existing customer, we have to personalize with them, nurture the inactive customer, and build relationships with them. To avoid any mistake, we have to have a centralized customer data with all the information for easy & accurate access.

CEPTES is a Salesforce Silver consulting partner that can guide you as your strategic partner to speed up the business value of your Salesforce.com investment through consultation, digitization, and innovation. If you are thinking of growing your business using the Salesforce platform, then get in touch; we are happy to help you.

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AppExchange, PDO

5 Reasons to Build your AppExchange Solution with a Product Development Outsourcer (PDO)

Have an idea that can transform businesses?

Enter Product Development Outsourcers (PDOs). Product Development Outsourcers (PDOs) are Salesforce Consulting Partners and vendors who have expertise in building commercial apps and offer other services like training, funding, marketing, or selling your app.

I know what you are thinking: “Why should I share my idea with anyone at all?”

Well, believe us, you will gain much more than you are afraid to lose. PDOs don’t just hear your idea; they will best shape your idea as per the market trend. If that is not enough to convince you, here are five reasons to build with a PDO. 

Beauty of Outsourcing

It is very much possible that you might be busy creating, building, and publishing your app in Salesforce AppExchange to grant you instant success. In that case, you can consult with a PDO. 

They can handle all the complex processes involved throughout the app development process and much more. With this, you can focus on other important and exciting works that demand your attention.

CEPTES encourages entrepreneurial brains to consult with your idea.

Experts know better

We all know the experts are the best to consult. PDOs have expertise over the complete development cycle. They can work seamlessly with the teams and provide valuable insights, along with redirection when necessary.

It is suggested to bring in PDO partners early on so that they can take part in the early stages of the process and uncover problems and opportunities much more before. 

CEPTES offers excellent AppExchange product development services blending it’s 10+ years of Salesforce platform expertise & AppExchange app development experience with certified app developers. 

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Reliability and credibility

Remember to choose the PDO wisely with considerable experience in the field of focus. The key to do the research is to identify the PDO that offers various solutions – with concern for the client base and their feedback. 

Ensure the PDO ensures future services –without leaving you alone on the island – such as DevOps and Management and Integrations. A PDO should be such that you can rely on to be with your business at every step of the development cycle.

CEPTES offers a wide variety of solutions with a broad client base with generous feedback. We offer you the freedom to work to make you productive. With our transparent and flexible development processes, we will make sure you feel comfortable working with us.


Salesforce security service is exceptionally complex, challenging enough for first-timers. PDOs being experts can handle this for you – apt to the needs of your app. 

With wobbling digitization, malware, viruses, and attacks are very common. This requires extreme control and security of any digital endpoint of your product.

CEPTES makes sure your app passes the security review.

Strategic partner

Every individual possesses some sense of revolutionary ideas – that is or can be – channelized towards entrepreneurial innovation. Nurturing your spark of an idea can grow into a tree, successfully and beautifully, never imagined.

CEPTES encourages entrepreneurial brains to consult us. We have the potential to convert a half-page idea into a billion-dollar success; we can guide you and your idea into the new future.


To summarise,

  1. Outsourcing inevitably increases your efficiency
  2. Professionals know the ins and outs of the system
  3. PDOs induce productivity and make you feel comfortable
  4. Security is the primary concern
  5. A wonderful strategic partner

CEPTES is a Salesforce Silver consulting & PDO partner that can guide you as your strategic partner to speed up the business value of your Salesforce.com investment through consultation, digitization, and innovation. If you are thinking of building your next app on the AppExchange platform, please get in touch.

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Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Field Service Lightning for Optimized Field Operations

Salesforce field service lightning (FSL) which is one of the top functionalities of Salesforce Service Cloud is a highly customizable, powerful, mobile-friendly field service hub that helps field service agents increase productivity. 

Equipped with AI-powered scheduling, resource optimization, knowledge articles, etc. FSL helps service agents manage their work orders & schedules efficiently. This also enables them to fix customer issues quickly with smarter decisions – all on the powerful Customer 360 Platform. 

Below is the list of things that Salesforce field service lightning do:

  • Create impactful records representing field service technicians, agents, and add professional information like skills, location, and business availability.
  • Set up level-wise service territories that represent the regions where technicians can work.
  • Track the live location & status of inventory, warehouses & service vehicles.
  • Schedule work orders for customers, and add details about technician preference and required skills and parts.
  • Create maintenance plans and templates to standardize the field service tasks.
  • Share reports about service progress to the customers.

Why is the Salesforce field service lightning a great package?

In order to offer a highly connected customer experience, field service lightning boost workforce productivity, automate appointment schedules, get real-time visibility, optimize mobile workforce allocation & manage jobs in the field using smartphones.

  • Seamlessly connect with customers

Seamlessly connect with customers

Service delivery tracking gets automated with the Salesforce Dispatcher Console feature. Users have the power to customize their dashboard view to a map or a Gantt chart and can get real-time job alerts. 

  • Deliver guided mobile experiences

On the move, employees and field service agents can share job updates, access knowledge books, view and update van stock or hub inventory, and generate service reports using the Field Service Lightning mobile app. 

  • Enable smarter work

Workers can schedule appointments as per priority level and improve process performance by passing on a particular service request to the right agent. With Salesforce Platform, standard and custom objects integrate with work orders.

  • Offer intelligent customer experiences 

Any third-party systems integrate, and with the power of IoT, field service agents take quick actions to deliver intelligent customer experiences. Field Service Analytics will help to identify the trends and problems early to optimize the mobile workforce.

Core Features

When Salesforce Field Service Lightning is enabled, we gain access to a suite of familiar objects present in Setup and tabs in Salesforce. They make the core field service features, including appointments & orders.

Managed Package

The Field Service managed package built on the core features and includes:

  • A Setup tool that walks through creating field service records and customizing the settings
  • A dedicated scheduling console that gives dispatchers and supervisors a bird’s-eye view of all the team members & scheduled appointments
  • A scheduling optimizer that allocates resources to appointments in the most efficient way by accounting for skill level, travel time, location, and other factors
  • Scheduling policies and triggers that help customize the scheduling model and display preferences.

Managed Package

Mobile App
Mobile app

The iOS and Android versions of the Field Service Lightning mobile app make work a pleasure for field service technicians who serve the clock’s customers.

App users can update daily work orders, track part supplies, gather customer signatures, and connect with dispatchers directly from their smartphone. 


There are many reasons why the Salesforce field lightning app is a delightful experience for users, company, field workforce & manage many things simultaneously. This feature allows the field service team to offer faster, smarter, and personalized services using smart mobile devices with Service Cloud. The field service team can access account info in order to resolve customer problems by creating a work order for a case. The service team can schedule field agent’s appointments, manage their schedules, and track their material consumption all in real-time.

CEPTES is a Salesforce silver consulting company with over 80% Salesforce certified consultants. It is widely accepted as a leader in delivering Salesforce Cloud (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, App Cloud, etc.), Salesforce Analytics, and Lightning Migration services.

If you are looking for Certified Salesforce field service lightning experts, then contact us today!